Ram Trucks App Now Available for the Apple iPhone

Ram Trucks App Now Available for the Apple iPhone

Chrysler has launched Ram Truck 1500/2500/3500 Vehicle Info, an iPhone application that provides owner-manual information for late-model Ram pickups in the palm of your hand.

Key features include operating instructions, inspection and maintenance schedules, warning lights and controls, warranty information and customer assistance. Other features include links to Mopar parts and accessories for your truck, Ram gear and merchandise and Ram websites.

All that for free. Download it today from Apple's App Store and let us know how it works.

[Source: Chrysler]


Will it allow your truck to fwd the fault codes directly to the service manager?

Now this actually sound like a cool app! Though, I would still much rather have a hard paper copy in my trucks glove box. The paper verison will never run out of batteries or have some kind of screen failure.

"Predictable" has a good point, that would be cool. Along those lines, my mothers 07 BMW 335xi actually calls (or something) and notifys the BMW dealership automatically when it senses an issue. Its weird to get a call from the dealer that says you car just called me!! Maybe it uses its satellite radio system to call, I have no idea.

Also, another function our BMW has is its oil level sensing fuction. You cycle though the computer option and have the computer check the engine oil level for you. The system pumps all the engines oil past a sensor maybe. I am by no means a BMW engine expert. It only take a minute and is extremely accurate. It tells you how much oil you have and the exact amount that needs to be added if any.

What I just described would be a great function to have in the new 3/4-1 ton diesel trucks if possible. They already have great information centers (well Dodge and Fords do). GM could add one easily im sure. For example, if your pulling a 20,000lb trailer across the country you want to have the correct oil level. You could just run the check at a rest stop ever once in a while. Taking a minute to run the check would be better than sitting on the side of the road possibly.

Note- I would still do all the proper checks and maintence before such a trip obviously. The computer would just help.
Also, I would still want a manual dip stick to check my diesel oil level (the BMW does not have a dip stick).

Just some thoughts. Congrates and thanks if you actually read all my thoughts!

^ Truck owners are usually more car-literate than most bmw owners... I'd Hope :)


I will beg to differ. I was once told by a BMW M3 owner that BMW rate's the horsepower to the rear-wheels and not the crank. I laughed my a$$ off.


I've heard the same thing from many Ford owners, when compairing their truck to my Ram.

I too, laugh my ass off, I think it is our local dealer telling people that, because I don't hear it from other Ford owners.

Cool, this should be helpfull since they dont give you a paper owners manual anymore.

We are moving to a "paperless" society.
Good idea.
I bet all of their manuals are now on line as well. It is a cost cutting measure as well.

@Garrett - your points are well taken. Why not have the onboard info system do fluid checks? Great idea.
It should have allerts for oil changes as well. I've heard a few nightmare stories lately of people not checking oil levels in their trucks.

Gm have this app for the iPhone and driod . Not sure about ford

Haha, I knew you guys would give me crap about ideas from a BMW. Once again, not my car and yes I would definitely say guys with trucks generally have a better understanding of motorized vehicle over all car overs. Dont even get me started on mini van drivers....poor bastards.

I dont drive a car, but I would love a diesel car to suppplement my diesel trucks!!

Im kinda suprised the new diesel trucks dont have more tech. like I described with there fancy new info centers. You would be amazed by the electronic functions todays heavy equipment has! Large construction and mining machines have ridiculously redundant systems.

yeah but more electronics means more crap to go wrong when the truck is older and alot more headaches trying to fix what went wrong. i like my 84 dodge pickup plain and simple

You can get the ram trucks app for free on your Android and iOS devices using https://iappsbuzz.com/tutu-helper

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