PickupTrucks.com Presents the 2010 Heavy-Duty Shootout

PickupTrucks.com Presents the 2010 Heavy-Duty Shootout

It's our biggest story of the year and our biggest comparison ever. We test nine new gas and diesel heavy-duty pickups from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors to determine which three will win our recognition as the best overall HD trucks. It all starts after the jump!

>> PickupTrucks.com Presents the 2010 Heavy-Duty Shootout <<


Chevy Rules!!!

Its not surprise,the best overall truck:

1.Strong body/frame/chassis


No surprise. Ford F-250 6.2L won best overall truck!

Yep. Another victory for Ford. Ford is the best.

The Ford 6.2L reigns supreme. Ford had the best quality and Ford had the best gas trucks because gas is the future. Ford was the best of the heavy duty trucks after all was said and done.

No surprise Ford won another shootout. Go gas! Go 6.2L!

A couple day before this shootout all Fords funs talking about "mighty" 6.7 Powerstroke,and NOBODY talking about Fords HD GAS!!!
Now,Ford LOST this way in Diesel category and Fords funs talking about HOW GREAT IS GAS ENGINE!GAS IS FUTURE!GO GAS! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Yeah,funny,right?!
I wonder,who want to buy a HD gas truck?
And Chevy HD Duramax/Allison is the BEST OVERALL TRUCK here!!!

No surprise that GM took the HD diesel class. No.1 for the Duramax. By far the best HD yet.

I for one am underwhelmed by Ford's performance. The Duramax clearly outperformed the new Powerstroke. As for the 6.2L gas engine, the Dodge Hemi killed it, and the old GM 6.0L was not that far behind. I was expecting a new benchmark is gas engine performance. In addition, the Super Duty's aging chassis is starting to show.

Well I for one am impressed by just how well the Dodge did. I was expecting it to lose and it did but it was not as bad as I thought. As far as Ford goes they didn't have the job 2 truck which was more powerful than the job 1 and the current Duramax so this test is kinda nullified for a lot of people. Congrats to GM for the win but something tells me its going to be a rough couple of years until 2013 gets here (if that is still the year of the new motor) because it looks like the new Powerstoke is going to be the real deal and not the POS Ford has had the last two times around. GAS really? I'm glad the gas truck won but gas and HD go together about as good as water and cereal in the same bowl.

im blue oval all day..but i think the test was fair..and to be honest i expected some of those results..with that gearing and tranny ratios i plus a suspension thats needs a little tweaking i can understand how there was some speed loss.. that 6.7 is a beast. really tourqey.. that 6.2 aint to shabby neither. It really shocked me how it manhandled the 16% grade.. Dodge is probally gonna release a more powerful heavy duty so things are gonna be real intresting in the future.. ITS ONLY JUST BEGUN!!! good time to be a truck guy oh yeah congrats chevy HD..even tho thats like saying congrats to the 'noles even tho im with the "U"

You know, this was a tow test which is good, but I read every word and it seems like they were unable to produce the same perameters for ever test and every truck. They also failed to mention and rate comfort. There was no test for interior noise, quietness of each diesel, creature comforts... It seems even the Dodge despite its power disadvantage was close. These trucks are so close on capability, it is things like comfort and connectivitey that will ultimately be the deciding factor. They also failed to test the Job 2 Super Duty which would provide slightly better fuel economy and the F-350 is getting a frame upgrade in the form of a crossmember that will provide greater rigidity. If you go to Popular Mechanics, they rated the Super Duty #1 the Chevy #2 and the Dodge was last. It's funny that there are different outcomes depending on what different journalists perceive as most important. I know with the new truck I purchased, I really did my homework on both the Chevy and the Ford, I was ready and willing to buy the Chevy but with Ford SYNC and the better interior/fit and finish, the Ford won out over the Chevy. If I am going to drive 30k miles a year I want every available creature comfort, not just a boxed frame.

@Brandon Budge: I think you made an excellent choice going with the Super Duty. Enjoy it!

@Brandon Budge That is by far the best comment I have ever seen on this site and you are 100 % correct. I expected pretty much the same results that the site came out with but in the end it comes down to creature comforts and your personal taste. Sync is awesome and with the newer technology's like the My Ford Touch is going to be expected in all new Ford vehicles in the near future. Onstar is good to but I think Ford is moving in the right direction with the in car electronics.

Not surprised Ford's completley disappointed, made the misstake of buying a 2010 F250 6.2 last year. What a lacklaster rig compared to my 2006 Duramax. Not only did it not do the job as well as my older Chevy I had it in the shop 4 times in the first 5 months trying to get bugs worked out. Never again will I buy Ford, let the ford lovers who like to sit in the service lounge all the time buy them. Now that the Duramax blew the Ford trucks away the only truck I'll trade the Ford in for is a Chevy Duramax.

For all of you who are reading this articles, take if from someone who has had a 2007 6.7 Dodge 3500 DRW, a 2008 6.4 F250, a 2010 6.7 Dodge 2500 and now a 2011 6.7 F250. Let me tell you from experience and not a badge on the grill. Ford is a better quality vehicle and dodge had a more reliable diesel engine. I must admit that I have loved the way a 6.7 cummins hauls a load. But the truck is still not a quality vehicle. It will get the job done when pulling, but will ware you down on highway trips. A Ford will take more abuse with real HD parts all around, just look under the truck and see which one is built more stout. I bought a 2010 dodge in January and had a total loss accident after 7000miles. I recently was out in the market and bought a 2011 F250 Diesel. This new diesel is better than the cummins the transmission had lower gears than the allison for real haulers. Chevy is a nice highway pulling vehicle not a go to work everyday truck. If you are in the market and really want to comapre a GM to a Ford turn off the "traction control" feature and slam the throttle, then you can see for yourself. The Chevy will probably be quicker without a load, but after a few thousand miles when the chevy wears down let me know where you want your $50K-$60K to be working for you still. Just someone with actual experience with these newer diesels and want to share.


1) Did the RAM Heavy Duty have a fully boxed frame?
2) Does the Chevy have underbody construction or the fenders "dual-serving?"
3) How did you like the 4.2" Productivity screen on the Super Duty?

I personally would own any of the three...


1) Yes, the Ram has a fully boxed frame

2) Not sure I understand this question

3) From Shootout page 3: "The Super Duty’s 4.2-inch LCD driver information system centered in the gauge cluster is hands-down the best trip computer in the industry across all pickup truck segments, and it's the benchmark by which all others that follow will be measured. It includes features like a fuel-efficiency monitor, pitch and yaw angles while off-roading and a robust set of towing apps that can store names and notes for up to 20 trailers plus provides a hitch checklist to help ensure you've hooked up the trailer properly before you tap the accelerator."

I agree. I'd buy any of the trucks too. The Ram 2500 was $8,000 less(!) than the other two 3/4-ton diesels. That's a deal in any book.

But at the end of the day, we needed to make a call about what the best overall trucks were. We chose the Ford and two GM trucks.

All of these trucks are awesome. The real test is to see how many are still performing as designed in 10 years.

All three trucks look good and are nice, but yall are soooo concerned about the power. U can make the trucks have more power or less power by messing with the computer. I've got an 01 dodge cummins with 500 horse and a 1000lbs torque with just a chip and mine is old. Anyway i have to give ford credit for getting a better engine and d'max is a good motor, but lets see if they ever make it to a million miles like a dodge cummins has many times.. Just something to think about...

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