Recall Alert: 2011 Ram 1500

Recall Alert: 2011 Ram 1500

Chrysler is recalling 2011 Ram 1500 light-duty pickups because some of the trucks could have the power-steering hose separate from the rest of the steering assembly, leading to hydraulic fluid leaking onto hot engine components and starting a fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Approximately 7,358 Ram 1500s built at Chrysler's Warren, Mich. and Saltillo, Mexico plants are included in the recall.

Ram dealers will inspect the power-steering hose and replace it free of charge if necessary.

Recall notices are expected to be sent to Ram owners later this month. For more information, owners may call Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or NHTSA's vehicle safety hot line at 888-327-4236.

[Source: NHTSA via Ken Thomas]


Maybe they can put on flame retardant tire pressure stickers for the last recall.

Ahh if only they had the new EPS...


Ram: the king of recalls!

Score one for epas.

Also recalling about 24000 other vehicles for the same problem, Mike just posted trucks here.

What can possilby cause the hose seperation, Heat? Don't they use the proper hose clamps. If enough PS Fluid get's on the exhaust manifold it could start a fire.

I wonder if ChryCo knew about it or if there was a truck that caught fire?

Good luck Ram!

I hope you get better

Good for Chrysler. The last thing they need is a widespread problem. I don't think I've ever seen such a company so good at recalling!

quoted me for truth... well, so much for that, cuz here's that widespread lol.

sucks to hear for my case as a mopar fan but rather this than a spree of Ram fires good job Ram on catching your mistakes I guess

Looks like they all catch fire.(Ford,Dodge,GM)
I'd have to say that the lamest(is that a word?) reason for a fire goes to GMC and the windshield washer heaters.

Hey bobby paster girl - GM is number one.........

At lame recalls.

This in only on 2011 trucks??? If so this should be more of a RRT than a recall, there really cannot be that many 2011's on the road yet. Either way good Job Chrysler on catching it now before it becomes a bigger problem!

Weird, I would have thought they would have fixed this issue last time there was a similar issue.

At least when a Chrysler is recalled its for something that is not an major issue..most likely you will never have a problem with its minor recalled vehicles.

There vehicles are solid and reliable,no engine sparkplug in head syndrome like Ford,or ticking and knocking Ford engines ( no recall,should be).

Or,Toyota,cracking tailgates,rusting frames,wobble at speed,blowing up camshafts,seperating serpentine belts,uncontrollable steering,engine black death sludge,bad welds,Lexus engines blow up and on and on .....

Glad to see Chrysler fix their issues before its a wide spread problem,rather than ignore it !!!

Like my Ford 20 dealer stops for ticking/knocking engine,its babied 43,000 K and it ticks and knocks like an old 1966 Dart that ran 45 years with no engine oil !! Ford never again,my wifes Lexus was a rattling,oil leaking sieve !!

My next truck will be Chrysler's Ram ..

The Infamous "HEMI" Tick


Don't feed the trolls, dude.



I own a Superduty with the V10. I never had an engine tick nor a plug blow out. I always torque my plugs with a proper torque wrench. The V10 has been reliable and is the best gas engine I ever had. I'm curious how people do their maintenance, oh well.

Loving my V10!!!!

@ Frank - sorry. couldn't resist ;)

"DAN WOODS... My next truck will be Chrysler's Ram .." You'll be one of the few. Have you seen the sales numbers year to date? RAM NOT breaking any sales records. My sons friends dad has an older Ram and dealerships keep bugging him to trade it in. He said they're paying good money for older ones because the new ones are having all kinds of stupid problems along with engine problems. Be careful what you wish for.


That is bizarre! Where do you hear this stuff?

I am always not sure of the "my sons friend, brothers cousins, sister's Dad has a (insert truck brand) that has been unreliable and yada, yada, yada,

I want to hear, My trucks or um...... our trucks......

I'm not picking a fight with you bro, i'm just saying. This goes for everyone. Not just you.


Sorry my damn iPhone messed up a few words in my last comment

I'm sure you all are smart enough to sypher my words!
Oh and only 7100 light duty rams were affected

How bout a RAM that keeps breaking wheel studs? I will stick with my Ford, Tick or no tick.

@ Frank, some additional info.

As far as my comment on new Ram's with problems. Background info. My son is a certified Heavy Equip Diesel Mechanic with CDL-A. He's in the field everyday and has travel not only all over US but Puerto Rico & Russia to do repairs. He's traveled to Canada to fix equip working to support oil pipe line (of those guys up there, ALL Fords). Point is he's not on internet like us but out in the field and sees and hears what's good and what's not everyday. His personnel truck is a '01 F250 7.3 with 112K miles, no issues.
Now his friends Dad (sound shorter) is the one that made the comments about problems with new Rams. I have NO reason to make any of this up. When aany vehicle has sales much lower than its competition, one has to ask why? Does it have a bad rap? Always do your own research. Hope this clears up ???s


The Dodge sales are picking up.

Ford and GM are king of the fleet sales for trucks...Ram isnt..

As a mechanic I see and work on all vehicles and the Dodge Ram's are bulletproof...

Alot of ticking/knocking Ford's are from new (as mine was),not old beat up Dodge trucks with 150,000 abused miles that start to tick !!!

This blog is mostly Ford and GM fans,so I will not argue with biased people.. I owned a vehicle from every manufacturer..And repair them daily,Ram's are extrememly reliable..

I own a F-150,Lexus and the new Ram's look and are awesome,my opinion the best trucks around !

Hey Lou,
Why don't you take a minute and go to so you know what you are talking about? Then you will see Ram is better than the Ford! If you just cut and paste from pro Ford sites you will not get the big picture. Don't bother with the F150. The Power Wagon is better all day long and for less money.

Posted by: RamMan | Jul 17, 2010 2:30:40 AM

RamMan: That's an interesting site. I took a quick look at the drivetrain talk forum for the 4th gen 09 and up and came up with this. No cherry picking. These topics were all on the top of the first page. I hope you don't mind that this information "leaks" out. lol.

Starting to think my 50K PW (Power Wagon) is crap:


guess what? first it was my Xfer case leaking fluid, now today, my wife says... what's the deal with the rust on the rear end of your truck... I look down at the rear diff... WTF? all the paint is peeling off in huge sections, AND the diff is so hot I can't touch it. I check the fluid level, it's really low.... how low..... it took 1.5 qts to get it up to the full line???? I'm so pissed at my worthless dealer...WTH.... do we have to check every fluid level before we drive off the lot???


Truck will be at the dealer on Friday.. I'm going to make them pull the cover and inspect the gears... no wonder my rear locker won't engage... it's probably gunked up with burnt oil. STARTING to miss my diesel.......

check my recent posts,my driveshaft fell out 7500 miles


The hilarity continues....

"The lockers are electric (Magnetic) I would personally like air lockers better, these electric one's take FOREVER to lock.... if you were in a pickle you'd be screwed.... the manual says it helps to drive in circles to get them to lock??? WTF? hard to drive in circles if your stuck and need more traction... "



in disbelief,driveshaft dropped:

im so upset with mopar,being a die hard mopar fan would never buy anything driving to vacation 200 miles away towing my small boat.when the rear starts humming at 70 mph i slow down start to get off the highway where in about 200 yards past the ramp the drive shaft falls on the ground pinion gear jams in the case and locks up the tires at 30 mph.luckily i was on the shoulder of the road at that point.

so i call dodge and they customer service guy says what sthe problem.i tell him,and my additional problem "not his" i have a 4 month old baby who needs an oxygen machine every 3 hours and im still 2 hours from my destination.guy tells me he can tow my truck to the nearest dealer and im on my own for a rental.they wont tow my boat.and if i want he will call an ambulance for my baby.this is just too much for my to take so i flipped out he hung up on me.luckily i was able to slpit the yoke from the driveshaft and get it back on to the pinion gear then reinstall it after a local farmer drove me back and forth to a local mall with a sears. what should i do about this now i dont even want the truck now its tainted with only 7500 miles on it????



2010 PW Transfer case leaking:

Ok, I'm pretty bummed... walked up to my truck today, and see she's pissed her pants.... there is tranny fluid on the ground. Got up under the truck, and the Xfer case is leaking at the very bottom. I checked the bolts, and they are tight... off to the dealer asap... anyone else have this problem???
Posted by: Mark | Jul 17, 2010 3:17:28 AM


As a mechanic the only ticking Dodge's have well over 120,000 miles and abused....

Not new trucks that knock and tick as my 2 year old Ford !! It did it from 3,000 miles !! My Uncle ,a die hard Ford guy bought a 2010 F-150 and she ticks /knocks as well !

You Tube isnt a reliable the races on there you can show a Dump Truck blowing the doors off a Vette,add engine racing sounds,speed it up ect...

My nephew did a video of his 1998 Prelude blowing away my 1971 429 Mustang Mach I,looked real,screaming engines,ect....I gave it random trottle throbs so the front end lifted up,looked like I was full trottle (1/4 way down)Remember Youtube is fake !!

A HEMI RAM is my next ride !

Do a google search for Hemi tick or dodge ram tick. You are going to find a lot of info. Probably more than you want to read. All makes and models tick especially the Hemi - from day one. You walked into this one. As a Ram fan, ticking isn't a particular point we should bring up to defend Ram.

Umm the 4.7 and HEMI tick arent a problem it is just a normal noise they make my brother has an 06 HEMI w/ 135kmiles very reliable and always has had the HEMI tick Ive had two 4.7s one for about 160k miles my current one has 50k both have the slight 4.7 tick never a problem if those small noises turn you away from buying one then you have a problem not the truck. like what you like root for who ya root for but my Ram is powerful and reliable

@ mike Levine

Please use credible information

Allpar states that only 7100 Rams are affected and the rest are cars

A supplier from north Carolina found the issue while testing

Facts not probability will make or break a proposition .

Please do not delete this post as to I am not disrespecting no one


Dude are you really trying to defend Dodge in terms of quality? Dodge's if by far the WORST of the big three. I also wanted to comment on the Dart that apparently went 45 years without Engine oil? You really expect anyone to beleive that bullshit? NO car/truck can go that long without Oil...Unless ITS NOT RUNNING!

Please think before you speak.

at least they didn't recall 1.5 million vehicles worldwide this morning... cough*toyota*cough.

WOW, a small recall and everyone is up in arms. Meanwhile Toyota recalls another 1.5 million vehicles and people are still in love with them. Dodge has and always will be one of the best trucks out there. Engine ticks? All autmakers have seen this issue, I can be from valvetrain to piston slap, so to condem Ram for this is crap. Lou some of your issues you are listing sound like dealer issues. There are good and bad dealers with all makes and models. Good techs are getting hard to find. Find a good dealer and stick with them. what about Fords spark plugs spitting out, 6.0L diesel issues. Hemi,s and 4.6, and cummins never had issues like those. Cummins have always been more reliable to any power stroke. I would take a Duramax over a Power Stroke.

@Robert: Point out to me where I'm not using credible information. I reposted the info directly from NHTSA's website.

People always go crazy when their favored truck has a recall and try to defend it by bashing the other brands, its really entertaining. The good news is that these recalls have been pretty minor in numbers/damages.

The Toyota recall doesn't have anything to do with their pickup trucks though.


"His personnel truck is a '01 F250 7.3 with 112K miles, no issues".

Great truck to own. I have one in my stable.

"Now his friends Dad (sound shorter) is the one that made the comments about problems with new Rams. I have NO reason to make any of this up. When aany vehicle has sales much lower than its competition, one has to ask why? Does it have a bad rap? Always do your own research. Hope this clears up ???s"

Yup, sure does. Thanks!


Dude, spit it out already.

@Dave - I'm not sure what quotes you are refering to?

Please be careful in your accusations.

Are you refering to "Hemigod's" cut and paste?

@Mike Levine

Sorry, when i first saw the post i didnt recall seeing an exact number.

Now, that number is exact and much clearer thank you.

Although i will add that the vehicles affected were recalled due to probable issues.

This should show chrysler they need to test everything in a more severe manner. the supplier themselves was the one to notice the problem.

Thanks again Mike

@ supercrew02

Haha buddy quit with the he say she say

Thats a proof surrogate, issues could arise from various reasons.

My supervisor has a 7.3 he said it was a champ until it hit 175,000 miles then he had hell overcome the engine.

HE really did SAY this to me, but just cause one man says this happened doesnt apply to all Ford 7.3's right?

Same with the Cummins, no matter what maintanance and how the parts work and how long they last is also key in why engine failure occurs.

You and Dave just sound rediculous.


If you ask me id say i support all three but i prefer a Ram, because my 5.9 v8 and styling are what i have grown to love about my truck. no matter what goes wrong ill fix it and drive it unless my truck blows up or some ludicrous event.

AS for quality, Lol that's something No American company can back up!

I work on all kinds of cars trucks and even pumps in industrial production.

I cant believe how crappy the parts and labor effort are, what ever happened to pride in craftsmanship?

@ the tone

yea i agree

read my post call me out on defending RAM

but i warn you i clearly state all three are crappy on quality no matter what buddy.

Take pride in your vehicles!

If i could id assemble all you guys posting crap and start a mini truck company producing trucks.

THen test the trucks with other guys driving them see how long before they say we need to recall parts.

I should post some ticking noises my parents 2007 chevy tahoe has, since some of you are bashing the hemi.

lol you all are funny

fact- newer vehicles have lower quality parts.

Example- plastic intake instead of cast?
plastic is all over the new engines

i have actual written comments on the chevy from when i took it to get serviced.

the tranny jerks, Chevy already replaced the u-joints, throttle body, and the interior has plastic pieces coming off.

Maybe a chevy lemon if you ask me

it doesnt matter it could be like this in a expedition or durango too!

@ Robert - I tend to agree.
I can post a long litany of complaints levied against any brand. I know guys who've had major problems with just about every brand. For every guy who tells me a sob story of how "so and so" brand is a pile of crap, I know 1/2 dozen or more guys who'll swear on a stack of bibles that their favorite brand is more long lasting than the universe.
It is next to impossible to find an unbiased impersonal opinion.
Guys are very passionate about their trucks. The posts on this site prove that out everyday.

Why is it when a ram gets recalled its a huge deal? Don't remember seeing this much crap when ford had all of the issues with the 6.0 PS. Everyone has their opinion, mine is that dodge ram trucks have been the best for me. I own 4 of them form 1988 to 2004 gas and diesel and love every one of them. Anyways dodge redefiend the "pickup" with the addition of the first turbo diesel in a pickup and the new non box big rig styling in 94. Great Trucks!

@ Robert Plastic intakes are the future. They are lighter and less expensive than metal and can be molded to flow a specific way easier than metal. As for engine ticks the Hemi in my Durango is a little noisy and my inlaws 2010 Ford Edge ticks badly. the dealer told her its normal. I think Lexus has hoodwinked everyone into beliveing that engines must be silent and if they aren`t they are junk.

@ Jordan L

Yes i agree and see your point, but you fail to see my point. I was just pointing out that quality has gone down. Plastic will not last longer than cast, that can be proven.

Oh and as for ticks, yea that i would still be concerned about.

I would drive it normally, but if any issue occured i would contact the Company.

Also, I have a 97 Ram and it just started ticking, the cause was because i didnt notice the harmonic balancer needed replacement.

Now it makes a tick noise, because other parts were harmed due to lack of repairs from the harmonic balancer

Dodge makes the best truck on the road hands down, I glad dodge is taking care of this minor issue quickly


Recall smecall. Dodge gets the most recalls because they are the best at fixing things. See why buying a Dodge matters? Dodge makes the best trucks. It's better than your F150. If you were smart you would have chosen a Ram 1500. It will outwork any Ford and is the most reliable truck on the market today according to reliability reports. Get the real story at:

Woody... If you want to quote web sites, pick ones that are independant from Dodge/Ram.
Here's a site Chrysler admits to being behind fixing issues. Don't have to believe anyone here.
And... where is Chrysler/Dodge on this list???
No oppinions here.

Recalls happen and always will. I have 97 expedition 5.4 with 173,000 that ticks and knocks. After it warms up it stops, its from the exhuast manifold. My 06 fx4 5.4 130,000 ticks, its coming from the timing chain and has from day one. I hear that same ticking sound on all makes, cars and trucks. As long as it running good I don't worry about little noises like that.

@Woody - you are quoting reliability information from Dodge.
How impartial is that?
JD Power and other independent companies put Ford and Toyota (yes Toyota) at above average, GM/Chev at average. The wierd thing about Silverado/Sierra is that they are made on the same assembly line. Why are they different? Lax QC?
2010 was the first year Ram 1500 rated average. It was always below average prior to that.
What it means statistically over a vehicle's service life - a below average vehicle will have an extra 5 - 6 extra dealer visits for repairs.

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