First Look: 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew and SuperCab

First Look: 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew and SuperCab
By Patrick Olsen and Mike Levine

As some of its fans were asking last year, Ford is rolling out the 2011 F-150 SVT Raptor with a new SuperCrew four-door cab configuration, offering a lot more space while making adjustments to keep the Baja-bred pickup highly off-road capable.

Both SuperCrew and SuperCab SVT Raptors will be powered solely by Ford’s new 6.2-liter V-8 engine (which debuted in the 2010 Raptor) that’s rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque, making it, in Ford’s words, “the most powerful half-ton pickup on the market.” It has two valves and two spark plugs per cylinder, a cast-iron engine block and aluminum cylinder heads. It also features a cast-iron crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods and cast-aluminum pistons. Last year’s base 5.4-liter V-8 is no longer available.

Ford has improved the Raptor’s transmission as well, with features inherited from the 2011 F-Series Super Duty HD pickups. A manual shift function lets a driver operate the truck like it had a manual transmission. The driver can shift whenever needed, as long as it doesn’t over-rev the engine.

In addition to the large-displacement engine and updated gearbox, the SVT Raptor SuperCrew can tow up to 8,000 pounds – 2,000 pounds more than the SuperCab version – and it has a larger, 36-gallon gas tank, 10 gallons more than the SuperCab’s reservoir.

Compared with the typical F-150, the SVT Raptor is 7 inches wider, which improves stability for its high-flying off-road exploits. In addition, the SuperCrew’s 145-inch wheelbase is 12 inches longer to keep the ride comfortable when off-road, though a small penalty is paid with a less aggressive breakover angle.


“We spent a lot of time getting the ride and suspension characteristics of the SuperCrew similar to that of the SuperCab, and we were successful in getting the same character and flavor out of the SuperCrew,” said Jamal Hameedi, SVT chief nameplate engineer. “While the SuperCab and SuperCrew both have different strengths, each is worthy of the Raptor nameplate.”

An integral part of the Raptor’s off-pavement exploits are its exclusive front and rear triple-internal-bypass Fox Racing shock absorbers that provide 11.2 inches of front suspension travel and 12.1 inches of rear suspension travel on either the SuperCab or SuperCrew. The SVT Raptor also gets unique cast-aluminum front lower control arms and forged steel uppers. Thirty-five-inch BF Goodrich LT315/70R17 all-terrain tires are at all four corners.

Both Raptor configurations come with a 5.5-foot cargo box. A new paint color, Ingot Silver Metallic, will be available in addition to Oxford White, Blue Flame Metallic, Tuxedo Black or Molten Orange.

Another new exterior feature is optional hood graphics (a la the 2010 Ram Power Wagon) that are inspired by older off-road racing Ford Broncos but also help to reduce glare in bright desert sunlight.

Inside the truck, Ford has taken the 4.2-inch LCD productivity screen from its F-Series Super Duty pickups and adapted it for off-road purposes. The screen will show info on off-road mode, hill descent, differential settings and stability control. It will also tell drivers the steering-wheel angle and the truck’s angle on a grade. Drivers will be able to toggle through screens using a button on the steering wheel.

Raptor SuperCrew Interior

Other new, standard tech features include:
• Perimeter alarm
• Integrated spotter mirror
• Auto up/down windows for driver and front passenger
• 110-volt inverter on center console
• Telescoping steering wheel (yes!)

Dealers will start taking orders for the 2011 SVT Raptor today. It should arrive at dealerships late this year, Ford says. Ford has not yet announced pricing.

2011 Raptor Key Specs




Looks amazing wish I could get one

wow, that is DIRTY!!!!!!!! no pun intended

some numbers are mixed up on the chart.

Mike, under the key technical specs you have the capacities/dimensions reversed for the supercab/supercrew. just FYI

@Paul Holland / D: Thanks! Just reversed those two columns. Mea culpa. :-)


OOhhhhh Yeaaaaaah!!!!

SuperCrew is overkill for me and wish Ford would have come out with the dark Grey instead of the silver.. but damn that is a good looking truck. Now just need to see the new pricing.

Nice ride!!!

A 4-door pickup should be called a family truck though. Anything 4 doors is a family vehicle.

Still nice ride from Ford, rode in one and it looks sweet on the road.

That's gotta be one of the best looking F-Series pickups produced in the last 20 years.

Hope some of those cues make it to the 2011 FX-4 with an EcoBoost.

WoW!!! I wish I could just swap my '02 supercrew for that one. And I love the one I have.

@ Glenn - I agree. The extra width compliments the front end nicely. I like the flat black hood. The 8,000 lb. towing capacity will make these trucks sell even better.

@ oxi - I agree, but there are those of us out their with families.

@Mike Levine,

It's acutally spelled like this.

Mi culpa - My fault


Es mi culpa - That was my fault.

All in all, nice spanish.

Oh BTW, Love the interior.

Pardon me while I go change my shorts. DO WANT.

Yes,Pardon me while I change my shorts...It's so ugly it scared me !!! DONT WANT !!

This is better, but I would still like a Raptor Expedition.


Perhaps you should wear a diaper. Lol!

@ Frank

Mea Culpa is latin

The crickets are chirping loudly at GM right now .

What about the AC seats? Any word Mike? Thanks

@Paul810, when the first Raptor came out, everyone wanted a SuperCrew version. When that's out, everyone will ask for the Raptor Expedition. When that comes out everyone will want a Raptor Expedition EL. LOL

@ Alex - then a Raptor super duty.

I think a Ranger version would be awesome. Don't care for the silver, the crew cab, or the black hood.

A version for Off Road Racing would be great.


@Robert Ryan - Ford does have an offroad racing version.

nice gay paint job...

I would love GM to build something like this, but I understand why they havn't.

@jake, it's because Obama won't allow it.
It's funny how you criticize it and then say how you would love for GM to make something just like it. You wouldn't be a GM fan by any chance?

@Lou, before my original comments got short by a computer gliche. I meant to add a off road racing version that can compete in international Dakar type events. I think a Chilean team entered a Raptor in the last Dakar Rally, but they dropped out early. An official Ford entry like VW does with the outright class in the Dakar, but Ford to put the Raptor in the production class for pickups.

Rotten fuel economy, to fancy of a interior for a serious off road truck. If this were a F250 with a beefed up suspension, diesel, XL model so you could hose out the interior after running the Baja then you'd have a truck. But not this. What a total waste of resources.

@Shawn, I would LOVE to see the Powerstroke implemented in a Super Duty Raptor, that can do the high speed stuff, but also the low speed stuff of the Power Wagon. Even try the 6.7 Powerstroke in the F150 Raptor.

MEH !!! Cheap looking stickers !!

Not a practical daily driver,the cost of the tires alone would break most peoples bank today,and highway driving they wear out fast. A regular 4x version of the truck would be better for most people as most never take it off road.

@Alex Ford has taken hundreds of millions in government money and it is not a loan Ford doesnt have to pay it back.Better not mock GM too much if the economy double dips,Ford may be in a load of trouble,we are not out of this problem.Chrysler was the only company to post sales gains in August,Ford was way down,not good.Dont spout your mouth off too much,there was a reason Ford followed the government meeting/rules for a future bailout if need be.I will hold on to my 04 Dodge and my 06 Ford for a few more years (hope the Ford's issues are fixed no more warranty on it)

@gooey bum... Umm look one story back. Ford has increased it sales. Try again. So far Dodge is the only one that still is having to fight for sales. In the greater scheme of things Ford is making progress, GM is starting to make head way. So just think on that before you start running your neck about Ford taking any money, EVERYBODY DOES IT. It is not bail out money. It is away for the government to push certain tech that other wise would be ignored. I do hope GM makes a challenger to the Raptor as compition is a good thing.


Saw this truck in person before any of you did...

It debuted for the first time in public at Crandon Int'l off-road race track!

Race result: Johnny Greaves crowned 4x4 champion with is #22 Tundra. The Toyota's finished 1 and 2 in the race on Sunday with Rick Huseman winning the race in his #36 Tundra.

Not bad for a pair of 900hp Tundra's...

most powerful half ton on the market dear Ram please put the larger hemi in the Ram 1500 (im still trying to figure out why it aint in the hd WTF) anyway nice to see this very unique truck getting some different cabs hate that hood graphic though think the truck looks real nice but those fake mud splatter graphics and that hood graphic need to go this truck would be the best looking truck besides the current Rams if it werent for those graphics prob

@Gabe Logan

Ummmm !! YOU ARE WRONG !!!!

Ford just isnt trucks they sell cars as well !

Chrysler is up 7 % ! Dodge was not down last month ! Even the Ram sales were up,where are your facts coming from ?

Ford took and takes taxpayer money ! So people bitchin about GM /Chrysler taking taxpayer money Ford does it and took money ,not so called bailout money but hundreds of millions in Taxpayer money,same thing it comes from the people..taxpayers !

The government should stay out of the car business,as you say the 'push" for certain tech..BS the government doesnt know a thing about vehicles ! In the 70's the government demanded emmissions controls that actually caused more pollution,as the vehicles used more gas by having less power,another government screw up,stay out of my car gov,just because you watch Star Trek doesnt mean you are an engineer !

Being "pushed" is what communist countries do to their citizens ,I do not like to be pushed,dont like being forced to do something that isnt right,and dont like being lied to ! as that means higher gas prices,less pay !!You like being pushed ? I can tell from you mixed up post,you are confused ! As you dont know the facts ! I dont blame you as you like to be pushed around ,and told what to do,please think for yourself !

@Gooey Bum

Wow you are ignorant beyond belief, GM declared bankruptcy took tax money to start up again. Chrystler LLC defaulted on its loan, also now owned by Fiat so they wouldn't have to declare bankruptcy. Ford took no money from the bail out and has had strong sales in the last two years.

Mustangs in particular have been up from April to June. I can't say for the F-Series, but Ford has stepped up their game in providing better cars for us Americans. Go to Fords website for the vehicle tests, every truck, car, sports car get blown away.

And before you go mouthing me as a fan boy I own a 1989 Jeep Cherokee. I have yet to find a stock rig that could out perform it on Off Road capabilities before this truck came along and I am sad to see Jeep turn into the ugly urban SUV company it is now. So before you troll more sites, keep your ideology out of it, if you don't like what here say it and move on.

When will be available Mexico's Dealers.
Please let me know if will be the 6.2 lt on sale.


i see one last weekend ,in truck pull what a joke,the guy wast so shame he left,this truck is not for pull,the suspension drop to fast.and the front wheel don't touch the ground like is suppose ,,only good to play in mud..

this is freakin awesome anybody who doesnt think this is awesome is gay.

Beautiful truck... Just wish Ford gave us a turbo diesel option in the superCab.

First off, if you ain't gonna take it off road, don't by a raptor, get a 2wd that ain't on 35s, second, they need to add a 6.5 ft bed option.

The raptor looks like an awesome truck. my Grampa is getting the 4 door. Its going to be all black with the burnt orange and black intieor.

Test drove the 2011 super crew. Very nice ride and very power ful. Can't wait to buy one.

This truck is amazing! my dad loves his and the interior is astonishing I wanted one of my own but they wouldn't let me get one

Hope we can order from NZ in right hand drive :-) cant wait to see the pricing

i just bought my 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD the other day and LOVE it. But this new Raptor looks sick. I wish GM would come up with the Sierra version.

These are a couple of real beauties. Thank you Ford!

This is definitely a sweet ride, just wished these car companies (ford, gm, toyota, etc.) weren't so freaking proud of their pick-ups. The prices for these full sized pick-ups have gotten out of hand, and honestly it is crazy the profits these companies are making after all their overhead! I know how much and it would make one sick to know what it actually took to build these trucks. I have an idea what this beast will go for (over priced like the rest of em), but I still would like to own one! Job well done, now price it down 'fo tha po folks', lol!

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