Mahindra Receives EPA Certification to Sell Diesel Pickups in the US

Mahindra Receives EPA Certification to Sell Diesel Pickups in the US

Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra has received official certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that allows its compact diesel pickups to be sold in the U.S.

"The EPA just certified Mahindra," an EPA representative confirmed to this morning. "It's for their diesel pickup for the 2011 model year."

Emissions certification was one of largest hurdles facing Mahindra and its American distributor, Global Vehicles USA. It became a point of contention between the two companies after numerous delays launching the truck in the U.S. Mahindra and GV USA are currently in litigation over the delays.

"We're very excited about getting certification," said Max Butler, vice president of marketing for Global Vehicles USA. "Our dealers are excited as well. This is great news."

Mahindra TR20 and TR40 pickups reportedly will be offered in two cab configurations: a two-door regular cab and a four-door crew cab. Both will use a slightly modified version of Mahindra's mHawk 2.2-liter inline-four-cylinder diesel engine that uses diesel exhaust fluid (urea) selective catalytic reduction to maintain emissions compliance. It's expected to have fuel economy ratings as high as 30 mpg and 1.3-ton hauling capability. Pricing is expected to start around $22,000.


I think there are two major truck markets here: those who need or want (and buy) big, powerful capabale trucks like farmers, people with big boats, people who can live with the fuel consumption penalty and the other issues of a big rig,
and those who live in the city and just love the size and commanding feel of a big truck (although they don't "need" the utility).

The other group are the ones who would love to have a small, comfortable, stylish small truck that has some ground clearance and utility and 4x4, nothing that needs to tow a giant camper, just something you can toss your bike and help a friend move a couch. Maybe even a hybrid or a diesel. The Mahindra would be perfect if it just looked better and was a bit more civilized. It just looks harsh and ugly and very uncomfortable. And it's NOT cheap enough to justify all that punishment. It's going to be very hard for anyone who owned a comfortable American or Japanese truck to give that up to save just a few MPG.

If Mahindra can compete here in the USA that will be fine...but the EPA takes much of the competitiveness out of manufacturing and selling vehicles here due to many ridiculous requirements.

Kill the EPA control, and prices will come down drastically. Eliminate much of the confiscatory taxation on vehicles and the prices will fall in line.

Put a good American diesel engine in American trucks and vehicles, and people will buy them. Cut the manipulated cost of diesel fuel and more folks will also go that route.

Send the politicians packing, and hold the corporations feet to the fire...and we the people will be satisfied.

The genesis of Mahindra pickup:
In the late 90s Chrysler and Mahindras did a JV for SUV below the Cherokee segment. Mahindras invested heavily in the development of this platform. Then the Mercedes-Chrysler union happened and Chrysler pulled the plug on their JV with Mahindras. This strained the automotive division of Mahindras, they persisted and have reached this far. See the resemblace to the Jeep / Cherokee face?
Also, perhaps the strategy to sell in US is based out of the desire to sell in Chrysler territory

Not sure if it was posted but here's a jaw dropping youtube of a Australian Mahindra pik-up crash test. Hope they did their homework for the US crash tests.

I am going to get one.
My current truck a 2007 Toyota Taco is a Piece of junk.
Fluffy but a piece of junk.
I hope this thing is lean and mean like the old toyota trucks were.


This news is a surprise.
What next?
Crash test certification!

How are they going to get around the 20% chicken tax?

Pricing is expected to start around $22,000. add 4,400 =26,400.
Way too much money for a base model truck.

have you seen this one. how is it that mahindra got 2 but this one got 3 stars. In the mazda/ford whole driver/passenger compartment is crushed like a soda can. Although mahindra looked better than the ford, it did not have airbags. May be that is the reason for 2 stars. Adding airbag is not a big deal.

between the price, the size and the small mileage difference it isn't worth it. if it got ballgame

The whole thing's on hold until Mahindra and GV can work out their differences:

What a soap opera.

That is very good! In Brazil already mahindras exists 700 more than that they are manufactured in Brazil. We have model CS, CD and SUV.

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