Update 1: Ford Offers $7,500 Cash Back on 2010 F-150

Ford Offers $7,500 Cash Back on 2010 F-150
By David Thomas

Update: This deal is only for select markets including Chicago. Deals may vary in your area.

Ahead of the new model year and three all-new engines, Ford is offering up to $7,500 off the sticker price of 2010 F-150 pickups. Buyers can claim an advertised $6,500 in cash back and $1,000 in bonus cash if they finance through Ford Credit. 

Of course, there are hoops. Not every F-150 gets the full discount. For the full rebate price, you need to buy an XLT trim level (the most popular F-150 model), which starts at $25,505, and add the Sync/Chrome/Tow Package. That brings the total lowest price to get the discount to $26,945 before the cash back.

Sounds good to us. The deals expire Oct. 4.

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$7,500 off...No wonder its the best selling truck in the country... ;)

good for Ford

Now we know why they sell more trucks,because its CHEAP!!! ;)

@Duramax, u act is if the only reason Ford can sell trucks is beacuse of incentives!! Do u not remember the Employee Discount Pricing Program that GM offered a couple years back on ALL of their brands in order to get vehicles sold??

Ford is probably just doing this to sell off thier 2010 inventory in time for the updated 2011's. Im pretty sure GM and if not many other automakers do the same .

@Duramax Relax buddy, its only to more the 2010's to make way for the 2011's... I mean Ford is still kicking it to GM using the same motors it has for the past 13 years now what do you think is going to happen when the new motors come out? GM don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of catching us now! Last time I checked Ford has a nice lead in sales over GM btw...

Makes me wish I waited to buy a truck instead of getting my dodge last year. But hey my Hemi is a much better engine than fords 5.4. I think any open-minded person looking for a new truck is gonna seriously consider a ford next time around. The only real downside they had before was their weak old engine choices. I just hope they can keep the cost competitive and there's little doubt I'll get a ford next time around.

As a side note, Does anybody know when ford will offer a 4 cylinder ecoboost in the f-150? are they gonna wait til the ranger is gone?

i agree with beebe with these new engine choices i hope that the prices aren't INSANE

Hmm I see someone has been busy deleting post again... Sorry Mike, my passion for the blue oval even gets the best of me sometimes.

@Shawn: If you have to bash another brand, take it to the War Room in the forums. That's what it's there for.

@Mike Levine - There is a war room? Mike I don't think I was bashing another brand as much as another forum member poor comment towards me but... you are correct and I think that's advice we all need to take to heart. Speaking of the forums is there anyway we can add an option so we can reply just to certain comments/post say if someone has a question vs. just replying to the general thread? I think this would make the forum a little bit better.

Can I have 0% finance with that? :)

Didn't The Big3 recently (the last 20 yrs) get themselves in trouble by over-producing, then offering deep discounts just to move-metal??
Surely Ford/Alan M. is not that stupid... Surely...
The poor, recent buyers of 2010 F-150's just took a $7500.00 "hit" on their resale value...
Ford management (not the workers/suppliers!) deserves to go out of business...

Evidently Ford is not publicizing this yet. I checked Ford's website and the biggest rebate shown for a 150 is $5500.

Guys its just to move the "old" trucks off the lots so they can get the "new" trucks with the new motors on the lots and not have them competing with one another. Lets face it once the new motors hit the lots they are going to have a tough time trying to sell the older 5.4's and 4.6's...

I saw this article and got all excited for nothing! I went to my local Ford dealer, Gary Yeomans in Daytona Beach, whom I have purchased my last three trucks from for a total of $150,000 (all Super Duties, 04, 05 and 06) and was treated my my "sales professional" like a compete stranger. Not only did he try to steal my perfect trade for less than blue book, he further insulted me my telling me the rebates didn't exist. Instead he showed me a sheet of paper that said something like $3500 rebates on a $45k truck. I am thoroughly disgusted with him and the dealership at this point. They do have the best service department on the planet though as far as I am concerned. Just total BS and a real turn off. You know I used to have Chevys and had very few problems. They still sell trucks right?

$3500 is correct for you zip code.

UP TO $7500 is only for XLT with the chrome/tow/sync package and the key words are "UP TO."

Here is how the $7500 works: $2,500 Customer Cash (PGM #11814) + $1,000 Promotional Bonus Cash (PGM #11818) + $1,000 Ford Credit Bonus Cash (PGM #11816) + $1,000 XLT Bonus Cash (PGM #11714) + $2,000 XLT SYNC/Chrome/Tow Package Discount (PGM #97126, #97168).

So if you were not looking at a XLT with the Sync chrome Tow package and financing through Ford, it does not apply.

For everything else, it is $2500 cash + $1000 bonus = $3500.

There is another $1000 if you must finance through Ford.

Also $500 for military. $500 for police.


Do your homework before you go to the dealer and you will save yourself a lot of self-induced grief.

Also I can tell you that if the trucks were $45,000. you were not looking at a XLT which the $7500 only applies to. Therefore the $3500 was right.

When are we going to see the new F100?

@jason, just to clarify, I was so excited when I saw the haadline for the article and took XLT model to be the minimum model designation. Anyway, you are right. I just got too excited I guess. We looked at 2010 Ford F-150 Crew Cab Lariat with a sticker of about $46k. Thanks

I took advantage of this offer. A bit more than $6000 in cash back when all was said and done. Made for an excellent purchase.

F-150 XLT 4x4, 5.4L, sync, sirius, XLT chrome and premium pkgs, etc. Supercab.

So, what happens when the October 4, 2010 rebates expire? Will the 2010s just sit there and wait for the 2011s to compete with?

i am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

i am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

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