Ford F-150 With EcoBoost Rated at 365 Horsepower, 420 Pounds-Feet

011 F-150 XLT Chrome Package

Last month, we told you about Ford’s three new powertrains for the 2011 Ford F-150. At the time, Ford announced the truck’s first implementation of its 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 but was mum on power ratings. Today, Ford said the engine is rated at 365 horsepower with 420 pounds-feet of torque on regular fuel.

Those torque ratings beat out all but the new 6.2-liter V-8, available on the top-of-the-line F-150 and base 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty. The EcoBoost’s toque ratings are better than the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter V-8s in the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the 5.7-liter V-8 in the 2011 Ram 1500, the 5.7-liter V-8 in the 2011 Toyota Tundra and the 5.6-liter V-8 in the 2011 Nissan Titan.

Up to 90 percent of the EcoBoost’s peak torque will be available from 1,700 rpm to 5,000 rpm — intriguing figures, considering the 3.5-liter EcoBoost implemented on Ford’s cars and crossovers hits peak torque around 3,500 rpm.

The V-6 can tow 11,300 pounds, which is the same maximum towing figure as the 6.2-liter V-8 and beats the best ratings that Chevrolet, Dodge and Toyota can cook up right now. Maximum payload is rated at 3,060 pounds, again the best rating for a half-ton pickup.

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 will be mated to Ford’s revamped 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission, which is rated for up to 7,000 rpm. The model will also feature Ford’s electric power-assisted steering system, new to the Ford F-150 for 2011.

All of this is supposed to give the EcoBoost not only the best towing, torque and payload figures but also “outstanding” fuel economy, Ford says.

Ford has yet to release final gas mileage figures for this powertrain. The 2011 F-150 will be available later this year; the 2011 F-150 with EcoBoost will be available in early 2011.

  • Best-in-class 420 pounds-feet of torque at 2,500 rpm versus premium V-8 competitors 
  • Up to 90 percent of peak torque available from 1,700 rpm to 5,000 rpm 
  • Best-in-class 11,300 pounds maximum trailer towing versus all competitors 
  • Best-in-class 3,060-pound payload rating versus all competitors


They sure are promising the whole enchilada here! I still have a hard time thinking that a turbo V-6 can take the place of a large displacement V-8 in the application. It is all the range among passenger vehicles, but it raises some questions that only time can answer. Driving characteristics, and durability among others.

Numbers look great on paper but real world test is key.

I think other members will agree that 2,000+ payload and 10,000+ towing is still too much for 1/2 ton...

Vortec and Hemi engines may be at or near limit. Heard GM working on next gen V8. RAM may need 6.4L in the lineup.

It will be interesting. I am eagerly awaiting 2012 or 2013 MY.

Will premium fuel give even better power numbers?

Nice, now lets see some MPG numbers. those tq numbers are impressive.

im very interested in the mileage, i need a truck to haul my quads and jetskis but i also commute to school and my dakota is killing me on gas, but at the same time what is a truck without that v8 sound?

Fuel mileage will be the same as a V-8 truck.Just look at Ford's other vehicles with that eco boost engine.

A 4000lb Flex gets 14-17 mpg so the F-150 should be around 13-15 average mpg.Remember its a premium performance motor from Ford not an economy motor !

Well this motor is definitely Fords answer to a V6 diesel in a half ton and for good reason. These numbers are right up there were a V6 diesel would be yet the gasoline engine is so much cheaper to produce and therefore keeps the sticker price down significantly. Not to mention the fact that Ford doesn't have to deal with the emissions crap that the EPA is forcing on diesel manufacturers nowadays. I just hope this engine is built strong to take the abuse of constant boost all the time like a diesel. But personally, as they say, there is no replacement for displacement so I would choose the 6.2 V8 any day even if it has worse MPGs.

I have to go with Justin and Patrick. Even though Ford has an awesome new line up. I would take the 6.2L V8 over the EB engine or at least wait to see the engine perform towing heavy loads. I am not dissing Ford at all I am just saying I am a little cautious with the towing with a V6 turbo or not. Time will tell how well it does though.

Correction for article, SHO/Flex peak torque is lower than the F-150, not higher. They have 350 ft/lb from 1500 RPM to 5250.

@Roberto: Will get you that answer about EB power figures on premium and RUG.

I'm impressed, the only problem is that I now have too many good choices to pick from! I guess we'll find out soon enough on how this boosted motor holds to the v8's in the lineup when Mike tests them out

@Gooey bum,

Acutally just hop on over to the new ranger topic on this site and it states right there that fuel mileage numbers for the f150 v6 and f150 ecoboost are expected to be close to the current ranger's mileage of 19 city/24 highway. Ford has 4 gems on their hands and they are leaving the competition in the dust. now that ford has tops in everything, horsepower, towing capability, payload, fuel economy, most trucks sold, most selling vehicle, what are the chevy and dodge fan boys gonna come up with next?

oh and to the people who say, "well the numbers look good on paper, but it will be a different story real world", well okay then good thing fords goal is to get at least 20,000 normal citizens to drive these trucks pre-release just to show everyone that they are indeed number one, in all aspects, and if you are interested in signing up to drive one of these new engines, just follow the link below.

Read this test review and you'll see evidence of Ford "paper" claims not adding up in the real world.

Did you read the part about altitude played a role on the peak torque outputs? im not saying your wrong or anything but im just saying, they should have dynoed the truck at sea level, but to see another example of ford's paper claims not adding up to the real world, follow the link, i think you will be happily suprised, well if ur a mustang man that is, haha

Impressive numbers for sure, but let's wait and see how durable it is. Ford's V-6 history is checkered to say the least!

I was curious to drive a truck with this engine in it @ the Ford event in Atlanta. Now, I can't f'n wait. And now, devious thoughts of what old school car & truck projects this engine will fit into.

Id be willing to try the EB out. Turbos have been around enough that reliability should no longer been called into question.

My wife has a VW Golf with a 1.8 turbo engine. I've played with the engine a bit (chip, cat back, etc) and the torque curve is incredible for a econo-box. Like the Ford EB the torque curve is flat from 1800-3000rpm. Flooring it in 5th gear at 50mph will get you to 75+ in about 4.5 seconds.

For me it will be about price. How much more will the EB cost and how much extra option package crap will I have to buy with it. I think a 2WD short bed single cab F150 EB would make for a hell of a drag truck. $2k in mods should put it in the 450hp and 550 ft-lb range. Thats enough to ruin the day for many Camaro owners.

I am not a truck guy, this might make me one though.

This engine seems great on paper....Then again so does the new 6.7 liter Diesel in Fords Heavy Duty pickups. We shall see how they do in the real world.

My concern is how well a small displacement engine like this will hold up in the long run. Even if it has more power than most the V8s offered by the big 3, usually a larger displacement engine will last longer under these loads because they are not "maxed out".

I hope I am wrong, because this seems like a step in the right direction as far as fuel economy:power ratio.

Wards just finished their Diesel Shootout and the new Ford Super Duty 6.7L diesel took top honors... before the s/w refresh that put it at 800ft-lbs... Very Impressive... real world!


What does WARD's know about trucks.

Sarcasm off!!!

Here's the articles if anyone is interested.

Perception Trumps Reality in Acceleration Duel
"Composure counts. Sometimes it’s even the deciding factor."

Ford Power Stroke Wins Diesel Shootout

For EcoBoost I'm hoping for about 20 city and 25 hwy. If I take it easy on the highway with cruise control set I would not be surprised to get 28 mpg.

Well, that being said, the next 1/2 Ton Shootout will be very interesting if it includes the new 6.2 V8 & 3.5 V6 EcoBoost engines in the F-150!

Totally awesome engines from the Blue Oval!

@Gandhi, I expect to see an improvement, but I think 20 city/ 25 hwy is a little optimistic. Anything above 15 city / 22 highway would be great though.

Whoop whoop!!! saweet!

EcoBoost mpg was said to be close to 19/24 in the recent Ranger article. Therefore Gandhi is seeing that figure and raising it 1 mpg.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the Ford humping fans came out to defend Ford. What these nimrods don't realize is that GM is first place in fuel economy. Always has been and always will be. The Chevy Silverado Hybred gets 21 city 22 highway. There is no way the ecobost is ever going to beat this!

GM rules and FORD drools!!!

First place in beauty of the truck, better looking than Ford, Dodge, Toyota. This is NOT debatable! First in fuel economy! GM'S future is very bright!!!

First place techonology. Onstar.

First place beauty. Silverado.

First place features. Bed height.

First place fuel economy. 22 highway.

First place offroad. Z71.

First place power. Duramax.

nough said!!!!


First place luxury. Denlai package. heated steering wheel

First place towing and payload. Vortec 6.2L V8

Every proven Vortec V8 engine available on Silverado is capable of generating over 300 horsepower and 300 lb.-ft. of torque. Or step up to the available Vortec 6.2L V8 that generates 403 horses and 417 lb.-ft. of torque, making Silverado the most powerful half-ton crew cab.

Not surprisingly, all that power is complemented by a lot of payload capability - 1,980 lbs.(7) for Crew Cab and 1,925 lbs.(7) for Extended Cab models with the available MAX Trailering Pack.
See the complete list of features and specs.
Powerful and efficient
Powerful and efficient

The available Vortec 5.3L V8 offers an impressive combination of 315 horsepower and 335 lb.-ft. of torque and an EPA estimated 21 MPG highway, 15 city when running on gasoline – fuel economy no competitive full-size pickup can beat(8).
Available Vortec 6.2L V8
Available Vortec 6.2L V8

This engine makes Silverado the most powerful half-ton crew cab.

* 403 horsepower
* 417 lb.-ft. of torque
* Better than Ford or Dodge

First place braking.
Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes Standard Siverado Not Available on Ford.

I dont think the 403 hp and 417 ft lb outdoes the 411 and 434 of the new 6.2 in the Ford. Nice try, Robbie

Negative Nancys, say what you want. But if the old hp per pound of boost saying is true... (7% hp gain per lb of boost), only 2 pounds of extra boost is all it'll take to completely snuff the competition. The numbers as is are pretty respectable. The only problem with this truck is A: I can't currently afford it, B: it's not in my driveway.

correction, 7 hp gain per pound of boost. 6-7 pounds would be all it takes to snuff the competition ;)

if this is all its chalked up to be and gets "excellent mpgs" to me thats over 25 city/hway avg. and it proves to be durable over a few year I might have to consider this and switch to a Ford *GASP* if you think about it the turbo gas v6 gives everyone what theyve been crying for in a 1500 (me included) a diesel basically great power number and great mpgs but my only question is its durability behind pulling a full size truck and maybe a few boats and concrete

Mike any word on pricing of the EB engines in trucks? I am willing to bet that they come at a premium compared to competitive V8's. Still give me a half ton diesel already at least the premium price will be worth it esp when it comes to longevity of the engine!

Note on mpg...

"the 2011 Ranger starts at $17,935 and gets 22/27 mpg city/highway. Models like the Ford Transit Connect, upcoming seven-passenger Ford C-Max and Ford F-150 with EcoBoost will fill those shopper needs, he said.''

Is somebody else going to break robbie's bubble or am i going to have to do that for him? okay my pleasure. first of all im going to post Robbies stuff the he thinks chevy is first in, then i am going to proceed to prove him wrong in each one, lets watch.

First place techonology. Onstar. Ford has sync and 911 assist

First place beauty. Silverado. oh you mean that paper thin wavy sheet metal to go with that ancient interior design?

First place features. Bed height. Ha what good is the bed height if you cant get into the bed? Ford has side box bed step and tailgate step.

First place fuel economy. 22 highway. its actually 23 on the hybrid, but that is going off of 2010 truck stats, hey robbie go read the topic headline, 2011 f150, and fyi its expected to get at lease 24 mpg

First place offroad. Z71. haha ford has the fx4 which is for beginner offroaders and then the raptor for the men. the z71 package cant touch the raptor in any way.

First place power. Duramax. actually the duramax is second to fords powerstroke (397 horsepower to fords 400)

When chevy claims they have the most powerful crew cab half ton, they are comparing that the 2010 trucks, ford now has the 6.2 available in the crew cabs and it makes 411 horsepower which is greater than chevys 403.

First place braking? hahaha with drum brakes? my 2004 ford has disc brakes front and back, which is alot better and cheaper, and dont wear out as fast. drum brakes are ancient and disc brakes are the way to go.

P.S. Ford also maintains tops in payload, towing, number one selling truck and vehicle.

Now you might wanna get some ice and put that on ur backside Robbie cuz it might be a little sore after that.

@Robbie - changed your name so no one knows it's you.
Well Bobsie to quote you "I knew it was only a matter of time before the Ford humping fans came out to defend Ford."
The problem with being a Chev/GM humper is that your willy always ends up smelling like crap or (according to the government) tastes like it.

Pretty cool, Nice 420lb/ft of torque at a low 2500RPMS. But even so, My new truck will be and F-150 powered by either a 5.0L or 6.2L V8. I just don't want a fullsize with a V6.

Well I currently have an 01 150 with the 4.2l v6 and average 19-20 mpg highway 14-16 mpg city (3.73 gears) grandpa driving and pull a 6500 lb boat (gas mileage stated truck is empty) consistantly to and from lake michigan + lake havasu and the truck has 275000 miles on it. Ya it struggles up grades when I towed to and from Arizona (4000 rpm plus peak torque at 3750 what would you expect) does the job though and has been extremely reliable and if this EB engine makes 420lbft at 1700 to 5000 rpm that engine will be working a 1/4 of what this truck not to metion the 6r80 cut rpm in half less gas more power wouldn't doubt good mpg either driving normally. Not to metion the 01 pulled an ez dump trailer with double axles (3300 lbs) with 1.9 cubic yards of moist dirt (6000+) new personal high 9300lb pulled fine with the weight piled over the trailer axles (60 miles round trip wouldn't advise cross country :) ) I don't understand the doubts on 6cyl. engines? Most of the highest mileage truck from Ford Chevy and Dodgle are the v-6's.

I just remembered that the V6 F-150 is the most reliable pickup truck ever made. Here is a wiki article talking about it...

"According to Consumer Reports' used car reliability history data, the 2004–2008 F-150 with the 4.2 L V6 engine is the most reliable American pickup truck ever produced in history. It scored a rating of excellent for five straight consecutive years within one body generation, something that domestics had never earned in the past."

Oh My god, all these comments made me feel like that truck is a real blast, obviously for a good reason..!!!

With virtually the same power ratings as the big V8 and, thanks to turbocharging, no loss in power at altitude, the EcoBoost may prove to be the more popular choice over the 6.2L for those of us in high-altitude areas (Colorado). If Ford could replicate the V8 exhaust rumble in the EcoBoost, that would really be the icing on the cake.

the ecoboost is a poor substitute for a light duty diesel engine which the 1/2 ton needs badly. The appropriate diesel would beat the ecoboost in durability, torque and get 25-30% better fuel economy. With gasoliine so cheap Ford assumes the public will accept there less efficient gasoline powered engines

Audi has the 3.0 TDI that is rated at 225hp/406lbft and gets 25hwy mpg while Mercedes 3.0 Turbo Diesel is rated at 200hp/400lbft at 25 hwy mpg. If this Ecoboost motor (which already beats the German diesel in hp & torque) can match or exceed these diesels in fuel efficiency, you have to wonder if their is any real reason to even pursue developing a light duty diesel for the F150. Other than the touted diesel durability, the premium price tag for a F150 with the diesel option alone will be high enough you might as well just buy a Superduty.

@ seymour r. rosen

Both Ford and GM had light duty diesels ready to go. Still do in fact.

If your points were true we'd be able to drive them right now. They already spent the $$$ to design them.

The baby diesels would cost more than the EB and payback wouldn't be there.


a gasoline ecoboost makes more sense then a diesel. have you guys seen the emissions components required on the new diesels? an ecoboost is a much cheaper solution and makes great numbers.

I just bought one yesterday , I am impressed with its power , I traded my 5.7 litter toyota tundra in in it that got 13.6 mpg , that I thought was a great running truck , The ford eco boost feels a whole lot of tourge , even though the tundra was almost the same , it averaged 22.6 mpg on my way home and I will be pulling a 23 ft trailer with this truck ... lets see !!

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