Spied! Next-Gen Chevrolet Colorado Interior

Spied! Next-Gen Chevrolet Colorado Interior

We’ve seen photos of camouflaged next-generation Chevrolet Colorado prototypes undergoing testing several times this summer, but now we’ve got the first clear pictures of the vehicle's interior.

The Spartan cockpit of this right-hand-drive tester looks particularly plain because most of its plastic surfaces haven’t been cosmetically grained with textures. Instead of the four-spoke steering wheel that today’s U.S.-built Colorado has, there’s a three-spoke unit with embedded audio and cruise control switches. The center stack has a void where an optional GPS navigation screen can be installed. Interestingly, the key fob looks to be a "switchblade" style insert similar to what Volkswagen offers. We can also see the top of the six-speed manual shifter – still considered to be a viable way to swap cogs in a truck overseas.

Like Ford's so-called "global" Ranger, this Colorado shares almost nothing with the Colorado that's currently built in Shreveport, La., except its name. It may be called the Chevy S-10 in Brazil, where the S-10 badge is still used today for a small pickup. But whether you call it Colorado or S-10, its program identifier inside General Motors is GMI 700. It will be manufactured in Thailand by the end of 2011. We won't be able to buy it and neither will you, unless you live outside the U.S. and Canada.

Spied! Next-Gen Chevrolet Colorado Interior


So that is what the rest of the world will be driving?

More U.S. jobs leaving at the hand of domestic companies, this one though is owned by the feds...


No, they will be driving their HiLux, something that can handle the local terrain!

Doesnt look like a big loss

Not sure what they expect us in the US of A to drive? If they would just give the Colorado a minor body redesign and the new 4 and 6 cyl engines with a 6 speed they would sell a lot of them. I would buy one now if they would just drop a new 4 or 6 in them as they do not look bad now.

Don't worry there will be a Ranger replacement you just wait and see! Might be a year or two after it leaves the US but they will bring it back. It will be built in a third world country but it will still be just as good. Ah who the hell am I kidding... this sucks!

What's the Troll going to say.. Oops he has already said it.. thanks for not letting us down with your insipid comments oxi.. Still can't hit a thread without you saying something lame about the object of the article and then you praising Toyota..

Freaking Troll.

Looks cheap, just like the rest of government motors interiors!

@Jim- This is what you need!!!


Better to buy from Goverment Motors then Toko Motors any day. I bought a NBS Silverado only for it's interior, love it. And maybe because it came with 20's and a Magnaflow exhaust.

What is going to be interesting is what sort of diesel engine they are going to be putting in it?

Just say good buy to compact trucks in north america we all love big gas gasllers around here

I own a 2009 Colorado with 110,00 trouble free miles on it, it has 4x4, locking rear dif. Z-71 package, and also something you can't get from JAP INC. a real live Chevy small block V-8, with a superchip programer, CAI, Flowmaster pipes. This truck pulls my 55oo lbs trailer like its not even there. I also get from 17-21 MPG emty, 12-15 towing at 10,50 cgvw. If they do discontinue this modle, i might just have to buy anouther with the same equipment. The dyno slip says 296H.P. at 4700 R.P.M. with 334 LBS. FT. torque. at the rear wheels! but the best part is the bottom end power, just barely touch the gas pedal and the truck moves!

Sandman - You sunk alot of money into your Colorado to get what a 5.3L 1500 will do stock. Out of curiousity what type of trailer you towing?


Now this is how a real truck interior should be, goog looking, simple and no Ford gimmicks!

is that what appears to be gm's version of the Rams two gloveboxes eh looks like nothing special not especially nice or un nice just some more news form good put.com




Toyota says that the issue mainly affects vehicles used in rough road conditions, such as over cattle grids and on undulating unpaved terrain.


@ gooey bum - It's hard to take your comments seriously with a nom de guerre like that.

So what is the point of making us drool all over trucks we can't have. Would like to see more stories of what is shaking down the tree for us in the USA. Maybe an article or two explaining where we can write to get the dunder heads making what we want to drive here. I could care less about what they are driving down under or in Africa if it ain't gonna come over here, or be built here.

Give us our 1/2 with a diesel. Give us our Ranger, Colorado with a diesel. Import the VW truck with a diesel. Someone somewhere can make this happen. I mean the rest of the planet is up in arms about the environment and has signed treaties, but not here. Of course we have the most outrageous standards to meet and domestic companies are doing their best. But as the saying goes, sometimes your best just isn't good enough!

@Shawn V - I think that the auto companies leak stuff like this out or let these stories surface so that they can have a feel for the market place.
18 posts isn't great.
The Ford 6.7 diesel Job 2 thread has 54 posts.
The F150 post on EPS has 70.
That sends a message to the manufacturers as to what vehicles truck guys are interested in.
I don't want to see the compact truck market become a field of 2 (Nissan and Tacoma), well 3 if you count the Ridgeline.
The Mahindra truck may show up but I doubt it will do well.

Keith ,its called being in the right place, at the right time, i went into my local Chevy dealer to look at the new trucks ,because it was time to replace, with AMERICAN no JAP INC., went in with the intention of buying new silverado, salesman asked if i would be interested in a Colorado, Not realy, he said they had one that someone had ordered, and they lost there job, if i wanted it, it has an extended cab, but is not full size. Well i ended up driving them both, and well, lets just say that i would not be happy driving a full size truck around all the time. I have a car trailer. Oh by the way they gave me a 5,000 discount. YUK YUK YUK!!!!

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