Sources Say: Jeep Pickup Truck Coming for 2012

Sources Say: Jeep Pickup Truck Coming for 2012

A version of a Jeep pickup shown to Chrysler dealers during a recent dealers meeting in Orlando, Fla., has been greenlit for production, according to sources.

On Tuesday, Jeep CEO Mike Manley reportedly showed dealers a pickup truck that’s said to closely resemble the well-received Jeep Gladiator concept from 2005.

Industry sources have told us that production of the Jeep pickup is expected to start in the third quarter of 2011, with the pickup badged as a 2012 model. It’s said to be based on the four-door Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited platform but with a two-door regular cab configuration with extra space behind the front seats for storage.

Jeep hasn't offered a pickup for sale to consumers in North America since the 1992 Jeep Comanche ended production.

Manley told in June that he was interested in small pickup trucks because of their popularity worldwide.

Todd Goyer, head of Jeep brand communication and product planning, said the company had no comment about the news of a Jeep pickup.

Our friends at FourWheeler are hearing similar rumblings about a Jeep pickup.


I will believe it only when I see one for sale a my friendly local Jeep dealer, not before. They really ought to build that one.

If they did show the pic to dealers, then it is really going to happen.

When I worked for Greenvillee Saturn, we got a sneak peek of the Aura and Vue at an award dinner.

This is great for Jeep.

I don't say this often, especially about a division of Chrysler but that is one nice looking rig right there. Might as well build one since Ford and GM are both wanting to pull out.

Cool truck but only with a bigger engine like the 4.7L magnum!

I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope this is true.

probably be as expensive as the new raptor!

Note to Jeep/Fiat/Chrysler Group:

Don't even bother trying to sell this w/o a diesel engine.

That is all.

can we say diesel hmmm? 4.7 for some diesel for others.

looks like an ht3, nice if they kept it small and had the rubicon setup, no fullsize

I too will believe it when I see it. In the meantime, I'll be hoping for a 4wd 4cyl that gets 30mpg, pulls 3K, carries 2K, and has forward-facing rear seats...

I read somewhere where Fiat/Chrysler want to pay more attention to its customer base by reading such forms as these and listening to customer feedback. If this is going to be the case for them this is a perfect place/vehicle to start with and for me keep it pretty simple with a small but effective diesel that gets decent fuel mileage and a Rubicon drive train. As far as gas engines go you dont need a v8 when you have a good 3.6L v6. Just be sure to use the correct transmission/drive train from the get go any it will work fine. You can possibly even get by with Fiats own stellar 4cyl engines that put out more power than most V6's these days. All in all this is GREAT news from Chrysler/Fiat it might not seem like much now but is is a giant step in the right direction! that is sure to attract some good attention!

Another reason why I drive a Tacoma!

No really, it will be nice for some competition but how puny is that bed?

Not going to be able to carry much let alone payload will be small.

Looks great, if you put a diesel in it even other brand loyal people will cosider it, just don't make it out of cheep chrystler plastic material.

I think it looks nice but do not have any use for it, the bed will be to narrow, let alone to short to haul my hunting gear. Plus I would have to have a bed topper/cap on it to keep my stuff safe and dry,which would then make it look ugly.

Note to Jeep/Fiat/Chrysler: Don't bother with a diesel option unless the price is $5000 extra or less.

That would make a great woods/hunting/fishing rig. Remember round T-3 headlights? It seems like car manufacturers try way to hard to make a vehicle that looks like it's from outer space. This Jeep looks classic already. I like it.

This is the only small truck that I think would actually sell well enough. I really hope they come out with it. I'm not planning on buying another vehicle for a long time since I just bought a truck, but I think it's a cool concept.

Three small trucks?

Dakota replacement and "Baby RAM" also rumored.

Looks awesome I hope they make it

Too bad I just bought a new truck 2 weeks ago


+ Turbo = Sales.

This is going to have VM MOTORI diesel and celebrate 70 years of JEEP.

Add an optional removable full length topper, or soft top opening into the cab (even with extra bed seating) and I think Jeep extends the market even farther.


Small pickup *wow*
Small Diesel *ching*
Under $25K for a four (4) door 4x4 *CHA Ching* where do I send a deposit?

As much as I commute by myself, I only have one vehicle. I need to be able to take my kids with me (school to camping to taking the boat out). It's not like the 60s, 70's, or 80's where we (as kids) were allowed to ride in the truck bed :(

Obviously, a 2 door option should be available for under $20 if possible

I have been receptive to the Mahindra, but the articles on this site about the legal BS has turned me away.


How can you say the Tacoma's box is bigger than a future Jeep truck, that they never released to the public yet ?

Also,make up your mind, first on other posts you were saying the Tacoma is the only small truck,yet its the biggest truck in its segment..even bigger than a Dakota !! Now that I gave you knowledge that the Tacoma is the biggest small truck you are putting down smaller trucks......Now compare your turd to a full size H.D if you want to compare cargo capacity ! You are drinking too much Kool-Aid..I think your Toyota's exhaust fumes are getting to you !! Stop sniffing the exhaust !!

Diesel with a six speed stick for ~$30,000 well equipped.....I would buy one.

no diesel, no deal.
I'll believe it when I see it. Based off a 2005 concept? 7 years to bring to market? TOO LONG !! Lets see what was going on 7 years ago.

turning on way back machine....

Sept. 17th 2004, oil rose to $44.28/barrel- shockingly high after a year ago price of $27.03 There are concerns that hurricane Ivan might disrupt production.
gasoline prices averaged $1.74/gal
Diesel fuel was up $0.07 from last month to $1.88

oops, missed by a year...turn the dial again
ah here we go.

Sept 17th 2003
Inflation is beening fueled by skyrocketing gas prices.
gas costs 1.61/gal
diesel fuel is at 1.52

and to the present.

Sept 17 2010: gas ave 2.745/gal
crude settles off 1.45 at $74.57/barrel
diesel fuel averages 3.09/gal

I realize bringing a new product to market takes time, but 7 years? Whats hot now will be old hat by next year..... market cycles are getting shorter. production plants need to be flexible enough to be retooled for new production in months, not years.
I really don't care if the thing runs on hope and cow farts. Just get the operating cost down to a reasonable level. I'm not talking about depreciation and insurance, I'm talking about what makes it go. If it's going to run on diesel, at today's prices it should get 44 mpg. if it's burning gas, it only needs to make 39 mpg. OEM's hitched thier stars to the oil wagon and resisted ANY attempts at a change. So now they can deal with the consequences. Are consumers expectations unreasonable? Not really. OEM's have put profit before consumer satifaction long enough that now The US idea of a well built car says MADE IN JAPAN. The big three got so greedy that they lost sight of who their customer was. with outdated products and long production cycles.

Is it any wonder they went bankrupt ?

I'll bet the new Dakota will share this thing's platform. Wouldn't surprise me if this Jeep pickup sells as many units or more than the Wrangler. I'd imagine the only reason they didn't get the green light a few years ago was due to Daimler's bean counters saying they needed to save funds to redesign their crappy Mercedes cars. Just a thought!

My wife's 2007 Wrangler is an total piece of crap. I would be excited about this except for the fact that it's going to be built on the same garbage platform. Our Jeep has always needed a trip to the dealer. You take it in, they fix it and then within a week something else breaks.

I'd rather see them fix the platform first before they expand it more.

Looks awesome. As long as it comes as a crew cab, with at least a 5 ft bed it will be my next pickup.

I love this concept. If it has a diesel option, a usable (5ft+) box, and falls between $20k and $30k; Fiat-Chrysler will sell the crap out of ‘em. Long overdue.

Chrysler,with the aid of FIAT seems to be pulling out all stops.Word of 8 and 9 speed automatics,and now this Jeep pickup.Chrysler will be cutting edge once again.And I hear that FIAT 500s have been sold out already.Good times for Chrysler /FIAT.

GREAT! Finally! This is AWESOME!

I too hope they do the turbo-diesel as was shown on the concept. 4 cyl. would be plenty.

In terms of bed size remember the concept had a movable bulkhead allowing for the bed to be expanded to 6 ft. and more with tail gate lowered or with an extender. I hope this aspect of the design makes it through to production as well.

But all things considered Mike Manley is smart guy and you go Jeep!

I absolutly gauruntee that this wil have a diesel engine option. How do I know? They already come with a diesel in Europe. How much would you guys like to make a bet that when this comes to production it will be gas only in North America. Also don't hold your breath for a 4 cyl version. The standard 200hp v6 is very weak in the unlimited version. A 4 cyl will be even worse. Think Pentastar v6 and a diesel for Europe.

good for dodge new stuff is,Wye you not continue to build ,h3 and h3t,,,,look ford they have the raptor this truck is only good to play in the sand pit..

diesel blows. gas please.

Sounds good, and I hope it will happen. My only concern is whether Dodge/Ram will shoot down the whole idea, with its usual claim that only Dodge/Ram is allowed to sell pickups, not Jeep. I am hoping that Marchionne will succeed where his predecessors failed and let Dodge know who's the boss.

Another vote for the diesel. Since Jeep has brought small diesels to the US in the recent past, I'm quite hopeful.

Of course, I'd like a 4-door cab that can hold the entire family and a few sheets of plywood, but I'd give up the quad-cab in an instant for a future-proof little diesel. And jeeps have shown themselves to be quite future proof -- parts, expertise, and fundamental modifications are widely available from the enthusiast's community, and even the oldest jeeps remain useful and maintainable after a half century. Cool!

I always thought it was funny that Jeep made SUVs, but not trucks.

I am very happy Jeep pickup will back to here. I knew Chrysler has changed mind from greedy is past turned to no more greedy is now. GM and Ford are greedy now.

2011 Tacoma standard bed is 5'.

Jeep Gladiator Concept standard bed is 5' 8".

The Gladiator bed can be transformed easily from its standard length of 5 foot, 8 inches (1,725 mm) to 6 foot, 8 inches (2,026 mm) with the midgate expanded, and ultimately to 8 foot, 11 inches (2,723 mm) with the midgate expanded and tailgate down.

It would be good for Jeep to actually bring this truck to market, especially with a diesel. Their only competition will be Toyota and Nissan. Any red/white/blue type of guy won't touch the other two - so maybe it will sell well.

@Ty - the chicken tax and protectionism in the pickup ranks is one of the biggest factors to blame for the current state of the truck market and auto industry. I posted my opinion of that on this thread.

Don't tell let me guess it will be a crew cab with a useless 4 foot bed .

This truck should fit in nicely, provided Jeep doesn't expect large sales volumes. It's a shrewd move really - the new V6 will give this truck enough power to do a little towing (ATVs and dirtbikes will be easy for this truck), and the fact that it will be based on the Wrangler make it very cost-effective at lower sales volumes.

The worst case is that this truck sells as well as the Honda Ridgeline...and I'm sure Jeep could live with that.

Very exciting! Let's hope Scion brings out a pickup of their own right about the same time...

Now that is a LOOKER! If Jeep offers an optional diesel engine, then it will be a winner.

Offer the Rubicon package...and it will hit the trails with an attitude. Very nice.

I like it.

It will sell but won't sell well. It will be another niche vehicle from Chrysler when they need to get away from the niche and add more main stream vehicles. Appealing to Jeep fans who don't mind a rough ride, no inside storage/seating, and a small bed, an expensive diesel engine won't help. Nice looking won't be enough to get people to buy. The Gladiator fad will wear out fast after a couple years.

It will need a crew cab to survive. The loyalists wont care about a lack of rear doors, but family people looking for an all in one vehicle WILL care, and look elsewhere if it doesnt have a proper backseat.


My Tacoma has a 6 foot bed and over 1,400 lbs. payload.

Great truck. I hope they make it and bring it to my dealer with a Diesel option. You will get my money.

For you guys who do not want the diesel - no problem, by the gas model but why knock the thousands and thousands of people who actually want the diesel.

Only in america are we dumb enough not to want a Diesel. The rest of the world has them but not us thick headed americans.

Great - Jeep truck again! Maybe I reconsider buying a standard Wrangler TJ...?

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