Mazda Previews Next-Generation Compact Pickup

All-New BT-50 Dual Cab design sketch MAIN.ashx
Mazda unveiled photos and some intriguing data today for its all-new compact pickup truck. The new model will be called the Mazda BT-50, and it will take the place of the current BT-50, which is sold in international markets like Australia and Thailand.

The new pickup is based on Ford’s next-generation global Ford Ranger — code named “T6” — that will be built on a single, shared platform. Like the international Ford Ranger, the BT-50 (shown above) is not expected to be sold in the U.S.

The new pickup finally adopts Mazda’s current design language, which, judging from the renderings, gives the model a sportier look than some might expect from a truck. Mazda calls the model an “active lifestyle vehicle” meant for families, workers and pleasure seekers. Mazda says the model will be fun to drive and will set a new direction for the pickup utility market.

The next-gen international Ford Ranger will be longer and wider than the current model and may include a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine and Ford's 3.0-liter Duratorq TDCi four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and be configured for left- and right-hand drive. The BT-50 may get some of the same treatment. We’ll know more on Oct. 15, when the model is unveiled at the 2010 Australian International Motor Show.


side profile looks sweet, hate the front

Bring that truck, along with the diesel engine, to the US please!

I'm sure it will look exactly like those renderings! Especially those practical wheels and tires.

Sounds like a good idea like the little diesel engine but looks wise that is hideous. Those taillight from the side view look like the taillight off of last gen side step tundras

That styling sucks! Whoever draws these things up, YOU SUCK!

me hopes it doesn't fail in a crash test as bad as the previous...

Another vote for the diesel!

My Ford Ranger is getting long in the tooth, and I'd love to see a compact truck that would would actually be an upgrade.

A small diesel would fit the bill, as would a vehicle with Subaru-style all wheel drive. Also, anything that can be done to make it easier to haul 4'x8' sheets of plywood would certainly be welcome -- anything that they can do to increase the distance between the arches and/or flatten the bed would be welcome. Any way to keep the MPGs up would also be welcome.

Note the things that I didn't say -- I don't need more power. I don't need more hauling/towing capacity. I don't need a bigger vehicle. If I wanted that, I'd buy a used F150. The F150 it's an excellent truck, and the MPGs are almost as good as the 4x4 Ranger -- but it's really just a whole lot bigger than what I actually need.

I can see compacts making a come back if full size trucks are going to get hit hard by the looming MPG/emission regulations.
"CAFE" type regulations where the big trucks get a break because super efficient compact trucks exist would be a win/win situation for everyone!

I'm willing to bet the drawings make it "swoopier" than it will really be, but I gotta give props to the artist.

Did you see the "reflection" of the top truck in the windshield of the bottom one?


Diesel please to the USA! & make it made in America!

I wonder if the diesel mentioned will be Mazdas new diesel. It reportedly does not require a DPF or Urea. Doesn't make sense to go through the hassle of building your own and then not use it. Its called the SkyD I believe if anyone cares to look it up.

A small useful diesel pickup in the USA? Naw, That would be too good. Therefor, it will not happen. The ability of ' whomever' to stomp out small diesels has been proven repeatedly. Consumers want them, right up until they see the 10000 % profit charge. That and the fact that the diesels that did slip through were surpressed versions that could not live up to their european breatherin.

Ford: You should be ashamed, $7800+ for the diesel engine option is obsene.

Make sure you know, before you sign, that it is PROFIT not cost that is ten times higher with the diesels. Advertising lies not-withstanding. Reminds me of the rug merchants. Worse than horseliers eeerrr traders.

Here is a novel idea. Lets all go together to Belvidere Ill, and STEAL the diesels they are making there to ship to Europe. That is the only way you will get a 50+mpg SUV. Just remember not to register it.
While most of you will get the 'tongue in cheek' .............
It just makes me sick seeing those vehicles leave knowing I'm not ALLOWED to buy one.

Looks good for the South African market

I agree with Justin: side looks awesome; front is goofy and wimpy.

Ford should bring the new Ranger to the U.S. Mullaly might do some things right but if he fails to bring a replacement for the Ranger--and if he thinks people will just switch to a huge, guzzling F-150 instead--that will be his BIGGEST FAILURE.

Is there some sort of school or inside group that only allows renderings with 30"+ wheels? Is it hard to draw smaller wheels which would more closely resemble real life?

I picture some art dude with spiky hair who drives a Prius making that ridiculous sketch.

The side view is ok, but that front view made me throw up a little.

It's a friggin' CAR. How about a working truck that is not gigantic??

These companies must be under death-threats or something not to bring a small diesel to the US. I'd even buy it in this crazy-looking "truck."

It's not a car. If it has a bed it is a pickup truck. And it is separate from the bed. Yes, they are under threats from O, EPA, liberals, demorats, environmental extremists, etc.

As a resident liberal, I think the small diesel pickup truck would be an excellent option. The improved MPGs would earn it a place in my driveway next to my Prius -- and I'd much rather pay you to grow me some soybeans for biodiesel than to pay the Japanese for a Prius, and then pay the US military to invade Iraq to get me some oil, and then pay a bunch of robber barons for the oil. I think you and I could do business together when it comes to soybeans and small diesels, even if we're likely disagree vehemently on the rest of the politics.

I agree about the EPA, though. I think part of the problem is that the EPA standards and the Euro standards contradict each other. I imagine that the car companies are fine with this, though, because it provides a trade-barrier that supports American car companies and the unions that they employ. I'm a bit conflicted on this one.

Ford Falcon UTE from Australia.

'nuff said.

Would a manufacturer PLEASE bring a modern compact truck to the US? I read that if it is built in S. Africa (as the Ranger is proposed to be), there is no Chicken Tax applied?

Truck looks sexy but right now it’s a mirage. We’re going to have to wait a while before seeing those here. Same thing goes for the next-gen Ford Ranger. Both are still in the development stage. Fortunately, in terms of new and fresh compact trucks, the Mahindra TR20 and TR40 are coming. I just hope legal issues with GV don’t further delay the launch. Rugged and compact with a clean diesel engine is just what’s needed for the ailing compact truck segment.

Mazda IS planning to offer small cars with diesels in the USA, so maybe...?

Perfect Mazda Pickup tail lights.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.

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