Ram Trucks Sponsors Farm Aid 25 Benefit Concert

Ram Trucks Sponsors Farm Aid 25 Benefit Concert

Ram Trucks has become the exclusive automotive sponsor of Farm Aid's twenty-fifth anniversary concert this weekend.

"The Ram Truck brand is proud to be the official vehicle of 'Farm Aid 25: Growing Hope for America,' and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that the American family farm delivers day in and day out," said Jeff Kommor, Midwest Business Center Director, Chrysler Group LLC.

According to a Chrysler press release, Farm Aid 25 attendees can participate in the Ram Truck brand experience and learn more about Farm Aid’s fund-raising efforts for family farms while attending the concert on Oct. 2 in Milwaukee at Miller Park.

Musical artists such as Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Mathews are expected to perform. Ram product specialists will be available to answer questions and provide vehicle information.

[Source: Chrysler]


Dear Chysler,

I appreciate your generosity and all, but please first return all of the money that you have taken in federal bailouts. I wouldn't forcibly take money from my next door neighbor (even if an act of Congress gave me permission) and then use part of that money to support my favorite charity/political cause. You can support "Growing Hope for America" after you give my money back.

With utter disgust,

-The American Taxpayer

@ Brian - everyone forgets that Chrysler bellied up to the trough with GM.
Regardless of your opinion or mine - I think that this is a good cause.

@Brian Who says your American!!! This is American where there is free will to do anything one wants with in its boundries. You sound like a President Obama hater, if you don't like what you see go back to where you belong.

Opps, was over excited. This is America!!! Go Dodge!!!


How is that "RAM Trucks" rebranding working? When I see a Dodge Ram, I still think Dodge Ram. Have you talked with any of the people at Chrysler about this?

I agree w/ Alex I see no difference expect the websites for truck and cars are no seperate and the Ram brand one has alot of cool new features.

I don't know much about Farm Aid, but I am just making the point that Chrysler should repay the money that they owe American taxpayers before they support their favorite causes. I think that supporting family-run farms is great, but I want them to support these farmers with their own money.

By the way, if you go to their web site under the "A Bit About Us" section and scroll down to "Taking Action to Change the System" you will find these words:

"We've worked side-by-side with farmers to protest factory farms."

I don't know exactly what it means to "protest factory farms," but it sounds like they do a little bit more than charity work.

Hey American Tax Payer, Can we get a refund from the Iraq War? That was a waste of time as well.
Were you preppared for all of the GM & Chrysler unemployeed workers to be left for the Taxpayer to take care of? At least they are still working & paying taxes, which is less of a burden for the American Tax Payer.
You may want to look at the strategic side of retaing two of the biggest American manufacturing companies for for national security. You may need them in a major conflict.

This is not a political forum, so I guess I shouldn't have brought this topic up here. Just to let you know, there is no reason that GM and Chrysler could not have survived by restucturing themselves in bankruptcy. This would have freed them from ridiculous UAW contracts so that they could have become more profitable businesses. Nationalization (GM) or national subsidization (Chrysler) of American businesses is not best for our national security.

Also, employees of GM and Chrysler could have gotten another job just like any other American if they had be laid off in order for these companies to stay afloat. There is no good reason that employees of GM and Chrysler should get preferable treatment over anyone who works for another American company. We simply cannot bail out every business that may have to either downsize or liquidate. There is a reason that GM and Chrysler are in financial trouble: their current business structure is unsustainable.

This is just my opinion. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me. We probably shouldn't continue this here because it isn't the place.

@ Brian - I agree with your post. Companies should look out for themselves. If they cannot survive on their own - so be it.

Dinosaurs could not survive the ice age and our world is a better place for it.
The ice age was tough but those that survived thrived.

@ Mike Devore

Do not call Iraq a waste of time until you have been there and have seen the good that has been done.

I as well as many others who have fougt over there certainly don't think it was a waste of time...

hey just reminding you if you get a truck or even a car. BUY AMERICAN!!

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