NHTSA Investigates Ford F-150 Over Fuel Tank Straps

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a preliminary investigation into whether the straps connecting fuel tanks to the 1997-2001 Ford F-150 pickup can corrode and fall off.
In 28 of the 32 complaints NHTSA has received about this issue, the straps broke, and the fuel tank either was dragged on the road or fell off completely. The potential dangers, especially regarding a fire hazard, are obvious.
There have been no injuries or fires related to the complaints it has received on the F-150, the government says.  
NHTSA Probes F-150 Fuel-Tank Straps (Detroit News via Jalopnik)



whelp looks like i know who NOT to tailgate down the road behind

Once again, this would probably only effect certain trucks in specific states. Ones where vehicles are more prone to corrosion. Am I correct Mike?

The report doesn't say but one of the complaints I looked up after you asked did say it was in a salt belt state. I would assume this will be a road salt/cold weather issue when the recall is released but there's no official word.

The straps must of been made by the same outfit making Toyota frames... LOL

Toyotas problem was rusting frames..something thats pretty thick. The F150 has rusting straps...I'm sure much easier to fix overall than a rusted frame. But yes, I would like to know how far back we can go with these "problems"...Model T?

@Ant - valid point. Steel rusts.
Where does personal responsibility end and corporate blame starts?

hmmmm.. my 97 has 210,000 miles on it, straps seem to be ok to me.....unless i lost my tank yrs ago and the truck runs on pure determination? al kidding aside, that would suck to be behind if one of these bad boys broke

This is a little thing that everyone should look at once a year or something like that that people ofter just ignore. It is sad that there are so many drivers out there who do not know the difference between an engine and trans. Bring auto shop back into schools and make some mechanical stuff part of drivers ed.



replaced both straps 3 months ago after 1 broke and hit my boat i was towing,now cab corners rusting thru,not bad for $22,000 truck in 1998

TROLL ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey "me.yahoo".... don't get to cute as I remember several years ago CHEVY had problems with axles coming right out of their housing, real bad when turning a corner!!! For that there is no excuse.

Yeah, this is about right. I know pickups used to rust during the Clinton administration, but how much more recall oriented is the NHSTA during the Obama administration? They take it to everyone, whether it's a 10 year old pickup or not. I think this is what was meant by 'not industry friendly', but if I had one of these, I'd take new straps.

Not to get too far off topic but what is with the dude wearing cut off shorts in the back ground? He kind of looks like Uncle NO-NO.

Cruise control sets vehicles on fire, gas tanks falling out. Man, Ford gets all the cool recalls.

No the coolest recall Ford ever had was on the 2008 super duty trucks. Fire coming out of the tailpipe is what some people pay to do lol. don't know much about this recall so I can't say much but to the myyahoo person chevy had a problem with falling tailgates not to long ago to where if a certain amount of weight (not alot) was placed the tailgate would break off and also it would randomly just fall off. "ya I was driving down the highway and I saw this flying tailgate!"

@ EagleXYZ I forgot about that one. Also cool. Needless to say, if its a Ford it WILL catch on fire. Its only a matter of time. Make sure your insurance is adequate Lou and Frank. The man step will come in handy when you load up your new fire proof safe this weekend. :)

Wow...You know this is not a laughing matter but it seems that all the Toyota, Chevy, Nissan, and "Ram" Fanboys all find this funny...GROW UP you pukes!!!

Recalls and more recalls. My 2001 F-150 recall was fixed and still my truck burned to the ground.

And so is it now assume that the owner has to do no maintenance? Government maintenance next?

Do a search for Silverado rust recall and you will be blown away by the amount of rust on GM trucks. It is a major issue for the last 10 years and is still going on. Trucks as new as 2008 are rusting. This is unacceptable.



Toyotas were bad for rust but GM is right up there too.

What is with recalls affecting 10-14 year old vehicles? At what point does simple wear and tear come into play? IMHO this is BS and comes wi th the territory when you live in a rust belt state. You expect rust and corrosion after 10-14 years. 32 complaints in 10 years?? That classifies to get an investigation? When are they going to investigate 04-05 Titans for their rear diff failures so I can get a new one from Nissan for free to replace mine with 100k miles on it? I know there are more than 35 reports on that issue.

BTW the flame throwing SuperDuty was not a recall IIRC. The footage was from a truck with at least one b ad injector dumping too much fuel into the engine. The regen cycle ignited it.

I had a '96 Ranger with 175000 kms on it that had the straps rust off. I live in Canada where the roads get salted all winter long. Rust happens. Didn't know or expect the manufacturer to be responsible for a 14 year old truck! $30 and some dirt in my eyes and the straps were replaced. No big deal. Man up people. Do your maintenance!

You know folks, stuff happens. Cars and trucks are some of the most complex engineering feats that we use everyday. They have to be able to operate in a multitude of circumstances and environments safely and reliably. How many THOUSANDS of parts make up each and every model of vehicle? As consumers, we constantly demand new models, updates, changes, keep up with the Jones. If you want trouble free and reliable, let the manufacturers go back to 10 year life cycles, and go and buy the late-in-life-cycle trucks. Then you can expect perfection. But if you want a new model every 4 years, some things are going to suffer. As consumers, we can't have it all.

@Jordan L - I only recall (pardon the pun) 2 fire problems in vehicles myself or my immediate family have owned. My parents had a Chrysler LeBaron that caught fire. My wife and I had a Grand Caravan that had a recall because the heaters were causing condensation in the radios and causing fires. It didn't catch fire even though I wish it did on countless occasions.
You seem to have a fixation on fires. Your Joan of Ark story was hillarious.

I had a GM Truck catch fire in my younger (idiot) chevy days.

WOW! Never thought I would actually see this. I had a 98 F150 with 150K miles, truck ran great. On a cold Saturday morning after filling the tank with 22 gallons I was on my way home when I heard that dragging sound that usually means I’ll be under the truck doing some muffler work. Since I didn’t want to back out of the garage and do more damage I decided to pull over and see exactly what went wrong. By the time I found a safe place to pull over I had dragged what I thought was the muffler for about half a mile. Imagine my surprise, when I got out of the truck and saw the line of flame coming at me. Felt a little like mission impossible. Dragging the gas tank put a hole in it, the sparks caught the leaking gas on fire, took about 45 seconds before the truck was mostly engulfed. Anyway my insurance company is still trying to get the expenses (including my deductable) back from Ford. Last a heard they were suing them. I guess I was lucky, no read lights, not stops signs on my way home I had plenty of time to get away from the truck. This was back in 08, but being a true Ford fan I just picked up a 2005 F150.

@ Lou Just having a little fun at your expense :) Only car fire I've ever experienced as when working at a quick lube years ago. It was the kind where you drive over the the pit. One person works the top one works the bottom. A Ford (Taraus I believe) came in. The oil filter sits just in front of the starter. Get a little carried away with the filter wrench and it will touch the starter contacts. And of course the owner is sitting in the car while its burning. That was a bad day.
Seems like everytime Ford has a recall its because its vehicles are catching on fire for some reason. I'm not a pyro, I'm just making an observation.
I don't consider fuel tank straps to be a maintenence item but if these vehicles where being maintained and inspected at decent shops or dealerships this wouldn't be a problem. Its not like the strap went from being structurly sound to rusted through overnight. I think the owners need to take some responsibilty.
@ synrgy I'm not a puke. Maybe you should grow a sense of humor.


How is that for a sense of humor "Jordan L." ?

Lets pick on chevy...remember the chevy trucks that had the gas tanks on the ouside of the frame...? and if they were t-boned on the side of the tank they would explode...yeah that was cool. Let me do just one more for good times sake...the '90's Chevy Corsica had a recall where it was possible for the steering shaft to become disconnected during normal driving conditions and cause a loss of steering control. That was an Awesome recall too!! woohoo. Ford guys you can thank me later :)

@Jordan L - we're cool. Thanks.

@ synrgy Much better. Thanks.
Didn't GM also have a recall where a motor mount broke, the engine dropped on one side and pinned the throttle wide open?

They've all had big recalls.
At least with a Ford - you can stay warm at the side of the road waiting to be rescued. LOL

Don't be fool, drive a CHEVY!!!


We all know how well rocks perform.

It all depends on how much effort you want to put into throwing that rock away.

After everything is said and done, all you’re left with is a sore arm and the memory of a small splash.

Don't waste money/time on lemon vehicles.
Buy a chevy instead!!!!

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When everything is said and done all you ford fans are buncha fags!!!! chevyboy 4life Texas Edition

@chevygirl- Ford will take care of thier recalls with thier own money unlike Government Motors will use tax payers money to take of their recalls!!!


@ChevBob - typical, if your favorite brand can not stand up on its own merrits - turn to personal attacks.
Shallow pickup boxes for shallow owners.

@x007- Ever wonder how they pay for their recalls,by selling lemon's fresh out the factory to dummies like you!! The rich get richer. keep on supporting your local stealerships.
O yea- @ lou- shallow pickup boxes are for real truck's but Ford's little man step is for little fag ford owners !!!

@chevbob -
Typical insecure homophobe.
If your favorite brand can not stand on its own merrits - turn to personal attacks.
little trucks for little men.

@Lou -If your favorite brand can't stand the test of time dump it for a real truck. Unless you don't want to face reality you'll soon watch your hard earned money go up in flames, cause that's what fords are famous for,burning money. Only homophope men like you drive fords. Real men drive a Chevrolet!!!

@chevygirl- You are a classic example of a brand loyal sucker!!! You have stooped so low to call people names because they don't drive a Government Motors vehicle. Recalls happen and will continue to happen. I am a Ford guy, I prefer ford over any other manufacture because I have used other brands, (not drove but used) and ford has been the best so far!!! I'm not dumb and I'm not a fag as you have suggested! You need to pull your head out of your ass, wipe the crap out of eyes, and take a long hard look around because with your kind of attitude and blindness you are setting your self up for failure just like the government owed company you are so in love with. I guess I can say you are government owned too!!!!!!! HAHA SUCKER!!!!!!!

@x007 -Take your blue oval logo and shove it!!! Let me make it clear that ford vehicles suck and will probably take you to your grave. I'll see you in hell!!! Take that ass hole !!!

@chevyowed- lets take this to the war room in the forums!
I'm ready!!!!!


@chevboy quote"Real men drive a Chevrolet!!!"
keep saying that over and over again and you might start believing it or even better - start acting like one.



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