Eight Spectators Killed at Desert Race in California

Eight Spectators Killed at Desert Race in California

Eight spectators were killed and twelve injured after an off-road race truck ran off the course and into the crowd watching the California 200 desert race last night in Johnson Valley, Calif.

“There were just bodies everywhere,” Dave Conklin, a professional photographer covering the event told the Associated Press. “One woman with a major head wound was lying in a pool of blood. Someone else was crushed beneath the car.”

Ten helicopters were called in to help evacuate the injured. The driver of the truck was reported uninjured.

Video of the accident at CNN.com showed racegoers within a few feet of the speeding trucks just before the tragedy occurred.

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Restrictions for spectators needs a serious overhaul. I know how close people get in rally too, but it shouldn't take a tragedy like this for consideration of changes to happen.

I agree 100 percent with Kemo. The real amazing thing is this doesnt happen more often.

Even being at a race to watch in the right area can be dangerous. Sprint cars can easily end up in the stands. I`ve seen some footage of open wheel racing (may have been F1) of a cars tire coming off in an accident and striking some spectators in the stands. People need to be aware that being a spectator can be as dangerous as being a driver. People learn quick when something terrible like this happens

There are restrictions, but you cant patrol thousands of people in a 50-mile track in the desert. When you attend a motorsport event, you're accepting the risk. Not to speak ill of the dead, it's their own fault from ignoring the rile to stay 100 feet from the track. This is simply another tragedy caused by our own stupidity and we need to hope that the decisions of these spectators to get to close doesn't get the rest of us banned from watching live motosports.

I've been out to Soggy Dry Lake before, and it is just like Mad Max. Good times, but crazy. As soon as I got there, I had to drive a buddy who wrecked his dirt bike to the hospital. There are no police or EMTs there, so you are on your own.

At night it gets really wild, with Sobe bombs and off-road vehicles tearing through the desert. A tragedy of this sort was bound to happen, but everybody there knows it is dangerous.

prayers for the familes and friends. please be safe as shown in Outdoor channel's baja unlimited tv show.

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