2011 Ford F-150 Will Feature Electric Power Steering


The 2011 Ford F-150 will be the first full-size pickup truck offered with standard electric power steering instead of conventional hydraulic assisted turning.

EPS offers up to a four percent improvement in fuel economy by getting rid of the losses that come from operating a hydraulic pump, a nearly infinite tuning of steering feel and the elimination of hydraulic steering fluid and hoses.

Until recently, EPS systems were available only in smaller cars and crossovers because the components weren't strong or efficient enough to meet the higher front axle steering loads of pickup trucks. Only GM's 2009-11 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Two-Mode Hybrid pickups offered EPS because their powerful (and unique) 42-volt electrical architectures provided enough energy to support the feature.

Whereas a hydraulic power steering system uses an engine-driven pump and pressurized hydraulic fluid to help turn a truck's wheels and reduce driver effort, EPS replaces the hydraulic pump and fluid with an electromechanical motor-driven connection to the steering system.

And whereas a hydraulic steering pump always requires power, even when the truck is traveling in a straight line, EPS requires power only during steering maneuvers, which helps make the vehicle more fuel efficient.

According to Ford’s 2011 F-150 order guides, sent to dealers last week in the U.S. and Canada, EPS will be standard for trucks equipped with the new 3.7-liter V-6, 5.0-liter V-8 and 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engines.

EPS won’t be available for specialty models, like the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and Harley-Davidson F-150, that are equipped with the heavier large displacement 6.2-liter V-8. They’ll stick with conventional hydraulic steering.

The latest Ford half-ton will also receive several other notable improvements.

  • New tilt and telescoping steering is standard on FX and Lariat models
  • An electronic-locking rear differential is available for multiple models, not just the dedicated FX4 and Raptor off-road trucks
  • The Lariat Limited model is confirmed for 2011, with unique wheels and interior trim.

[Source: 2011 Ford Order Guide, H/T to Power Kid]


Well I guess this settles it then, I'm going to be getting a new truck ASAP! The thing that caught my eye the most was the E-locker on multiple models! YES

Ford leads GM bleeds and asks for more government handouts .

Ford is WAY ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and engineering. The world's best truck keeps getting better.

Offering the locking diff on other models of the F-150 is a great idea. AWESOME!

Does it use that small rubber belt drive mechanism? Wonder how long it will last........

Dang!! Ford just keeps getting better and better!! The locking diff on other models!! WOOHOO!! One of the best ideas EVAR!! I'm getting a 2010 F-150 XLT Crew Cab, Chrome Package, 4WD, with the 5.0L and a 3.73 axle ratio and hopefully I get that beautiful new locking diff!!

Is it possible to get a combination of the 6.2L, electronic locking diff, and cloth interior (bench)?

That would be my perfect configuration.


"The world's best truck keeps getting better."

Maybe full-size but no way is Ford the best in compact/mid-sized...

Electronic locking diff., that is so 90's...

@ paul810

e locker not available with the 6.2L with exception of Raptor.

What all the cool kids will be buying is the 2011 FX4 with EcoBoost, e-locker and leather seats.

If GM or Ram would have put this on there pickups first, you blind Ford faithful, would have ridiculed it for its lack of proven reliability.

No we wouldn't. EPS is already in the Ford Mustang and 90% of Ford vehicles will have it by 2012. 3 other maker's trucks (GM? Dodge? Tundra?) will offer it within 3 years.

I will save about $130.00 a year using this system. Over 4 years $523. in my pocket for doing nothing. Ka ching!

@Bloods... No we wouldn't, we would have said just wait till Ford comes out with it and it will be better! LMFAO

The best truck just keeps getting better! It's nice this system saves gas and also will save lives with a little quicker steering because you will need that with all those run away toyotas around!!

No more power steering whine at start up when its -40. A good thing!

Excellent point, Santa.

It will be a very Merry Christmas for a lot of Ford customers this year.

This is all well and good news but I hate how everything is getting more electric rather than manual. The less electric a vehicle is the less problems (electrical problems mainly, go figure) there will be and the more manual a vehicle is the more control the driver has over the vehicle. I wish they (rather than switching everything to electronics) would offer the same vehicle with less electronics, or better yet if they made a full purpose budget truck that’s only main function was to be able to drive and off road.

When GM tested EPS most ford fan boi's said it's BS and they woulnd't buy a truck with EPS, what's up now? Oh and GM had a automatic locker for over a decade now, so basically ford decided to come up with "manual" locker a decade late LOL... so much for "#1" truck!

I'm glad to see all of these improvements. Not to crazy about the Ecoboost V6. But hey that's what the 5.0L and 6.2L are for! I'm going to buy either a 2011 F-150 FX4 Ext cab with a 5.0L or a 2011 F-150 Lariat Ext Cab (Payload Package) 4x4 with a 6.2L V8.

People were bashing the hybrid on the last GM hybrid post, not the steering. (article linked above)

On the last post about EPS, most people were positive about it and deduced it was going in Ford first.


The locker has been in the F-150 since 09. It is going in more trim levels now. Silverado and GM only have like 3 trim levels. Ford has like 10. If you recall the light duty shootout extreme traction test, the F-150 truck without the locker performed better than the Silverado and Sierra with the supposed "automatic" locker. They had to stop the GM and Chevy trucks and put them in 4wd. The "automatic" locker doesn't work automatically. Ford has the better system and the F-150 without any locker, went right up the slope. Do your homework, Fred.


"Oh and GM had a automatic locker for over a decade now"

The 1995 Tacoma had an available e-locking diff...

Once again GM came out with ESP first!!! GM'S trucks had in it 2009-11!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Now for you Ford lovers GMC and Chevrolet did have it first! Check the article! Ford saying they had it first is just like our Liar and Chief Barack Hussein Obama who lies all the time about statistics.

Now I suppose some posters here like Lou are going to start bringing up government motors and all that bailout crap. Ford has been lying about all of their crap for years from the little boy's step to the e locker and Sinc. Onstar is superior to sinc and GM's automatic locker is superior to Ford's e-locker every day and in every day. Ford fans can't deny the facts no matter how they try to spin it.

@robz71 onstar and sinc are totally different things... and i find it funny how having a convienent option on a truck, "little boy step", is a bad thing.... lol just saying i dont see the logic. ALTHOUGH, we can agree that obama is a disgrace

@Robz71 - another bobsie boy alias. You say Ford lies and you can't even use your real name.

The post said Ford was the first to offer ESP as a STANDARD feature in a full size truck.

Read the first line of the story again.

Lets put the cards on the table -

you know what I drive,

what year, make and model of truck do you drive?

You spelled sync wrong.

Why do you think OnStar is better than Sync?

Since you have problems reading regular English - read this over and over again:


I doubt you'll ever figure it out. The rest of us already have this opinion of you and your posts.

@Eagle xyz - I tend to agree with you.
The new trucks have massive amounts of electronics built into them.
The very first truck I ever owned had a fuse box smaller than a packet of cigarettes.
My new truck has a massive fuse box.
I shouldn't complain.
All those electronics sure make for a comfortable, and safe truck.

Hey Bob how's that QuadraSteer working out for you?

GM was first to have electric power steering in the hybrid model, not in their regular pickup trucks. Big difference.

Guys, Check this out and listen to this noise the GM hybrid makes. Is that weird or what?

A commentator writes, "Nice review and as far as the noise goes... GM is finally sick of hearing how all their vehicles get squeaks and rattles in the dash after a few years so they have put a little helper Monkey behind the dash with an electric impact gun and that is the sound of him re-torquing all the dash fasteners."

Bob, That noise happens in other GM vehicles too, not just the Hybrid Silverado. What is that?????

Robz71, Good post. I agree.



Boy I love how the blind Chevy (oops call it Chevrolet) faithful always want to say they had this first or they had that first... Sometimes its not about who had what first, sometimes its about who has the better system. Don't know about you but unless you want the weak hybrid that's the only thing you are going to find with EPS on a Chevrolet, This will be found across the board with Ford. So yet again Ford rules and Chevy drools.

Now on to more serious things... What have you got against the man step? You know its the best thing since sliced bread. Are you all just jealous because its something else we have that you don't? I sometimes think you Chevy owners really don't hate us you envy us...

With everything that is turning electric, dual batteries and dual alternators will have to be standard soon. My wifes 2007 Tahoe LTZ has so much electric sh*t on it that it is only 4 years old and has had the battery already replaced once.

So will the additional fuel savings pay to replace batteries more frequently and the $300-400 alternators?

Cant wait to see what happens when someone puts a 8' plow on the front of one of these.600+ lbs hanging off the front is guaranteed to make that expensive electric PS unit puke its guts out.Bigger tires will probably kill it too.
Sorry,but these "modern" trucks are getting less like trucks and more like flimsy cars.400 hp and flimsy steering,and too much reliance on electronics.All that power is no good if its going to break down constantly.Imagine in 10-15 years....none of these present day trucks will be alive.Plenty of late 70s,mid 80s still around though.

This is just another way that Ford is proving to be way ahead of the game. Ford FTW!!!!

"•New tilt and telescoping steering is standard on FX and Lariat models"


Toyota offered locking front and rear e-lockers starting in 1993 on the 80 Series Land Cruiser. Best $800 option ever, hell they charged almost $1000 for a crappy stereo upgrade that year. Funny what people find important...

I'm not against electrifying everything. But I wonder if and when the industry will step away from 12v electrical systems and move to something more like 48v.

Paul - Currently almost all manufacturers do not recommend mounting a plow on their 1/2 tons. If they do permit it, it is with a plow prep package which would likely delete the electric power steering. Speaking from experience, I would never use a 1/2 ton to plow snow period. Simply put, the front ends are not rated to handle the task.

Comparing Ford rear e locker to what Totota offered in the 80's and 90's is apples to oranges. IIRC Fords e locker they are using now disengages over 30mph and re-engages when below 30mph. It is replacing their limited slip diffs. Pretty good idea actually seeing as limited slip takes longer to engage and once moving is not really needed. The Eaton from GM is good but requires the wheels to slip for it to lock up. Other systems that use an e locker require the truck to already be in 4wd or 4wd low only.

I think that it is stupid to have any locker work only in 4x4. I find that I prefer not using 4x4 in the winter as it keeps me honest. I'll use 4x4 only when I absolutely need it. An e-locker or any locker in 2x4 is manditory in a pickup.

We will see more devices like EPS. It's the only way that any company will meet upcoming MPG guidelines.

Tailgate step - the only reason I can see for GM boys to slag it is because it's a Ford only device.

Lou, The only reason I can see for you to praise the tailgate step so much is because it is the only thing the F150 has over the Chevy and GM trucks.

Silverado-Sierra / F150

Onstar with built in auto crash response: standard / not available

Luxury Denali: available / not available

automatic rear locker: available / not available

front disc/rear drum brakes: standard / not available

rear suspension: 2 stage multi leaf / leaf spring

little man's step: not available / available

legendary LTZ package: available / not available

hp: 403 / 320

warranty: 100k 5yrs / 60k 5yrs

mpg: more / less

@ Bob aka mad dork
Crash response:Sync has automatic 911 alert with airbag deployment.
No monthly fees with Sync.
Luxury - you are correct. Ford Doesn't have Denali
- They have 3 higher levels = King Ranch, Platinum, Harley Edition.
Automatic rear locker - Ford does.
Brakes. Correct. Ford does not have drum brakes.
- Ford has better disc brakes all around.
Rear suspension - so what. Ford's outboard shocks work better.
Tailgate Box step - great feature. I love mine.
Side access steps - as above.
LTZ package. Correct.
-Ford has better = King Ranch, Platinum, Harley, FX4 Luxury package, XLT Lariat
HP - what? Pre or post 2010 or pre or post 2011.
6.2 engine 411 hp.
How does the 5.3 compare to the 5.4? (apples to apples)
Warranty? read the fine print.

You forgot to mention.
Ford - better integrated trailer braking system
Ford - better backup camera
Ford - bigger crewcab with flat rear floor
Ford - 6.5 box option in crewcab
Ford - offers two tone paint.
Ford - no bailout.
Ford - does not have idiot fan boi's like you.

Hey Lou:

Check out the following for more features and benefits.


The shake rattle and roll video is specially interesting, and the thinking outside and inside the box video...GM doesn't even have or offer the bedside rail guards - that is an outrage! I could go on and on but see the videos for yourself. It's key details like these that make me not think much for the present day GM trucks. Get with the program, Bob.

Mr. Dog,
Sir you are the worst PR man ever. I cant believe GM pays you. Guess they needed something to spend 60 billion on. That and paying severance to all the CEO's it rotates through.

Dave, Rails guards! Wow. Big deal. 99.9% of people don't use their beds for any kind of work so I don't see what the problem with not having rails guards is. And if the F150 bed sides were lower like to should be like Chevy Silverdo then you wouldn't be scratching the rails now would you? It is brainwashed people like you and Lou who don't know how to think for themselfs. Lou, my problem with the man step is that instead of fixing the problem with the box height Ford sticks a man step on. On Chevy they don't need a step - they keep it simple. If you are going to make improvements make improvements that make sense! GM is superior where it matters, best ride, afforability, powertrain fuel economy tech like Onstar and more of what I want to make it useable and that is all that matters to me.

Silverado vs F150:
Watch and learn boys.

I know what your problem is you are one of the liberals that voted for Barack Obama. I don't care what gm comes out with, some liberal here is going to badmouthing it and I am simply responding to it. Do you see gm fans bashing ford or dodge products, NO! They like GM, and they don't go out of their way to cry about ford or dodge. GM makes the best pickup truck for the money. It is written and done!

@hobo wine
Once again you fail to move me or convince otherwise. That video is the funniest thing I have seen in a while though. "MORE OF WHAT COUNTS". Except they don't actually show anything. They start to talk about truck logistics and then veer of into nothing but the party line. At least open the hood or something. The F-150 PR videos are pretty BS too but they at least have some substantial info. The Chevy videos sound like the Palin/Couric interview.

BTW just because you degenerate it by calling it a man step doesn't mean its worthless. As long a I can remember I have need to climb on the wheel to get over the rail access to the bed on every make and model of truck (except compacts). and I am 5' 11'. That's 1.8 meters for our northern neighbors. What about short people? Should they not drive trucks? It also helps keeps BFBB's from stretching your paint which is another plus especially if your friends and coworkers are also amateur rodeo champs

Please excuse me. I am in the wrong thread. This is Ford. My bad.

@smtrthnu, Lou, and Dave... You guys are my heroes! Best post ever on this site, especially you Lou... LOL I think Mad Dog (Bob) ranks up there with Howie Long as the worst pitchman for GM EVER... You should watch some Mike Roe videos to see how its done or watch this clip...




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