August 2010 Year-to-Date Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in August 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +29.4% August 2010 47,652 Fseries
338,446 August 2009 45,590

2 Chevrolet Silverado +12.2% August 2010 34,084 Silverado
235,530 August 2009 32,241

3 Ram Trucks -4% August 2010 18,995 Ram
124,002 August 2009 17,514

4 GMC Sierra +9.7% August 2010 11,640 Sierra
79,158 August 2009 11,657

5 Toyota Tacoma -11.8% August 2010 8,239 Tacoma
68,710 August 2009 12,547

6 Toyota Tundra +23.3% August 2010 7,207 Tundra
61,722 August 2009 7,872

7 Ford Ranger -6.8% August 2010 4,161 Ranger
39,029 August 2009 7,746

8 Nissan Frontier +37.8% August 2010 3,738 Frontier
26,134 August 2009 3,875

9 Chevrolet Colorado -38.4% August 2010 1,847 Colorado
15,703 August 2009 4,653

10 Nissan Titan +30.5% August 2010 2,141 Titan
15,400 August 2009 1,534




Now, take out the fleet numbers, and see what the difference is.......I know the US government buys a ton of Fords, since their the cheapest......

I was going to buy a new 2011 f150 harley but i wil be shopping around i had over 12000 bucks of warrenty work done on my 2008 harley f150 so far everything keeps on going like the awd system !!! I got 51000 km on it my sister has a 2008 foose f150 with 21000 km and so many problems she is planning on tradeing it in it has rust all over the doors and body she got it new in march 2009 . We are sick of battleing for warrenty work to be done and we baby our trucks pretty good i will be checking out GM and Ram when i buy a new truck so long Ford!!

Nice try Top Dog. GM has a huge fleet sales presence as well. They also sell to the government as well. The government cannot sole source Ford.

I really wish the posting didn't compare the entire F-Series line (or Silverado or Sierra or Ram) to the Half ton only Titan and Tundra. Would love to know how many F-150's are being sold compared to the Tundra. Cant decide which one I'm going to buy.

Nik, the Ford f-150 outsells the tundra, probably close to 3 to 1.

Dang! I wonder if some Chevy owners have switched to Fords. Hahahahah!


So by you're logic... Ford sells 185,166 F150's.

Remember the shootout? Ram was $8,000.00 less than GM and Ford. Ford isn't the cheapest by a long shot specially when you start adding all the options which are crazy expensive.

The Ram had a 8% increase over Last August sales. That's pretty nice when you consider the economy.

#4 through #9 all sold fewer trucks this August compared to Last August.

Ford up 4%
Chevy up 5%
Yea, they are all made in America. I still hope the best for the big three.

Keep in mind cash was clunkers was in last August. Dodge did did not do well in the cash for clunkers last August so they should be up compared to others.

"Cash for clunkers" Kind of like cash for Dodge or GM. When do I get some of my Tax money back?

Re: fleet sales

"Sales of the Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles increased last month, while Chrysler brand sales slipped 4 percent.

Chrysler’s results are distorted by sales to rental-car companies, businesses and governments, also known as fleet sales, said Paul Ballew, chief economist for Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. in Columbus, Ohio, in a telephone interview.

‘Propped Up’

“They have been propped up by fleet for a long time and certainly this year they’ve been really, really propped by fleet,” he said. “You can make money on fleet. Chrysler’s problem is that they are overly dependent on fleet.”


Sep 1, 2010

Let's not confuse fleet and rental sales with the truck sales represented here in this article.
Your link specifically mentioned Chrysler fleet sales. Which has no trucks at all. Neither does Jeep.
And in fact Chrysler sales were down. While Dodge and Jeep were up.

You are confused. Ram is a brand for Chrysler and they do have fleet sales.

Jason, The article specifically mentions Chrysler the 'division', and Jeep, Dodge and Ram divisions.

The only division that lost sales according to your article was the Chrysler division.
And if you re-read this article. You will see that Ram sales are up 8% over last August.

What percentage of Ram sales were fleet or rental? there is no way to tell from either of these articles in question.
My personal experience is that Ram fleet sales are negligible as compared to Ford or Chevy.

I guess people have short memories.

The reason why 'fleet sales' got a bad rap, was because Ford and GM used their captive rental agencies to dump huge numbers of option-less base model cars as a means of keeping factories running. Not only did this yield little profit, but it destroyed both resale values as the used market was flooded with these stripped down, beaten up pieces of garbage, as well as the manufacturers' reputations.

Now Ford has less than half of fleet sales going to rentals, while GM and Dodge have 2/3 going to rentals.

Ford has a lot of fleet sales. The F-Series and E-Series vans are huge fleet sellers, not because Ford dumps them at no profit, but because they are the among the best trucks and vans that contractors and government agencies can buy for heavy-duty work unlike Ram/GM/Tundra etc.

Similarly, many government agencies are being pressured to buy hybrid cars. With the Fusion and Escape not only being the best hybrid cars out there, but also sold by an American manufacturer, they fit the bill perfectly, AND are being sold at retail prices due to their equally high demand from actual customers.

Here is another example.

Best Buy to use Ford vans for Geek Squad

Why the switch? Because of price? Nope. "Best Buy previously used Chevrolet Express cargo vans, but said the Ford vans better fit the needs of its technicians."

If GM and Ram do not have 100% market-share, it must be due to a conspiracy of Ford, Toyota, Goldman Sachs, the Fed, and the resurrected ghost of Emperor Hirohito seeking to finish WWII.

I have been a fleet guy for near 30 years. Ford sells a lot of fleet vehicles because they have very competitive pricing and good incentives for fleet customers. The idea that major fleets buy a particular brand because it is better than another is a myth. Every fleet that I have been with bought on low bid. A determination is made as to what vehicles meet spec, and lowest price wins. Period.

Keith, been in the AF for a few years now.....I have kept track for 2 bases now......there is 2 Fords for every 1 chevrolet.....but all fleet vehicles are junk. These should not be included in their total sales......all im saying is subtract the total numbers sold to private individuals versus base model F150s and Silverado W/T packages. Obviously, the government doesn't buy GMCs as often as Chevy and Ford, and they are not allowed to buy Foreign for these items....

Thought that GM (Government Motors or Garbage Manufacture) sales would be up more with the help of their new HD trucks but nope.

Ford continues to dominate.

Through the first seven months of 2010, the fleet sales percentages for the seven largest-selling automakers in the US were:

* Chrysler: 39%
* Ford: 35%
* GM: 31%
* Hyundai-Kia: 16%
* Nissan: 15%
* Toyota: 9%
* Honda: 2%

Since Ford, GM and Dodge combine their light duty and heavy duty sales into one number in their sales reports, vehicle registrations (provided by RL Polk) are the only way to breakout sales of half ton trucks to see who's the top seller.

Final 2009 calendar year registrations reveal that F-150 sold 274,894 units (retail + fleet) and Silverado 1500 sold 232,176 units (retail + fleet).

Looking just at just retail registrations F-150 sold 222,557 units and Silverado 1500 sold 198,285 units.

Sorry to break the news to you but F-150 EASILY outsells any half ton in 2009 retail, and 2010 is more of the same.

Find it funny that people call GM Government Motors....I remember watching ALL 3 beg for money when the poo hit the fan....AND I remember Ford almost going belly up just a year or so before they got bailed out by private industry. To funny how soon people forget...The only people to blame for the Big 3's situation is greedy union employees, and poor quality from the 80s and 90s. Think about it....A 17 year old buys a brand new Ford Escort in 1986 and has nothing but problems with it..Well, 20 years later, he has more money and can buy a nice vehicle. Think he's going to buy a Ford, or a Honda?

These are last year's numbers, but 2010 is more of the same.

F-150 202,422 sales through September 09
Tundra 56,381 through September 09

Or 3.5x's as many F-150's sold compared to Tundras.

Hope this helps.

"but because they are the among the best trucks and vans that contractors and government agencies can buy for heavy-duty work..."

let me revise that and end with for heavy duty work. GM and Ram have respectable fleet sale numbers. Ram has about 15-25% of sales going to fleets.


Are you surprised by the Ram drop in sales? They have some of the newest trucks on the road yet they still cannot post a positive increase in sales YTD. Ram is up this month over last year's August month cash for clunker's debacle, but YTD is still down 8 months into 2010. Will Ram show a + increase by year's end? Stay tuned.

@Top Dog,

"AND I remember Ford almost going belly up just a year or so before they got bailed out by private industry".

Shoot the link. I'm eager to see what private company this was.

"To funny how soon people forget".

I haven't forgotten that GM owes us money.

Think he's going to buy a Ford, or a Honda?

Yeah! Why not. All cars have problems. They are made by humans, humans make mistakes.

My personal experience is that Ram fleet sales are negligible as compared to Ford or Chevy.
Posted by: Buddy |

Look at 2009 fleet sales:
Ram 1500 14%
Silverado 1500 15%
F-150 19%

The only thing that is negligible is the difference.

ok gm finish best pickup truck sale the end of 2010,,,,but your joke..

@ Bill - I wonder why Ram sales are not up. The other 2 domestics (Ford and GM) have seen increases.
Am I surprised? not any more.
I suspect that they (Dodge) still have a reputation for poor quality and poor fuel economy.
I wonder if the coil spring rear end is hurting sales?
or the Cummins Ram loosing shootout test after shootout test?

Ford took out loans against it's infastructure. Basically took out a mortgage. They still remained a PUBLICLY traded company.

GM was BOUGHT by the Government and was no longer traded PUBLICLY. That is why it is Government Motors. This was not a choice to raise capital against equity, this was a take over. They might have still been in control but they were under the watchful eye.

Ford did go to Washington, they were in trouble too, but they saw the strings and knew that based on what they had done previously and there strong standing and new models, it was not worth it.

I'm not a Ford guy, or a GM guy. I like to read about all of these trucks. I've owned both Fords and GM's. But i will not pretend that one was not owned by the Government for a period of time.

@top dog - if Ford was able to get private funding or loans to stave off bankruptsy - that does not constitute a "bailout".

GMC on the other hand was so broke that they could not even afford to go through "bankruptsy protection". They needed government money just to survive the bankruptsy process. If they did not get government money their assets would of been sold off to the highest bidder.
Would that have been a bad thing?
That is beyond the scope of this website to discuss.

I do agree (partially) that poor quality and big uniions are also to blame. Ultimately - GM had become a big, cumbersome dinosaur, slow to change or adapt.
Poor management ultimately is responsible.
It is ironic that Toyota is now being compared to GM in that respect.

Regardless of what you define as a bailout - Ford sales have improved because they did not "belly up to the trough".

All is not rosey at Ford i had alot of Battleing for warrenty work to be done i was stunned the way they where acting the dealer is rodeo ford !! I had a oil change and they said the brakes and roters are fine 5000 km lata i just about rolled my truck i was all over the road very dangerous stuff. AWD system went front axle and the roters where very warped i call BS they check my brakes and roters and checked for seal leaks in the AWD system alot of lies !! I am going to check out the 2011 serria denail hd

Lou, Where is your proof that Ram sales are not up because of that? The facts are Ram sales are down because we all know Ford is the cheapest. Ford only sells the most because of the fleet sales. Take out the fleet sales and that will show you what the matter is. That is the reason Ford sells a lot more fleets - they are cheapest. Period.

And, Lou, that is the honest truth! The numbers don't lie.

Lou, Where is your proof that Ram sales are not up because of that? The facts are Ram sales are down because we all know Ford is the cheapest. Ford only sells the most because of the fleet sales. Take out the fleet sales and that will show you what the matter is. That is the reason Ford sells a lot more fleets - they are cheapest. Period.

The reason I use the term negligible is for the following.
Using figures stated above and 2010 total sales. The following would ably toward fleet sales.
Ram 17360
Ford 69304
Chevy 33529.

That makes Ram about 14% of fleet sales I consider that negligible.

Frank your right, people do make mistakes. Just not as many as the Big 3 did in the 80s and 90s. Did anybody actually watch the videos Ford had on their own website when they were about to go under? How about when they were begging for money along with GM and Dodge. Better timing is what got Ford through, Period DOT. If Ford would have been just a year later when they were "restructuring", GM and Ford would be gone right now because the government couldn't have saved them both.

On another note....It is the unions that got all 3 of them in their positions in the first place...That and Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet let the unions (Which are backed by the Government) get to much stake in them. To that end, I guess they are all Government Motors.


You asked about the percent difference. There is only 1 percent difference between Chevy and Ram and 5% difference between Ford and Ram.

If you want to talk numbers, look here.

Add up all the Ram retail and fleet sales for the Ram heavy duty and Ram light duty trucks. Then compare it to the retail only sales for just the F-150 lighty duty truck.

F-150 retail sales were more than the total Ram retail and fleet light duty and heavy duty sales COMBINED.


Read em and weep.

Ram: 14% of light duty truck sales go to fleets
Chevy: 15% of light duty truck sales go to fleets
Ford: 19% of its light duty trucks to fleets

Think Ram is getting cheated because Ford sells more to fleets?


Check out the F-150 retail sales: 164,275 light duty trucks sold to retail customers.

Then check out the TOTAL Ram total trucks sold. Total is the combined heavy duty, lighty duty, retail and fleet: 145,494 total trucks sold to all Ram customers.

Case closed.

I agree with Top Dog!


Read em and weep.

most of those benefits are to help with the green movement and the cafe mpgs, created by the government, nothing the other automakers and other green industries are not receiving, try again...

A good truck sells. Ford sells.

1) “Ford continues to outperform the overall industry,” said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “In this market, consumers are looking for vehicles that offer industry-leading quality, fuel economy, safety and technologies, and growing numbers of them are turning to Ford.”

2) Consumer demand for Ford’s fresh lineup of high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles helped the company continue to grow its retail market share in August for the 22nd time in the last 23 months.

3) Ford’s popular F-Series truck, which posted one of its highest sales months in the last two years. August sales totaled 47,652, up 5 percent versus a year ago. Year-to-date, F-Series sales totaled 338,446, making it the only U.S. vehicle to eclipse the 300,000 milestone in 2010.

4) Sales for Ford’s E-Series van totaled 10,251, up 92 percent versus a year ago. The E-Series van has been America’s best-selling commercial van for 31 straight years; year-to-date sales totaled 74,608.

Frank and Lou just got owned.

Just because ford sells more does not make it the best just look at the U S they all thought bush was a good choice

Funny Top Dog. I too am in the AF. Almost 19yrs. Almost all box vans I have seen in my career have been Chevys. On my current base we have only Chevy box vans, only Chevy stake bodies, our fire chief drives a Suburban and all the GOV passenger vehicles are Dodge or GM products. The only trucks we have that are Ford's are 3 new F750 dump trucls and some Super Duty 6 packs. Our heavy haulers are a mix of Frieghtliner and International. Except for SuperDuty pickups I have not seen a Ford bias. Like I said, the government cannot just buy from one manufacturer. Don't confuse domestic purchase restrictions with sole source restrictions. They are required to spread the wealth.

remember people, it states "F-series", not just F-150. So you really can't compare the ENTIRE Ford truck line-up to any one model of truck. Until they break-out individual models, it is not a true comparison between sales of the different companies.

Toyotaman - Ford and Chevy 1/2 tons still outsell the others so what you are trying to make a big deal isn't really that big a deal. This site posted 1/2 ton sales a few months ago and they almost follow these monthly sales updates perfectly. Biggest difference is the Silverado was closer in sales to the F150 than the F Series is to the full GM line up.

Our discussion has gone from my pointing out the Ram sales for August were up by 8% over last August. It then went to total vehicle fleet/lease. I said lets stick to truck figures. Where I pointed out that Ram had a negligible portion of the fleet sales. Which at 14% it has.

I also stated that I hoped the best for All the Big 3. I did not want to start a corporate war.

My opinion in fact is that the medium and light duty diesel truck is doomed under it's present form. DPF and Urea will kill any 60 grand diesel pickup.
The Ford v-10 Chassis cab will suit most small business owners who spend the majority of their time within 100 miles of their base. And the smaller V-8s in the 3/4 or 1 tons will do just fine for the same purpose.

For long haul. why not go the F650 or similar route?

Imagine what you could have built from a used Middle 90's era diesel for 60 grand.
After market parts would give you a Cadillac riding hauler for those kind of bucks.

And true styling is being different. Not cut from a cookie mold.

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