Recall Alert: 2010 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500

Recall Alert: 2010 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500
By Colin Bird

Chrysler is recalling about 840 2010 Ram light- and heavy-duty pickup trucks because of incorrect tire pressure labels, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The labels on the affected vehicles display the incorrect weight or seating capacity information. The incorrect info could cause an owner to improperly follow vehicle loading specifications and increase the risk of a crash. Specific trims affected by the recall include the 1500 ST Quad Cab 4X2, which has inaccurate seating capacity labels, and some unspecified 2500 and 3500 trims whose labels have under-rated front/rear axle capacities.

Owners will be given replacement or supplemental tire pressure labels that they can install themselves. If a customer doesn’t want to install the labels, a Chrysler dealer will install them, and the customer can then mail proof of payment to the automaker for reimbursement. The notifications will be sent to both dealers and owners this month. For more information, owners may call Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or NHTSA's vehicle safety hot line at 888-327-4236.

[Source: NHTSA via Kicking Tires]


840 trucks. That's a huge recall for Dodge. 50% of their sales for the year.
We need a congresional hearing into unintended sticker mis-application.

Good for Chrysler. The last thing they need is a widespread recall list. I don't think I've ever seen such a small recall.

So a dealer would charge to put the correct stickers on your truck? That sounds like a poor idea.

i stand corrected!

@ Steve,

Wow !! Your ignorance is shining through !!!

They sold over 141,000 Ram's so far,obviously you are jealous that every time Chrysler has a recall its for minor things !!! Sorry no blowing up camshafts,rust,cracking tailgates....or like Ford refuse to recall their v-8 and V-10 engines that have a major knocking and ticking noise,sparkplug in head problem...

Yes,a few with wrong tire pressure stickers...WOW !!!! Stop being ignorant !!! You just make a complete fool of yourself !!!

@tar ball i have an 04 f150 and i'm yet to have a problem with its engine... it has 168,776 miles on it. so i guess there isnt a reason to recall it. I will agree that this isn't anything to make a big deal about.

@tar ball : I'm pretty sure he was just joking about that so in your own words "Stop being ignorant !!! You just make a complete fool of yourself !!!" No reason to get upset...

@ Tar Ball no ISSUES with my 3v V10 no KNOCKIING/TICKING at 50,000+ hard DRIVIN miles .......

There goes the all the Ford fans Panties Bunching.

I think Steve was kidding. It's a very minor recall. I wish the big 3 well. All are vital to our economy

Way to go!

Charging to put the stickers on is pretty sleazy.

This is the fourth recall for the 2010 Ram.

what an irritable bunch. It was a joke. I wonder if I'll get a cheque from Dodge for changing my own stickers? not that anyone ever pays attention to them.

840 WOW so many no truck is perfect no matte what your favorite is and as a Mopar guy im not really bothered by this one lol

I think there is a typo in the story. There is no way Chrysler is going to charge a customer money for the sticker then refund the money after it is on. That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard.

WOW...charge to install the sticker, and then get reimbursed??? Must be because this is a foreign company...FIAT.

Or maybe it goes with the Dodge...I mean RAM philosophy? LOL!

@ Jordan L - it does sound obsurd to charge to install a sticker. I suspect that they are doing it to guarantee installation.

They'll also hand the stickers to you without installing them so there is no guranteed installation.

My guess is they don't want to tie up time installing the stickers, and if you want them to install the stickers they will make you pay and stick you with a installation fee and by requiring you to mail for a refund, half the people won't send away for the refund and they will pocket the difference. It's pretty stupid. They should just put them on during an oil change without any charges.

Most dealers will probably apply the stickers free of charge for customers they have good relationships with. My dealer never charged me for things like installing license plates (when the permanent plates and registration arrived at the dealership) or minor things like that.

This isnt a huge problem but they need to hire better QC people.

I am a mopar fan, but could careless what brand anyone likes.

i have a family of Gm mainly with some ford and few dodge enthusiasts.

funny thing is the dodges all have minor issues while the fords and gms have rare issues that are more costly than dodges.

i have my 1997 ram 5.9 with 180000 miles running strong but the ping bearings in the rear end are garbage, other than that i havent had many issues

Rare meaning like rear ends and transmissions going out

I have heard millions of times that dodge trannys "suck"

but i along with my dad have changed more trannys on chevys than dodges

my uncles 2004 ford is a beast but had issues with the engine shutting down while driving without reason.

Dodges have the most check engine lights for minor vacum leaks, gas cap, and amp alternator fuses going bad.

ahmen robert took my 4.7l dakota to 200k miles only problem evap leaks multiple times and my 4.7 Ram 50k miles only problem evap leak lol

No matter what is in the news on this site it turns out to be a truck bashing session.

@ moparman

Yea I had that with my 5.9
It was da gas cap

Yea true that's y I'm simply saying faults for all big threes trucks

better to recall it early then to have to do it when its already sold a bunch of them.

Just stickers isn't a problem it the fact that I have had 4 recalls on my 2010 dodge 1 ton and been in the shop 4 other times one becasue the key became disabled or didn't link with the truck, (nothing like sitting in a parking lot for 4 hours waiting for it to get picked up to be corrected in an hour at the shop) ignition replaced, Radio replaced, and a leaking shock.
Loved my 2006 Dodge but after this 2010 I doubt i go back to them!

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