Sources Say: Jeep Pickup Truck Coming for 2012

Sources Say: Jeep Pickup Truck Coming for 2012

A version of a Jeep pickup shown to Chrysler dealers during a recent dealers meeting in Orlando, Fla., has been greenlit for production, according to sources.

On Tuesday, Jeep CEO Mike Manley reportedly showed dealers a pickup truck that’s said to closely resemble the well-received Jeep Gladiator concept from 2005.

Industry sources have told us that production of the Jeep pickup is expected to start in the third quarter of 2011, with the pickup badged as a 2012 model. It’s said to be based on the four-door Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited platform but with a two-door regular cab configuration with extra space behind the front seats for storage.

Jeep hasn't offered a pickup for sale to consumers in North America since the 1992 Jeep Comanche ended production.

Manley told in June that he was interested in small pickup trucks because of their popularity worldwide.

Todd Goyer, head of Jeep brand communication and product planning, said the company had no comment about the news of a Jeep pickup.

Our friends at FourWheeler are hearing similar rumblings about a Jeep pickup.


Ideally, make it as Transformer-like as possible. Offer an option for the cab top to be removeable, like a mini-Jeep sortof. I've always wanted a truck with a removeable top.

Or at a minimum a massive sunroof.

I saw the prototype at the DC auto show a couple years back. Was pretty impressive.

I've driven four or five different Jeeps now.

I'd definitely buy the truck, particularly with a removeable cab top (as much as possible) and the new 2011 upgrade leather interior package.

It'd be the ultimate urban vehicle. Easy to maneuver, nice on the inside, Jeep tough on the outside.

Diesel makes sense, but what track record do these guys have for common sense? If they were thinking before delivering the stuff they offer, they wouldn't have been in so much financial trouble. The 3 American auto assembling companies (they no longer manufacture, they just assemble other companies rejected ideas) have routinely misunderstood the significance of diesel. Jeep was never closer to great diesels when they were part of Daimler. They could have used more of the Benz diesels, instead they used smaller gasoline engines pretending that was a solution.

Would be very cool with a diesel. They need to put some real front fenders on it though.

I think it looks great! I'd buy one, but it needs to get at least 20mpg on the highway. Would be awesome with a removable hard top and doors! (remember the Scrambler?)

Hope it materializes.

Best Regards,
Jeep Nut in South Louisiana!

This Jeep is getting close to the vehicle that will solve a lot of problems, but it's still far away. Here is what America really needs folks: To begin with, picture a lighter, more fuel efficient SUV, such as the Ford Escape or perhaps the Honda Pilot. Okay, now bring in a good dose of Jeep styling. Rip out all the carpet. Also, let's make that rear row of seating easily removable, a lot like what you see in the Honda Element. Finally, here's the big one: Make the roof removable just like the four-door Jeep wrangler. Presto!! We've got a new vehicle that's perfect for a lot of people. During the week, get to work and take the kids to school. During the weekend, remove that top and back seats and you've got yourself a pickup to haul lumber from Home Depot, take your old refrigerator to the dump or move a Christmas Tree. Personally, I would fill mine with surfing gear and head for the beach. The vehicle I'm proposing provides a lot of that fabulous multi-use, breeze-in-your-hair capability that you see in the new four-door Wrangler. We would lose some -- but not all -- of the Wrangler's off-road capability for sure. But in return, we gain measurably at the pump. Take a look at everyone driving around in a truck with an open bed. I bet at least 85 percent of them would go for the vehicle I've described when they really think about how much they use their bed.
So please guys, give us a light, fuel-efficient sporty people carrier that also provides the option of an open bed. I'm not talking about a huge Avalanche thing either. Get it done. Build two sizes, smaller, on an Escape-type frame or bigger on the Pilot-type frame. While you're at it, do the same thing with a Scion-type platform. They will sell like crazy.

Well my guess is they will release this truck with a hi tech super duper gas SUCKING engine. With NO Diesel option. Because USA truck buyers don't care about having a very fuel efficient truck that also has a good payload and towing capability's, like the ones that are so popular in many other country's. We want whistles and bells and make 'em big ! If this happens my next guess is they have been paid off by the big oil companys. I also guess the only reason diesel fuel is higher in price then gas is that they want to discourage Americans from driving diesel vehicles which might make there huge profits go down. I guess they don't care about the weakening dollar or the future of this country. Hope I am wrong.

Mileage is most important. Otherwise just buy the F150. I will buy who ever can fill the void for a compact pickup with better mileage than the full size offerings. Still a mystery to me how the Tacoma sells with the tired old technology used. Really a four speed auto?? But it is the about the right size. Toy will have that market to itself unless the others here act.

If they can keep this truck in the price range of the Wrangler, they cannot build them fast enough to meet the demand. Ford and Chevy have left the average guy who wants just a truck out of their pricy market...where is our truck it the new Jeep Gladiator...just put regular headlights up went nostalgic on the rest of it...use the KISS system!

Why can't we have diesels in our jeeps ? The Europeans have it since 10 years !! Why not us ?Do we suck or what ?Probaly the gas lobby don't want to hear about diesel fuel, since you get mor miles for a gallon with diesel fuel, you nuy less and they lose money...sometime I hate capitalism

I will buy a Gladiator believe me ,they have delayed their decision or he has should I say , for 6 years now, get that faggot executive out Jeep concept decisions, he probably likes more feminin lines.

Looks great! I hope it comes with a set of jumpseats for the kids. I was thinking of getting a Ford Ranger but they are not supposed to be making the extented cab anymore.

Love it. 4by4. Prefer gas, 6 cylinder. Looks like a real truck not a large truck that has lines like a car. I will keep my 3/4 ton GMC to haul junk and use my new Jeep for short hunting and fishing trips. LET IT HAPPEN. Tired of seeing small trucks become in between trucks that have girly lines..

i hope they make this rig... i am going to hold out to see what happens before i buy a new truck. some suggestions would be:
hide the spare or mount to rear with an option to attach to gate when open, so it could have 4 doors.
i assume the new pentastar v-6 will make it in the facelift year, so that should help with power, 260hp and 275tq minimum would sure help (especially with a economy mode that would switch to 3-cyl. mode under light throttle) could get mid 20's hwy.
a dielsel engine would be great, if possible.
a 5-6 speed auto option would be wise for mileage and becuase alot of people would use this truck as a daily driver too.
a rubicon model is a must... and probably a rear drive entry model for those who would buy it for looks and street only.
and try to keep the price close to wrangler unlimited prices.
that being said, i am so looking forward to see what they build. If they build a gladiator rubicon, i will buy one, as i have been in the market for a new(-ish) truck, but will wait to see what happens.
i would only add a leveling kit and go to 35's and be totally set ;)

Just in time to help me celebrate my 4WD extra cab Ranger's 20th birthday! Might spring for a good diesel. I definitely do NOT want to constantly haul the extra weight and wheelbase of a big, empty stretch cab. Trucks big enough to do everything for soccer mom can't do anything I want to do, which is city errands and off-road, economically.

I love the way this truck looks, don't really like the external spare tire set-up though. I liked it when it was concept vehicle in 05, and was hoping they would build it. A diesel would be great, maybe a little bigger one than the concept model. Or a good size V6. Hopefully Jeep will build it, and have it competitively priced.

I would buy this in a heartbeat if they made it. I am a huge Jeep fan and this is just another great addition to the Jeep family.

deisel please!this small truck is perfect for proprioter contracters ,painters,maintenance ,diy guys,dont forget the accesories ...I'm liking the aev bitterroot brute tubular bed cover rack for like a ten foot ladder...

To get the small contractor tiler etc .,you will need a fuel miser deisel turbo if neccessary.Bose or blaupunct stereo I'll need a subwoofer and tweeters.Put a tow ball ,front end winch...I personally would like to see leaf springs and anti sway bars ...maybe a small collapsable camping tent thingy dealeo-bob kinda thing on city USA,or a fishing trip in the mountains,if'n sombody farts makem ride in the back!............................Or wait for Toyota to bring back the land cruiser pick up! Take a leap of faith!Git er done!

I like the look of the side mounted spare, but I would move it to the right side of the vehicle. It would be in the way more often than not on the left side. It might also be wiser to put it under the bed and out of the rubber damaging sun.
Otherwise I'm watching this one closely. I'm priced way out of the full size truck market. And most are butt ugly anyway.


I can not wait to see this jeep pickup!...but powered by fiat diesel...reserve me one!...

Forget the diesel...I want one HEMI powered! Or with the 4.7L V8, at the least. A 4,000-plus pound vehicle needs a strong V8 not a puny little six-cylinder. My <4,000 pound Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is just adequate with the 4.0L H.O. I6. My 4,000 pound Jeep Grand Cherokee is a thrill with the 5.9L Magnum V8!

I'd love to jeep actually build this. I just hope they offer 4.7 magnum in least as a option. The goes for the diesel. I'm not a diesel fan but I know alot of guy are so I'm open to it.

I'd buy one if it came with a diesel.

I'm still hopeful about a diesel-powered jeep. Thanks to Ultra-Low-Sulfur-Fuels and better emissions technology, diesel could be a viable, clean option. Both the Gladiator and Nukizer concept trucks have diesel power plants. And generally feedback seems positive. Effortless torque off idle, 30% better mileage than gas, built-in engine durability, and the potential to run biodiesel, what's not to like? Big cubic-inch gas guzzling V-8s were awesome back when oil was made in Texas, but now that we have to depend on historically the most geopolitically unstable region on the planet for our gas, it's well past the hour to change our thinking. While perhaps not the ultimate solution, diesel is a step in the right direction.

Finally, I hope Jeep actually brings this to market in a form as close to the Gladiator Concept as possible. The side-mounted spare is the most practical solution. They would have to increase rear overhang to an unacceptable degree to put a spare under the bed. Putting it IN the bed dramatically decreases the utility of a pickup. Likewise, hanging it off the rear bumper makes it harder to drop the tailgate for longer loads. And putting it on the roof "safari style" cuts mileage and is a total pain if you actually have to change a flat. The 2.8 desiel with 163hp and 295 lb/ft would feel plenty peppy around town and would pull strong in low range. The JK "flenders" keep the cost down and look better painted body color. Keep the extra-cab configuration. The jump seats are OK for kids, or remove them to make room for an ARB 'fridge and storage drawers. Keep the Honda Element "suicide" passenger doors. Keep the midgate. Lose the "dog door" pass through on the driver side to cut costs. Also, the fold-out windshield would be a DOT headache. Make the canvas roof an option. Keep the solid axles, obviously, and consider rear leaf springs like the J8 instead of the 5-link coilover setup to save money. A Rubicon option is icing on the cake. And there you have it! A small truck with loads of utility and sport potential that will be the Swiss Army knife of trucks. Nothing is like it!

I like the general idea. The tire mount? I also would want a removable top option. Then there is also the engine issue. I would like to see Jeep come back with the diesel option. Decent mileage and power is a concern. The Motori wasn't bad, just not supported well enough. Cummins would be viable option is made. People want long lasting engines and service intervals. Lets go Jeep, hear our words.

I like what I see. Here is what would actually get me to buy one:
1 - Diesel Engine that does not cost $5000.00 It has to have good tourqe range and mileage numbers. Of course 4WD.
2 - Tires/wheels similar to the artist rendering. It should look tough, but looks don't get me out a jam on the trail - be tough.
3 - Good integrated navigation system option. I have seen too many that do not fit the bill. Back up camera included.
4 - Be affordable. Go for volume and price this thing so the masses can get one.
5 - Offer in flat/matte colors... Olive Drab, Sand & black as well as shiny coats for the less adventruesome.

Its about time JEEP came up with a truck, but lets make one for pretty and fun and lets make another for WORK and pulling BIG TOYS like 30' boats and 5th wheel campers

I've been watching this concept truck for a while. Showed it to my dad too. If they build it.. we both will come, and each buy one. Hopefully they will also offer a diesel engine option, but still interested either way

I am very excited about the possibility of this concept truck becoming a reality. I like the side mounted spare. I REALLY want a smaller diesel truck.
Fit the bill!
Gotta have the Rubi option, show Toyota what trucks are about.

I like the idea of flat/matte colors from the post above.

Don't freak out. Just make it!

Get it in production !!! I'm eagerly waiting just like all the other Jeep fans.

Please, have enough room in the rear seat area for the kids car seats, if not I will stay with Toyota.

I have been a jeep person for quite sometime and i am quite pleased with what i see here with the gladiator and soon as it hits my local dealer i will be purchasing this truck i have owned toyota,ford,gm,and dodge trucks and was satisfied with each of them as far as normal driving goes but i work at surface mine where roads are made of basicaly nothing but rock and dirt and they are by no means smooth all my trucks were 4x4s and everyone of them after all said and done the front ends were worn out couldnt handle the jar now not be confusing these were 1/2 ton trucks all indipendent front ends they just arent up for the abuse currently ive been driving my cj5 there and even though its rough as h--- riding ive had no problems at all so if a 30 yr old jeep can handle this then i am sold on the gladiator i want it tired of everything so completey focused on comfort that it sometimes lacks in strength and overall use in rougher environments if you are going to pay over 30 large for smething you would like to get your moneys worth and about three others working with me have wranglers on the jobsite everyday and have had no problems with theirs and one drives 118 mi. round trip in it to get there and it has over 280000 mi. on it and has only had to have normal maintance done to it so that should give you an example of jeeps dependibilty and reliability now im not trying to offend anyone that ownes another brand of truck everyone is good in its own right i just happen to work in a not so forgiving job zone for automobiles and would just like to get my moneys worth and this day and age money seems to be minimal and costs to be maximum and not all of us can afford to trade out or sell when we desperatly need to due to breakdowns or ware sometimes it happens way quicker than the loan is paid and you end up having owed more than its worth and makes it hard on both accounts to deal with and i think the gladiator would be the perfect canidate straight axles front and rear coil springs for ride quality having an option for 6spd manual tranny shifter controled transfercase would be awesome.

It would be awesome if the top could be removed but still have a rollcage like the wrangler

Make it a full size 1/2 ton truck with a V8 and ill buy it.

pauly Z-

It is already a 3/ is called the Ram 2500 Power Wagon.

I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it had automatic transmission and rubicon addition

I want one,

if 4 door, SOLD

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Even though I really like this pickup, I would not buy one. I will keep my Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon and hopefully add a 2013 Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor SuperCrew, to my collection some day.

As far as the 2012 Jeep Wrangler goes, I am really liking the reviews of the Wrangler with the new 3.6L V6 Pentastar motor. For the first time since owning my 2003 Wrangler Rubicon, the thought of trading-up (newer) has crossed my mind. I never cared for the 3.8L V6 in the 2007-2011 Wrangler. It sure would be nice to go from 190 horsepower (4.0L I6) to 285 horsepower (3.6L V6)! It would be a tough decision though, since I have had eight great years with my 2003. Not one problem in 54,000 miles. Still has the original brakes.

Sadly, Jeep (Chrysler) has an obsessive disorder in the avoidance of Diesel. I wouldn't buy this without a diesel engine. Gas = 14mpg and week towing NO THANKS. Diesel offers opportunity for 30mpg plus torque for offroad and towing, NO BRAINER (Diesel is hugely successful in the U.S. when available, but they all site data from the 70's when diesel wasn't attrative to Americans)

i like that jeep truck that the kind of truck ineed but i hope they put a disel motor in it or that v6 ecoboost motor that ford got i would think it would sale good

Since I saw this at the Texas state fair 4/5 years ago I've wanted one. I'm still waiting. This is my new next vehicle.

Well - It's the middle of 2012. No Jeep truck and the other car makers seem to be eliminating their small trucks. I like small trucks. I'd love to see a Jeep truck. Easy to drive, functional and right for the times. A little diesel would be great.

It kind of makes you wonder if the American car companies have gone back to business as usual, i.e., non-innovative and run by MBAs.

@ andrew
Not if I see it first.

Seriously, just the fact that there are postings on this after two years should explain the interest to Chrysler? Dodge? Ram? Jeep? Hello? Anybody listening? No news, I have been waiting, and would buy a Via motors pickup it they were not 79 grand.

My Dream pickup: An EREV Laramie Longhauler, no duels. At 100 miles to the gallon those 170 gallons would take me from LA to DC.....5 times!

come on make a small diesel truck that people can afford.
6ix speed manual transmission would be nice.
50 plus mpg would make it better.

Currently Chrysler makes no truck that is affordable
diesel diesel diesel diesel diesel diesel diesel diesel

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