Back in Black: Fastlane's 427 SS Silverado

Back in Black: Fastlane’s 427 SS Silverado
By Robby DeGraff

When we think of performance pickup trucks, models like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Dodge Ram SRT10, Chevy Silverado SS, Toyota Tacoma X-Runner, Chevy SSR and the almighty Ford Raptor come to mind. These sport pickups are not designed to be used as a work truck, but rather as rear-wheel-drive tire fryers.

With the SEMA show coming up in a week, let’s look back to the 2006 SEMA automotive show, where Chevrolet gave us a sneak peek at a sleek concept truck, the 427 LS7 SS Silverado. This dark blue single-cab monster made our jaws drop in hopes that Chevrolet would produce it. Unfortunately it didn’t, but there is a saving grace: Almost four years later, Houston-based Fastlane has resurrected the concept and turned it into a reality.

The 427 SS Silverado is back in black (literally), powered by a 7.0-liter naturally aspirated V-8 borrowed from the insanely fast Corvette Z06. For a full-out $33,900, Fastlane takes your standard Silverado and straps on a mean-looking ram-air hood and body kit, color-matched front grille, aerodynamic rear tonneau cover, Baer brake kit for added stopping power, 22-inch chrome SS rims wrapped in grippy 305/40/22 Kuhmo tires, and a lowered sport suspension that includes a four-link rear suspension and a big Hellwig anti-sway bar in the front.

And we can’t forget about the heart of this sport truck: the 505-horsepower, 7.0-liter V-8. Even though the engine is already powerful enough for just about any vehicle on the road, Fastlane takes it one step further by adding a custom cold air intake, Callies crankshaft, H-beam rods, forged pistons, stainless steel headers and a thundering custom ground camshaft. Match this modified motor to a fully built transmission and a custom SS side-exhaust system, and the sinister 427 SS Silverado will easily boast an astonishing 550 hp!

The 427 SS Silverado not only sounds like a Z06 Corvette on the track and dyno, but I’m sure it would give a Ferrari 458 Italia or a Corvette ZR1 a run for its money at the drag strip.

Fastlane’s 427SS packages start around $18,500. Make sure to catch Fastlane’s turbocharged 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 at this year’s SEMA show.

[Sources: Fastlane via Jalopnik]


Now thats 1 fast truck.
I'd sure like to see some 0-60 and 1-4 mile times for that rig!!!!!

Even though i am happy with the 5.4l v8 i got in my 2001 f150, imagine what i could do with that $18,500 it would cost to get that package. heres what i would do: swap out my 5.4l v8 for a 429 cubic inch "cobra jet" from the late sixties mustangs, and swap out my four speed automatic to a six speed automatic. i wouldnt lower the truck, at a certain point, lowered trucks look dumb. a inch or two lowered in my opinion, is not at the extreme. then a full racing suspension with rack and pinion steering and leaf springs and custom shocks. I would top off the truck with candy red paint, 20 inch chrome american racing wheels, and low profile pirelli tires. Too bad my imagination isnt free :)

Now THIS is one seriously sweet truck!!


Good idea!!!

This is one sweet truck, however, I am always poised as to why GM has to use such a huge displacement. To all you GM Fanboi's, i'm not dogging the truck, but 7.0L for a measly 505hp. WEAK!!!!

"but I’m sure it would give a Ferrari 458 Italia or a Corvette ZR1 a run for its money at the drag strip." - Robby Degraff

Thanks dude! I have to clean my lunch off the keyboard. Pass it, light it don't hide it.

I remember a guy with plain jane brownish F150 regular cab long box truck. The only thing that looked out of place were the "cheater slicks" on the back. The guy had a 427 side oiler big block in it and a toploader 4 speed. He kicked ass on everyone at the dragstrip. It was fun to watch. He was old school. "If it don't go - chrome it". No chrome on his truck.

22" rims means it is no race vehicle but a poser!

At 19" rims you are pushing the limits of tires for safety on road courses, etc...

This is a poser meant to go fast in a straight line ONLY!

Other than that it is one fine concept and slick truck to drive around with but not a real performance machine.


It's makes 505hp, not 550hp N/A. The Ford N/A 5.0L with 2 less liters is at 411hp. The 2011 Cobra SuperSnake 5.4L Supercharged is at 800 hp with 1.6 liters less.

I'm just sayin!

and the vet will out run the supersnake any day


The vette is made of god awful plastic. Your post was an UTTER FAILURE!!!!!

hahaha don't make me laugh all ford does is just throw a supercharger on it the best racing cars is the vette ZR1 and the ram SRT-10 that is horsepower!!!!!!!

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