Ford Previews All-New Global Ranger, but It's Not Coming to North America

Ford Previews All-New Global Ranger but it's Not Coming to North America

Ford is rolling out an all-new Ranger, but if you want one in the U.S. or Canada — and we do — you're out of luck.

"There are no plans for that at this time," said Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president of global product development.

The redesigned Ranger, which has only been seen hidden in camouflage, will debut Oct. 15 at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. The small hauler will be sold in 180 countries.

"The new Ranger is our global compact pickup truck that serves the world," Kuzak said. "It's an all-new truck with new powertrains that promise truck leadership in markets outside of North America."

Ford teased the new Ranger's "taut, toned" looks by releasing a close-up photo of its grille, which shows Ford's contemporary three-bar grille styling plus side nostrils, a hallmark of Ford truck design. The Ranger name is embossed in the top bar.

The global Ranger’s new powertrains are expected to include 2.2-liter four-cylinder and 3.2-liter five-cylinder Duratorq diesels, a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder Duratec gas engine and possibly a 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost mill.

Ford sells two versions of the Ranger: the U.S.-built Ranger sold domestically and in Canada, and a Thai-built Ranger that shares only its name with the North American Ranger.

Production of the U.S. Ranger is scheduled to end in 2011. The new Ranger, code named T6, will be built on a single, globally shared platform that's been designed in Australia.

What does this mean for North American buyers looking for a small or fuel-efficient pickup? Kuzak reaffirmed his message from earlier this year: The Ford F-150 half-ton pickup will be that choice.

"Current Ranger buyers are using their trucks as affordable transportation," Kuzak said. "We have small cars and crossovers, the Transit Connect [van] and seven-passenger C-Max coming next year to meet their needs. For customers that still need a pickup, the F-150 has an all-new engine lineup for 2011 that will be 20 percent more fuel efficient [than the lineup it replaces] with best-in-class torque and fuel economy."

A U.S.-built 2010 Ford Ranger with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and five-speed automatic transmission is rated at 19/24 mpg city/highway.

Ford hasn't released fuel economy figures for the 2011 F-150 with the new 3.7-liter V-6 or 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, but they’re expected to be close to the Ranger’s ratings.

“The 3.7-liter V-6 F-150 XLT is aimed at entry-level personal-use truck buyers,” Kuzak said — the same people buying Rangers today.

Selling the T6 Ranger here doesn't makes sense to Ford, given the F-150’s improved fuel economy and North American buyers’ preferences for full-size pickups.

"In the U.S., compact truck market share has decreased from 8 percent to just over 2 percent," said Kuzak. "But the full-size truck segment is still one of the strongest vehicle segments."

According to Barclays Capital, full-size pickups represented 12.2 percent of industry sales in August, matching their sales performance in July and up significantly from 10.7 percent market share in the first half of the year.

Year-to-date sales of Ford F-Series pickup through August in the U.S. have surged 29.4 percent, compared with a 6.8 percent drop for Ranger. F-Series trucks are also the first U.S. vehicles to have sold more than 300,000 in 2010.

The global Ranger is also bigger than the truck it replaces, making it close in size to the F-150, Kuzak said.

"The new Ranger is 90 percent of the size of an F-150," Kuzak said. "In the rest of the world, compact trucks have grown over time. They’ve become dual-use [vehicles for work and family] and they’ve increased cab size, payload and towing."

The T6 Ranger will be built in Thailand alongside the Mazda BT-50, which shares the T6 Ranger’s underpinnings and will also make its world debut at the Australian International Auto Show. The new Ranger will also be assembled at a factory in South Africa.

The T6 Ranger will compete against the new Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton and an all-new global Chevrolet Colorado that’s expected to start production next year.

Like the T6 Ranger, the next-gen Chevy Colorado isn't expected to come to the U.S. either after production of the U.S.-built Colorado ends by 2012.


So lets get this straight , Ford is going to stop selling the Ranger in the USA thus ceding 50,000 sales to someone else most likely Toyota and Nissan ?
and buy a big ass F150 to drive to the grocery store .
Oh well maybe Toyota will base the next Tacoma off the world Hilux and they can have my money .

Sales will be spread out. Some will go to F150's, some will go to other Ford vehicles, and some will go to other makers of course. But Ford will also pick up sales overseas. End result is Ford is making more sales and more money.

People hate change but it is time for some to break away from their comfot zone. The new Ranger is 90% as big as a F-150 and the Tracoma is nearly as big as a full size. Congratulations to those who push hrough their fears.

Such sadness. It's not that people hate change. It's that they want choice. Without the Ranger there is no choice. You'll only have the BIG F150. If you want a smaller pick up, you're out of luck at Ford. I've looked at the F150 and It is just way too big for me. So I have two choices, keep my 2000 Ranger running or go to a Ford competitor. I'm a Ford man and I don't want to do that.

Nissan here I come! Get a Frontier ready for me!

My ranger has the 2.3-liter 4 cylinder engine.
The smallest engine you can get in a F-150 is the 4.6L V8
Even with 100 EcoBoost stickers it's still going to be a gas pig.
And i can't see myself driving a crossover or Transit Connect.
Goodbuy Ford!!!

@ Bret, Ford has several new engines available for the 2011 F150, including 3.7L v6, 3.5TT v6, and 5.0 all of which are said to be more fuel efficient than the outgoing stuff.

Now I REALLY hope Mahindra gets their $#!+ together and gets their truck here.

Attention Ford: I do not want to get a larger truck. Period. No matter how hard you try, I will not buy an F-150. Let me say it again, louder: I DO NOT WANT A FULL-SIZE PICKUP, PERIOD. The moment you stop making a compact Ranger for the US market is the moment you stop seeing me in your dealerships. PERIOD. My Ranger will likely last me for several years; if I have to buy a car because there are no more compact trucks, I will, but it sure as hell won't come from Ford now.

Seems a bit arrogant on Fords part to assume ranger owners will go to the f150. I definately will not. Sounds like the same b.s. they spewed when they softenend the explorer. I bought an xterra then and my next truck will likely be a frontier or tacoma, good-bye ford.


Jeep Gladiator is calling me.

just got a 2010 Blue Ranger in 4cyl, and love it, but next truck will be a JEEP GLADIATOR! Yee-haw!

Vote with your $$$s. If Ford does not want to offer a World Class Ranger then buy another brand, simple. If you settle for a bloated F150 then Ford was right.

You really have to wonder about the Ford logic. If true with the Ranger size pick up then why is the Escape in the line up? Discontinue the Escape and force buyers into the Explorer! Good luck with that.

I will purchase any of the new updated models when available. Don't care if it is the Japanese companies or even Mahindra. Personally with Ford abandoning this market I believe Toyota will redesign the Tacoma and bring it up to date.

I guess I'll keep repairing my 1998 Ranger until someone (Jeep? Mahindra? Toyota? Nissan?) comes out with a 4-banger diesel in a compact pickup truck.

The F-150 is a very nice truck (and I'm co-owner of one with a family-member), but it's just not a good fit for my needs. It can carry 2-3x what I need and tow about 7 times what I need to tow. It's surprisingly easy to drive, considering that it's a ginormous tank compared to my Ranger and my Prius. I'm green-minded, so I would very much prefer to trade these unneeded capabilities and size for extra MPGs, bio-fuel compatibility (corn ethanol doesn't count), and a driving-experience more like my good old Ranger.

But I'm pretty-much happy with my old Ranger. I do sometimes wish I'd bought a higher trim-level -- but not enough to get me into an F-150.

P.S. I'm a weekend DIYer. Those guys who work in the trades, who tow heavy equipment and trailerloads worth of cattle to market are not me. I'm glad they have such a refined truck as the F-150 (and the bigger F-series trucks), but I'm not one of those guys so I don't need the same truck they do. I just don't need an F-150 to haul plywood and gardening supplies home from Home Debot.

@ Luke. If you are happy with your Ranger, you should try to get another one before they're gone. You've had yours for 12 years, so if you get a 2011 and drive it 12 years, hopefully there will be a Ford compact pickup in 2023. I agree with the others about not wanting to go from a Ranger to an F-150 (and I drive an F-150). Ford could revamp the current Ranger, and put an EcoBoost 2.0 litre 4 cylinder, or a small diesel and run circles around the 150 in great fuel mileage.

"In the U.S., compact truck market share has decreased from 8 percent to just over 2 percent." Seriously Kuzak?! And you're adding fuel to the fire that's burning the small truck population to ashes! You and Ford are the reason Toyota has the number one selling small pickup in the US! If I wanted a big-@$$ F150, I'll get a big-@$$ F150...especially since it's got a 300-hp v6... but I want a little truck, guess I'll have to get a Toyota or Nissan. I ain't trusting Chrysler with the Jeep Gladiator announcement! AND I SURE AS HELL AIN'T DRIVING NO C-MAX OR TRANSIT CONNECT! THEY LOOK ALL GIRLY AND ARE DESIGNED FOR BARBIE DOLLS!

Derrick Kuzak is clueless- he can ferry the next load of manure over to my garden is the back of his Escape. A F-150, even one that gets better mpg, is NOT a substitute for a compact truck. There's a lot more to it than mpg; initial purchase price, operating costs (try pricing F-150 tires sometime) and size.

That "compact" market decline is due to two things; 1. The Ranger's competitors are no longer "compact" - they've moved upmarket in size and price to the point where little differentiates them from a full size truck. 2. Ford's relative indifference towards the Ranger- it is dying through neglect.

Ford is looking a gift horse in the mouth- the Ranger is a class of one, the only true compact truck in the US market. Mr. Kuzak is right to worry about canibalizing F-150 sales with the T-6 but the current Ranger has no such problems. Thought updates like the crew cab sold elsewhere and a modern V-6 (transplant the 3.7 V-6/ 6 speed from the 2011 F-150) would give the Ranger new appeal at relatively low cost.

Ceding an entire market segment for the sake of idealogical purity known as "One Ford" will come back to bite 'em in the you know what. All markets are not the same and once lost they may never regain it.

F-150 BIG?? LOL!!!

If you thing the F-150 is "BIG" you dont need a truck at all. A minivan or wagon would suite you just fine.

Yes, im an A hole I know.

Maybe the Mazda version will be available? Just hoping.

Also, I'm sure if you get a 4-door F150, it won't be available with the gas sipping engine!

I can see Ford's point.
The global Ranger is 90% of the F150.
It Sounds bigger than Toyota's precurser to the Tundra.
I bet the global Ranger will be close in price to an F150.
I doubt that it will come back to bite Ford in the ass.
2% market share isn't worth the investment, especially when we are in tough times.
VW said that they'd need to sell 100,000 units a year to make it worth bringing in the Amarok.
The Ranger sells less than 50,000 units a year.
A shortbox, Regular cab F150 with the new V6 would be a decent daily driver.

Jeep: You better get those pickups ready. You are sitting on a gold mine.

it will Jeep Gladiator pickup will hero for US market. I know Nissan Frontier based international Nissan Navarra and Toyota Tacoma based international Toyota Hilux. it is part greedy to small pickup is gasoline for US market. if you learn more international small pickups are 80% diesel and 20% gasline with four cyclinder only. it is not international gasoline with V6. I am very very mad at Ford Motor Company is bigger greedy to our US market. I know we are still mad at Volkswagen about VW Amorak pickup not coming to America. I read about VW Amorak assembly in Argentina. it is not easy trade from Argentina to US.

Garrett. You ever try to park a F-150 in a garage downtown, or use one to commute in. I can afford a large truck, but it doesn't suit my needs on a daily basis. I'm a DIYer and a compact pickup is all I need. I'm looking at the Jeep for my next truck.

Ford getting rid of the Ranger? FAIL.......Ford replacing Kuzak? WIN!

The Jeep is a compact pickup now? The Jeep Gladiator is 96% of the length of a F150, and 97% of the width.

The Jeep cab height is also higher than the F-150.

Sales are low.

Developing a new one (the same size) would not be profitable.

Whats so hard to understand?

@Larry, I park my F-250 n my Silverado ext. cab in parkin Garages. Its sometimes get tight, but It those people who drive little cars n Suv don't know how to park. They over the other line or slated side ways. If you can't park them then you need to lose your driver license..

@lou "A shortbox, Regular cab F150 with the new V6 would be a decent daily driver. " I have no doubt of that but it still would not replace the Ranger. There is roughly a $4k price spread between a Ranger and F-150 and I have no doubt that will increase with the 2011's - that sophisticated V-6 and six speed automatic won't come free.

The T-6 exposes the flaw in the "One Ford" argument- all markets are NOT the same. The current Ranger fills a market segment in a way the T-6 cannot and a thoughtfully revised version of the current Ranger would do the same. That the Ranger sells as well as it does with so few mechanical updates and almost zero promotion should tell Ford something.

Given the tepid so called "recovery" another gas spike would kill F series sales not to mention the stricter CAFE standards........... Ford will regret leaving this market segment especially when it seems like GM wants back in.

And you guys thought Ford is such a U.S. caring company!!!

More U.S. lost jobs at the hand of another big 3 company...

I like how Ford does not listen to you guys and demands you to buy the F-150 here in the U.S. Ford is saying f#$% off, we call the shots!

More reason as to why I drive a Tacoma.

I like how the new Ranger has grown in size, so much for the compact comments...they see how successful the Tacoma/HiLux has been globally they will have to match it.

Time will tell if Ford dropped the ball on killing the Ranger.
I considered compacts and 1/2 tons before buying my 2010 F150 Supercrew 6.5 box 4x4.
The current Ranger did not even register on my radar as it was too small. Booster seats don't fit in the extended cab jump seats. I also did not like lap belts for the jump seats.
I had one and traded it off on a van for those very same reasons.
I looked at the Colorado/Canyon twins but did not like their reliability record ,short box, or towing capacity.
The Tacoma was a serious contender, but with year end rebates, I bought a full size truck for less than a Tacoma crewcab TRD 4x4 automatic with towing package. The Tacoma was rated to tow 7,000 lb and the F150 9,500. Fuel economy was similar.
I don't live in a big metropolitan center, so I do not need to contend with tight, cramped quarters. My truck fits into the parkade at my workplace.

@The Common Man,

Not everyone thinks with their brain.

" I bought a full size truck for less than a Tacoma crewcab TRD 4x4 automatic with towing package" - Lou

Toyotas are overprived and overrated

Some of the people on here seem to think that compact p'up owners use them for nothing but commuting and that a fuel efficient f-150 is the answer. I personally bought a compact so I would have a vehicle that is easier to drive in the mountains. I do alot of hunting and fishing and tow two four wheelers once in awhile. My 03 ranger x-cab 4x4 fits the bill perfect.

@Wayne: It seems silly to pay $20k for what is essentially the same Ranger that I already have. Another option would be to buy a used one the a slightly higher trim-level -- but I've got to wait at least until spring for this one. Also, I really want a compact truck with a diesel engine -- so holding out for the Jeep Gladiator or Mahindra is worth the risk. In the meantime, I can spend 1/4th of that amount and bolt a fancy navigation-enabled radio and a flatbed-conversion onto my existing truck and I'll feel like I have a new one.

@Garrett: I would agree with you -- except that the current crop of wagons and minivans don't haul plywood and compost very well. I've gone to the Subaru dealer with a tape measure, and width of the cargo opening on the Legacy wagons that I've looked at is 47-3/4". Same with the minivans -- I've measured several of them and they're all a little shy of the 49" that I need. One possible exception is the Honda Odyssey -- but my wife has vetoed it for now, and you can't hose out the back of it to deal with smelly loads. Everyone except Honda has a full-size pickup truck business to defend, I guess.

Er, the dimension that's problematic on the minivans isn't the width of the rear hatch, it's the distance between the pretty plastic covers over the wheel wells. I'd tear up the interior of a Grand Caravan pretty good if I use it the way I use my Ranger.

I would like to see compact trucks return to the US market - similar to the small trucks the Japanese began importing to our shores back in the 1970s, but with updated technology of course. If we could get Congress to repeal the stupid chicken tax that adds a 25% tariff on imported trucks maybe we could see more variety in our market. I think there is a market here for this kind of vehicle - especially at a competitive price.

@RLM: "I park my F-250 n my Silverado ext. cab in parkin Garages. Its sometimes get tight, but It those people who drive little cars n Suv don't know how to park."

Far be it from me to defend the average driver -- there are lots of poorly educated drivers out there.

But as someone who's recently parked both an F-150 and a Prius in the parking garage where I work in the last month, I have to say that parking the F-150 is easier than it looks -- but parking the Prius is just easier. With its small size and tight turning radius, you just drive the Prius into the spot and walk away. With the F-150 you have the actually park it.

So, I have to ask myself: do I want to do more work or less work in a day? Since the F-150s extra capabilities are far in excess of my needs, a smaller truck == less work for me. Why take on the extra work to lug an extra 2000lbs worth of truck all around town, and then try to shoehorn it into a tight spaces?

My purposes are probably quite different than yours, of course -- I ;m just a weekend DIYer, so there's no way I'd use the full capabilities of an F-150, much less the substantial hauling/towing capabilities your F-250. I just don't need a big truck.

Bummer that Ford won't be competing for my money when I'm ready to buy a new compact truck. That Jeep Gladiator is looking pretty good to me right about now. :-)

Kuzak is an idiot. I owned a 92 Ranger, it died in 2005, I purchased another Ranger in 2005.
I planned on buying a third Ranger when this one died. Ford just lost a customer here.

I need a small pick up and with the Ranger discontinued, Ford can no longer fill that need. And I will not be forced into buying a more expensive, larger Ford truck.

Write to Ford, tell Kuzak he is making a huge mistake.

Ford Motor Corp.
Corporate Headquarters
One American Road
Dearborn, Michigan 48126
Attn; Derrick Kuzak

Or call Corp. Headquarters - 313-322-3000

Call customer service center files complaints.

Let your voice be heard to Ford.
Yes, I know, probably wont do any good. But they need to know that us Ranger lovers will no longer do business with them.

My only hope is that my Ranger becomes priceless rather than worthless once they discontinue.

What idiots.

F150 will be easier to park with the eps than the Gladiator which is just as big as a F150.

First, they kill the Sport Trac, Now, the Ranger. Ford doesn't seem to realize that it is the size that brings people to the smaller trucks. I waited many years to to buy my Sport Track because nothing was made with four doors and was small enough to park in my neigborhood yet still could do what a pickup needs to do.

The US needs to take a look at the small truck market in South Africa. Virtually Every manufacturer has a truck of some sort. Engines range from 1.4 L turbo diesels to 4.0 L V 6 and 3.0 L Diesels. Ford and GM with nissan, mazda, toyota, fiat, mahindra and now VW with the Amarok brining up the rear. Ford and GM dominate the small 3/4 ton market with there Bantam and Corsa Small Utes. I'll bet my left nut that those two will sell like a mofo over here. You guys here should do a piece on world trucks produced by Ford, GM toyota and the rest of them. Have a reader poll and take that result to your next road test in michigan then throw that at the talking heads and get some answers

id like to see fords small cars, crossovers or transit van take the abuse my ranger has, this guy is a joke, all ford needs to do is a new front suspension, coils, and new powertrains, 2.0l ecoboost and 3.7l with 6spds

my dad has a 05 f150 and its nice but i have no desire for one, like the looks of the tacoma an nissian so we'll see when i need a new truck

While I like the idea of the Jeep Gladiator style of truck, Chrysler hasn't made it official. And even if they do, I'm willing to bet that it will be overpriced for the market that the Ranger currently plays in. Don't believe me? Just look at the Wrangler (which the Jeep truck would be based on). There seems to be no sensible reason for a Wrangler to cost $30K. I agree that Ford is missing an opportunity to spend pennies & make dollars. Really, just an interior refresh would be all that is necessary.

20% better fuel then an existing F150, lets see when I checked the f150 4X4 was rated 15 city 18 highway, 20% would be 18 city 21 highway. It's not worth buying.If they would upgrade the Ranger the 4x4 should get 24-28mpg. I do not want nor need a full size truck period and have no use for a cuv/transit


"Toyotas are overprived and overrated"

If that is the case then why is Ford leaving the U.S. market?

Answer is simple, they cannot build a small pickup to compete on the level of the Tacoma hence they throw the white flag out and give up!

Bye Bye Ranger , hello F-100???

@Frank- I agree the tacoma sucks!!!!!

I am glad i have my 06 Ranger sport, it will last me at least another 10 years. Maybe by then ford will realize the importance of a sturdy mini pick-up truck.


I agree that the Ford Ranger sucks hence Ford lost confidence to sell it in the U.S. market!

F U FORD! The ranger in Europe gets 36 mpg with diesel. The F150 is way to big. Let me repeat that, WAY TOOO BIG. The F150 with an automatic gets 20 mpg. Almost half the diesel ranger. What the F is wrong with you ford? You have a fuel efficient truck but won't bring it here? I see the problem as Ford spent lots of money on the new F150 platform and they don't won't to loose on their investment. The new ranger would most likely sell to a lot of potential F150 buyers thus taking away from that truck line. Also, it's a shame you can't get a manual trans in any small size truck with a crew cab except the frontier. I've already made my plans to import the diesel ranger from Germany. It's a great truck and I'll be ahead of the game when fuel prices go up again and everyone is crying about it.

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