Rumored: Volkswagen Amarok Headed to U.S. ... Someday

Rumored: Volkswagen Amarok Headed to U.S...Some Day

Volkswagen is said to be planning to import its all-new Amarok midsize truck into the U.S., according to a report by Car & Driver.

Could it happen? Sure. However, late last year Stefan Jacoby, the former CEO of Volkswagen of America who recently left to head Volvo, told us that VW would have to sell at least 100,000 trucks in the U.S. to make a viable business case. The Amarok is currently built in Argentina and would be subject to the so-called "chicken tax," which levies a 25 percent tariff on pickups imported from most countries. VW is also stymied by the location of its dealers, many of which are far from the suburban and rural locations where trucks are popular.

And we wouldn't look for the Amarok to arrive with one of its sweet 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engines because it would cost too much to clean them up to meet U.S. emissions regulations.

Our guess would be that the Amarok arrives someday with both six-cylinder and four-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engines, similar to Ford's upcoming 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine for the F-150.

[Source: Car & Driver]


We’ll see if VW nuts up enough leap over the hurdles and bring it here, it’s an awesome truck. If Mahindra ever actually gets here and the trucks are better than expected, or Ford wises up and gives us a new Ranger with some EcoBoost options; VW’s window of opportunity may have closed.

Bring it! The more options, the better.

My question is, why would they have to clean up the diesel anymore than they already have for the Jetta diesels? Are emission standards for trucks stricter than cars?

Without the diesel I have zero interest.

My initial thought is "please please please", But I really need a crew cab with a 6.5' bed and it looks like VW is only going to offer a crew with the 5.5'er and the reg cab with the 8'. So count me out. I guess I'll stick with the Tacoma, my only quality option for a mid-sized truck in the US.

Without a diesel engine I wouldnt even consider it!!

With a diesel engine, I would be EXTREMELY excited about owning one!!

Listening VW? The EPA's emissions BS screws us over yet again...

uh mhayes dakota quadcab w/ a 5.5 bed and the 4.7ho engine is reliable and powerful but its a nice looking truck I hate the jap trucks and dont trust em (the new ones at least) but if i was in the market for a truck that was not to be used for any medium to hd work or fourwheeling this little truck would be the ticket

As a dear old friend who happens to be the parts manager at a major VW store in Dallas says, "The only people who can afford a Volkswagen after it's hit the 80,000 mile marker are millionaires."

From looking at what they charge for simple stuff, I'll have to pass. Plus, VDub's track record ain't that stellar.
Just as soon buy a Ford or wait on them Indian fellers.

I wish Ford would get back on the midsize truck wagon so I could buy one to replace my fullsize F150 supercrew (since the newer midsize are almost the size of yester years trucks). But, no small go. Sorry, get it right VW. You make great little diesel engines, slap one of those in this truck with a slight bigger displacement and call it good.


My sentiments exactly.

I find it funny how all the other countries around the globe are for cleaner air, but yet they can't meet our air quality for car emissions. VW has some assume diesel engines that are currently for sale in the us. How are can it really be to stuff one in this truck? For that matter how hard can it really be to stuff one in any little truck? Shoot, GM, Ford and Chrysler should be buying VW diesels for thier little trucks now and smaller suv wannabes.

I and many others could use a small diesel truck for commuting and running to the parts/grocery store. My old F150 with a 6 gets worse milage than my newer F250 with a power stroke. So don't tell me there isn't a market now. Just need someone to get the STONES to move on it. (nice referencet to Ford don't ya think!) But we also need to move some of the trash out of Washington DC!

My '04 TDI jetta is at 81k miles and no problems. I avoid the stealers, including their parts depts. It's the same with all stealerships - they're way over priced! There are several good, local independent VW shops that I use.

@shawn, it is not meeting US air quality standards, VW is or will be meeting Euro V standards. Difference is on emphasis: US Tier 3 is hard on nitrides, Euro V is hard on Co2. You guessed it, US diesels do not meet Euro V standards. Too bad they do not have ONE standard.

Throw some jumpseats in the back like Subaru did with the Brat and call it an SUV :)

Earlier reports said the U.S. price for the BASE truck, as built now for the foreign markets, is $35k!!! With our without a deisel, this is a loser in the US. It is a beautiful truck, but not for that kind of coin.

come on in VW, the water is fine!

Have had two VW diesels and the newest clean diesel passes all US states standards. It will blow the doors off my Tacoma while delivering better than twice the fuel economy -- holds sixth gear and accelerates while my Toy is wheezing in third on mountain passes. Bring in on VW and I will never again look to Toyota.

another one from the makers of world war two.

One thing's for sure. They could probably get a diesel truck here quicker than Mahindra, and sell a lot more too.

That's a tough sell check the selling numbers of the Honda Ridgeline not very popular.
But I think that's gonna be a good choice for light duty use.

It needs to come with a diesel.
VW doesn't have a good reputation with gasers.

@JoBlow - good point. The Ridgeline isn't a big seller.

@ironhead - how is that remark related to anything of significance?
Missed your xenophobia self help meeting again?

If it's anything as good as my diesel Jetta that gets 50+ MPG it will be a winner!

Unless I can get it with a 6 speed manual TDI, not interested. A stripped down standard truck needs to be available as well.

It will never happen though, CARB and the EPA have screwed that up for us by their overreaching NOx requirements that are stifling clean burning diesels, and direct injection gas engines for that matter. Not to mention the effects that all this emissions equipment has on fuel economy, and the incompatibility that it creates with biofuels.

The 2.0 TDI would be a great engine for this truck, but with the added weight it would require SCR with urea injection. I don't see the US ever getting a TDI option, if this truck even makes it here at all.

There really needs to be a movement in this country to repeal diesel emissions standards back to 2006 levels.

How much extra fuel are we burning because of the strict 2007.5+ standard?

"VW doesn't have a good reputation with gasers."

Not sure where you get your info. VW has made some real nice gassers. Some are shared with Porsche and Audi. Electrical systems on the other hand, not so much.

The 2.0-Liter diesel engine isn't really sweet - it's a popular engine here in Europe in others VW-models mostly for its... unreliable and as the German automotive journalist have personally written: even with the "strongest" twin-turbocharged 163 HP (the most powerful engine available in Amarok = thoughtless art of automotive economy!) version it's underpowered for a mini truck (it's a passenger car type engine), plus the bed is bid too small for typical truck use!
I know, Americans are fascinating with diesel engines, their torque and excellent MPG, but don't be fooled with a weak overall performance... VW designed a truck looking car and forgot about typical truck abilities, purposes! It's more an European kind of SUV... You can easily top it with an obsolete Ford Ranger!

I would be interested to see how it would sell. Maybe it could scare some action into the current mid-size makers. Don't be fooled, there isn't an outstanding mid-size choice in America. Frontier is as good as it gets and it's lagging.

You guys are thrilled to death about this thing... I see a grocery getter and nothing more. Well, that or being a "truck" the lady drops the kids off to soccer with.

That was real exciting for its coming the of the Volkswagen in the us country.

your story about the importation of vw's amarok is the first encouraging news i've heard to date. the diesel powerplants are essential for sales success in the u.s., as is an auto trans. sign me up for a crew cab 2.0 tdi 6 spd manual right now. hope this is for real! the diesel with outstanding fuel economy and durability is what really separates the amarok from our inferior, poor selling domestic mini/midsize pickups.

The VW Amarok is here already ! I see it daily on the HWY 347 in Arizona. Maricopa, AZ is the home of VW North American proving grounds and I see this truck daily. I will try to snap pictures on my commute.

I want this truck WITH the TDI! I just bought a 2010 JSW TDI and it's much more than I thought it would be....C'mon VW make it happen in the US!!!

Somebody did mention Mahindra and spares parts of VW being very very expensive... well i am sure that that of M&M would be far lower in price -- hence the cost of ownership of M&M product will be far lower than that of VW... and ofcourse it gives you higher mileage also....

for pure workhorses -- i think it would be hard to beat mahindra, it being a no nonsense product... that does it job and thats it... just do it.....

My Son is a huge VW fan, but wants a new truck - I would buy this in a HEARTBEAT if they sold it over here! I agree though - the EPA claims to want to clean up emissions & improve mileage - but stifle all the good diesels from coming here for BS reasons... Heck, most of the rest of the world live on the little diesels!!! Sell it here & with a small diesel & you'll have a true WINNER that NO ONE can compete with!!!

waiting on diesel in CA/US --

Anything other than diesel truck not worth my time and money (plenty of gas alternatives w/ cruddy milage)

Bring a light utility vehicle in a diesel or dont bring anything at all...

I love my TDI jetta but have now (as of yesterday busted up 4 oil pans since 2002) - actually yeah if there is no diesel truck make a lift kit for my jetta that would be great...

Anyone doubting the diesel has never really owned or driven one for an extend period of time, at least not a vw diesel, sure the American car companies tried to build them but failed miserably, thus leaving a false impression of diesel for the American public to believe, and ruining that image for my and future generations.
Outside of VW I don’t really see any American car company having the stones to bring one over here.

We bought a 2010 TDI Touareg. I loved driving it, it was a blast and unaffected by the altitude here in Colorado. It towed extremely well and on the limited off roading we did, I was very impressed.

But I never thought I would ever find a vehicle more unrealiable than my Chevy S10 until we bought the VW. It was in and out of the shop almost monthly, with issues large (fried electronics, turbo shutdown, blown water pump) and small (broken cupholders, compartment hinges, knobs, etc). The Check Engine light was constantly coming on. The Ad Blue wouldnt last between oil changes. It went through very expensive tires in a year. Two weekends it ruined our trip and left us stranded.

After the water pump blew (not a little leak, but a gusher that stranded the vehicle), we gave up. We were too scared of what would happen when the warantee was gone. We tried to sell it, but no takers. We traded it in after a year, we were upside down and learned a $12K lesson. NO MORE VWs!

Oh- and I forgot to mention that our other Vehicle is a 2006 Honda Ridgeline. 100K miles and never been in the shop for anything other than maintenance. Steers like a sports car, extremely roomy and practical. Hauls my dirt bikes and ATVs, even if I do have to have the tailgate down. The in bed trunk is awesome, as is the two way tailgate. I think people never gave the Ridgeline a chance becasue it looks so different.

The mileage is so-so, 19 mpg for us. If Honda would put a diesel in it, I would buy another.

Without a diesel FORGET it.

With a DIESEL, we would order NOW for all our company trucks.

Also as my personal truck.


We love our '03 Jetta TDI, this would be a fantastic replacement for the wifes Jetta. Without the TDI good luck, it'll be a tough sell.

Waiting on Toyota to bring us a hybrid mid-sized truck based on the Highlander platform...

Here's hoping....

I drive a VW 1981 Rabbit Pickup. AKA "Caddy" I get 45mpg highway and I can fit just about as much in the bed as any other pickup. The 3 days a year I need to tow something more than a 1/2 ton I rent a truck from uhaul, and beat the piss out of their truck rather than my own. I would sell everything I own and sign my life away for a VW Amarok Single Cab 4x4 2.0L TDI 5 speed manual. I find beauty in simplicity. If I wanted a truck that seated 5 I would buy a big pickup or an SUV. If I wanted a race car, I would buy a race car. If I wanted a tow truck ... a tow truck. If I wanted something that I could do 98% of everything I will ever need ... VW Amarok Single Cab 4x4 2.0L TDI 5 speed manual. Nothing More Nothing Less. I'd rather send my money to Germany than Iraq. There is not a price I wouldn't pay.

If this was brought to the would probably just end up collecting dust on the lots, as what is happening in Australia. I am pretty sure that Volkswagen would have a sales target higher than the one to two thousand a year that would sell here,

VW needs to make it clean enough to be brought to the u.s. will buy all 100,000 of them if I have to lol

I myself own a VW jetta TDI and the diesel engine is great! If whatsoever any restrictions to the Diesel engine in this VW would "complicate" things is a lie since the TDI engines of VW are sold here in the U.S. Many people are already intrested in this truck even if it doesn't meet exact specifications to others. So VW should just sell it the later add more options to the way they are manufactured for the U.S.

Moparman hates "Jap" trucks. Listen. Clown. The war ended. "Jap" trucks are number one in quality.

As for Mopar, well, if you want to buy junk, suit yourself. When you go to sell that lovely Mopar and you get half what you would from a Toyota of the same price, then you can compliment yourself on yet another brilliant decision made.

For my money, I would gladly buy a VW truck with the 140 hp diesel. Not only would you get 50 mpg, you could do just about everything any other truck would. Pull your boat, your trailer, whatever.

Not to mention, there's a huge gap in North America when it comes to small-sized trucks. Something the "Japs" started here and I certainly hope they revitalize. I think if Scion brings the ABAT in with a diesel, they'll have a serious winner on their hands. If VW does it, that works as well.

Although I have to say I'd prefer the Toyota reliability over VW.

I was on interstate 405 near Los Angles yesterday, and seen a semi full of these things..They are probably testing them out as we speek.

I have a 2003 Jetta wagon TDI and I have 381,000 miles. I would LOVE to get an Amarok with a TDI. I am still getting 46+ MPG driving hard thru the mountains of New Mexico with the air conditioning on! I am a die hard VW fan and the government can KMA as far as regulations go.

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