Ford Super Duty Reclaims Diesel Power Title: 400 HP, 800 Pounds-Feet of Torque

2011 Ford F-250 with 6.7-liter Power Stroke Diesel V-8

Need more torque? There's an app for that -- at least if you own a 2011 Ford F-250, F-350 or F-450 Super Duty pickup truck with an all-new 6.7-liter V-8 Power Stroke diesel.

Ford has announced that it's raising power levels in its all-new compression ignition engine to an astonishing 400 horsepower and 800 pounds-feet of torque through an update to the engine's software. That’s an increase of 65 pounds-feet and 10 hp over the initial 390-hp, 735 pounds-feet version of the engine that was announced in February. It's also an increase in bragging rights, after Ford saw GM claim segment-leading power ratings for the 397-hp, 765 pounds-feet 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel in March.

“This [power upgrade] is part of our continuous improvement program,” said Adam Gryglak, chief engineer for Ford’s 6.7-liter diesel program. “Now is the right time to release it.”

Production of the updated engines with the new power ratings starts this week, but early adopters of the new 2011 F-Series Super Duty aren't being left behind because there are no changes to the engine or transmission.

“There are no physical hardware changes required,” Gryglak said. “The fueling schedule has changed along with transmission [shifting schedule] calibrations to make sure we have a smooth and continuous torque curve.”

Additional fuel injected during combustion is all that's needed to get the power bump.

Ford 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 Diesel

Starting Aug. 31 and continuing for the next 12 months, 6.7 Power Stroke owners can have their engine control unit software updated for free at their local Ford dealer. The upgrade process is similar to a firmware update in a smart phone or PC and is expected to take about 30 minutes.

“Drivers are going to see most of the benefit in highway gears, fourth, fifth and sixth, in the amount of reserve torque that’s available,” said Chris Brewer, Ford F-Series Super Duty chief engineer. “If you're driving in hilly terrain towing a trailer, instead of a downshift happening sooner, it will happen later. You can stay in a given gear longer.”

Along with more power, 6.7 v2.0 owners should see improved fuel economy because the engine can shift gears faster and hold them longer. Ford says the engine will be 2 percent more efficient than 6.7 v1.0, making the 2011 F-Series Super Duty 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel 20 percent more fuel efficient than the old 2010 6.4-liter Power Stroke V-8 model.

“One of the nice things about staying in a [higher] gear longer is that you get improved fuel economy,” Brewer said. “The torque converter is also locking up earlier and, in some cases, staying locked up longer.

Unlike F-Series Super Duty pickups though, Ford's diesel-powered Super Duty chassis cab trucks will not receive a power upgrade. They’ll stay at today’s power levels.


“[Trucks with] dyno-certified engines will not be affected by this power and torque increase,” Brewer said.

But wait. There’s more.

It's not just best-in-class power figures that Ford is taking back from GM. It's also going to increase (again) maximum towing and hauling numbers. The one-ton Ford F-350 dual-rear-wheel is getting hardware improvements that will increase maximum payload and maximum fifth-wheel towing to best-in-class levels. Increased use of high-strength steel in the frame will boost the maximum payload to 7,070 pounds, up from 6,520 pounds, and max fifth-wheel towing to 22,600 pounds, up from 21,600 pounds.

“We're using high-strength steel in the number six cross member in the frame the handle the increase payload,” Brewer said. “That change, along with the horsepower and torque increase, helped increase [fifth-wheel] towing.”

There's no increase in conventional towing and payload for F-250 and F-350 single-rear-wheel trucks or the F-450 pickup. Unlike the free software upgrade, current owners of F-350 DRWs will not be able to retrofit their trucks to the new towing and hauling figures. Only 2011 Job 2 F-350 duallys will carry the higher ratings.

2011 Ford F-350


As expected.

Number one automaker in the United States... for a reason.

GM just simply doesn't have the funds to keep up with this heavy hitter..


Thanks to Mike for the report! You are an asset to the trucking community.


Anxiously waiting to see the long term service records for the new Powerstroke. Wife seems open to us owning a diesel in 2 years to replace my Titan after hearing how quiet the new Powerstroke is. If it is reliable, Ford has another one sold in 2 years.

That is great! I am a blue oval nut and Ford always was a bit behind GM in the Duramax age. This is the hot new horspower (and torque!) war in front of your eyes - just like the 60s musclecar wars. It seems like sort of a peak - with a new engine or revision every 5 minuts!!! However, I wish
these diesel engine could be entirely machanical - like in the early 90s - computers in engine prone to fail - no matter
how good they are.

This is great news!! I drive an F150, but I do not bleed blue. I hope for the sake of pickup truck users everywhere that GM, Dodge, and Toyota come back with vengence. I hope the 2014 Tundra rocks the socks off of the domestic trucks. Why? Competition is very good. It is better for ALL of us in the long run. Every truck manufacturer has group of coolaid drinkers in its wake who will argue over piddly things until they are blue in the face. My desire is that with EVERY manufacturer redesign they trump the other guys. This forces new technologies, better designs, and better prices. Cudos to Ford. Toyota? Where is your surprise?

I wonder if this update is due to the performance of the truck at the HD shootout. I'm a ford fan, but I really wish they would have put their best rating out initially...guess they could have still been testing the higher numbers to make sure they didn't tear up the engine or transmission. I'm happy about it as I hope to own one in a few years.

Hey Mike, Great story keep up the awesome work. Did they say why only the F350 DRW trucks are getting the increase in payload and not the F250, F350 SRW or F450?

@ Mike Levine

Are you guys going to delay your diesel shootout until you get a newly upgraded SD or are you going to continue with the truck you have and place an asterisk next to all the results?

Look at the power and torque curves from the 6.7L v1.0, they look like they are artificially limited. I have a feeling that Ford intentionally left some on the table so they could leap-frog GM. Let's see how GM and Cummins respond here.

@Allen: The testing is all done for the Shootout. We asked Ford -- based on the info we'd received from our sources -- if they wanted to supply at least one truck with the new tune but it didn't happen. We'll highlight the power upgrade when we publish.

@Rob: The number 6 cross member has been strengthened in the F-350 DRW for the increased payload. Not so for the other trucks...for now.

Hats off to Ford for not using 'magic spring dust' to increase the payload rating in the F-350 DRW.

Not really news worthy. With the GM engineers being quoted multiple times that the Duramax is near it's limit and Ford engineers saying there's tons more left in the new Power Stroke, this was easily predicted. This could only mean that GM has a new diesel right around the corner.

As with everybody else, I'd like to see something new and somebody come out with a 275hp-500lbft unit.

i am guessing the single rear tires would be the limiting factor on the srw truck so the stronger #6 cross-member would not really help the numbers if it was there. just for cost savings and simplicity's sake i would imagine they will get it after all the standard #6 cross-members are used up at assembly.

That is incredible thanks Admin! I'm glad it didn't come at the expense of increase fuel consumption. I don't think the power and torque will stress this engine. Ford makes the 3.0L V6 with CGI block for Land Rover / Jaguar with 270HP/ 440 lb-ft. If that was a 6.7, it would be 603 HP/ 980 lb-ft! So I say even the current 400/800 is under-rated for the size engine that it is.

Mike, I have a couple of questions about the Super Duty in general, and I hope you can answer them either now or in the report in 2 weeks.
FX4 diff vs Z71. How do they compare in 2wd. With TC off, is the FX4 going to do a single spinner burnout? Or does it act like a LSD?
Is the exhaust brake on the Super Duty such a let down that you would buy a Dodge or Chevy? Or is it a trivial difference?

Seems to me that Ford is scrambling a little to stay at the top of the numbers race. They underestimated GM, and now are trying this mid-year, or mid-quarter(whatever you call what they are doing) update. You think they can update the rear 3/4 of the truck at the dealership while they update the software? Maybe put some of those nifty stickers Ford has been offering lately...

Alex, Reading the previous review on the 2011 SD, it looks like the electronic locker is an option. My guess without looking, is that a standard limited slip is part of the FX4 unless you opt for the electronic locker.

I wonder if a begged and pleaded for them to just take my 04 f150 in return for a new super duty if they would do it?? This is why i will always be a ford guy! Great article mike...

@Alex- Anyone correct me if im wrong but i do believe that the fx4 comes standard with an electronic lockiing diff

[wiping kool-aid from mouth] I want one.. Somethin tells me after the 6.0 and 6.4 ford was tired of the direction 'national was goin with the consumer motors.. Yea powermaxx's versions are cool n commercial form but there tried n true ol navistar @ heart so as they get more powerful they also get heavier n bigger.. So the last 2 iterations weren't meant 2 play power games lk the *sure its safe to call* the current diesel hotrod wars. Love it.. None of us really need it cause things got done then with lesser now i guess you can finish faster so theres more time to play 'YAY'

YES!!! just the power hike i like to see! Now i cant wait to hear the government motors fans start making excuses now or start making up stuff like....well at least the chevy has onstar, or at least u can get a denali... haha fact of the matter is Ford is better, didnt take any bailout money, best selling truck, tops is horsepower, torque, fuel economy, towing, and payload, hmmm sounds like the 5 most important things in a diesel truck to me!!!

If there were a 'Like' button I would click it being a huge Ford guy. But now the light is pointing to Dodge/Cummins to see what their response will be. It seems the 2011 Dodges will carry over the same numbers as last year, but what of the 2012s? I know with the 6.7 Cummins being so new that there is also untouched potential with that engine. Will be interesting to see.

Now if I could just afford to buy one! LOL! My 07 Cummins Dodge is going to have to last me a while yet!

Mike Levine:

Given the Duramax 6.6L is at its design limits, I think it would be timely to find out the bore, stroke, and bore spacing on the shelved GM 4.5 DOHC turbodiesel.

The block is CGI, so it could have the strength for more displacement. Assuming the bore x stroke is 89 x 90, a 95 x 105 version would displace about 6.0L...and make 400 hp no problem, and 700+ lb-ft. If GM moved to an 8-speed auto, that could help negate the torque difference while leaving Ford in the dust in terms of fuel economy with a 6.0 DOHC turbo-diesel / 8-speed auto combo.

Whaddya think?

Alex, I dont think that you can compare those two engine blocks as directly as you did. There is a lot of other factors besides displacement. But I do agree there is probably more power to be had and I am extremely anxious to read about it. Does anyone know if any tuning has been done by individuals or companies that we might be able to read about? Anyone planning to do so?

Why are ford supporters so happy about a mexican made diesel engine. MADE IN MEXICO I wonder if the Farmers who purchase alot of diesel engines know this. DURAMAX made in the USA. GO DURAMAX

@verno HA HA HA..... when there is nothing left to say, say something ignorant i guess? I was waiting for a chevy person to comment on this...

haha that you @Verno for already starting it. and @verno, its called outsourcing, most of the parts of the engine are made there yes, but then shipped and assembled in the u.s. but hey i guess if you support a car manufacturer that takes peoples hard earned money good for you. why dont you suggest changing the name of General Motors, to either Government Motors, The Peoples GM, General Motors Union. its fine tho, find more useless info to slam on ford since they top GM in almost every aspect and are a hands down better truck all around and you cant find any other reason to haha

bring back the 7.3 and make it beter


Screw 800lbs. Ford, bring in 850-900. Trumps the Duramax, nice job!!!

I wonder what GM's #'s will be on that worn out, old fashioned Duramax. GM - you can't stretch that noodle any longer.

Ask Izusu to build you another one? If GM does build their own diesel, why haven't they built it?

@Built4rdTough, yes FX4 comes standard with the locker diff, but it is only activated in 4x4 mode (Hi and Lo), so I wonder how the diff functions in 2wd mode. Is it open or like an LSD? The Chevy Z71 has an automatic E-locking diff, which I assumes kicks in whether in 2wd or 4x4 mode, whenever one wheel begins to slip? Which is the better diff in 2wd mode?

@mike levine: will you guys be using the power upgrades in the shootout? or has that already been finished?


Test is done. They did not use the power upgrade. Mike Levine is editing the article as we speak.

@frank i had a feeling, but i wasn't sure. thanks


You bet!

@Alex- ohh i see what your question is .. hmm i rlly dont have the information for that one but its worth looking up lol


"Screw 800lbs. Ford, bring in 850-900. Trumps the Duramax, nice job!!!"? Your kidding right? They barely came up with 800lb, What makes you think they'll do that? Its also embarrasing that Gm has been using the same 6.6L since 2001 while ford has always changed their engines. A software update? REALLY! Seems kinda cheap doesnt it?
Ford is a joke, and so are its pathetic customers. Kinda resembles you doesnt it frank?


"Screw 800lbs. Ford, bring in 850-900. Trumps the Duramax, nice job!!!"? Your kidding right? They barely came up with 800lb, What makes you think they'll do that? Its also embarrasing that Gm has been using the same 6.6L since 2001 while ford has always changed their engines. A software update? REALLY! Seems kinda cheap doesnt it?
Ford is a joke, and so are its pathetic customers. Kinda resembles you doesnt it frank?

*@Frank from Frank* Sorry, typo

Hey guys,

Looks like BOB or BOBBY1971 is back. Perpetrating me.

Hysterical!!! Thanks for the laugh

Grow up LOSER!!!


Ford trumps Gm in every aspect and are a hands down better truck"? Is that a joke? Ford was left in the dust till just now that ford came up with a "Software Update", "SOFTWARE UPDATE"? REALLY? seems cheap doesnt it.

Oh and hey pal, "Government Motors" Is old now. I think all you ford fanboys have to start thinking of something new.


Maybe YOUR the one who should grow up. Oh and hey pal, i think i hear your mom calling, I think you should leave now.

Funny how Ford always tries to be the leader in everything. Automatic FAIL!


@Chevy Man

Whatever you say BOB

As expected. No problem for the new 6.7L PSD.

This is interesting as GM's engineers have already said the Duramax is at the peak of its power envelope while passing the current emissions standards.

Also, this puts more pressure on the next-gen. Cummins diesel for the Dodge Ram trucks. But, the next-gen. Cummins is rumored to have twin turbos and tons of internal changes. I woundt be suprised for a second if the new Cummins diesel made more than 900lb-ft while easily passing the BS current emissions standards :)

Let the diesel-wars continue!! Just means better and more powerful truck for all of us!! WHAOO!

but ugly but hey if its got those number i dont give a damn its nice to finally see that companies realize their programs are garbage espeically diesel and some better programming could really boost numbers its like getting your truck w/ an sct lol

Urgh, like children in a sandbox - measuring whose weenie is longer.

The performance numbers are nice, but for those that actually use these trucks, the payload and towing numbers are much more interesting. If the article is correct and they aren't doing anything to the F450 pickup, then they look to be producing a F350 that can haul more payload in spite of the fact that the F450 can tow more. Seems to be a bit of a disheveled product line.

These numbers are at crank. Is the rest of the driveline capable of handling this increase in torque and power? What i mean is even if the engine is capable of these numbers would the driveline (axle and or drive shaft) limit these numbers to what they were at v1.0

i am a Ford fan but think that Ford held back to see what GMC's numbers were then upped theirs to be on top. Kinda of sneaky. What's even funnier is that when Ford PSD owners' upgrade their software themselves, Ford gets all bent out of shape!

At some point the hp/torque wars will stop when some fool tries to tow 50k lbs and can't stop and kills a bunch of people. Then Ford and others will "dial" the power back to where it out to be for a pickup.

From their own words they added most of any benefit in the 4th, 5th, and 6th gear range. So minimal benefit in the lower gears to get the load moving. Overall this change doesn't do much of anything.

This is further solidified as the HP only increased by 10HP. This indicates the increase in torque is very short lived, as HP is a calculated representation of TQ over time (RPM).

If Ford had come out with 450HP with 800 ft lbs it would have meant a significant availability of more torque over a longer period of time (RPM range). So IMHO the benefit one will see even if actually measured will be minuscule in any timed or data recorded test.

Chalk this one up to 90% marketing benefit, 10% it actually making a difference in performance. If GM steps up and does the same, wouldn't surprise me, look for the increase in HP to tell how beneficial it will really be in moving loads down the road quicker and faster. I GM does a 10HP trick with 805 ft lbs, it will be much in the same as Ford, mostly marketing value.

"From their own words they added most of any benefit in the 4th, 5th, and 6th gear range. So minimal benefit in the lower gears to get the load moving. Overall this change doesn't do much of anything."

@ DM - Pay attention. The article says it allowed for higher mpg's as the engine can now turn lower rpns in 4th, 5th, and 6th. It also means it can hold gears longer towing in that range as well. A hill you may be dropping in and out of 3rd gear could now possibly be climbed in 4th and so on. It isn't all about low end grunt. Low gearing gives a far better asdvantage to get a load moving than boosting engine torque.

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