2011 Ford F-150 Will Feature Electric Power Steering


The 2011 Ford F-150 will be the first full-size pickup truck offered with standard electric power steering instead of conventional hydraulic assisted turning.

EPS offers up to a four percent improvement in fuel economy by getting rid of the losses that come from operating a hydraulic pump, a nearly infinite tuning of steering feel and the elimination of hydraulic steering fluid and hoses.

Until recently, EPS systems were available only in smaller cars and crossovers because the components weren't strong or efficient enough to meet the higher front axle steering loads of pickup trucks. Only GM's 2009-11 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Two-Mode Hybrid pickups offered EPS because their powerful (and unique) 42-volt electrical architectures provided enough energy to support the feature.

Whereas a hydraulic power steering system uses an engine-driven pump and pressurized hydraulic fluid to help turn a truck's wheels and reduce driver effort, EPS replaces the hydraulic pump and fluid with an electromechanical motor-driven connection to the steering system.

And whereas a hydraulic steering pump always requires power, even when the truck is traveling in a straight line, EPS requires power only during steering maneuvers, which helps make the vehicle more fuel efficient.

According to Ford’s 2011 F-150 order guides, sent to dealers last week in the U.S. and Canada, EPS will be standard for trucks equipped with the new 3.7-liter V-6, 5.0-liter V-8 and 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engines.

EPS won’t be available for specialty models, like the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and Harley-Davidson F-150, that are equipped with the heavier large displacement 6.2-liter V-8. They’ll stick with conventional hydraulic steering.

The latest Ford half-ton will also receive several other notable improvements.

  • New tilt and telescoping steering is standard on FX and Lariat models
  • An electronic-locking rear differential is available for multiple models, not just the dedicated FX4 and Raptor off-road trucks
  • The Lariat Limited model is confirmed for 2011, with unique wheels and interior trim.

[Source: 2011 Ford Order Guide, H/T to Power Kid]


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Night guys. I'm tappin out. I'm totally dog tired.

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@Mad dork aka bob - quote"Rails guards! Wow. Big deal. 99.9% of people don't use their beds for any kind of work so I don't see what the problem with not having rails guards is."

I didn't know that many Chev guys do not use their beds for any kind of work.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Any other interesting Gm/Chev factoids you care to share with us.

@ Mike Levine

If the EPS is N/A with the 6.2L due to weight, will Ford then lower the the front GAWR on EPS equiped F150s? Or is the lighter EB or 5.0L light enough to compensate for that limitation?

With GVWR and payload remamining virtually unchanged... I'd assume not but worth an ask.

@ Mad Dog Vachon

I can't beleive you'd "brag" about the rear drum brakes! OMG. Either your 10 years old, or know very little about... anything. Virtually every leaf spring set-up is "multi stage". And about the gm auto locking rear end, re-read the last light duty shootout and remind me how well that rear end performed (at its home track).

He probably pulled it off the website. If you go to Chevy's website they have that stupid "multi link" vs leaf spring comparison there trying to make it sound like the Chevy has something high tech. Duh. They also list front disc/rear drum as available for Chevy but not available forFord to make it sound like Ford's setup is worse when it is actually better. The drones will see it and think the Chevy is better of course.

See here:

Chevy 2 stage multi leaf vs Ford leaf spring? You know why it's listed as such? Because Ford has 3 stage multi leaf springs vs Chevys 2. Duh. Can't make Chevy look bad so we just have to say Ford is leaf spring. Same thing with their comparison for the upfront suspension which is all BS. They say Chevy is Independant and For is Coil. Same difference since they are both coil over shock independant front suspensions.

Mike L, do you know what will be special/unique to the FX4 now that e-locking will be available in other models?


Apperance only : For one thing, Leather w/o woodgrain, cause not everyone is 65. Blacked out lights etc...

Do they even still make Chevy and Dodge?

Sean - Chevy uses a torsion bar front suspension. No coil overs.

In a way the decision to make the e-locking available in other models is like a black eye for the FX4. Will Ford add additional off-road features to the FX4? A front locking maybe?

"Sean - Chevy uses a torsion bar front suspension. No coil overs."
Posted by: Keith

No coil over? Straight from Chevy's website on ride and handling:

* Coil-over-shock front suspension...


from pickuptrucks.com:
coil-over-shock front suspension design...

From TruckTrend:

Chevy Suspension
front Independent, coil springs
rear leaf springs.

Because the more you know. You know Chevy is trying to deceive with their comparisons.

Did GM change over to coil over shocks with this generation of truck?
I thought they were all torsion arm suspension.

Welcome to the party, Lou. The GM 1500 has had coil over shocks since 2007 MY. Do you like the Chevy Silverado comparison site?


1500 dont have any t- bars

@Sean - the comparison site is a joke. I looked at it and was trying to pull up some other stats. Useless in that regard.
I don't have a preference between torsion bars or coil overs.

Guys have been slagging the tailgate step and box side steps because the Ford is too tall. I looked at Gm's site and Ford's site.
GM box depth - 21 inchs
Ford box depth - 22.4 inchs
I thought maybe the Ford F150 sat higher so I drove to the Gm dealer and parked next to a Sierra with the same size wheels and tires as mine.
I measured a 2 inch difference in height.

Howie Long and GM fanboi's have been slagging Ford for 2 more inchs.
Size must really matter to them.

GM 2500+ have T Bars.

Perhaps FX4 could have got hill decent like SD FX4 and Raptor?

ford makes bigger and wider trucks and the fords are taller so ford needs the tail gate step has the most truck designs

I found out the other day that you cannot get the 6.2 engine with a SuperCrew and 6.5' box for the f-150's.

Why I don't know but I think it is stupid.

Great electronic control steering along with brakes door and engine start onstar and sinc with Gps Now BIg Brother can steer you to the side off road and stop you..and lock you in till they arive..that is if they let you get in and drive off in the first place ... all via satalite and elelontronic controls..!! Make s Me Wonder????

I have a 2011 F150 XLT with 12,200 miles in it. Steering gear went out on January 4th and Fords expected ship date for a replacement is February 9th. EPAS is not refined enough yet.

@Mad Dawg "Rails guards! Wow. Big deal. 99.9% of people don't use their beds for any kind of work so I don't see what the problem with not having rails guards is."

So that's why nearly ALL of the WORK trucks are Ford in the U.S? Fords are for working son. Your chevy doesn't know anything about working your fingers to the bone just to make ends meet. And the Ford will STILL out last it. Truth hurts, kid.

Problem with this steering is it does not allow you to put a plow on it because according to the manufacturers it over loads the system and you could lose steering all together while carrying the plow.

Not the truck of the year in my opinion. I love my F150 but it has a major flaw. The EPAS gear box, rack and pinion, pops and clunks after about 1600 miles of wear. My truck is only 3 months old and I'm already on my second rack. Ford needs to address this issue. DON'T BUY THIS TRUCK unless you like a popping and clunking in your steering. Go to f150forum dot com and you will see that many 2011 and 2012 trucks are having this problem

i have a f-150 2011 i dont care for the electric power steering very dangerous ,indicator light came on to service power steering before i could get to a shop it completely locked up on the road your supposed to be able to unlock by turning engine off and waiting 10 seconds but that didnt work called arrow ford in abilene,tx left message for service advisor, at there service department they never called back so i had it towed to another shop who did return my call

Stay the heck away from electric power steering! Nothing but trouble. Glad that Ford at least will allow standard steering with a big V-8. Electronics belong in radios, not steering systems or engine controls.

Has anyone had any problems with the steering with this system

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