The Duramax Diesel is 10 Years Old


Duramax – the diesel engine that saved GM’s heavy-duty pickups – is 10 years old, and the company celebrated the milestone last week.

In 2000, Isuzu and GM started joint production of the first 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel engines for GM's 2001 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups. GM teamed with Isuzu to tap Isuzu's diesel engineering strengths to help GM become a major player in HD pickups. GM's earlier 6.2-liter and 6.5-liter diesel engines were widely considered to be noncompetitive versus Ford's Navistar-sourced Power Stroke and Chrysler's Cummins-built diesel engines.

How good were the 300-horsepower, 520 pounds-feet of torque Duramax oil burners? By 2002, GM had 30 percent diesel pickup market share, up from about 5 percent in 1999. By May 2007, the 1,000,000th Duramax V-8 diesel engine was built at the Duramax engine plant in Moraine, Ohio.

Although the base engine architecture hasn’t changed, there have been four versions of Duramax since its debut: LB7, LLY/LBZ and LMM. The latest Duramax 6.6, dubbed LML, is rated at 397 hp and 765 pounds-feet of torque, and 60 percent of its parts are new.

But the decade of the Duramax hasn’t been without at least one miss. In June 2007, GM introduced an all-new small-displacement 4.5-liter Duramax V-8 diesel engine that was designed entirely in-house without Isuzu’s assistance. It was slated for use in GM's light-duty pickups before falling truck sales and rising fuel prices caused GM to indefinitely postpone its arrival in March 2009.

Still, GM has lots to celebrate with the Duramax.

“The bottom line is that the DMAX engine plant built more than 1.2 million engines in 10 years with a track record of quality that sets them apart from other manufacturers,” said Rick Spina, GM vehicle line executive for full-size trucks. “Many of our loyal Duramax owners have hundreds of thousands of miles on their engines today.”

And we hear GM is hard at work developing an all-new large-displacement Duramax diesel for its HD pickups that we hope will continue its legacy for a long time to come.


I take back all my posts. The Duramax rules, plain and simple. Just can't afford one on my welfare check.

Great motor in a great truck. There's a reason it did so well in the shootout. Remember when it out performed the Powerstroke so recently?

Ya i guess i could live with a GM that is so powerfull and proven reliable. Great engine, great truck

The GM chassis won the diesel shootout. Ford's traction control and aging chassis lost it for Ford.
The Ford HD was faster in 4 wheel drive. That would indicate that the Ford diesel has more power.

You know they say that 70% of all the Chevy trucks ever made are still on the road. I guess the rest of them made it home.

Lets see Duramax compete with the new ford 6.7 litre ,I own a 2011 ford 6.7 no contest

Early indications are that the 2011 ford engines have problems - I hope you are happy with your choice Ken - hope you are ready for the repair bills!

remember ford power stoke....this was a peace of s,,,,engine.....problem after problems gm,and doge have a better diesel...every body no that except the ford guy..

I own a 05 3500, currently has 402,000 i am reluctantly going to trade this truck tomorrow for a 2008 model .
I am the second owner of this truck , no injectors changed .
I don,t know if my habit of running 2cycle oil with every fill up has led to my injectors holding up better but no problems with fuel system at all.
I do have a overheating problem on uphill pulls with medium to heavy campers 12k -15 k in weight even when outside temps are in the 60,s I find that to be unacceptable but i have lived with it because Chevy has never found a cure for lly overheating .
I only hope this 08 I am buying isn't the same .

chris hughes-

I have read, from numerous sources, that either the 2003-2004 or the 2004-2005, not sure which pair of years, Duramax powered trucks have the overheating problem that your truck exhibits. I think that you will be fine with the 2008?

@ ken rombouts

i own an 02 ext. cab long bed silverado with 173,360 miles. i will put it up against that 6.7 powerstroke ANYDAY. I just had one on my lot, 2011 250 crew with an 8ft. bed 4x4 king ranch. its SLOWER than my 02 with an old banks 6 gun on it and exhaust. its a 2011, it SHOULD be no contest but i would put it against it ANYDAY, EVEN though mine has 315/70r17 H2 wheels on it AND 173k miles. its only a matter of time before you realize that engine is more of the same ford junk diesel line theyve had for 10 years, you would just like to believe its better now, for you i hope so but stop touching yourself the duramax SHAMES the powerstroke, it always has and always will.

for the people that want to hide behind the BS of who sells more, its because Ford's fleet trucks are the CHEAPEST, not whats best.

Fleets are always looking for the best vehicle for their money. That always leads to Ford!

No offense Buy american but I SELL TRUCKS, the fleet people buy the CHEAPEST PERIOD. ONLY the small company guy who isnt solely writing it off as a working asset and cant afford to have repairs done because they have to work the vehicle everyday to make ends meet buy based on whats "Best" for their needs. LARGE fleets dont mind and will gamble on raised costs hoping they will offset in the end. i see it ALL THE TIME unfortunately

I used to sell parts and supplies to fleets. There are a handful, baby hands maybe, that still make their decision on what their "perceived" value is or just their preference is. Some of them will only buy Chevrolet or Ford trucks. They can not be budged.

Although later and far away from europe but with all my heart to live a long happy birthday duramax!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a 2003 duramax with 220000 miles no injector problems yet hope i get another 200000

I also have had to replace injectors. Problem I have with this is I've use fuel additives , regular oil and fuel filters changes. I thaught this would be some insurgence against failure WRONG ! It seems no matter what you do the injector fix is going to happen at some point... O I forgot the engine is an lb7 2002. I think the engine is great , but the injectors are the weak link. It's interesting that the next version of the diesel engine the LLY made injector changing pretty easy. I'm guessing they expected more of the same failures !! Anyhow thank you GM for the duramax , but no thanks for the $4900.00 repair bill. And one last point GM costomer service sucks. They offered me 1500 off a new GM, how about 1500 off the cost of my repair. You know full well that I will never give you another red cent in the future !!!!!

i have a ford client and he has put more money in his truck in 2 years than it was worth new ford suck and dodge blows and GM goes

I purchased a 2001 Chevy 2500 w/ their Lemon engine in it. If I could afford to burn it and the dealership I would do it tonight. GM lead me on for weeks and made a decision to not fix the truck. What a group of liers and thieves. Payback will come their way.

I bought a HD 2500 Duramax w/ the Allison transmission (2004) with 3 miles on in 2005.

I pull a John Deer Backhoe Loader with it and a heavy duty trailer. It pulls like an arrow at speeds well above what you can stop it at safely.

When starting from a total stop going up a steep grade I love it when I hear that Allison and Duramax start doing their magic! I swear it would pull it straight up if not for gravity!

I'm near 180,000 miles now. I have put one water pump ($2700 YIKES) and just had the front end replaced ( a decent $900+).

I'm a poor boy and like to never got it paid off but it is paying me now!

I'll NEVER have anything else.

I worked in the oilfield in W TX for two years. They ran all Ford Pickups, while larger in body size they could not compete anywhere in power or holding up to wear and tear. WE had them in the shop all the time! Im still driving mine and they have replaced all their Fords.

I change the oil according to the computer and that scared me at first but they swore I could trust it. It does not use any oil.

If everything I bought in life was like this, I would have more money.

Go Duramax/Allison Trans.

I have a 2001 Chevy Duramax Diesel with only 79,000 miles.
I have been told the fuel injectors are bad. I have been having
problems with stalling out when driving down the road. If I
pull over and turn it off, it will be Ok for awhile but will soon
be do it again. Of course the warranty is gone so I would have
to pay for the costs. It is a shame that when I purchased this
truck, I paid a lot of money expecting it to last a long time
and now I am stuck with a lemon. GM needs to cover these
problems as a lot of people that I have talked to are getting
away from GMproducts due to problems not covered. I am
considering changing myself.

To everybody who has issues paying to replace your fuel injectors on chevy diesels!!!
It takes me about 4 hours to change a set of injectors in newer models! Learn how to do it yourself and avoid the labor rates! I drive a 1985 Chevy G20 Sportvan; with a 6.2 in it! Those only take about half hour, but haven't had to replace any yet! Currently; I have 270,000miles on it and couldn't be happier with early Chevy! The problem is not Chevy; they are under government guidelines now and have to make everything computerized/monitored! The monitors cause more issues than they could ever be worth!

I have a fresh off the line 2004,2500 LTE, Chevrolet Duramax. I treat her as I expect back and to this day, after 12 years, she still makes me look good. I chipped her; my milage is awesome and power outstanding. I've never owned a better, more powerful, and strikingly hot truck

GM is horrible. When they discover they've sold something defective they issue a "we've discovered an improved fuel filter will solve the problem" bulletin. The Duramax is pure junk. I have ran the 2 micron filters and changed as recommended. Injector failure at 77,000 miles. Ask GM and my dealer for a break on parts costs due to the fact it's a known issue these engines are defective. Nope. Full retail! Do not buy GM as they do not value loyal customers. Ford on the other hand sends me a check for $750 because "we overstated the fuel mileage" on a Fusion Hybrid I bought for extensive work travel. I'm getting 44 MPG and was extremely happy, but Ford said they want complete trust from their customers! I have bought GM only for 30 years(except for the one hybrid). I am now a Ford man! GM has lost its way and is now a very bad company!

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