2011 Ford F-150 Engine Pricing Announced


The 6.2-liter V-8 will carry the highest price tag in Ford's revamped F-150 engine lineup for 2011.

According to Ford F-150 marketing manager Mark Grueber, relative to the all-new 3.7-liter V-6 entry level engine, the 5.0-liter V-8 will carry a $1,000 premium over the 3.7. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 will carry a $750 premium over the 5.0 and the 6.2-liter V-8 will carry a $1,995 premium over the 5.0.


ok. So now what about mpg's. Will we have to wait till the texas state fair on the 24th to find out?

On Blue Oval people have already placed their orders. The 5.0 cost the guy $830.

Another guy just placed his order and paid $1995 for the 6.2 so this price is over the base engine not over the 5.0. Both guys showed their invoices on the thread

@carl & Mike:

Does that mean that the EB is only $750 over the base 3.7L?

I am not sure, but I think there are some trims/packages that a person would not be able to get the base 3.7 V6. In this case that would be why the 6.2 only shows $1995 over the base because the standard engine may be the 5.0. I am not an expert, but that would be my opinion as to why it does now show basically $2995 adder.


where can i see these 2011 f150 and when can iget one?

from the order on blue oval

Here is the prices from the order sheet.

Option Retail DLR INV
F150 4x4 SS Crew 39615 35858
6.2 EFI 2V V8 1995 1656
CHROME PK 1495 1241
MAX TRL PKG 565 469
20" CHROME WHL 995 826
TOTAL 50055 45297.76

$3000 premium for the 6.2 over the base level V6? For that premium you'd think that it was a diesel.

Carl, crew cabs can't have the v-6, so the 1995 is over the 5.0.

Wow got to say I'm shocked that EB motor is cheaper than the 6.2V8 option. Nice Job Ford! Now its a wait and see game as far reliability goes. For me I'm not holding my breath on this one!!!!

I lied, there is 1 scenario where a crew cab can have a v-6 (4 x 2).

See this link:


But the example you show above cannot have a v-6 (4 x 4), so it would be true that the 1995 is over the 5.0.

P.S. Mike

We want areal word test scenario with all four engines from Ford, just like you did with you diesel shootout!

DM, since when was the premium for a diesel engine over the base gasser $3k? Today's premium for new diesels are well over $8k now. What decade are you living in?

Does anyone see what Ford is doing? They are trying to persuade everyone to get into this "engine shrink" process by coming out with a V6 that has more power than a V8, supposedly better gas mileage, supposedly better quality, and delibrately making a V8 that costs less cost a higher premium. You know, I think they have something going on with the government because the government just wants us to become more like Europe by shrinking cars and motors and getting rid of big vehicles like SUVs. No wonder Barak Obama drove a Ford Escape hybrid during his campeign. If this trend becomes popular and V8s disappear by 2020, driving will be no fun and we might as well go to flying cars like the Jetsons. Possibly by 2020 the Ford F-150 and the "global" Ford Ranger will become one unibody independent rear suspenson "light global truck platform" because in a recent article it stated that the global ranger is about 90% the size of the current F-150 and at the same time Ford is going to global platforms for all its cars as well. GM will just follow suit with the current trends as will Toyota and Nissan, and Chrysler will probably get peer pressure to quit the 300C rear drive chasis to go to front drive. The Dodge Ram all ready has coil spring rear suspensen, heck all they got to do now is get the independent control arms and a unibody chasis based off the new Durango. I wish they would put all this new technology that increases performance and mileage into real body on frame, solid rear axle truck that doesn't have all the extra interior and stupid crew cab setups like the original full size pickups were. V8s are not really that bad on gas. The key factors to fuel mileage is weight, aerodynamics, gearing, and technologies such as direct injection, vvt, cylinder deactivation, etc. You know the real reason for replacement for displacement? They want to shrink power as well as engine cylinders and size because they (the government) want vehicles to become boring so it will be an easier economy to handle.

yes, the EcoBoost is a government controlled conspiracy. Clearly the GM 5.3 uses less fuel, has more power and torque. Why would anyone want this EcoBoost? Like it could benefit the owner.
It's funny, not long ago there was outrage that the electric car was killed by a government conspiracy. Which way is it? I can't keep up anymore.


Maybe you like taking it from the big man. But $3k over and above the cost for a gas engine in a light duty vehicle is a significant premium.

I drive a turbo diesel in a heavy duty pickup that MSRP'd at $4810.

VW seems to have the magic worked out as their diesels on average demand a $2k or so premium.

So no it's not far fetched that a $3k cost premium for a gasoline engine is extremely high. As for a turbo diesel in an HD pickup costing $8k. We're dealing with light duty vehicles here, not heavy duty diesels crunching out 800 ft lbs.

Maybe it sits good with you tossing out thousands of dollars in cash for a V8 gasoline engine. Maybe you don't mind paying too much for something where there's little value added, since you like taking it from the big man and all. Not all of us part with our green backs as easily as some.

GoneT, According to my calculations he would be living in about 1980 with that price.

It's not a $3000 premium since 90% of the people do not buy the base model engine, and they usually give some kind of a discount.

So in actuality it is only a $1995 premium and minus any discount they give it would be even less.


Thanks for laugh! It's called CAFE regulations.


The EcoBoost is $1750 more than the base 3.7 !

The 5.0 is $1000 more than the 3.7 and the ecoboost is $750 more than the 5.0..so total it up and the eco boost is $1750 more than the 3.7 !!!

DM, the reason why the 6.2L costs so much doesn't have much to do with it being the premium engine as it does with CAFE standards. Ford sells less of the 6.2L and more of the 3.5L, they'll easily meet what is required. This is why the 6.2L is only available in the most expensive trims, why premium fuel will only be recommended (for the 411HP rating), and why it costs $3k over the base V6. Yes, people who are buying the 6.2L are definitely getting raped when you consider the actual cost should probably be half that. But Ford wants to make the 3.5L Ecoboost more attractive to the customer. People who pay the $3k premium for the 6.2L really want it and they will go to such lengths to purchase a trim level that has the 6.2L as an option, easily selling a $50k truck. Basic supply and demand theory at work here.

Considering what you paid for your turbo diesel, I would say you bought it about eight or ten years ago. Diesels today are expensive.

And no, I don't want the 6.2L in my next truck.

The ecoboost is $1750 more than the base 3.7..The ecoboost costs $1000 more than the 5.0 !


Recheck your calculations again. Not 1980 but 2002MY diesel MSRP $4180. A near 100% increase in price in less than 10 years is ridiculous for diesels. Thank the government and all the over regulation.

Anyway were talking about gasoline motors for light duty trucks, specifically 1/2 tons with extremely high premiums.

So your friend buys a Ford truck, base model, his cost is $X.

Your friends brother buys a Ford truck with the 5.0, his cost is $X +$1000.

Your friends sister buys a Ford truck with 6.2, her cost is $X +$2995.

Your still paying for it over and above the cost of the base 3.7 V6. Just because a package or trim includes the cost of some option, doesn't mean your not paying for it. They're not giving you anything for free.

The ecoboost F-150 will get around 14-16 average mpg.Look at the Ford Flex,lighter and averages 15-18 average mpg..

The 5.0 looks to be the best bet,probably same mpg as the eco..the eco is probably for greens who want or need a truck but are brainwashed v-8's take more gas,in real world driving the V-8's are usually better mpg than a 6 cyl truck !

I had a 150 with a 6 cyl,and an 8 cyl the 8 was better on fuel.Though my Dodge Hemi is better than my Ford 5.4 and those both are better than my old 2004 4.2 F-150 !!

1) The base model engine is not available in the Lariat and Platinum. 2) The 6.2 is only available in the Lariat and Platinum (except for Raptor and Harley).

Therefore it doesn't matter what is going on with the base model, v6 it won't be the base model for the Lariat. Base model engine for the Lariat is the 5.0 According to the numbers posted in the article, the guy who goes for the Lariat/Platinum will pay $1995 over the standard 5.0 engine if he wants the 6.2

That is a fair price AND he has has other options.

As for diesel prices in 2002 vs today, you have to adjust for inflation.

What cost $7835 today would cost $6608.00 in 2002.

$6608 - $4180 = $2428. or about a 50% increase. Not 100%

Gooey, why does somebody have to be brainwashed to want the EcoBoost? Brainwashed tree huggers don't drive pickup trucks! They drive a Toyota Prius! It's clear the EB has its advantages.

I can't believe how many people are concerned about the fuel economy of the 6.2L. I'll tell you right now, it will not be good! If you are concerned about mileage, you should not even be considering a full size truck with a large V-8 engine. I think Ford is full of it with regards to pricing. No way is a cheap to produce simple 2 valve 6.2L V-8 more expensive to manufacture than the V-6 Ecoboost.

I predict the V6 Ecoboost will have a short market life,and as such Ford will tell the government that Americans dont want a smaller,more economical yet powerful engine.This will allow more 5.0,6.2 and larger engine production and a delay in CAFE standards.I can just imagine a new "460" from Ford in a couple years.

Look at the lowly Ridgeline, it has a 3.5 W/O Turbo chargers and wieghs about 1K less then an F-150 and it averages 15 MPG. I don't think you will buy the EB for the mileage, altough ford promoted it in the SHO, most owners average 17 or about what other V8's get in a car.

The ECOBOOST Motors will do just fine. All the naysayer will eat their words later.

The SHO owners are getting over 30mpg on the highway, if they drive sanely. They are getting over 20mpg in the city, when driving frugally.

Do not use the combined mileage of someone who is hotrodding all around, as proof that a vehicle is unable to achieve good mileage. Hotrod anything around, and you will not get good mileage.

The Ecoboost F150 WILL have an EPA rating that is 5-6mpg better than the 6.2L. If you think that is insignificant, then I have some oceanside property to sell you, in Yuma.

I want to see the ratings on premium, for the Ecoboost. It is one impressive engine.

I am really impressed with the 3.5L Ecoboost. I bet this motor achieves 20mpg or better on the highway in the crew cab. If so, it would be simply amazing for a truck that makes 420 lb ft of torque. Not to mention the fact that the 3.5L Ecoboost will have a broader torque curve that the 6.2L. It will be interesting to see which motor is the all-around best for towing. I know the 6.2L has the better peak power numbers, but that only tells half the story.

None of this is to say that the 6.2L does not have its place, because the truth is that there is a ton of performance and even a little improved gas mileage to get out of the 6.2L with 4 valve Ti-VCT and electric power steering.

I agree with Gloria.

I have little doubt that the 6.2 is less expensive to manufacture than the 3.5, but who said Ford must charge proportional to cost? Their pricing structure makes perfect sense to me, considering they want to promote the Ecoboost. I consider the higher cost of the less expensive 6.2 to be a "tax" on those who are too stubborn to adpot new technologies.

If the 6.2 and the 3.5 were priced the same, I would have leaned slightly to the Ecoboost because of the elevation I live at (5000+ ft.). Throw in the $1250 you save over the 6.2 and it's a no brainer.

I don't know why people are comparing the Ecoboost to the 6.2. The Ecoboost won't keep up with that engine. The 5.0 has 360 h.p. and the Ecoboost 365 h.p., so that is the engine to compare it to. Will the Ecoboost get better real world economy than the 5.0, or a 5L V8 from the competition? I'm not so sure. There are still a lot of things that can be done to the V8's. The manufacturers can always add Direct Injection. They can work with Variable Valve Timing, Variable Intake Tracks (Dodge does this), and just run them slower under light load. They could also add Start/Stop systems, and light hybrid systems. It will be interesting to see how the industry counters the Ecoboost.

I will say I am impressed that Ford did not wimp out on the payload and tow ratings with the Ecoboost. 11,300 pounds is very impressive for a turbo engine. That makes the Ecoboost a real contender, rather than just a novelty engine.

@ Michael

The EB is compared to the 6.2L as they are the two top premium engines. Never mind HP, look at tq and the tq curve. 420 in the EB on reg is probaably more than the peak tq of the 6.2L on reg.

I'm sure that just like in the Taurus SHOW and it's Lincoln rebadge...and the Flex and it's Lincoln rebadge...the (non) EcoBoost boat anchor will provide V8 power with V8 fuel mileage figures...all from a high-strung V6 that will be a maintenance and reliability nightmare.

It's funny that a FAR more capable SUBURBAN 4X4 gets virtually the same mileage as a TwinForce Flex......and not near the 25% improvement that Ford lies about in their (faux) press releases.

And wasn't Ford crowing and patting themselves on the back about not offering a V6 in 2009? Now they are crowing and patting themselves on the back about offering a V6? Make up your minds.

Bah...it doesn't matter how good or bad their boat anchor engines are.....the truck is still mediocre and full of compromises...suitable for only shuttling the kids to soccer practice and McDonalds after the game. It's best to leave the real work to a real truck.

What's also interesting that with the utterly terrible 5.4...ford claims a 11,300 (pipe dream) tow rating...yet with much more power (well...on paper), the tow ratings stay the same.

PROOF POSITIVE that Ford pencil whips their capability ratings. It's no wonder in the REAL world......their so-called "trucks" NEVER live up to the hype.

@ P U

I'm color blind. Is that the 5.3l Gm engine way down below the rest of the others? You know on the tq chart.

I assumed it was given its alwyas been a tq less wonder !

"P" what does that stand for? "P"inhead.
Why don't you go find some interesting news about what GM or Dodge is doing and post it here.

I've had a 5.3, and even had some time with a 2010 crew cab 5.3 with the 6 speed auto, and that thing just doesn't feel like it has the balls to tow. Nice and smooth, and quiet.. but I wouldn't buy another one. My 2005 5.4 feels like a big diesel in comparison. Much better for towing. The EcoBoost is supposed to be much better again on torque than the 5.4. "P," don't even try to compare it to the 5.3 Vortec.

Chevy is workin on new engine replacement, 5.3 will be gone and remors about a 7.0L comin too... Dodge is workin on the 6.4L.. Its be around 2012 or 2013. Also rumors of the 8 speed Automatic comin too.. I sure wish they would of put the 6 speed behind that Hemi!!!Maybe it will be the 8 speed instead..


First of all let me say I'm a die hard Ford fan. Secondly let me say that I'm not crazy about thea Ecoboost. My new truck will be powerd by the 5.0L V8 seeing as I can't get the 6.2L in the FX4 configuration. But do you seriosuly want to come here and bash Ford's engines? The GM 5.3L is about the most gutless modern V8 I've ever driven, and yes that includes the Ford 5.4L. And here's a fun fact for you. The 5.4L can and will tow 11,300lbs, Happily? No. But the same can be said for GM's pig of a 5.3L V8. The reason the tow numbers didn't go up any with the relese of the new engines is quite simple. You see the 5.4L could tow 11K pounds. But is was pretty unrealistc to expect it to tow that much weight comfortably. And thats were the new 5.0L 6.2L and EB motor come in. All three of the engines are designed with more power/torque and a flatter torque curve than the 5.4L, I don't think Ford ever had any intent on raising the bar any higher. Hell they are already the 1/2 3/4 and 1-ton tow champions. These new engines will simply make towing that 11,500lbs more feisable and comfortable than it ever was with the old 5.4L

GM hasn't had a good gas engine since the 350. And that thing was more overated that The Jones Brothers.

A $1750 upcharge for a smaller motor that costs less to build?
Wow... Ford, that's ballsy.

So the 5.0L costs roughly the same as the GM 4.8L, Chrysler 4.7L, and Toyota 4.6L. That's an easy win for the Ford.

Wow, the Chevy apologists are really bent out of shape. Maybe you guys should grow up and realize competition is good for the customer. And folks, please don't feed the trolls. "P", or "P71" or "SilvyZ71" is a well known rabid anti Ford troll who has been banned from many auto sites like Autoblog, BON, and GMI (!). Don't feed the trolls.

As for the prices, this is fantastic! I just checked out www.chevy.com (lol) and found these prices for their engines (above the base 4.3L v6):
4.8L v8 = $945
5.3L v8 = $1,745

5.0L > 4.8L but same price.
5.0L > 5.3L but $700 CHEAPER.
3.5L > 5.3L but SAME PRICE.

This is nothing but a win for the customer!

I believe that Ford is not the only car company that "pencil whips" there specs on their products. I’m not saying that Ford has even done that but all you people who keep brining that up need to open your eyes and look at your beloved Chevy and Ram brands. And as far as smaller engines replacing the larger displacement V8's...GET USED TO IT. Ford is not the first to do it, look at Chevy's next Corvette; It will have a smaller displacement V8 but make just as much power. I commend Ford for having the balls to make a V6 that can produce as much or even more power as the competitions V8's and get better mileage too and then ask people to come out and test drive it...Do you see Chevy or Ram doing that?


Please define a "real" truck for all of us? I mean since you know everything about everybodies perception of what a real truck should be.

With all the new motor options from ford you could almost do a shootout with just the ford trucks. People will bash the hell out of the ecoboost but really its there to give people a choice. Those that want a V8 still have 2 choices so they should have everyone covered.

How about a quad cab with high mpg? ...I bet the quad cab will not be available with the higher mpg engine, yet they killed the ranger and won't bring the global ranger here. The Tacoma isn't a good option either, w/17-22 mpg.

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