July 2010 Year-to-Date Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in July 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +38.9% July 2010 50,449 Fseries
290,794 July 2009 36,327
2 Chevrolet Silverado +13.4% July 2010 34,664 Silverado
201,446 July 2009 27,617
3 Ram Trucks -6%
July 2010 20,138 Ram
105,007 July 2009 17,723
4 GMC Sierra +11.5% July 2010 11.910 Sierra
67,518 July 2009 10,465
5 Toyota Tacoma -8% July 2010 9,674 Tacoma
60,471 July 2009 12,552
6 Toyota Tundra +28.5% July 2010 9,201 Tundra
54,515 July 2009 6,313
7 Ford Ranger +2.2%
July 2010 5,213 Ranger
34,868 July 2009 7,695
8 Nissan Frontier +48.5% July 2010 3,967 Frontier
22,396 July 2009 2,942
9 Chevrolet Colorado -33.4% July 2010 2,195 Colorado
13,856 July 2009 3,911
10 Nissan Titan +29.1% July 2010 2,139 Titan
13,259 July 2009 1,467


I bet you wont hear much from the GM gang bang team about how GMC + Chevy sell more trucks (combine) than Ford

Doesnt matter anyways, Ford as a brand always sells more. Its only die hard GM fans that say otherwise. Which we all no is false

What is up with the Tacoma?

I love it, Ford almost sold more trucks in July than Tundras all year.

Two words- GO FORD - end of story


Hey, Moron. GMC and Chevy are from the same company which is GM. Combine them two and they absolutely kill ford in sales. But then again, ford fanboys are to brainwashed to even notice it.


Two words- FORD SUCKS- nuff said.

Glad to see they are selling lots of fords, that will keep the mechanic shops busy, and help the economy!!!

I like how they chevy guys cant add I have nothing against any domestic brands. I do drive Ford. I guess the only thing the gets me is the GM Fans lash out and say the GM Sells more Do some math boys

How come we can never see a breakdown between 1/2 ton and 3/4 + 1 ton?


Nothing is wrong with the Tacoma, it is still the best truck in class!

From Frank: "What is up with the Tacoma?"

Answer: People are finally starting to look at the window sticker and the way mousehouse Toyota stores treat them would be my guess.

@Chevy Man (Bob)

Go back to school and learn how to do basic math.

Even if GM adds the Colorado it still does not outsell the F-Series.

Your comments are hilarious, we all know you aint the sharpest knife in the drewar. LMFAO!!


I heard Toyota Motor declined as July results fell short of forecasts

Read more: http://www.autonews.com/#ixzz0va7hpezn

Just in case anyone was curious, I added the numbers together by manufacturer and then ranked them in sales order:

325,662 FoMoCo
282,820 General Motors
114,986 Toyota
105,007 (Dodge) Ram
35,655 Nissan

@Chevyfan, why dont you learn to count

With the new 6.7 diesel, New F150 engine line-up, and the 6spd auto available with all of the engine choices, Ford's options are looking nice right now. GM needs to make a big splash with it's new engines/options in 2013 or I will have to change from the bowtie to the blue Oval.

Overall I just glad to read story after story about how sales for Ford and GM are on their way back up.

Goo job, Ford.

"The thing that we are seeing now in July is last year was the beginning of the clunkers program and sales really took off in the last week. Ford last July was the only major manufacturer to post an increase, so to post another increase off of that strong performance last July, we're feeling pretty good about that."

Source: http://media.ford.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=33073


Hey, Moron. GMC and Chevy are from the same company which is GM. Combine them two and they absolutely kill ford in sales. But then again, ford fanboys are to brainwashed to even notice it."

^ Seriously, made my day to read that, go up and add the Silverado, Sierra, and Colorado together, and still get 8,000 units less than the F-series (NOT including Ranger).


even if i aint the "Sharpest knife in the drawer", Guess what, atleast i still leave a mark.

"Go back to school and learn how to do basic math"? Hey pal, i PASSED math class.... and mechanics too, Guess what i learned: Morons like you + ford= DISASTER

@Chevy Man (Bob)

I am not your Pal. I wouldn't even associate with you. You have no respect for nobody, I bet not even your parents.

You say you passed mechanics, yeah you'll need that when you're Chevy breaks, oh wait you'll just call OnStar.


"^ Seriously, made my day to read that" WOW, good to know that there are atleast SOME ford fangirls that have a little sense of humor.

Im also very happy to see that ford is selling enough trucks, Im guessin that will keep mechanics in business.

@ chevy man

hey man your embarrasing us chevy fans with your stupid comments, let the ford fans enjoy their pride on being #1 in sales, even though it doesnt prove anything. We'll have our laugh when Chevy and GMC come out on top of the HD Shootout.

not even bro, ford bumped the numbers f that old tired 6.6L, made by Izuzu


You've been calling me "Bob"ever since i got on here. Whats the deal with that? Im starting to think that not only are ford fanboys idiots, But they also lack knowledge since they call people random names.

And what does ford have to offer? oh yea, "Sync". Even the name sounds cheap doesnt it?

@Chevy Man,

We call all Trolls - Bob

Hey, at least SYNC is FREE

@ Mike Levine

Do these sales figures include Canadian sales? And with Ford now selling 2011 MY trucks, does that count towards this years sales numbers?

David- Just because Ford outsells GM by a pretty low number (considering auto sales) doesn't mean they're better. Ford trucks are reletively lower priced than most GM pickups.

Anybody else notice that dodge actually had an increase or is it just me?

Wait guys this doesn't mean anything.... because of um um um its a ford and fords stink and they are underpowered and they are ugly... blah blah blah Americans buy trucks that get the job done and get it done right. GO FORD

i sleep well at night knowing that although i may mess up some times, there are still idiots like chevy fan who lack basic brain power to do simple math.

I had a good day today and now its even better!

@TRVdot- I sleep well at night knowing FORD is #1 and always will be for me!

I know Lou will sleep a little less comfortable tonight knowing that the Silverado is up 13% and the Toyota Tacoma is down 8%.

Oh you poor chevy fans y know life is hard four you because y was a chevy fan once. at till the day y got grewup ant became a ford fan life is somuch easyer now

@Jordan L - these are just USA sales.

@Frank - what's up with the Tacoma?
I wonder if Tacoma owners are moving to the Tundra since it saw a 28.5% increase.

Ranger sales have flattened with a 2.2% increase.

Nissan is doing better in sales. Are those sales at Toyota's expense?

We can add LTZ4LIFE to the list of Bobsie twin alias's.

You sound just as stupid regardless what name you use!

I was just busting your balls everyone. I love Ford and am proud that they didn't take my money to bail themselves out of debt. GO FORD!

is this turning into a bunch of middle schoolers trying to trash talk? if so i will come here for info, but i'm for damn sure not posting anything on here anymore.... it really is a shame how people ruin things.

Why does the post say -6% for the Ram.? looks to me like it increased 3000 unit from july 09 to july 10. Good to see them improving though, drove a 2010 Cummins the other day, WOW what a great Heavy Duty truck, i really want one. Ford is good but the new Dodge has come leaps and bounds and is also a great looking truck. Just my opinion.

This is really hilarious!

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