What's the Heaviest Trailer You've Ever Towed?

What's the Heaviest Trailer You've Ever Towed?

Now that Toyota has decided to rate its trucks' maximum towing capacity according to new industry guidelines, we started wondering: What's the heaviest trailer that you've ever towed with your pickup? Do you regularly pull massive loads? Let us know how big and what kind of truck you're using. Let's see who can say they tow the most.


I heard through the grapevine Lou was buying a Silverado half ton or a 2011 Tundra quad cab.

You guys are funny.

I used to rate my truck choices as:
compact/mid-size - Toyota Tacoma
1/2 ton - F150 supercrew 6.5 box
HD diesel- Ram/Cummins
HD gas - Ram

Post HD shootout:
compact - no change
1/2 ton - no change
HD diesel - GMC Denali
HD Gas - Ford

Unlike the Bobsie boys - I am capable of seeing facts.

I regularly tow a 23' custom gooseneck race trailer, about 6,500 lbs loaded with a 2002 GMC Sierra 1/2 ton, regular cab, regular box, 4.8L V8, Manual tranny and a 3.73 posi rear. Only suspension upgrade is coil-over rear shocks.

You don't even know it's back there at 90mph on the straight down I89 in NH on the way to Loudon. But yeah I'm in 3thrd gear a couple of times climbing the mountains in Vt. east of Rutland. Probably have about 7,000 towing miles on it.

Course I have to keep those crappy GMC brakes in top condition if I want to stop. Which means new rotors and calipers every freakin two years.... sorry....that should be a different thread :)

I pulled 35 inch tires on my old 86 Toyota 4wd pickup as a daily driver let alone competing in 7 desert races with it.

Pulling trailers are for semi's, try oversize tires as a daily driver and then you can talk!!!

Last I heard was Lou looking at 2000-2003 Tacomas in New Hampshire. There are some great deals in the North East on the early 2000 models. Hat tip to oxi for the tip.

Number one Half Ton for Towing = Tundra
3/4 Ton = F-250/350 (gas or diesel)

I have taken the Tundra to its max tow rating, (10,300, '10 Double cab TRD 5.7) specifically just to see if it could do it. Boy what a waste of gas that was! But the truck had no idea anything was behind it. Towed it through the hill towns / Berkshires in western Ma no problem. 2500lb ext. length car trailer, 1986 ford bronco 351w (4500 lbs), old motor block (300 lbs est) and John Deere front loader (small residential one, 3014 lbs) and a few parts and tools for the bronco in the bed of the truck, but I didn't count that when I was loading the trailer.

Never owned an F-series SuperDuty, but I have driven my cousins 11 PSD crew cab. Man that thing hauls anything, including hauling a$$.

Pretty sure the worst truck to tow with is the Bronco, most unstable vehicle with a trailer on it. only about 1500lbs total weight behind it and I felt like the trailer was driving the truck! Just shows what a longer wheelbase and newer tech will do for you when hitched up!

I've towed my share of heavy loads, I've owned a landscaping business for 15 years. probably the heaviest load I have ever pulled would have been a trip from the local landscape supply yard.

My truck is a 2005 dodge ram 3500 Cummins, 4.10 gears. I have the kelderman full air ride front and rear suspension. 5" dual exhaust, Edge Juice attitude, and all the guages. I also have the truck combo rated at 33,000 which is a class 9 in my state. I have a 22' goosneck flatbed trailer. I have had a total of 8 pallets of versa lok standard retaining wall blocks weighing 2400# per pallet on my trailer and truck.
the total weight of the truck trailer and material when I pulled onto the scale was 32900# I was a lot of weight!!!!!
but the cummins pulled it awesome!!!!!

I tow alot 5er with the 08 F25 6.4. I gross over 23K all the time.

When I was in the Army I towed some track vehicles, well over 50K. Towed that with HEMETTS

I towed a 22,500lb 2006 Teton Scottsdale fifth wheel with my 2008 F-450 pickup on a 4,000 mile trip back in 2007. From Maryland to Casper, Wy(where the trailer was built) for some warranty work and returned through Kansas. Gross combined weight of the truck and trailer was 32,400lbs, with a pin weight a hair over 5,000lbs. Truck did very well, easily maintained road speed in the hills and bucking heavy headwinds. Returned 8-9mpg for the trip. The 2008-10 F-450 pickup is a great tow vehicle, comfortable, capable and reliable.

This story definately isn't for the heaviest load, but too heavy for the truck. I started towing a Nissan Hardbody on a 2-wheeled dolly for 40 or more miles for a friend of a friend. When we arrived, we added a love seat to my truck & a couch to the Hardbody. Then we drove over 70 miles to another place to drop off the furniture & the Hardbody. You could definately feel the weight behind us. We even misjudged the weight after adding the furniture & ran a stop sign. Fortunately, by that time it was late & traffic was light. The tow vehicle? A 1995 S10 with a 2.2 liter 4-cylinder & a 5-speed manual.

The heaviest I've towed was 18 rolls of 4x4 hay out of the mountains West Virginia to central KY, about 330 miles one way. Made 2 trips like this. The truck was an '02 Chevy K2500HD, ext. cab short bed, 6.0 gas, 4 spd auto, 4:10 gears. The hay weighed conservatively 750 lbs per roll= 13,500 lbs. The trailer, 28 ft gooseneck with two 7,000lb axles, approximately 6,000 lbs. The truck, driver, & passenger 6,500 lbs. Total= 26,ooo lbs. Gas mileage really sucked. But with careful driving, made it without any trouble. The truck is still going strong with 100K miles. Sold it to my son & bought me a new '10 K2500 crew cab short bed 6.0L 6pd auto 4:10 gears LTZ. Haven't towed anything near that heavy yet, but I fully expect it could do it. Has way more power than the '02. I think all 3 brands of HD trucks are very good, but I put my money down on a Chevy. Don't give a damn about folks calling GM government motors or not. It's just a bunch of politics anyway.

PS: If Chevy offered a man-step, I would have ordered mine with one.

I have no idea what the weight was, but I worked for a private company who had me use an F-350 DRW 6.0L to pull a full-size John Deere backhoe on a 30ft double-axle, 8-tire gooseneck trailer. I grew up in South Texas farm and ranch country and puttered around in my Dad's '76 GMC 1-Ton regular cab (there was no other style back then, was there..) on lots of properties while he moved dozers, worked cattle, or whatever as early as age 12. No load I've ever hauled gave me the heebie-jeebies as much as that backhoe behind that (obviously) overwhelmed F-350. I told the boss he needed a bigger truck for that job and he just shrugged. Never again.

We haul storage buildings from Statesville NC to VA every day.
GCWR is usually right around 26,000 with a 25ft Mini barn trailer (that stretches out to 38ft) and a 2006 GMC 3500. The truck is on the second rear axle and the second engine.

So when we hear of HP increases we say BRING IT ON!

oh and by the way truck has 164000 miles

I had my 300lb sister inlaw....
My brother 300ish lbs...
My 105 lb wife..
Myself 225 lbs.
Busted 04 Ford F-250 4 door with loaded Camper & 1000lbs of ding dongs.

I had to tow their brocken 2004 50,000 mile Ford F-250,with a camper,full of camping stuff..probably 1000lbs of ding dongs ....in my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon HEMI with a canopy and 2000 lbs of gear...through 12 miles of uphill and down hill mountain trails to the highway last summer !! My Dodge did it with class,power and sure foot Moparness !!! His transmission couldnt handle the weight of his wife !!! He now owns a Dodge Ram..

the dumbest load i have ever pulled was my vw sand rail, honda trx250r, and cr450 on a custom trailer i used to have (rail on front for bike, pockets for the quad to ride low, and rails for the front of the buggy to go over the quad) with a 650 yamaha super-jet and camping gear/wood/ supplies in the back of the truck. truck was also a 95 s-10 extended cab 2wd with 2.2l and 5speed. It was 55mph in 3rd or 4th gear the whole trip.

biggest was probably my buddies old case 450 dozer on a 2500# low deck pintle hitch equipment trailer. I think it would have been just over 12k which is about the max for my 2500 v-10 dodge. pulled awesome.

Regular tow 13,000 with my '01 F350 PSD. May only be doing 45mph at the summit of the Rockies, but does the job.

I had a 05 f250 fx4 with the 6.0 and a 50ft 3 car kaufman car trailer. The trailer weighed 5700lbs and the average car is 4500 or 5k X3 around 21k with the help of some super springs on the rear and used the bfg rugged trail tires 10pl and had no trouble. The truck had 92k when i went out of business and traded it on a f150 reg cab long bed 4x4 with the heavy half rear end and extra leaf spring and i tow 14000lbs of hay with it on a 24ft gooseneck. The reason I went with the 150 is I could get the heavy half option which none of the others offered.

2002 F350 XLT CC DRW 7.3L

Truck weighed about 9000#, had trailer + my load and tipped the scale at 42,000+- lbs. You do the math.

I beefed up my suspension, but that was my max. Normally I tip the scale at 35,xxx lbs. I don't do this everyday, but maybe 2-3 months out of the year.

i can tow 3000 lbs with my bare hands and a good pair of sneakers.

22,000 lb loaded 58' wedge trailer with three bass boats on it
08 f250 crewcab spartan tuned 6.4

The only one who beats Eddie is the VW Touareg pulling the 747 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOG90IQEbhI

Seriously though, 42,000 lbs is a really good effort. I'm sure you went much faster than this Touareg did.

I tow 2 or 3 time a week around 15000ibs load with my 2006 chevy silverado 1500 z71. she is right at 226k miles and shes still kicking.:)

I just recentely towed a 2007 GT 500 and open trailer with my F-150 SVT lightning. I know it's nothing impressive as of the people how are towing 10,000 + lbs. It's Only about 6000 lb's but, it's not bad for a truck that was made to be sporty. The only thing I did was put a set of Air bags in the back to help level it off.

Did own '08 F-350 (8,000 lbs) + 5th wheel Trailer (12,000 lbs) Total combined around 20,000. Pulled the mountain passes in southern Oregon at about 58 to 60 mph. Averaged around 8 mpg.

Sold combo, now own Diesel pusher motorhome (32,000 lbs) + Jeep wrangler (4,300 lbs). Total combined 36,300 lbs. Pull same passes at about 52 mph. Average 7 to 7.5 mpg

What's a matter ford fans??? Can't stand losing the pickuptrucks.com to GM??? I told you that the duramax would win and I was of course correct. I love it!!!!

Mike, any way we can have this troll permanently banned?

Alex, Stop whining. GM won the diesel shootout and GM fans have bragging rights.

Make sure your posts stay on topic. For instance here you would talk about the heaviest trailer you have ever hauled and if you want to mention the shootout you have to tie it in to the original topic. This way you will have less problems.

I pulled a 30 ft gooseneck with my 2005 2500HD 6.0. truck and tailer weigh 14,000 empty and the load was 10,000. grand total 24,000. had no problems with the load.

@Bob - the Duramax didn't win the shootout - the chassis won.
Combine that with Ford's crappy traction control and you have a win for GM in the diesel ranks.
More proof of what I am saying is that the Ford diesels outpulled the GM/Chevy diesels in 4 wheel drive when traction was not an issue.

Back on topic - I had a 14 foot enclosed utility trailer. It packed my dirt bikes, quads, 12ft' cartopper boat, the occasional load of firewood, and pumps, firehose and other assorted equipment. Probably nothing more that 5-6,000 lb.
I had an F250 regular cab long box and a small camper.

@Tundra, there is a difference between asking a simple question and whining. Good on GM for winning the shootout. That has nothing to do with Bob being a troll.

I own a 2009 F-250 LARIAT 4x4 CREW SHORT BED. 6.4L Power Stroke diesel with 9,000 miles on it. I have pull my 37' Fifth Wheel Trailer and it weighs 13,500 lbs.

Back on topic, most I've pulled w/ my old Ramcharger is about 6k. Any more than that I just hook to my old Massey tractor or make 2 trips. I'd probably push it more if I had a brake controller.

I pulled 10500 lbs with my 2003 toyota tundra according to the scale. I had a 20 foot flat deck with stone and 30 cement bags for my house, I had enough power to pull but I had to be carful while braking.

When my father in law and I were hauling cars we had a 54 ft long car hauler that we pulled with a 2001 Dodge 1ton with the cummins HO and 6 speed. Truck was registered with a 35K weight. We were pulled over once and forced to the nearest scale and weighed in at only 48901. We were hauling a Suburban, an EXPEDITION, MERCEDES S class, and a 1968 Plymouth Belvadear full of extra parts and 2 other engines. We had just gotten fuel 106 gallons. We were pulled over for doing 83 in a 65.

When my father in law and I were hauling cars we had a 54 ft long car hauler that we pulled with a 2001 Dodge 1ton with the cummins HO and 6 speed. Truck was registered with a 35K weight. We were pulled over once and forced to the nearest scale and weighed in at only 48901. We were hauling a Suburban, an EXPEDITION, MERCEDES S class, and a 1968 Plymouth Belvadear full of extra parts and 2 other engines. We had just gotten fuel 106 gallons. We were pulled over for doing 83 in a 65.

With a '97 Ranger (2.3L, 3.73 gears, 5-speed manual - the lowliest Ranger) I pulled a flatbed trailer with about 1500 lbs of flagstone with another 1000 lbs of flagstone in the bed. The rear springs were pretty compressed, but it did it for 20 miles.

With my Dodge 5500 work truck and a 30 foot goose neck trailer, Ive been up to 41,000 lbs legally, with plenty of power from the 6.7 Cummins

I have passed over the DOT scales at 34700 GCW on MANY occasions. Since my 2006 Ford F350 weighs in at 7200 lbs. without the trailer, I am pulling 27,500. I now have 193,000 miles on this truck, with more than 120,000 of those miles passing by with a BIG load on the gooseneck. I do wish I had more brakes, so I was hoping to move up to an F550, but now Ford will not give me the hot new 400hp/800lb/ft. engine in that truck. So I guess I will drive the '06 until it dies.

I towed a 5000 pound boat with a 1996 Dodge Dakota 4cylinder and a 5speed. Handling sucked. Truck was bottomed out, and the mileage was about 1/2 gallon per mile. Luckily I only had to go about 10 miles, but I burned a 1/2 tank of gas.

18 foot 1976 Shasta camper weighing 5,000 pounds, not much but it was pulled by a 1998 Chevy S-10 4.3l 4x4 extended cab shortbed. It wasn't bad but made me feel like I was driving a toy though.

Back when I worked at the Marina we had a 86 f-250 460 c6 I picked up a 36' houseboat with it one day figured the houseboat at 13-15,000 lbs plus the trailer empty probably ran another 5-6k. With my own truck I pulled a 8,000lbs TT with my 318 ramcharger and 3,800lbs center console with my 4 banger toyota 4wd on 33" tires.

My grandpa has a 2000 3/4 ton chevy. It has the 350 vortec. We hauled 12 2,000 lb bales on a flat gooseneck trailer 60 miles one way no problem. Just kept er out of overdrive.

I pull trailers for a living. I once pulled a 22,000 pound trailer owned by Newmar RV Corp. from Burlington VT to Wakarusa IN with my 05 GMC 2500 HD with the 8.1 and 4.10 gears. When I arrived in Wakarusa to have the trailer checked over for any damages by Newmar personel, they could not believe what I towed their trailer with. They use a medium duty Freightliner to tow the trailer to RV shows. That same GMC gave me 587,000 trouble free miles before I sold it.

Pulled over 20k of hay with my tuned up 93 dodge diesel. No trailer brakes.

Just towed 25,400lbs. (trailer-5700, load 19700). Trailer was a tandem axle 40ft gooseneck. Pulled it with a dodge 3500 (2008) Cummins (12200lbs.) for 300 miles averaging 55mph. Engine as been modified (no dpf & 2 programers). Averaged 10.5 mpg. Took pictures and have weight tag. Truck and load total 37,600lbs. Truck reached 900 degrees for exaust gas temps. on inclines. Hottest coolant temp. got was 215. I will never buy anything but a Dodge!

when I had to move from FT Sillok to FT Hood TX we did DITY. we had one trailer that was weighed in Temple TX hitting 26,720LBS and was pulled with a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder. I still have the weigh tag and the ticket (for overweight). We had never thought about the weight, load was a 49 m5 in parts, my tools (compleat shop) to include lathe and mill, 2 440 Big blocks 4 727's 3 rock crushers one MG midget, and spare parts (fenders front suspension, rear axel. 2 ford 9" rearends as well as weldiers and plasma torch. getting going was easy stopping took a bit. If you watch out and think about what you are doing you could move anything.

Ive towed a 26,000 pound lull on a 40 foot flat bed i have no idea how much the trailer weighed. i did this with a 01 dodge ram 3500 cummins, chipped and customed. it was in good shape i keep all my stuff in good shape. the hardest part about towing it was keeping from driving on concrete that isnt meant for that much weight, i towed it for 100 miles from kentucky to ohio i got about 15mpg all the way theres . i was smoken and i dont think many people liked it

I tow a lot, but don't weigh very often. I haul a lot of "light" equipment such as skid-steers. I have several different trailers but am normally pulling a flat bed goose neck.
I had a guy want me to haul some wood from SC to Long Island, NY. I took my flat bed trailer (which was an older one than the one I have now) it weighed right at 4,500lbs with 8 tires and loaded up. I tow with a 2008 Ford F-250 diesel. After he loaded I hit the road, after some steep hills I got to thinking about how heavy the load felt so I decided to weigh it. The total weight for the truck and all trailer was 27,000lbs. I drove a little slower after that and made sure I had time to make my stops. Even with the electric breaks stopping was a bit slow. I don't want to tow that heavy again, but i will say I had pleanty of power and the truck handled the load with no problems.

39,280 pound gross combined weight. With a 06 Powerstorke.Truck,28 foot delta custom gooseneck, and a gehl 8000 pound forklift that weighrd 23,000 pounds.

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