New Chevy Silverado Ad Campaign Will Highlight Brand Loyalty

New Chevy Silverado Ad Campaign Will Highlight Brand Loyalty

General Motors plans to introduce a new advertising campaign for the Chevrolet Silverado in October that focuses on the strong loyalty truck owners have for their pickups and the brand rivalry that ensues with other pickup drivers, especially Ford, according to a report in AdAge.

The campaign is one of the first marketing efforts led by Joel Ewanick, GM’s new marketing chief. Ewanick spent three years at Hyundai, where he helped the Korean carmaker nearly double its share of the U.S. auto market. He had a brief three-month stint at Nissan before arriving at GM.

"There's really two big camps," Ewanick said of Chevy and Ford pickups. "We're going to find interesting, creative and funny ways to take advantage of the fact that there's really the Hatfields and McCoys."

Another change in direction: Longtime Silverado spokesman and former NFL player Howie Long is out as spokesman. So no more poking fun at heated steering wheels and “man-steps.”

We’ll be watching just to see if they call the trucks Chevys.

[Source: AdAge]


I HAD strong loyalty to Chevy when the 2nd gen S10s were being made.(owned 3 of them, still continue to own one.) But when they released the crappy Colorado to replace it, that has made me consider other options. And the Silverado is just too plain jane to me now, no innovations that stand out.

My next truck (providing our economy does not implode) will be a 2011 Ford Raptor.

Let Chevy and Ford duke it out and spend millions on refining those rigs, I am in the market for small trucks and the Tacoma is the benchmark and always will be! No need to waste money on Tacoma loyalty because it never dies!

Everybody give oxi a hug. He feels left out in his small rusty Tacoma.

If they try to promote brand loyalty, how do they expect to get new customers? I think it was a good idea to drop howie. I think he just dumbed down chevy for the last couple of years.

I love Toyota Tundra's, and I will always buy them before I would purchase a Ford or GM truck. I used to be a GM driver but I am tired of taking it in the a** with out even a reach around. Gm has thousands of my tax dollars and hopefully that is the last penny I ever give to that abortion of a company, the whole lot of them greedy bastards can rot in hell as far as I am concerned.

Well it's about time they changed their ad campaign. All chevy does in their ads these days is try and bash other brands by showing you the nice features they have that chevy doesn't have (I don't think the heated steering wheel is a bad Idea and the tailgate step is just brilliant. I'm gonna laugh when chevy copies it someday) All their current ads do is upset anyone who drives another brand and make the chevy drivers see what nice features they could have if they chose another brand. Totally ridiculous. Makes howie long just look like an idiot. Chevy makes great trucks, but their ads make me LESS interested in a chevy. I think they shouldn't mention other brands at all in their ads and focus only on what's good about their trucks. Nobody is gonna try and convince me that ford and dodge don't make great trucks without looking like a fool.

So far no major Chevy bashing going on. LOL But by the time I check back in sometime tomorrow, I bet there'll be nothing but pure Chevy bashing going on.


Brand LOYALTY is what it's all about, ultimate trust, the bond between you and your Chevy Silverado.

The Silverado is the old, battered down, broken down truck that just keeps running better than ever, Man.

You own a Chevy van how about showing some loyalty for a change!

I don't believe any of you really understand the idea of the "loyalty" they talk about... but at least the trolls were trigger happy when they saw this, wouldn't want them snoozing. Apparently Oxi doesn't pay too much attention at all, because there was an article on here reporting how GM/Chevy wants to return to putting their focus into the SMALL TRUCK market.

Anyways... an example of what is around here: our dirt tracks, predominately the vehicles hauling their race equipment to the track are chevy. what is in/on the trailer? chevy. I don't think I've seen a Toyota ever hauling ANYTHING to a track around here. The above picture, great example. I saw Dollansky (Craig) driving around town, what do they have? Silverado!

Lou's truck choices

Lou rates his truck choices as follows:

compact/mid-size - 2003 Tacoma
1/2 ton - Tundra
HD - Honda Ridgeline

And Lou drives a Chevy mini van and a 2010 Toyota Sienna. Shows how much he knows about trucks!

No! This is horrible news! they dumped howie! That guy was ridiculously funny. a guy who couldn't take getting dirt on his hands along with having only the perfect hair representing chevy I thought it was a great representation of gm. I love how they tried to downcast the other trucks abilities that were actually pretty good ( heated ram steering wheel and a bird house in the back of an F150 with the tailgate step) and then compare it with a warranty (that doesn't cover what it says it covers). (meanwhile Ford has country guy Toby Keith and Mike Row from dirty jobs) Wish they would keep Howie, I will miss those commercials.



How about those Ford Windstar's for rusty rear axles that were just recalled, over 500,000 of them!

A note on brand loyalty...Honda and Ford on the rise......Toyota loyalty continues to drop.....Chevy and Dodge losing ground

Consumer Reports' latest survey results are another ding for Toyota. While Honda and Ford have made gains in brand loyalty, Toyota's brand loyalty among consumers has dipped 13 percent, causing it to fall from the top position it held at the end of 2009. Honda is in first place now, with 68 percent of Honda owners described as "likely to purchase another Honda for their next new car," followed by Ford with 61 percent loyalty and Toyota with 57 percent.

The other two makes that CR mentions, Chevrolet and Dodge, both lost ground: Chevy dipped five percent in brand loyalty from February to April (from 57 to 52 percent), Dodge dropped four percent in the same period (from 28 to 24 percent).

@Robert Chandler - is that the real name of the Bobsie boys and their multiple personalities?
Why should I be loyal to a machine?
I'm not loyal to the hammer in my tool box or a 1/2" ratchet.
They are tools that are required to do the job it's supposed to do.
I'll consider a different brand if the tools I buy do not function as required.
I buy what meets my needs at the price point I've set.

Your loyalty rant is what manufacturer's love. A sheep bleating away in the pasture waiting to be fleeced.

My truck choices changed after the shootout.
Pre-shoot out:
Tacoma double cab 6.5 box
F150 supercrew 6.5 box
HD gas - Ram
HD diesel - Ram

Post shootout:
HD gas - Ford
HD diesel - Sierra Denali

Unlike you - I change my opinion based on evidence.

It is great that GM canned Howie. Their advertising sucks. The "Like a Rock" commercials were brilliant in their simplicity. Those were GM's last good commercials.

I doubt that GM's new Advertising Exec will turn things around.
Emphasizing brand loyalty?
Brilliant - lets tell the Ford and Dodge guys to stick with their own brands and GM to stay with their own.

Tacoma brand loyalty: sales are down yearly and month to month.

@Tony - Yeah but in Oxi's eyes, it is still a toyota!

Chevy is afraid that all of their customer's will leave for Ford's better engines and better fuel economy. All they can do to try to keep them is to make them feel loyal to the brand.


"Chevy is afraid that all of their customer's will leave for Ford's better engines and better fuel economy. All they can do to try to keep them is to make them feel loyal to the brand."???

Wow, and its coming from an individual whos screen-name is "Johndeerefarmer". Here's an idea pal, Want to talk about trucks? Consider dumping your tractor.

Johndeerfarmer is right lol GM is way behind got to love the old dinosauer engines they have lol Ford is king of trucks!!!!

GM's new ad campaign should focus on what they are, 2nd best. They should work that angle to win sales away from Dodge and Toyota. "Chevy....we might not be the best, but at least we're second!"

what can they do with brand loyalty. I want to know why their truck is better for my application than the competition. Besides, since all three major brands of truck are so close, I need a half ton and up that can tow a fifth wheel so the Japanese brands are out, what decides my choice would be how the base trim levels are equipped. that is are the standard and optional features things that I think I need for the application I want to use the truck for. I would upgrade to get the options I want like daytime running lights or dusk sensing headlampsbut not for what I need like power adjustable tow mirrors. I love my Chevy but when suggesting adding power adjustable mirrors, both with and without manual extension for towing to the work truck, I was politely dismissed. Ford, did offer my needs on their base trim and there I just want my wants. Dodge just needs to lengthen their shortbed for me to consider them a real contender for meeting my application needs

@ Frank - these shootouts are just another piece of the puzzle.
GM won the shootout because of a better chassis and Ford with crappy traction control.
Pre- shootout I had the Ram pegged as the best HD. Reliability statistics and test evidence moved them out of my first place preference.
I'm not a loyal Ford guy like you or worse a psycho Bobsie boy fan.
I call 'em as I see 'em.
Your two trucks are what? 10 -15 years old?
Try not to spill your beer on your own armchair!

You are arguing with the fake Frank. FYI. Robert Chandler also isn't real. LMAO.

That was the real Frank and the real Robert Chandler.

@Tony - regardless of who made the post, my opinion on these trucks still stands.
Why don't you grow some gonads and stand behind what you have to say by using your real name.
Yo are no better than the Bobsie boy continuum.

@ Real Frank - my apologies!

Well I hope these commericals will be funny. I hated and i mean hated the Howie commericals i love Ford and know they will have some great new comericals showing off the new engines and features.

People are trolling you for your reactions. If you wouldn't react the way you do, people wouldn't hassle you so much. You are half the problem.

They should bring back the "Like a Rock" commericals. Watch some of them on You Tube and tell me they are not awesome. They give me goosebumps as a proud owner of a 88-98 chevy truck.

But hey, people don't use their truck as a truck anymore - as long as it gets them back and forth to their downtown office with heated seats that is all folks care about.

I did have a proud moment when I saw the new HD commerical with it hauling the bobcat and he pulled his son out of the backseat - hit home with a 2 month old at home.

Hey I'm not gonna bash Chevy, I think they just made one of the best moves they could ever make by canning Howie. When you go to buy a truck do you want the guy who as others have pointed out is afraid to get his hands dirty, has that stupid looking hair cut that is always in the same spot and style (knda makes you think he might be related to William Shatner or something) and makes fun of other brands by pointing out what Chevy DOESN'T have... Oh wait I'm a Ford guy. I hope they bring him back!!! LOL Not trying to ruin a Chevy post but you got to give props for Ford for picking everyday type guys that most men can identify with such as Toby Keith and Mike Rowe. I just don't know what it is about Mike Rowe but the guy is just a great pitch man not only for Ford but now for Lee jeans and a few others. If you had a choice of pitch men who would you trust? Howie or Mike... Mike wins hands down every time when it comes to hard working guys and their pickups.

I like dodges thats just the way it is theyve never done me wrong they are familiar to me and I just like em people hate on brand loyalty to much. Im not ignorant and a idiot I dont go around bashing Ford fans and Chevy fans at least not past some rib poking I am a mopar fan and thats what Ill always drive unless I have major issues and Im sure theyre are many other Ford guys and GM guys who feel the same yes their are alotta of aholes on here that claim their favorite truck could never break down and everyone elses is garbage but I think a majority of pickup owners have a brand they stick to but arent a-holes about it this ad campaign will feel like a pleasant thanks from their favorite company but wont drawn in new customers imho

@ Oxi the tacoma is a pos, a ford windstar can out haul it anyday. chevys are good dodges are werid, and fords rule. tundras are for idiots.

@Tony, @Kemo,

One bright side with sales slightly down but still beating the crap out of the Ranger is:

I will not have to see a Tacoma at every street corner like some of the full-size trucks!

Back in the early 90's after I got out of the Marines and bought my 86 Toyota 4x4 used, I was the only one on my block with a Toyota, in fact in the square mile...

Now a days, you see them everywhere, maybe it will be good to see the morons that live off of what the media says jump off and buy something worse. It will be sweet!

I have been buying Toyota's since I got out of the Marines and nothing will change that. 20 years next year and counting!

My current ride is a 2010 Tacoma AC, decked out for off-roading end of the world style...

@Johnny Boy,

A front wheel drive auto tranny Windstar out pull my 4-cylinder Tacoma? Not in your dreams!

I will have my snatch strap ready to pull the Windstar out of the graded road after it rains a touch!!!

@ Oxi my Ford Windstar can drive through loggin trails that trucks need 35s to get through hahaha

You guys are funny...

Another waste of tax payers money! Using the names of the Hatfields and McCoy's in a statement of where thier ad campaign is going is horrible! The Hatfields and McCoy's name is associated with death and violence and that is what they want to exploit between loyal truck owners. They need to focus on the junk they sell and try to get new suckers to buy thier junk, instead of fosusing on the suckers they got now! This ad campaign sounds like a bad idea and another reason why Government Motors is a 2nd rate company!

Good bye Howie, won't miss you at all! Government Motors really does need a good honest spokesperson like Ford has had in the past like Toby Keith, Mike Rowe, and don't forget about Denis Leary. Or maybe they need someone like Chuck Lambert, doesn't get any more honest then him!

There is a great rivalry between GM and Ford truck lovers, Dodge has loyal truck buyers too. You will never find anyone stupid enought to be loyal to a tundra or any toyota truck, they would have to as stupid as those suicide bombers that think they are getting virgins in Heaven.

@ lance- Maybe you should be Government Motors new spokesperson! Your comment was foolish, your comment was not on topic, and you like rivarly. You are just what Government Motors needs, a trash talking, discriminating, brand loyal sucker! If you need any help on your resume let me know, I'll be glad to help!



You sir do not know the pickup truck industry with a childish statement like that!

Their is a massive Toyota compact/mid-sized pickup truck loyalty out there!

That is why you see so many Toyota's built for off-roading and so few Rangers, Colorado's, S-10's or Dakota's for the off-roading world.

@ x007

I totally agree with the statement above that you directed towards lance. I love my chevy, brand loyalty is the reason why I bought the one I have now. But I'm not stubborn enough to ignore what dodge and ford bring to the table.

Regarding the 1/2 ton trucks, Chevy was claiming it had the mpg edge, now ford will have it. Chevy was claiming the top spot in power with it's 6.2L, now Ford will have it (and 87 octane gas, right?). Dodge, Chevy, Ford have been ignoring their base engines for years. Now ford has come out with a great v6, and they will offer it with a 6spd suto.

GM knows that until their new engine/silverado comes (2013?), they have been beat by the 2011 F150. That is where these ads come in, I bet Chevy wants people to ignore the more powerful/fuel efficient truck and stick with chevy because of loyalty. Too much brand loyalty eventually leads to stubborness.

I'm Chevy loyal enough to patiently wait 2 years for the new Silverado and see what GM has to offer (money is the main reason I will wait 2 years), but I'm not stubborn enough to ignore Ford/dodge if they make a better truck.

"You are just what Government Motors needs, a trash talking, discriminating, brand loyal sucker!" Not how I would of said it, but you are right x007.

A Redneck and a Dope I can give you but Mike Rowe ain't gay Lance... but hey if you think he is then at least Ford has all the basis covered right? Bwahahaha. I think you are just jealous that we have 3 great spokespersons and GM couldn't come up with 1...

@David I agree with you 100% Although I am a Ford guy I'm not foolish enough to ignore what GM/Ram do either. GM just don't cut it right now with their old engines and bland interior but I would really have to take a hard look at the new Ram right now if I was in the market for a new truck. Funny I wouldn't have said that just 2 short years ago... Rams are getting better and moving in the right direction no matter what the sales numbers claim IMHO. The only reason I could think not to buy one is I'm still not sold on the ideal of coil springs in the rear. It may be a better ride but its a truck for crying out loud so what if it rides a little stiff.

The Japanese are pissed at Toyota for taking millions of their tax dollars !

Depends where you live....for small trucks in the 80's early 90's there was a fair amount of Toyota's...their sales dropped off mid 90's to mid 2000's,then around 2004 ish Tacoma sales picked up again..I do see a few but not like the 80's ...Around here (out west)80's-90's Jeep Cherokee's are king in the bush along with old Chev trucks,Ford's and Dodge RamChargers..old Toyota's from the 80's early 90's as all these trucks are popular because they are cheap...I would say Jeep out numbers Toyota for bush trucks..

Most Tacoma's are bought by women these days,they want a truck and are fooled by Toyota's so called reliability,so they buy them...I sold Toyota's from 1988-2009 !! I know who buys them ! And they dont take them to the bush..

Oh by the Way Ford boys, your company took a low interest loan from Nobama. Gm was bailout and is ahead of schedule on repayment. Ford loves to say no bailout, but you sure took that loan fast.
GMC Sierra best looking ride on road


Toyota's are still very popular off-road machines the world over...

Their are more Toyota's in the bush than Jeeps around the see the problem with Jeeps are harsh ride and they lack cargo capacity and payload off-road!

That is why people around the world prefer Toyota HiLux and Landcruisers and why I prefer my Tacoma here in the U.S. because I want to carry supplies off-road and not have enough room for just the cooler and a few bags or tent...

You see I can carry much more survival gear off-road than a tiny Jeep could even muster. My rig is still dimensionaly not big and fat like a full size yet not as nimble as a Jeep but I still have a 6 foot bed behind with loads of possibilities compared to a tiny Jeep...

Don't you guys find it ironic?

Quote" Mr. Ewanick was Hyundai Motor America's marketing chief for three years before stopping at Nissan from March to May of this year."

3 employers in three years.................................................

He doesn't sound like a guy who knows much about loyalty.

I dunno...? It might work, after all they (GM) use to sell 750,000 trucks a year or so. That's a lot of ex customers to get back and they may be ripe for the picking. They will have to overcome the bailout stigma for many, but with time that too shall pass. Especially once they actually pay the loan off, Chrysler, and Harley did it and they recovered.

Well maybe not Chrysler...

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