2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Pricing Announced

2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Pricing Announced

Ford has released pricing details for the 2011 F-150 SVT Raptor high-performance off-road pickup, including the all-new SuperCrew version.

The 2011 F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCab starts at $41,550, not including a $975 destination and delivery charge, according to Ford SVT spokesman Henry Platts. The larger four-door SuperCrew starts at $44,315, not including the $975 delivery fee.

The SuperCrew and SuperCab Raptors will be powered by Ford’s new 6.2-liter V-8 engine (which debuted in the 2010 Raptor) that's rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque, making it, in Ford’s words, "the most powerful half-ton pickup on the market." It has two valves and two spark plugs per cylinder, a cast-iron engine block and aluminum cylinder heads. It also features a cast-iron crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods and cast-aluminum pistons. Last year’s base 5.4-liter V-8 is no longer available.


About freaking time!

Now is Ford ever going to update their website? Sick of looking at 2010s.


Yiou forgot the BS Ford Advertising Fee of $600. Nothing like buying a truck then have to shell out an additional $1500 for delivery and advertising fees.. WTF

That's what you need to ping Ford on next Mike is why this BS advertising fee. GM does not have it, Dodge does not have it.. How about Ford freaking ditch that fee

I own a Raptor and I didn't an advertising fee. I think that is your local dealership.

Oh yeah.. found a site with invoice prices:

Raptor SuperCab: 37,572
Raptor SuperCrew: 40,018

I have yet to see a Raptor. My local dealership has one on order but most guys have been turned off by having to wait 6 months or more for one.
The crewcab should expand the appeal of owning one as it can tow 8,000 lb.

You can build 2011's here:


@ Frank - you bought a Raptor? Your wife letting you keep the V10 SD, 7.3 SD, and the Mustang? or did one of the other toys have to go?


2011 Ford F-150 website has been up for about 2 weeks.

Unreal that you didn't figure that out on your own.


@ Lou. You have me confused with someone else. I'm not married and only have a 2010 Raptor.


You have the wrong guy. Haha lol!

I dig the Raptor, probably will look into a used one down the road. Might just sell the 7.3L for it.

Regardless of which Frank I'm talking to - owning a Raptor would be cool.
There are times when I wish I was still single.
I'd own a Raptor if that was the case.
I doubt they'd take my wife on trade.
Maybe a "cash for clunkers" deal.
LMFAO (unless she finds this post)

yeah, great engine idea. they just rewind the clock ten years in technology and call it cool. LOL LOL 2 plugs per cylinder??? its so inefficient the EPA forces them to use 2 plugs, what a pile of crap. and 411hp?? LOL the 3.5 eco joke is faster than that at only 365hp. this just shows how terrible the power curve is. and they still wont catch a tundra. WOW, great job ford. just more advertising to lure in the uninformed. and just slightly overpriced........ no its WAYYYYY overpriced. i cant wait to see how their tow ratings get affected by J2807 if they will EVER comply.. It's funny that Henry Ford himself was the FIRST VP of SAE. "Society of Automotive Engineers" and they wont even comply with their formulas until they are made to simply because if they did they would be EMBARRASSED. chew on that for a minute

they just rewind the clock ten years in technology and call it a Dodge.

HEMILOL, Don't you know that Dodge 5.7 Hemi has 2 plugs per cyl.??? Sure Tundra Fast...Its funny every time I read these comment its about 0-60... If I was to worry about that I build me a drag Truck... My opinion is all 3 are good Trucks...Like readin little kids on here... LOL

Regardless of which Frank I'm talking to - owning a Raptor would be cool.
There are times when I wish I was still single.
I'd own a Raptor if that was the case.
I doubt they'd take my wife on trade.
Maybe a "cash for clunkers" deal.
LMFAO (unless she finds this post)
Posted by: Lou | Oct 7, 2010 10:37:44 PM

I am forwarding this to your wife. Oops. See you in divorce court!

Regardless of which Frank I'm talking to - owning a Raptor would be cool.
There are times when I wish I was still single.
I'd own a Raptor if that was the case.
I doubt they'd take my wife on trade.
Maybe a "cash for clunkers" deal.
LMFAO (unless she finds this post)
Posted by: Lou | Oct 7, 2010 10:37:44 PM

I am forwarding this to your wife. Oops. See you in divorce court!
Posted by: chris the hacker | Oct 7, 2010 11:29:44 PM

Lou might be getting that Raptor sooner than he thinks. LMAO!

thats the point. they just created a behemoth engine thats WAY behind technology, just like the Hemi.

The point of power is simply for towing, the FAST is simply a result of proper use of engine technology, power band and gearing.

Engine technology USE to mean you had to pick between fast, and a towing engine. The Tundra gets BOTH out of the same engine because it can advance or retard 30 degrees on the intake cam and 15 degrees advance or retard on the exhaust cam and they do this SEPARATELY of each other. this is why the tundra with 381hp and 401lb. ft. keeps outdoing higher horse/torque engines. Their engine is simply more efficient. heck they post fuel economy ratings like everyone elses and they do EPA testing With a 4.30 GEAR in the rear instead of some tiny ratio the others advertise from. examples: Ford=3.15 gear, GM=3.08 gear, and dodge=3.23.

PS. i'm just settin the record straight for those who post hate on EVERYTHING that has toyota's name on it. The facts are simple, the 07 Tundra changed how everyone else had to look at trucks because it flat EMBARRASSED the competition, now everyone is tryin to catch up, but building the same old engine tech from 10 years ago wont get em there. This has nothing to do with any children, unless your referring to the comments that some make about things they see on the TV and believe it to be the truth just simply because its on TV. LOL and these company's have MASTERED the art of making the American "sheeple" believe all their BS advertisement.

cory is a PERFECT example. has NO clue why he said that, nor any facts to base his opinion on.

so cory, enlighten me, who has more? by an apples to apples comparison?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehm6SjKcJkE&feature=related ENOUGH SAID ........

oh you mean that OLD ford lightning.........


your right nuff said. ford looses again. 504 HP and 550 lb. ft. covered under factory warranty. next? i hope you have SOMETHING factual to say, this was easy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrieIkkTx7Y&feature=related theres somemore facts .....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRfE_XAk2mE&feature=related lol .....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI15X-cJdGI&feature=related more ....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4mtTzleLuk&NR=1 more ?

still wont catch the TUNDRA ? 0-60 times 6.2L 7.15 / 5.7L Tundra 7.16 reg cAb or crew ? not a big difference but still gets there quicker ... 6.2L out weights 5.7 by what 500+ pounds ?

@cory dont waste your time if this guy really thinks toyota revolutionized trucks he is clearly a fool.

ok cory, you posted up some Ford advertisement that was designed to make it look good. The frame argument is old, you use a triple tech frame to give "compliance" so the truck lasts 20+ years without having a cab that doesnt match the bed, and bolts rattling out of it. see, if you overload a box structure what does it do?................ it bends, or kinks. then your truck is bent FOREVER. if the box frame is SO much stronger, then why by FORD's own literature does it NOT have a bunch more towing and payload capacity from package to package?? matter of fact, the Tundra has a higher towing capacity model for model unless you get ford's HEAVY tow package? oh, and then there's the fact that your Super Duty lineup USES THE SAME STYLE FRAME AS THE TUNDRA!!!

so now the lightning with 10 grand spent in the engine compartment makes it somehow superior? like were just talking bout all out race trucks lol lol.


OH, AND THE EASIEST, your comparing the Crew Max with the ALSD NOT turned on, and even with it NOT turned on the double cab will leave the 6.2 sittin. You see Toyota puts the 5.7 in EVERY single cab style Except the Reg. cag short bed 4x2. (discontinued this year). And your 6.2 is ONLY built for upper end crew cabs.



so read down where it SAYS CURB WEIGHT. the Tundra is 300 lbs. HEAVIER than the f-150. Oh, and put weight behind them for towing and the Tundra runs away from it. and the 6.2 STILL IS ONLY IN THE SUPER CREW, i can get the 5.7 in a REGULAR CAB!

@Hemi LOL - why are so many of the Toyota fan boys so defensive?
I know there is a general hatred of foreign trucks among many of the conservative truck guys.
I do not think that the Tundra is a bad truck.
I chose an F150 because it had more features than the Tundra and was less expensive. I don't drag race and do not care if brand X or Y is 3 seconds faster up a hill.

Why slag the 6.2?
It is an overhead cam engine that can easily be changed or upgraded to VVT and DI. I suspect Ford made an "old school" V8 (sort of - as it has overhead cams instead of pushrods) to appeal to conservative truck guys.
If the EB3.5 doesn't appeal to heavy towers the 6.2 sure will.
Toyota did up the ante with the 5.7 but time and technology does not stand still.

The mistake Toyota made with the Tundra was to try to "out truck" the domestics.
The domestics have been building and fine tuning pickups for almost a century.
Toyota needed a perfect truck to penetrate the domain of the domestics and they obviously fell short.
Sales bears that point out to very clear effect.
This is a post about the Raptor.
Does Toyota Tundra have anything close to a Raptor?
The Tacoma beats the Tundra hands down off road.
The Tacoma also beats the Tundra hands down in sales.
I'd buy a Tacoma before I'd buy a Tundra.

Toyota has been making small trucks for as long as the domestics making full size and it shows.

Toyota is the new kid on the block with full size trucks and it shows.


I don't care who you are man, that there was funny!!!!

Hell yeah owning a Raptor would be cool. Lou, you should've bought my 7.3L.

I'm sure a used Raptor out there will be ok as I know most won't even touch sand/dirt. Time will tell.

Lou, your right i shouldnt be so defensive..... i get that way when you get the haters on here bashin a truck with absolutely ZERO facts.

Yes Toyota has a truck called the rock warrior. its for a different purpose than the raptor, and it tows over 10k.

Your right the "domestics" which are more "foreign" than the Tundra have been building what you call full size trucks for 100 years. WOW, that means they arent real good at what they do seein is how toyota just came in with the tundra and put the SPANK down on everyone in 07. Ford had to change their tow ratings overnight with ZERO structural change just so they didnt get beat at their advertising game, LOL.

i think the 3.5 EB is a cool powerplant, NOT FOR A TRUCK. i own an 86 grand national so i know about force fed engines. its really cool, but i believe you'll have a short life expectancy. the 6.2 "should" be a good towing vehicle as long as its not like ford's other engines with one peak spot in power and everywhere else its dead. the problem and reason i poke fun at the reverse in technology is because when folks start buyin them your gonna hear this comment......"THIS IS BULLSH** I'M ONLY GETTIN 10 MPG!". its old technology and it will become long in the tooth quick.

Ford just recently spent a good bit of money developing DOHC with independant variable valve timing in the 3.7 and new 5.0 engines. toyota has been using this technology since 1994 in single VVT on intake cam and dual since the early 2000's. THOSE are the 2 engines that get my pick for decent powertrains from ford.

Lastly, of COURSE the tacoma is better off road. its smaller more nimble, and 1000 pounds lighter than a full size pickup.

Oh, and fanboy..... nope, i just know cars. i only own 1 toyota, i also own an 84 grand prix, 86 grand national, 87 K-5 blazer, and a 95 civic. my 2010 crew max is easily the best equipped truck on the road for all "truck things" that matter. they are equipped like over the road trucks, not a typical 1/2 ton pickup.

Tundra owners are mad because there "full-size" truck is built using little truck technology. I've owned 3 different F-150s from 3 different generations. 85 F-150 RCSB with a 300 I-6, 03 Lightning, and now my Raptor. They all have very similar feel when driving. I will not own any other truck then an T-series. There is a reason why Ford is 2 months away from 34 years as Americas best selling truck.

Your kidding about nobody competes with the TUNDRA right HEMILOL? ARE you really kidding ? u think cause the 5.7 WAS the fastest to 60 than any other truck its the best ? an now this supercharged 5.7-liter V-8 Tacoma X-Runner RTR pickup ? race ready an RUNNING with SLICKS huh an to top it all off its Top Fuel dragster and RTR driver Antron Brown rolling the truck OMG guy get off of it ...... I think a 6.4 hemi with FORCED INDUCTION in a DAKOTA or 5.0/6.2 in a RANGER or a 6.0/6.2S10? would do the same with SLICKS an PRO DRIVER ?

Your kidding about nobody competes with the TUNDRA right HEMILOL? ARE you really kidding ? u think cause the 5.7 WAS the fastest to 60 than any other truck its the best ? an now this supercharged 5.7-liter V-8 Tacoma X-Runner RTR pickup ? race ready an RUNNING with SLICKS huh an to top it all off its Top Fuel dragster and RTR driver Antron Brown rolling the truck OMG guy get off of it ...... I think a 6.4 hemi with FORCED INDUCTION in a DAKOTA or 5.0/6.2 in a RANGER or a 6.0/6.2S10? would do the same with SLICKS an PRO DRIVER ?

no, i'm talking about the fact the frame is designed like your beloved super duty. the fact the brakes on the tundra are BIGGER than your beloved f350 dually or your ram 3500. i'm talking about the ring gear thats 10.5 inches in diameter thats as big as the ford, gm, and dodge use in their 1 tons. i'm talking about the Tundra having an oil WARMER thats also a cooler (fluid to fluid heat exchanger), a transmission WARMER thats also a cooler (another heat exchanger) ((these are found in big over the road diesels you may not be used to)), there's also not one but TWO more trans coolers in the truck, one in the radiator and another auxiliary trans cooler in front of that AND a power steering cooler. Lets talk about the fact the transmission can lock up the torque converter in 3rd, 4th, 5th, AND 6th. NOONE ELSE HAS THIS EITHER, if thats not enough the trans has grade logic so you dont burn up your brakes going down hill, or maybe the fact that it can adjust to your driving and adjust for wear and tear over time to keep it from being damaged. How bout the fact the engine SPRAYS COOLED OIL out of that oil cooler your truck doesnt have to keep the contact points on ALL of your cam journals, crank journals and even sprays cooled oil inside the bottom of the pistons just to COOL them!! maybe we should mention the 4 piston fixed position caliper (with stainless steel pistons since fords are plastic!) they stock those plastic ones in parts when yours go bad you can buy them quickly ;) maybe the fact the intake cam can advance or retard 30 degrees separately from the exhaust cam that can advance/retard 15 degrees!!!! how bout an intake that changes from long running that increases air velocity at low rpm for better torque and opens 8 extra intake runners at high rpm for more HP. how bout a FACTORY STAINLESS STEEL TUBE HEADER thats a 4 into 2 into 1 like you would buy for your ford,gm, and dodge to replace the JUNK cast iron manifold that chokes the engine. ALL THE WHILE this truck is the ONLY one with a ULEV II epa rating with ONLY 1 spark plug, no need for two when its designed well. the 6.2 ford and hemi's have to have 2 plugs to burn enough of the fuel in the cylinder just to meet minimum epa requirements.

I'm just gettin warm cory, would you like me to enlighten you some more? i study this for a LIVING, there's a BIG difference, you just choose not to see it and thats fine. Just dont sit there and think you will tell someone who knows better with no facts to back you up. and you can check me on EVERY single fact about the tundra, they are ALL correct.

OH, and PS the Viper powered srt-10 gets beat by a supercharged tundra let alone the tacoma. nevermind the 6.4 hemi, you can look it up on youtube if you like.

YOur kidding me right an SALES SHOW ? are u kidding me with all these TIDDLYWINK parts YOTAS got are SUPERIOR than anything the BIG 3 have ? TOYOTA outsells them right ? and for FORCE INDUCTION aka SUPERCHARGER on a 6.4L HEMI /5.0 FORD/---->http://www.leftlanenews.com/shelby-gt350-r-tune.html <------- this cars running with out SLICKS and a PRO DRIVER ..... /6.2L ford /6.0/6.2L BOWTIE come on man who u fooling ? U dont think those motors can get better # than that YOTA ?

This really sucks. Why do prices keep going up??? In 2 years, I won't be able to afford a plain XL F-150 work truck.... :((((

@HEMI LOL - kudos. I love a logical argument. You are not going to win many friends on this site. Keep up the good.LOL.

Curious about your comment " i study this for a LIVING" . Are you an engineer?

@ cory

no not tiddlywink, they're the parts that are the reason yota engines are just gettin started at a 100,000 miles while the planned obsolescence on you detroit 3 kick in and start fallin apart. there so tiddlywink in fact that yota can afford to put them on and the detroit 3 cant. Toyota builds a car and let the bottom line take care of itself, the detroit 3 for a 100 years have built cars AROUND the bottom line and thats why all 3 almost ended up in the crapper.

and NO i dont think a 5.0 force fed ford could beat the 5.7 supercharged Toyota engine. the 5.0 ford a is a technologically advanced engine now, not quite as advanced as the 5.7 yota but gettin closer, but then you have the transmission and driveline loss which ford is HORRIBLE for. this would be the same problem with the dodge. and again the point since it just doesnt sink in with you, ITS COVERED UNDER FACTORY WARRANTY WITH THE SUPERCHARGER. so tell them to build it and you can tell me ha i told you so, until then you have no valid argument. your just arguing to save your pride which i've crushed with FACTS.

@ Lou

the only reason i signed on here is because i got SO TIRED of the brainless bashing from people that have simply no clue of what they are talking about. if enough people read garbage they start to believe it. i definately didnt do it for friends lol. i know i wont get there this way, lol.

Now, i'm doing this because when people get on here and read maybe, just maybe they will get to read a few facts about the vehicles instead of the old "my daddy drove it so its best" comments. I like facts and logic.

No, i'm not an engineer. i spent 10 years as an electronic specialist, i used to build hydraulic competition cars "hoppers". i was hit by a drunk in 05 and hurt my back and now i work in automotive industry in sales. i was with FORD and now with Yota, but grew up around GM and still own several. Its my job to study these because if i cant show someone ALL these differences (this is why i study ALL of the trucks) then you will never show a guy like "cory" up there why they should consider the Tundra. All the trucks have some strong points, but from a technology side the tundra is ahead of the game. They just dont pay howie long and mike rowe to try to convince you they have the best product, they do what they've always done. they build a GREAT product and let the product talk for itself. :) thanks lou by the way, i'm glad theres more people here that enjoy logical arguments vs. my truck is better than yours with no facts or a dam youtube video when NOONE knows what the vehicles have done to them. lol

Wow its crazy to read these forums and see how crazy and upset people get when talking about their favorite truck. Nobody builds a far superior truck than the rest, Mike goes to show this in the shootouts on this website.

HEMI LOL your to cool u know everything lmao ... I think u started the bashing on the big 3 because they outsell your yota ? and u found one truck that is race ready with FORCE INDUCTION with SLICKS and a PRO TOP FUEL DRIVER to boot ..... and thats why 5.7 is better .... It has NEWER TECH .. ? Ill take my 06 3vV10 over your yota anyday ... u might get to 60 faster but i will out PULL an HALL and out last it that YOTA anyday ... AND thats from EXPER an FACTS FROM OWNING ALL 4 ...... GO back an look at all his POSTS ........ your the one that looks bad not me .... Just letting u know there are MANY trucks out there that are BETTER with less TECH . as for the 5.0 your kidding the 5.7 is better ? --------->In recent tests, the standard supercharged car hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds and ran the quarter in 12 seconds flat at 121.4 mph, all while generating 1.05g of lateral acceleration and stopping from 60 mph in only 107 feet. We believe the "R" tuned GT350 will be even faster.” and thats only the 525 HP tune the 624hp tune even faster without SLICKS ..... leave the speed for the CARS ..... I think the big 3 want to compete for 0-60 times or 1/4 times they will build a truck for that .....

OH, so now you wanna talk cars, not trucks huh. BTW i would challenge you to a pull off ANY DAY of the week against that slow pig v10 from ford LOL. stop it you'll killin me over here i'm gonna fall out of my chair laughin. I know a guy that takes a tundra to truck pulls and challenges ANY STOCK truck to beat him and will pay 250 bucks to any of them diesels and all. ONLY ONE HAS EVER BEATEN IT, 3/4 and 1 ton diesels so how would you explain that? so your car is better than a truck now, ok so bring on the LFA.??????? now were hearin crickets........

yes the naturally aspirated 4.8L V10 that goes from idle to redline in .6 seconds, the one that puts our 552 HP and does 0-60 in 3.6, and does 202 MPH and beats EVERY SINGLE THING FORD HAS EVER BUILT. shut up already. its not a matter of being best just from more tech, its alot more thought put into it than what others do. the FACTS are the FACTS. you have NEVER mentioned one single FACT about the ford that makes it better than the yota. you know why? cause you dont know any single fact that makes it better, thats why all you do is say yours is better, i'm STILL asking why, and you STILL wont be able to answer. you just revert back to a stupid video that ford puts out for advertisement, or a comment that someone else made. Cory you just dont have any facts to back up what you say, i have plenty to share. and we have 2 parts trucks that deliver parts EVERY day that are T100's one with 520,000 and the other with 806,000 miles. thats two examples i see every day, so tell me a story of a ford truck you know that still works for a living with miles like that. OH may i add that those FRAMES are STILL TRIPLE TECH and may i also add that the rocker panels and bed sides arent rusted off of them and one is a 92, the other a 93 and i live in SALT country where EVERY square body ford i see around here is rusted out. LONGEVITY, dude are you serious??? Toyota WROTE that book!

@ Hemi LOL I see you are cut from the same cloth as oxi. You may know a thing or two about Toyota but you obviously know nothing about the Detriot 3. Your Grand National has about as much in common with the EB as the hemi in my Durango has with the original back in the 50's. Not sure about GM or Ford but a Dodge 1 ton has an 11.5 ring gear not 10.5 so your wrong there. You then talk about oil WARMERS/ coolers. Coolers are good, obviously. Warmers are pretty much useless. Warmers only work when the coolant is hotter than the oil. This senario is unlikely to happen. Think about what the oil is in contact with. You run an engine for 5 min then drain the oil and the coolant at the same time. One thing oil is used for is cooling parts of the engine that coolant can't reach like bearing journals and pistons. Which do you think will get hot faster. As far as warming up the tranny fluid, well thats okay, but to do that you want to let the torque converter slip. That will generate heat faster than anything the engine is capable of doing. Ever read how to stall test a torque converter? There is always a warning to do it for 5 or so seconds max. Fluid shear in the converter can heat the fluid up to 100 F A SECOND. I will let that sink in for a second or two.

My 92 Dakota has all the coolers you listed minus the oil cooler (dumb to leave out in my opinion). I think the math works out to 15 years but feel free to double check. I've read Toyotas propaganda on the fluid warmers. It is theoreticaly possible. But the reality is that warming the fluid is not its main purpose. But it sounds good when you list it as a feature that the competions does not have. I guess I can tell everyone my Dakota has a tranny fluid warmer to. As far as torque converters go Dodges 5 speed can lock up in gears 2-5. Its safe to assume that if it were a 6 speed it would lock up in sixth as well. It also has grade logic. Put the trans in tow/haul mode. If you go down a hill and let off to keep from accelerating with the trailer and the truck is still accelerating it will down shift. It will also do this with cruise on whether towing or not. You talk about the tranny adjusting to compensate for wear and tear. Again Dodge has this to way back when the 45 RFE came out in 99. Its called clutch volume index or CVI for short. The tranns controller monitors the time it takes for the gear to engauge. The time it takes depends on the amount of wear in the clutch. A clutch that is worn out would take longer to apply compared to a new clutch given the same amount of fluid used to apply this clutch. So if the controller "sees" that a certain clutch is taking longer to apply than expected then the next time that gear is needed the tranny will apply it with a larger volume of fluid so that it shifts as if it was still new. As a benefit you can use a scan tool to monitor the CVI for every clutch and determine how worn out they are. As far as oiling goes. Every engine "sprays" oil on every contact point where there is metal to metal contact. This is neccesary to keep the engine from failing. This is not new and Toyota did not invent this. As far as spraying oil on the under side of the piston, well thats a good thing and kudos for Toyota for doing it. But I wouldn't give them too much credit. These sprayers add cost and complexity to anyengine they are installed on and I can't see Toyota spending the money unless they needed to. But it is still a great feature. As far as long and short runners for the intake. Well again Dodge has this to for 09. How come with all that advanced tech the Toyota doesn't make as much power or torque than the Hemi, 6.2 Ford or GM? You talk a lot of s&*t but thats all it is. I know a guy who owns a new Tundra, He loves it and he should they are good trucks. But the other guys make good trucks too. Why do all you Toyota guys have to talk down to every one? I for one have a hard time taking anyone serioulsy who resorts to you tube for facts.

Jordan L - "As far as spraying oil on the under side of the piston"
- this used to be common practice in the motorcycle industry but as improvements were made in liquid cooling it has been relied upon less and less.
Good points Jordan L. Always good to read your posts.

Just trying to point ol hemi lol that other people can make race trucks to not just YOTA ... youtube has some facts there cant lie about it ? he thinks the WORLD of YOTA ... MY 3v is SLOW ? I dont think there is a STOCK V8 that matches it anywhere since 05 I didnt say it was FAST can u not READ its all STOCK for NOW !!!!! ? oh MY BEST FRIENDS DADS COUSIN FRIEND has a TUNDRA that can kill your TRUCK ANYDAY OF THE WEEK !!!!! FALLING out of my chair now ... HOW OLD ARE YOU ? oh ya U SEEM TO BASH alot on PEOPLES RIDES don't you ? SAD ... do u go to car shows an BASH everyone that DOESN"T have a YOTA ? MINES FASTER THAN YOURS MINES BETTER TO ....

@ jordan

i really dont know oxi for starters. please dont tell me that i dont know anything of american cars as i have BUILT cars for 15 plus years from the frame up. back when american cars were built in america which is why i like Toyota's NOW! the badge on the hood means NOTHING as to where its designed and built.

the comment of my GN was simply a general comment of forced induction technology, not to compare.

the idea of the warmer is simple, and you know why. creative that you mention forcing the torque converter to slip to make heat. seems as though the idea is to keep from prematurely wearing out the trans, torque converter or fatiguing its components. this is why they have the warmer. in the case of the oil, its a heat exchanger 10 times as efficient as air to fluid (i believe that to be close) and if the oild should warm faster which it will then it helps heat the anitfreeze to operating temp faster as well. "let that sink in for a min." maybe i should have spelled out that the fluids EXCHANGE heat not just the anifreeze warming the oil or trans fluid ect. the point is EVERYTHING gets to operating temp faster than it conventionally would have.

as far as the ring gear, I STAND CORRECTED. i was unaware that it had changed in the 3500 ONLY. so i think we'd still agree the tundra is overbuilt hear seein as its a half ton and it uses the same size ring as ford, and gm 1 ton and dodges 3/4 ton. (sound better?)

correct me if i'm wrong but the ONLY variable lock up converter for dodge is if its a cummins diesel and it utilized ONLY for the exhaust brake?

your 92 dakota may have a trans cooler built into the radiator, thats REALLY the norm for everything, and it probably has an aux cooler as well, although MUCH MUCH smaller than what you see on the tundra, but AGAIN the third one is the heat exchanger which AGAIN is about 10 times more efficient than air to fluid, so your dakota is NOTHING like it, not even remotely.
the Tundra's grade logic works ALL the time, it becomes inadvertently more aggressive in tow haul mode, also the trans in the tundra adjusts and LEARNS driver input as well as being able to adjust for LOAD, and wear. (i wasnt aware i would have to explain that much of that.) but i dont need to mention what everyone thinks of a dodge automatic trans........(input friend you know that had one go out multiple times here.) oh, and you heating the trans fluid with slipping. sorry, i couldnt resist. at least they still make a manual trans.
also, if a 5 speed is good then a six speed is better right? of course. lower lows to get weight moving, higher highs so you dont get 13mpg on the highway with a 400 HP gas v8. matter of fact i get 19.5 driving interstate with a 4.30 gear set in the rear drivin 75-80.

"spraying oil on each contact point" thanks for mentioning it so i can elaborate so you can appreciate the "NEW" idea on a gas v8. the valve train is "oiled" from below, each contact point is SPRAYED by the COOLED oil right out of the cooler JUST TO CONTROL THE CONTACT POINT TEMPERATURE. you dont understand why they would spend the money unless it was necessary, toyota doesnt know why they shouldnt do it so your engine lasts longer. (this goes backt to previous comment about building the car and the bottom line takes care of itself, not building around a bottom line.) this is the difference that comes from 1 MILLION an hour spent on JUST Research and Development. THE ENTIRE DETROIT THREE ADDED TOGETHER DONT SPEND THAT MUCH. and somehow toyota is STILL profitable. interesting thought for the day.......
i'm glad that dodge is using a long/short runner intake now, i know they have it, not sure how elaborate it is but like you said about spraying cooled oil on the pistons, its a great idea.

power at one little spiked spot is what is advertised, but the broad spectrum of power across the entire engine speed range is key. and IF GM's 6.2, Ford's 6.2, and the 5.7 Hemi all make more power, then WHY doesnt it outrun the HEAVIER by curb weight tundra? simple, less driveline loss, and more power through the entire engine speed range. Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing which i have explained already, 4 valves per cylinder (this increases volumetric efficiency) Acoustically Controlled Induction System, more efficient torque converter, and better choice of gears is why. this is why its faster unloaded, and LOADED. which means it CAN PULL MORE, its a Mathematical Certainty.

Lastly, i didnt start talking down to ANYONE! i'm only defending my position from people talking down about toyota with no facts, and it happens more on yota's than the other way around by a LANDSLIDE. i like alot of cars and trucks, but i refuse to have people make these claims of toyota doesnt know how to build a "Full Size Truck" when clearly that comment alone is pure ignorance of the products available.
oh and i'm not talkin crap, i know what i'm sayin loud and clear, now that i've given you some clarity on what i said previously, now YOU know it too. ;) but i'll ALWAYS admit when i'm wrong, and wont dance around it. so THANK YOU for teaching me i was wrong about the ring gear on the "NEW" 1 ton dodge.

@ cory

dude your still on the race truck, i realize other people make one too. you started BASHIN ME, not the other way around.

YOU said your 3v v10 was better than my 5.7 v8. YOU DID, i laughed, i didnt say a thing to you i just called YOUR BLUFF. how old am i? how old are you? your the one with Alzheimer's disease and cant remember that you started the pi**in match.
really you may as well stop tryin to start an argument.

@ Hemi LOL First I would like to thank you for responding without throwing any insults at me. Sorry that I responded a little harshly. I should clarify the term slip: more appropriatly it should be called fluid shear. The blades of the impeller and turbine pass so close together that the fluid is "sheared" apart. This is what creates the heat. And it creates a huge amount of heat. Subject" Dodge trannies and "slipping" very clever.:) The thought of using tranny fluid to help warm the engine is cool. You said there were two coolers now you are saying there is a third one. But I honestly can't see it being that useful as modern engines tend to warm up pretty quick even in cold weather. But kudos again to Toyota.
The 6 speed behind the cummins is a heavy duty version of the 5 speed behind the Hemi. Why they don't adapt it for use with the Hemi is beyond my understanding. And it will lock down to 2nd. As for spraying the oil. The most complete elaborate explanation is always best. Thats why I went to such lengths on explaining CVI's. Thanks for clearing that up. You mentioned the need for 2 plugs on the other engines to pass emisions. I wonder if the oil squirters are needed for Toyota to maintain engine longevity. Their older engines didn't need this tech and managed to go pretty far. Just a thought. This website needs more posters that offer different ideas, opinions, and info. The bashing gets old. Sometimes I loose patience.

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