First Look: Ford Performance Vehicles GS Boss 5.0 315 Ute

By James Stanford for

We’re having Ute envy again.

Ford Performance Vehicles, Ford Australia's muscle car division, has created its latest high-performance Falcon car-based pickup that’s powered by an all-new factory-developed, supercharged version of Ford’s Boss (nee Coyote) 5.0-liter V-8.

The 5.0-liter Australian Boss V-8 differs from Ford Racing’s new dealer-installed supercharger kit for the 2011 Ford Mustang in the U.S., which features a Whipple blower and Roush intake but is attached to an otherwise standard 5.0 engine.

The FPV version shares some components with the Mustang's 5.0, but has added a range of high-performance components to get the right balance between performance, efficiency and durability for a Ute application. It runs a unique supercharger that features sixth-generation U.S.-made Eaton twin-screw rotors with a displacement of 1.9-liters per revolution in an Australian-sourced Harrop intake housing.

A non-supercharged version of the 5.0 V-8 will be the heart of the 2011 Ford F-150 engine lineup.

The $32 million project, carried out by FPV's part owner Prodrive in conjunction with Ford, is expected to mean the GS Ute will be able to run from zero to 60 mph well under the five-second mark.

There will be two versions of the Boss V-8 for the Falcon: a base engine that pumps out 428 horsepower (315 kW, hence the Boss 315 name) and 402 pounds-feet of torque and a more potent unit that manages 456 hp and 421 pounds-feet.

Boss 5.0 335 Engine

Peak torque for both engines is available early and stays flat, from about 2,000 rpm all the way through 5,500 rpm, thanks to the blower.

Both engines will be available for the Falcon-based FPV sedan, while only the lower output engine will be fitted to the Ute.

FPV could well have the fastest production ute in Australia when the new model is introduced next month. It has only 3 hp less power and 4 pounds-feet less torque than GM’s Holden Special Vehicles Maloo ute, but the Maloo runs a large displacement, naturally aspirated 6.2-liter LS3 V-8.

Prodrive started work on the new engine three years ago under the working title Miami. There isn't any hidden meaning in the name, though a previous engine was called Las Vegas because the company believed it was taking a big risk developing it.

FPV previously sold a 5.4-liter V-8 that was based on the Ford F-Series’ engine block combined with four-valve Mustang Cobra R heads and various locally sourced parts needed to develop the kind of performance required from an Australian muscle car. Strict Euro 4 emission laws meant that engine could no longer be produced after July 1 of this year.

FPV considered taking the naturally aspirated Coyote V-8 straight from the crate. It wasn't far off in terms of power, but it didn't generate enough torque, hence the need for a supercharger. It ruled out using the supercharged AJ V-8 from Jaguar (which at the time was still part of the Ford family) due to high cost and packaging problems.


The Boss runs the standard 5.0 block and heads, but has unique cam timing and a different exhaust valve. There are stronger connecting rods, unique pistons, a cast stainless steel exhaust manifold (instead of fabricated steel), a different front end accessory drive, an engine oil cooler and a unique winged oil pan that holds 8.66 quarts of oil. It runs at a significantly lower compression ratio of 9.25-to-1 instead of 11-to-1.

Unlike any other Ford engine, the Boss 5.0 uses a free-flowing metal matrix catalytic converter that is normally only used by sports car makers such as Porsche and Ferrari.

FPV has set the boost pressure extremely low, at 5 pounds per square inch for the base engine and 6 psi for the higher-output version, leaving plenty of headroom to move up with subsequent model improvements.

The Boss Ute has an upgraded six-speed ZF automatic transmission to cope with the extra torque or a newly refined version of Tremec’s six-speed manual.

The supercharged V-8 joins FPV's acclaimed turbocharged 4.0-liter F6 inline-six-cylinder engine, which produces 422 hp and 417 pounds-feet of torque and is available for both the Ute and sedan.

Ford has no plans to introduce the Australian Ute in the U.S., and there’s a better than 50-50 chance that Ford’s global “One Ford” vehicle platform-sharing policy could bring about its demise in 2015, when a new global large car is due to replace the Falcon.

At least the new supercharged 5.0 Boss 315 V-8 means that in the event the Ford Ute is retired, it will go out with a bang.


The US companies are having an even bigger attack of the stoopids than usual if they think these Utes wouldn't sell here.

Wow that's a sexy truck! Sucks to be in the US when it comes to pickup trucks. Here we're stuck with big-booty trucks that are hard to park and harder on gas. I haven't seen a ute in mass production in the US since the El Camino.

Dodge or Ram are you listening? Replace the Dakota with something like this...different cabs, 2 or 4WD, v6 or V8, separate cargo bed (if that's possible), unibody rear-drive platform like the Charger, NOT front-drive like the Ridgeline, though I kinda like the Honda! I'm thinking like the old Jeep Comanche but with more variations.

All this article talks about is the engine and power.

Big deal if you cannot get it to the ground or take corners at high speed!

Power means squat unless you can get it to the ground, how about some pics of the suspension, what kind of suspension...

My old V6 X-Runner would kill this ute on a smaller road course like Blackhawk Farms because I payed attention to the suspension and could transfer the power in the corners while this thing looks like it would break traction at every corner at high speed and kill the driver...

@oxi: So when the taco gets beat in power it is about handling.. and when the taco gets beat in handling it is about power. And when something stock can beat a taco in all catergories then it has to be compared with a taco that is no longer stock.


Stock for stock this thing would eat a X-Runner.. Go cry on one of your Toyota forums troll, at least they might listen to you there.. no one cares about the craptastic tacoma or your fantastical stories.

This "truck" looks low and wide. I bet it would handle very well. No doubt there is a large array of suspension goodies for this Ute down under. It is all academic as we'll never see these in NA. It would be great if Ford replaced the SportTrac and NA Ranger with this and the global Ranger.

@oxi, we are tired of hearing about you're 4Runner and or Taco. We get it. This will eat you're 4runners lunch & Dinner. Give it a rest already.

This truck is sick!!!!!!


Thank you!!!!


Why don't you stop being a JAR HEAD and do some research for once.

"Ford has no plans to introduce the Australian Ute in the U.S., and there’s a better than 50-50 chance that Ford’s global “One Ford” vehicle platform-sharing policy could bring about its demise in 2015, when a new global large car is due to replace the Falcon". - Article

We never get NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

they are good for burnouts, that's about it. I think far more Australians want a factory produced Right Hand Drive F-series truck, than Americans want these utes. People always want what they can't have though.

The 5.0 was designed with supercharging to quote this site" The F-150’s 5.0 benefits from some of the work done on the Mustang’s 5.0, which was engineered with the goal of being able to add a supercharger at a later date to boost performance, Harrison said."

This story gives us a good idea where the new engines from Ford may head towards. The reflash of the 6.7 diesel shows that all of these engines are at the start of their development cycles with a hugh amount of potential engineered into them.

Imagine a 456 hp and 421 pounds-feet supercharged 5.0 in the F150 or Mustang.

"Imagine a 456 hp and 421 pounds-feet supercharged 5.0 in the F150 or Mustang". - Lou

With the Superchargers from FRPP it will boost the 'stangs output to 525hp (with warranty) & 624 hp (no warranty).

@ Oxi your just so awesome!!!! One day we will all see you in NASCAR driving your Toco around Daytona!!!!

BTW my F-250 will handle your Toco on a road course

Ford USA doesn't want it because they don't want to drop production of their precious F series which would mean potential layoffs for US based factories, so they aren't doing it for benefit of the US people. this is just what i heard, not fact


They race these utes in the Australian V8 BrUtes, they can handle really well, they are CAR based, they will handle better than anything sold in USA right now.

@ Alex,

We do have RHD F series pickups here....for $100,000+...yeah, no thanks. We like our utes, have the use of a utility, but when you want to have some fun, just tap the accelerator a little more and you'll be having fun

All that work to the engine for a little 30-40 hp gain? Doesn`t seem worth it to me. Most engines can survive a 30-40 hp gain from a supercharger with out any internal mods. By the way oxi, you talk about getting power to the ground. Its easy to get Tacoma levels of power to the ground because they don`t make that much.


I doubt a top heavy F-250 that would spend more time spinning rear tires in the apex of the turns could out perform my late ride:


How old are you?

We have a saying in the desert racing community, all that massive power does for you is get you to the rock that puts you out of the race faster, that's it...

It's about your total package!

Where is the lateral grip, slalom speeds, braking distance, numbers like that insteade of the power and 0-60 times (1 dimensional vehicle) do not prove anything.

The X-Runner could pull 0.96g lateral grip stock shows it can handle right out of the box. I placed Calvert traction bars, lowered the rear 3 inches, put on a prototype Watts Link in the rear, Renton 2 inch coils up front, negative 2 degrees front camber, ran 285/30 BFG R1's to run local road courses and parking lot auto-x.

Exuse me for having actual road racing experiance with my pickup. You could learn from my experiance and as an instructor I can teach you also.

I see a poser when I see one is all I am saying. Straight line speeds can only get you so far on a road course. You need braking, gearing, tires, suspension, aerodynamics, downforce, and a solid driver behind the wheel and so forth...

Aussie, you don't speak for all Aussies. I have always hated utes. They are useless $100,000 for a 2004 Brazilian-made (cheaply made) F250 7.3 with 100,000kms on the clock! Not hard to see why it isn't selling well, given that it is not sold there anymore. But if it had the same build quality as the US trucks, and the price was just as reasonable as it is here in the US, then it will sell like hotcakes. Aussie, this happens to be, not, or LOL. Utes are so gay.

Ford Motor Company official are real greedy, liberal and environmentals. I am very disappointed Australian Ford Falcon family and kin Ford Terrority will phase out by mid-2010's. if Ford Mustang and F150 will be deadly near future after if Ford will tell some announcement news. I can tell you about bad news for Ford E-Series van will replacement by European Ford Transit. if Ford Super Duty will might gone. if you can hate learn a lesson Ford Transit Chassis joint pick up bed will more ugly. you will complain if traditional pickup truck will discontinue. if you will hate buy a new brand crossover models. I am very sad about traditional SUV is dead, future you will buy a used old traditional SUV. pickup. and old American Van near future or later future. I learned few 1970's Australian Ford Falcon GT coupes ihave imported to USA for non US market. it is good for US owners. if you will buy Australian Ford Falcon sedan or ute will import to USA next 10 or 20 years . it will very serious collections. I loves old Fords. I hate new Fords currently present to future.

Matt, how does trying to just run a successful business make them greedy? They are just cars. Pieces of metal. There is no moral obligation to continue a certain product line. But I don't believe the full size SUV is dead. Expedition will continue as will the Suburban at GM. There is a global T6 based SUV being developed in Australia. It is body-on-frame. Hopefully it comes to North America with the Ranger. I do think you're right about the E-series vans though. I think it will only continue as a motorhome chassis.

@oxi: Old enough to know you are a ass. That's how old I am. Not that age matters for that kind of detection.

And please.. stop talking about peoples "packages."

Umm.. and a quick google search shows the "stock" x-runner is at .9 not .96 as you claim.

And there you go again comparing stock versus your little matchbox truck. NOBODY HERE CARES WHAT YOU DRIVE. BECAUSE YOU ARE A ASS!!! GET IT.. Can't make it any clearer. If you have nothing good to say.. here is a novel concept, how about not saying anything at all.

Stock for stock this Ute would beat an X-runner.. and for some reason you just can't deal with it.

Maybe you have short man’s syndrome, maybe you have a small package and that is why you are interested in everyone else’s package.. Don't know, don't care. Just know that you're a pair of butt cheeks with an inferiority complex as exhibited by your posts on this website.

So please troll.. go back to your cave.



Alex , Aussie speaks for the bulk of Australians, who are buying Utes at record numbers. Your a bit like a North American who does not like Pickups , a minority.

The sports Utes from both Ford and Holden are very quick. In the Top Gear shootout of the Camaro(ironically engineered in Australia) its time around their test track was slower than the Maloo.
A comment about US Pickups in Australia. They sold 250 all told
last year . Before the GFC it was the same. Price is a factor in the low sales, but it makes up a small percentage of the many factors that limit their sales here.

Both Ford and Holden Utes in both 6 cylinder and in V8 form are very well received and used in Australia. Car comfort and handling with capacity for carrying useful loads.

utes can go from basic equipment and fitout to all the bells and whistles you may need.


wow... this thing is ugly as sin.


I have asked for you to be banned for swearing and personal insults. You are not mature enough.

And it is 0.96g stock, the only pickup to come from a factory with such solid numbers:

The Ute may have some straight line speed but it will loose control in the corners and probably crash when compared to a stock X-Runner!

You sir have never raced on a road course like Road America, so really, do you even know what you are talking about?

I have been on road courses at high speed with my pickup. Have you ever been above 130 with your pickup or even over 100 in the pouring rain on a road course with a pickup?

Just go back to pulling your trailers and leave the R&D to folks like myself...

Correction 0.97g stock on a 200 ft. skidpad!

@Frank.. but it is just so much fun. :)
*pokes Troll..

See.. It's so much fun to get the troll all riled up.

And Oxi how can it be a personal insult when it is the truth? *or so I heard.. Trolls talk you know.

And once again I go back to my original statement..
So when the taco gets beat in power it is about handling.. and when the taco gets beat in handling it is about power. And when something stock can beat a taco in all categories then it has to be compared with a taco that is no longer stock.

Which is exactly what you did with the link you provided. Thank you for proving my point.

And lets see here is a link for .89 which cancels out your link
And I could provide a ton more that mention .90 Doh! But that would be just so boring.

And that is what you have become.. boring and oh so very predictable. Mr I have to interject my two cents in damn near every article on this webpage touting the *alleged* superiority of my *custom* taco and talk down to any and all that do not acknowledge my taco as king of the Tacos and thereby king of the truck kingdom.

Yep.. you definitely suffer from short man's syndrome.


"The Ute may have some straight line speed but it will loose control in the corners and probably crash when compared to a stock X-Runner!"
Oxi they are quick around a roadcouse and on dirt. They are used as Rally cars and have their own racing series for production V8 utes.


Trucktrend even have liscensed road racers on their staff?

I would go with a more realistic number from Sportcompactcar because their drivers actually take the pickup onto the road course.

If your gonna go with pavement numbers your going to want to have actual road course drivers doing the tests!!!

0.97g still stands!!!


You know no one will believe your stories when everything you post you proves you don't know what you're talking about right?


I seem to be the only one on here that has actual road racing experiance on a road course like Road America with my pickup!

I also raced down in Baja last decade with my pickup!

So explain to me that I know nothing about pickups in extreme situations...




I think you just proved my point.

We have no reason to believe you've ever raced anything, claiming expert credentials is a common tactic used when people lose arguments. We have no reason you believe your claims so why use them? If your posts showed the knowledge you claim to have we might, but then you wouldn't need to tell us.

At least I can tell which end of an engine block the transmission bolts to, can you honestly say the same thing?

@ Frank- I agree don't feed the troll!!! EXTERMINATE THE TROLL!!!!

It seems like a ute would handle better than any truck on a race track.

@Robert Ryan, I know a lot of Aussies that hate car-based utes. They are useless. My group all had 4x4s. Range Rovers, Hiluxes, Navaras, Pajeros, Jeeps - that sort of thing. We did plenty of off-road trips. Like I said, utes (Falcons and Commodores) make good burnout machines, that's about it. I wouldn't be caught dead with one of those or any bogan who drove one. I do like the FPV and HSV sedans though. They make much more sense. Just my honest opinion.

Alex and a staggering number love them. I think that number would be pretty small, like the number who would hate Pickups in the US and Canada.


Here is a pic of my late ride full throttle turn 7 at Road America:

Turn 14:

Doing a local RallyCross:

At a local auto-x:

And here's a few of my 70 mustang

Give oxi a break. Being a Toyota guy on this site is as lonely as ...............................well................................................. being bob.


Yes, that is what I am talking about. Not many have any road racing experiance, they just talk out of their mouth and think they know it all...

Sweet ride, still have it and race it here and there?

I always like to see the older cars race! Heck pickups are even rare to see on a track!

I was lying to illustrate a point...

@ Enjelus

You're my hero.

One Comment: The Power figures are about 20-30hp less than the US SAE levels as we use the DIN ECE standard. Which means the 456hp engine would be closer to 500hp SAE


Then the Lord will seek revenge upon you!

At least the pics I provided were of my 2005 X-Runner and I do not BS!

This forum is littered with children or the mindset of them, such a shame...

I have been on Road America many times with my pickup at high speed including doing over 100 in the pouring rain down the straights into turn 1 and 5 and using the wet line...

I have that knowledge and experiance, you do not, I even did a RallyCross and raced down in Baja with another stock-ish pickup (plates on the truck and street legal)...

I have been working with the main supplier of tactical wheeled trucks to the U.S. military and know off-roading like you would not believe and I am advising on their twin Baja 1,000 trucks based on the M-ATV line...

I may focus on the off-roading aspect about pickups but that is where I have the background and not a psoer like most on this forum when it comes to four wheeling!!!

oxi these comments on articles are only ruined by your moronic statements. Every one else is civil minus a few brand loyalist spats but nothing more than some rib poking and short arguments. Please leave the normal people be why do you have such a chip on your shoulder for yotas. I am a Dodge fan but do not do the same towards non mopar vehicles like you do to anything that is not a taco. Like I can appreciate this ute truck car thing in this article. Its and interesting idea not my cup of tea but pretty cool, but would never sell here

@moparman It is horses for courses. US Pickups do not sell here, but you can appreciate what the designers are trying to do.The Problem is the market in either country is indifferent or the niche for the vehicles is might small.

You yanks cant see past ur blinkers, as some one has already said a holden commodore (MALOO) ute is quicker around the top gear test track than ur new Comaro, Witch you yanks had holden to design the suspension for you..... ??????

Actually I think the ute was faster around the top gear track than the sedan, shock horror how could that beee ??????

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