2011 Ford F-150 Engine Pricing Announced


The 6.2-liter V-8 will carry the highest price tag in Ford's revamped F-150 engine lineup for 2011.

According to Ford F-150 marketing manager Mark Grueber, relative to the all-new 3.7-liter V-6 entry level engine, the 5.0-liter V-8 will carry a $1,000 premium over the 3.7. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 will carry a $750 premium over the 5.0 and the 6.2-liter V-8 will carry a $1,995 premium over the 5.0.


-"Is that the 5.3l Gm engine"
-"But do you seriously want to come here and bash Ford's engines? The GM 5.3L is about the most gutless modern V8 I've ever driven, and yes that includes the Ford 5.4L."

Funny...I never ONCE brought up the 5.3........

And what ever happened to EcoBoost costing $700? In the mediocre Taurus SHOW it costs $3K, in the Lincoln rebadge of the Flex, it costs $4,000.

In the mediocre F-150...it costs almost $2,000.

Once again Ford lied.

I have a neighbor who just bought a Sierra extended cab with 5.3. He said it has decent power but when he was pulling his 24' camper trailer (4,500 lb) it was good up to 50 mph. Above 50 mph it felt like it was working hard and it turned into a huge pig on gas. He did the Alaska Highway trip and said it would of been cheeper to leave the trailer at home and stay in 5 star hotels and motels.

GM fanboi's bash the 5.4 but are never honest about their own rigs.

I have no problem posting any comments about my new F150 truck (good or bad).

Blind brand loyalty means you could be missing out on some awesome new vehicles.

I have another friend who is a Chev fanboi.
I helped him move a sofa and he was complaining about the size of the 5.5 box. I commented that Ford had an optional 6.5 box in their crewcab.
He would not consider a Ford or Dodge.
His plan - trade his crewcab Chevy on an extended cab Chevy with the 6.5 box. It didn't make sense since he has growing kids that will soon be too big for an extended cab.

I shouldn't be surprised. I have yet to encounter a rabid Chev fanboi that DOES make sense.


I know right!!!

Actually the 6.2L is probably cheaper to produce than both the 5.0l and Trubo 3.5L.

It is a simpler engine than the DOHC 4v 5.0L. Displacement doesn't really add much to cost but more cams and valves will.

Ok lets just say that if you are driving an American truck, at least you are putting you neighbors to work for it. Now that we have that out of the way, can anyone out there remeber two trucks called Typhoon, or Cyclone? that shows you what G.M. can do when it wants too.Its about time Ford gets some b____.:{" i mean H.P.. The 5.4 wasn't as bad as you may think when taken care of. And all the Hemi needs, is a good tranny!, beautiful american truck. The best times for new American trucks are right around the corner. There is nothing wrong with Imports, its just the $$$ spent on them goes overseas neven to be seen or heard fron again. Even when the Imports prob. pay less corp income taxes. Sure thay put some neighbors to work, but thay don't make what the home team gets. SUPPORT AMERICAN,we all have a stake in this, our trade def. is the worst for the home team.

@ 'P'

Ford didn't lie. They specifically said that an EcoBoost costs them about $700 more to build than a comparably powerful engine of a larger displacement. So far, the only two vehicles that have an EB and a comparably powerful engine of a larger displacement offered side by side are the F150 and the Explorer. In the F150, the EB is $750 more than the 5.0L. In the Explorer, the 2.0L EB is $995 more than the 3.5L.

Everyones first mistake, is actually trying to converse and reason with "P." The second mistake, is "assuming" he is an actual person.

"P" is the troll that lives in Moms basement. He sits, hunched over a keyboard, pecking out the diatribes that mirror his pathetic existance. He is wearing a dirty "wifebeater," and tattered boxers. The monitor is speckled with the spittle from his enraged outbursts, directed at the evil Ford. He smacks at the flies that constantly surround him...... and then eats their remains.

See, at one time, "P" was a real person. That is, until that fatefull day, when someone ran over his big toe, with an Explorer with Firestone tires on it. Since then, his hatred has grown, and his appearance has taken on a strange metamorphosis. His back has hunched, and hair has started to sprout from odd places. See, his hatred is literally oozing from his skin.

Thus, is the sad and storied tale of "P."

@Gloria - thanks for planting that creepy image in my head.

Your a great story teller.

Your description applies equally to the bobsie boy continuum, a nebulous group of GM/Chev fanbois who never seem to keep the same name and are as intellectually decrepit as "P".

I reply with reason, not to change their mind(s) but to shine a light into that dungeon of a basement to help expose the creature(s) lurking in the dark.

"And folks, please don't feed the trolls. "P", or "P71" or "SilvyZ71" is a well known rabid anti Ford troll who has been banned from many auto sites like Autoblog, BON, and GMI (!). Don't feed the trolls."

'Tis a shame that you can't prove any of that nonsense.

You seem a bit Extreme...is it the Glory of making things up that keeps you coming back here?

"Your a great story teller."

(S)He is a good story teller...because that's exactly what that was...a story...a fabrication from a person with a very small mind. Glory wouldn't know the truth (or an unbiased thought) if it hit her/him in the face.


"Ford didn't lie. They specifically said that an EcoBoost costs them about $700 more to build than a comparably powerful engine of a larger displacement."

No...that is not what they said. They said that it would cost the customer $700.00 over a non TwinForce appliance. And that premium would be paid off in 2.5 years.


@P-wee Only a troll would post an artcile about cars on a truck website!!! The topic is about trucks not cars and that artcile is over a year old and alot has changed since then! Another thing is, there is a big differance between a cars transmission and truck transmission, the transmission also plays huge part in mpgs!!!!!

@"P" rick - they've pulled several of your posts. Don't you just feel all the love?
You didn't comment on my post on the other thread or did they pull that too?
BS does not trump truth.

I'm curious at to all the hostility?

Not much love as a child?

How was your relationship with your mother?

Did you know your father?

Do you siblings?

Do they all have the same last name?

Therapy might help you !

"'Tis a shame that you can't prove any of that nonsense.

You seem a bit Extreme...is it the Glory of making things up that keeps you coming back here?"

Touched a nerve, eh?

No, I'm not Gloria (but I do enjoy her insight, opinions, and posts on the various forums I read, thanks Gloria!).

Let's see here. You posted under the name "Matt" on Autoblog for quite a while with an avatar of the blue oval with "Least they circled the problem" or some such lame quote underneath it. As I recall there was a lot of commenters complaining to Autoblog about not banning trolls. There was even another poster who went by "Not THAT Matt" who challenged your delusional diatribes.
Yep, banned from Autoblog.

Then there's Blue Oval News. Boy do you have a history there!!! "P71 Crown Vic" was your username. Some comedian even used a user name like "P71 Clown Vic" to mock you for a while. The people at BON put up with a LOT of your delusional posting (and you had MANY posts) before they finally banned you.

And then GM Inside News. When I saw you posting there as "SilvyZ71" I thought you may fit in. After all, you think your 2004 Silverado can out tow any F150, is a better off-roader than the "JC Whitney" Raptor, and is simply the best truck EVER. Plus, there are some other rabid anti-Ford members and moderators. Well, dang, you didn't last much more than a month on that pro-GM site. Even they thought your anti-Ford religious zeal was over the top!

So that leaves the other 3 places I've [unfortunately] come across your senseless drivel, PUTC (One of my favorite sites, btw), TTAC (a horrible site that I visit maybe once a year), and some Full Size Chevy Truck site I was visiting to research trucks before buying my current ride. Boy, were you welcome at that site! But then again, the maturity level there was rather lacking.

"You seem a bit Extreme...is it the Glory of making things up that keeps you coming back here?"

No, what keeps me coming back here is the wealth and in-depth information about pick up trucks. You see, unlike you, I don't have an irrational hatred of any company. I like virtually all pick up trucks, and even though I have my favorites, I am mature enough to still appreciate the other makes and models.

So this where Matt disappeared to.

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