First Look: 2011 Ram 1500/2500/3500

2011 Ram 1500 (MAIN)

For 2011, the Ram pickup truck series gets a new trim level, more standard safety features, increased towing abilities and interior amenities.

We’ve already discussed in detail the Ram’s new Outdoorsman trim level, which is available on the 1500 and the Heavy Duty 2500/3500. The Outdoorsman essentially combines off-road capability and trailer-towing hardware in one package. It will replace the TRX trim level in the 2011 Ram lineup. It will join the ST, SLT, Laramie and Power Wagon (2500 only) trim levels.

The Ram 1500 now gets an active on-demand transfer case, offering better torque transfer in slick conditions. It's standard on the Big Horn, Sport and Laramie 4x4 trims. The Ram 1500 now shares the same power-folding exterior mirrors that the Ram HD has.

The Ram 1500 also gets an increase in gross combined weight rating, but that figure wasn’t released in the press material.

The Ram 1500 is available in four new exterior colors: Hunter Green Pearl Coat, Mineral Gray Metallic, Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl and Light Graystone.

The Ram Heavy Duty receives a standard electronic brake controller on the SLT, Outdoorsman, Power Wagon and Laramie trims. Tire pressure monitoring is also standard on the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty. Both the 2500/3500 Heavy Duty get a new computer readout in the gauge cluster, which will deliver information about the integrated trailer brake control (on available trims) through the display.

The Ram HD is available in three new exterior colors: Hunter Green Pearl Coat, Light Graystone and Deep Cherry Red Crystal. New wheel designs and interior color options are also available.

The Ram HD gets an increase in gross vehicle weight rating as well, now set to 22,000 pounds.

Both the Ram 1500 and Ram Heavy Duty come with a new navigation system powered by Garmin technology. Each model can now be had with a factory spray-in bed liner. All 2011 Ram Truck models are already on sale.


Just ordered a new 2011 sport ram with nav loaded right up going to put headers and cold airintake in it. Will trade my 2008 harley f150 in for it i am really pumped to have this new ram truck

Do they come with new stickers?
Ford guys are suckers for stickers..... bwahaahaaahaaaa

must suck when u cant buy anything!!!!

Todays trucks,while technological marvels,are a huge waste of money.They still get poor mileage,cost a fortune to buy,cost way too much for registration and insurance.And there is no way a modern truck with all its electronics will last 20 or 30 years,like past trucks.The depreciation at trade in time is deplorable too.If you can buy an airbag sensor/ECM in 15 years,or have someone reprogram the electronic automatic transmission in 20 years from now...I may change my mind a little.But I fear if todays "marvels" live too long,there will be no support or spares to keep them legal and on the road.

@ Paul

I totally disagree! A vehicle that weighs well over 4000lbs that can get 24MPG from the factory, is faster 0-60 time than most average midsized sedans and have 390HP doing so is not what what call poor MPG! When I spend my hard earned money on something it would like to think that I can get something in return for what I paid for it and for me a Pickup fills that bill better than any car ever could. I know not ever wants or needs a pickup truck but it is hard to see how you can find a vehicle that gives more bang for the buck in both longevity and all out everyday usefulness! To me a SUV that can only manage high teen MPG at best is what I would call a wast of space!

Can we expect to see the ZF 8-Speed in the 2011 model year???

Micheal no 8 Speed this year.

Look for it in 2012 model year or 2013 model year, when the whole truck is refreshed.

I forgot to add that Motortrend has an article for this.

@Bill - wouldn't know. I have a new truck in my driveway.

Navigational aides are for those that cannot read a map or know what a compass is!!!

What will you do when the Chinese or Russians shoot down those GPS satelites? Run around in circles?

I cannot wait until an EMP attack...

Do they come with new stickers?
Ford guys are suckers for stickers..... bwahaahaaahaaaa
Posted by: Lou | Sep 14, 2010 4:27:49 PM


I have a question, why do all people bash Ford Truck Fans? Are we not all here because we love trucks? I am a Ford Guy but i am happy to see Ram Stepping up its game.

@ oxi
I guess you have have your sextant stowed with your canned food and hunting rifles in the fallout shelter.

EMP attack!?!?! what? yeah and the Klingons are gonna blow up our sun and the Borg will assimilate the entire human race..."Resistance is Futile" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the laugh.

lol wow i am getting a nav lol like omg pretty lame coments on here so gay

@bill - my sticker comment was being typed as you entered your post. No offence meant.
@Frank - trying to make a joke since everyone seems to be commenting on all the sticker news stories related to Fords.
Tough room ;)
I think I'll have to join oxi in his bomb shelter.

I'm surprised nobody has commented on the gross combined weight rating of 15,500 pounds.

Way too much for a 1500 IMO.

EMP attack or just as worse a CME or massive geomagnetic storm from the sun...

The crewcab 4x4 weighs 6800. That would mean an 8700 pound trailer. That is in line with the other manufacturers.
I would still agree with blood. A HD would be more appropriate if you towed a lot.

I would love the Ram 3500 if the Cummins got as good fuel economy as the 2011 Duramax or Powerstroke.

Lou the crew cab weighs 5600ish lbs. That is almost a 10,000 lbs trailer.

Interesting link, showing how much all of the Rams are boosted.

Just click on the specifications tab of the model you are interested in.

@ oxi Yes, when society colapses and we are thrown back into the dark ages, that sure will be sweet. Your probably hoping many people die when this happens to, right?

Oxi? You do kmow your precious Toyotas would be useless at that point too right?

Paul wrote "Todays trucks,while technological marvels,are a huge waste of money.They still get poor mileage,cost a fortune to buy,cost way too much for registration and insurance.And there is no way a modern truck with all its electronics will last 20 or 30 years,like past trucks"

I agree that the cost is intimidating but a big chuck of that seems to be driven by the customers (us) demanding features that were not available on Lincolns or Cadillacs very many years ago. Every truck on the lot near me is loaded to the hilt and the salesmen tell me that is what sells. I would probably have to order one special without all that stuff and the price would still be high but a lot more reasonable.

At least milage is finally starting to improve with the new generation of trucks. Insurance is pretty much a function of price and registration is price and local laws. At least my tages still only cost $26/year.

As for the reliability of the electronics, that does not seem to be a big issue in my experience. My 1991 F250 has never had an electrical issue other than the power window motors going out and my 1989 Crown Vic that is fully loaded still has everything working with no repairs. Going longer than 21 years would be nice for me but probably would not influence many new purchases.

Maybe I am just lucky. Does anyone want to comment on how the electronics in their older vehicles is holding up?

"The Ram HD gets an increase in gross vehicle weight rating as well, now set to 22,000 pounds."

Mike: Should this be GCWR instead of just GWR?

Its alright LOU enjoy your new truck!!

Awesome trucks !!!

6.4 Hemi?

@paul ............... technology like so many other things is a double edged sword. We gain some things and give up others- there is always a tradeoff. Modern electronics have made our trucks safer (antilock brakes, airbags, etc. ) more reliable, and more efficient. I still remember skinning my knuckles on Dad's '57 Bel Air wagon every 10,000 miles or so changing plugs and points.

Not having the replacement parts is certainly a possibility but I don't think that will be the case. Look around the aftermarket ........... you can find parts for everything from Model A's to '57 Bel Airs to whatever you drive currently.

Modern electronics have taken away much of the ability for DIY service but by the same token they have also eliminated the need for much of that same service. It's a tradeoff I'm willing to make.

As for efficiency, we have gained. A 2010 F- 150 gets better mpg than the '91 I used to own. It also tows more, carries more, stops better, and is safer. That's progress in my book. HD trucks are much the same. The previous generation diesel engines (6.4 Ford, Duramax) were a step backwards mpgwise but it looks like they've got it figured out. I suspect HD trucks will get more efficent but it WILL cost us more- how much more is anybody's guess.


I don't know where all these imposters are coming from.

Way to step up your game RAM!!!

Tell us, what new truck is in your driveway?

We can wax nostalgic for the good ol' days but my 2010 F150 has way more power,gets much better fuel economy, rides better, carries more, tows more, is more comfortable, and considerably safer than my 1990 F250 I used to own.

We all could join an Amish community, and go back to the horse and buggy. That would be even less complex than a '66 pickup.
The Eco-Corporations like Green Peace would then complain about all the Methane gas cows and horses produce.
They'd try to ban draft horses as they produce more gas than ponies.
Such is life ;)

@Alex I would love the Ram 3500 if the Cummins got as good fuel economy as the 2011 Duramax or Powerstroke.

You have to remember that this 6.7 Cummins hasn't seen much change since 2007. Just wait till they up date the Cummins to compete in this 400 hp/ 800 ft. lb. torque arena. There will always be one or two manufacturers playing catch up.
I can't wait till they get those 8 speed transmissions accross the line. That should help their mileage too.

Ram will always be playing catch. By about the time Ram has come out with their refresh, GM and Ford will be coming out with their all new models.

catch up.

@Walter, I am the fourth owner of a 1964 Thunderbird the only electronic bit that does not work is the fuel gage but the low fuel light still works. Power windows, seats, radio, anything electronic available on a 1964 Thunderbird still works. Sometimes I do have to clean the contact points for the power window switches.


You know how to build a Faraday Cage do you? You can make one for your truck if you prepare...

I will be ready, will you?

The threat is real and you should always be ready insteade of society that will wait for their government handouts, if they come at all...

@Jordon L.

It is not my fault if society is stupid and does not prepare for stuff like this...

Without power for even a year, I have read projections that 250 million will die in this nation in 1 year!

Do not be one of them, prepare now or a little bit here and there but be ready! You are already one major step ahead of most because you have a 4wd pickup that is I am sure somewhat ready for the unknown...

Great, an increase in combined weight rating, but not GVWR. Already have a 2010 that can tow 9800 pounds or so, but thats only with 10% tongue weight, and nobody with me! Guess those others will have to ride in a car! It'll suit my needs 99% the time, just stupid they rate it so high, and don't think about payload

Coil springs. Coil springs. It gives a slightly better ride unloaded but hurts payload and towing. Ram should rethink this but they probably won't.

@Frank - I bought a 2010 F150 Supercrew XLT/STX package 4x4 6.5 box, 5.4 V8.It has Sync, backup camera, integrated trailer brake, tailgate step, side access steps, power seats. Sterling silver with ingot silver bottom 2 tone, box liner, rail caps.
I love the backup camera. The side steps and tailgate step I use almost every day. Sync is cool.
I was tempted to wait for the 2011's but 25% off of MSRP, and another 10% off with trade-in was the clincher.
I did my 2 years in purgatory driving a crappy van. Time for my reward.

Is it an XLT or STX? It can't be both. Sounds like an XLT. Can't beat the value of the XLT. Congrats.

Really Lou, an XLT/STX. As Dave mentioned, which is it?

Also, How much was the final cost?

You mean you bought the most inadequate, pig of motor on the market? Wow, Lou. Now everyone is going to clown you.

No pun intended.

Good choice! Good thing it wasn't a Tundra or a Chevy.



You mean Ford took that crappy van as a trade in?

They probably gave you $500 for that turd. LoL!

my bad. XLT with Sync chrome and tow package.

First i will say thay i am a total loyal ford guy but these ram trucks have really caught my eye over the last couple of years.In my area the deals that the dealers are running on the rams is hard to ignore when they are thousands less than any ford.I will say with all honesty that i think the rams are getting close to on par with ford i.e. fit finish interior and quality.There is no doubt that the ram leaves the chevy gmc in the dust.The gm trucks are just so cheap and sorry made on the interior and the exterior is not much better. Its just pathetic they come out with a all new sd truck and nothings changed still just as cheap and sorry looking as before.Way to go gm.


Great choice. Post some pics on f150online if you get a chance.

Just wait till you see the longhorn ram

@ Dave, all Dodge has to do is either factory or dealer install air bags, than give the ones with air bags a higher GVWR. They are working in the real world on Rams, they are just not totally legal. I don't care if they catch Fords crazy ratings. Extra 300 to 400 pounds. Just enough to support the tow ratings. The guys that are using them do ok, sure, they will not make it right to put the load of a 2500 Ram on it, but it would be able to handle a higher weight. Crew and Quad 4x4 are 6800 and 6700 now. They have plenty of axle rating, 3900 I believe per axle. Of course Fords new ratings have people thinking it's cool to hook up 11,000 and then some pounds to to a gasser with smaller brakes then the Ram, and a poor 5.4 with a high rollover rating. Yeah, they got a 6.2, too bad it needs revved higher -same complaint people had with the early 5.7, and weighs a bunch. And of course they need more lugs on the wheels of the Fords cause they are smaller, and are they a smaller bolt pattern, too?? Dodge is on to something, they just need to add air bags, get your smooth ride and a decent GVWR. Well, as much as a real half ton needs, need more, get a 2500!

Doge buyers and Chevy buyers do not know what they are buying. If they wanted a real truck they would come to Ford like Lou.

Dodge buyers and Chevy buyers do not know what they are buying. If they wanted a real truck they would come to Ford like Lou.

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