Callaway Cars Developing High-Performance Chevrolet Silverado

Callaway Cars Developing High-Performance Chevrolet Silverado

Callaway Cars, the legendary American tuning house known for powerfully modifying Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, is adding a high-performance pickup to its stable of sports cars.

“We’re working on a truck,” said Mike Vendetto, commercial manager for Callaway. “It’s a Chevrolet Silverado with a 6.2-liter [V-8], but we’re looking at smaller-displacement versions too.”

Callaway was founded in 1977 by Reeves Callaway. Since then, the company has created more than a dozen supercars based on various production vehicles, but it’s perhaps best known for reengineering GM vehicles. One of its latest projects, the 2010 Callaway SC572 Camaro, is sold through select Chevrolet dealers.

The Callaway Silverado is still in the design stage. Callaway’s crack team of specialists is gathering baseline engineering data about the Silverado 1500 before it decides which parts of the performance envelope it’s going to push and by how much. The half-ton Silverado’s stock 6.2-liter L92 Vortec V-8 is rated 403 horsepower and 417 pounds-feet of torque.

Whatever upward revisions Callaway ultimately makes to the powertrain are likely to be accompanied by significant suspension, driveline and visual modifications as well. With Callaway’s powerful touch, which typically involves superchargers, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Silverado 6.2 puts out well north of 500 hp and 500 pounds-feet of torque and becomes one of the fastest pickups ever produced.

We should see a prototype of the Callaway Silverado by the end of the year, Vendetto said.

“It’s going to require an extended period of development work,” he said. “We expect to be done by the end of 2010.”

We’ll be on the lookout for it.

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Great,another gas hog truck when EPA standards will require far more that what they get even now.Why not bring back the SRT10 and Lightning,.....?? Why not??

Yes, they should bring back the SRT10 and Lightning. There is still a market for Sport Trucks. I'd rather have the Silverado 427SS from FASTLANE myself:

Nice power but I think ford will have something to compete... fords 6.2 puts out 412 hp & 434 lb/torque.add a supercharger it will have something in the 500's just look at the raptor r ... hopefully they can do this too the new 2011 harley davidson 4 dr and raptor 4 doors when thry come out


@ mike do you know if this will be like the Rousch tucks and ford where you can buy them through a dealer with warranty or will it be through Callaway

I wonder why GM can't build them. Oh, I already know.

@bobsled80 - the story states "is sold through select Chevrolet dealers."


This is great but i hope Callaway can do it right. I like the Silverado SS but GM should have put more thought into it. First of all the chassis for this type of truck should be a regular (single) cab silverado 2wd, an extended or crew cab should not be an option because they are not considered sport trucks. Take a look at the SRT10 and Lightning. So please Callaway do this right: 1500 Silverado 2WD regular cab with modified suspension, toneau cover, supercharged engine, and a clean look....just saying...

SRT10 came out in 04 and in 05 it had a quad cab. its last year was 06 before Ram had a true cab available for any ram.

*true CREW cab available for any ram.

Why can't Government Motors build it? They don't have the tools or the talent.

Come on America - where have all these fantastic muscle trucks gone? Where's the Lightning, the Silverado SS & Ram SRT??? Not anyone is looking for an off-road truck...


"Why can't Government Motors build it? They don't have the tools or the talent."????

Hmm thats wierd... Didnt school start last week?

I really want one of these trucks. Love the look of it and performance looks good.

@fake Lou - if you paid attention to anything I've said in the past - I love the looks of the Sierra but hate the looks of the Silverado.

This should be a fun project to follow!

we no gm can make good,and fast engine, and strong,,,just look nascar,gt racing,corvette and the rest,,,,,

Put a Callaway Corvette drivetrain and suspension under a Sierra and chop the top. That would be nasty.

A second rate HiPo company building a third rate truck! Since ford and dodge dropped out of the HiPo truck market, I geuss governtment motors will use this a marketing tool too get peoples attention. Whats really sad is you can buy a used Lightning or SRT/10, and with all the after market parts available you can surrpass callaway's junk in horse power, handling, and mpg! It would be cheaper too! Ford can take the 05 lightning that didn't come out and make very few changes to it for 2011 lineup, and its back to the back for everyone in the hipo truck game. Another waste of tax payers money only to come in third place! The Lightning will always be the KING of the hipo trucks!

i think its great that callaway is doing it.cant wait to see how he pulls it off with the engine and exterior

just put the 7L superchargered engine of a corvette and bring the 427ss out

Just Bought New one 2012. It is Excellent and the Best Ride and Power.

Chev Callaway 540 HP the Fastest, Best Ride Comfort and a true 4x4 and hauling ability.

I have owned a 2004 Dodge SRT 10, 6 speed,(505hp)only two wheel drive and a 2000 Ford Lightening (360 HP) both were nice trucks but Chev/GM and Callaway have done a great job!

CHEV Callaway SC 540 but this is a great truck, a real 4x4 Loaded Leather, handles and rides wonderfully, a really fast and fun truck, but can be used for work truck "all year usage"
So far it handles 500% better than the SRT10 Dodge (was the worst uncomfortable ride, terrible handling and good only on straight aways, and dont hit a bump) couldnt drink a coffee even with a lid on.

I liked all three trucks, but this seems to be the Best GM Chev and Callaway, the best overall so far. Don B Toronto Canada

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