Report: Mahindra Diesel Pickup Launch in U.S. Indefinitely Delayed

Report: Mahindra Diesel Pickup Trucks Launch in U.S. Indefinitely Delayed

To those following the saga of Mahindra's diesel pickups, it probably comes as no surprise that the Indian-built small truck's December introduction in the U.S. isn't going to happen as planned.

Anand Mahindra, Mahindra's managing director, said last week the company now has "no date" for its U.S. launch, according to a report by The Associated Press.

"We're still interested in getting into the U.S.," Mahindra said. But Mahindra wouldn't comment on when its vehicles would come here because of pending litigation and arbitration with its U.S. distributor, Global Vehicles USA.

"We don't want to turn this into a war of words," Mahindra said.

John Perez, CEO of GV USA, says Mahindra delayed government certification to improperly terminate its distribution contract.

"The bottom line here is Mahindra now believes this is a huge project. They want us out of the way so they can go direct and save the money we were going to make," Perez said Friday.

Repeated delays have become the norm for Mahindra and GV. Originally, the trucks were scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2009. That date was later pushed back to December 2009. Then, in August of last year, Goenka promised the trucks would be on sale by February 2010 before pushing the date to the spring and later to December.

[Source: The Asssociated Press]


There's a surprise! Pfftt!

This latest stalling makes one wonder if Mahindra is being sincere in there dealings in North America. Brings to mind the promises of a used car salesman from the late 50's and 60's before Ralph Nader. IMO their truck would be a bad bet especially when waiting for parts. They can't get their act together on a simple roll out, what would it like if the truck breaks down?
Nice idea with diesel engine, but wouldn't take a chance now after all the problems. Much to do about nothing.

I don't think those things will sell here, too small for the U.S. market.

I think in the size they are now they have the best chance to sell here- the other small trucks have gotten bigger and bigger. Apples to apples Mahindra vs. Ford or Toyota people are by and large going with the name they know and trust (not Mahindra). Make it small and you appeal to a group of people who don't want 17 mpg. crew cab behemoths- even better, the only competition left in compact size is the Ford Ranger and it is about to die. If Mahindra could forget their Indian business tactics and take a deal to be a deal, they could be here selling trucks and making money. If Ford (or anybody) would only bring a sturdy small pickup to market here they would clean up. I don't know how big the market is, but it isn't getting any attention right now, so Mahindra has a chance and they're letting it slip by.

@pee wee, Ford does make a 'sturdy small pickup'. They haven't 'cleaned up'. The small truck market is a fail.

Ford has a sturdy small truck here. It is called the Ranger and it will be sold through 2011. It may take a year off after that, but they will replace it soon enough. GM is also going back to a small truck. Screw Mahindra. Anyone that was seriously considering that piece is an idiot.

glad I didn't wait and bought a brand new 4cyl Ranger!

Screw them! I am done with Mahindra! People probably don't want your ugly-butt poop boxes anyway! Now give me a Volkswagen Amarok, PLEASE!


Seems to have been a lesson learned for Mahindra - this is how the real world works. No doubt they'll pay the price for continued dumb decision making. They won't come back here anytime soon. In reality they have enough production, quality, and image problems in Austalia, etc.

I wouldn't touch a mahindra with a 10 ft pole.....make that a laser beam from 6 miles away

No longer an option

with all of these delays they have lost all creadibility with the amercian consumer.
This is not how you win sales. They are done.

I guarantee that both sides of this Saga are greedy dirt bags, india is used to treating their people like dirt.

Yikes! No future customer here. Imagine a warranty issue???

How many millions have been bilked from investors so far looking to import and sell this crapbox anyway?

*yawn* What a surprise.

It looks like a 1970's Ford Courier.

For those who say the Ranger is equivalent to the Mahindra, I was hoping to replace my Ranger with a Mahindra. The difference? 30ish MPG diesel. A small diesel engine in my Ranger would make for a great little machine with a nice wide torque curve, and really pleasant drivability. The Mahindra appeared to be the next best thing. Bummer.

In my opinion, gasoline will become very expensive in the 2-3 decades, since there's only so much of it in the ground. Corn ethanol, the only kind I can get, is great for the midwestern economy, but that doesn't make it a viable biofuel. Biodiesel is a real alternative fuel. So, a regular engine gasoline or gasoline/E85 engine is a hard sell.

Maybe Ford will bring the diesel Ranger to the USA in a few years. If I don't already have my 20-year-truck by then, it would be near the top of my list.

The difference is you don't know that it would get in the 30's. You are going by what they claimed. And they claimed UP TO 30 and provided no evidence of such. If it got up to the upper 20's, and the Ranger is up to 27, there is little difference in mpg between the two.

If you are waiting on Mahindra for your trucking needs, you'd better get used to riding via public transit.

@Lou and Mike Levin

Once again, I think your report is half baked with no details on how lawsuits work. First off, when you go to high school, they don't give you a high school diploma. They give you a diploma when you are all done. Secondly, lawsuit, smallsuit, there have been no delays and everything is ON SCHEDULE. This lawsuit will be thrown out.


what a joke this has turned out to be. This= fail!!!!!

How can you make a statement like "there have been no delays and everything is ON SCHEDULE"? I've been a gearhead all of my life and have never seen anything like this. Neither has anyone else from what I have read on other forums/news outlets etc. Even without the web, we used to have newspapers and some very informative automotive shows/magazines.


Let it die. After watching the IRT on History channel driving in India up those narrow mountains in their India made trucks with cabs made out of WOOD, I'm all set with anything else they make!!!

This engine/chassis is a shoe in for GM. Wonder if they can do a cranial rectalectomy and see the light?

The Mahindra body is well suited for a non USA market :)

I wanted one of these when the reports first came out saying they were coming. I was ready to put up with "functional" styling and a third rate cabin to get a small, efficient, diesel in a practically sized four door pickup.

As I got to know more about GV and their history, I hoped that Mahindra corporate would become more involved in the process. I didn't see this crazy turn of events coming until it had already started and I'm glad they didn't actually ever get any in.

I might still be willing to consider one when/if they get out of their own way, but I can't help but think they've missed their window and that a Chinese product will be in this niche in the US before Mahindra can get product here.

Too bad.

Hopefully this won't play out like the ARRO....

This is a truck worth considering. With decades of production of the cj6 in diesel it should be tough. If it doesn't come through I'll just have to wait for the wrangler pickup with the fiat diesel.

If there was a market for a small diesel pickup,the largest car manufacturer of all,Toyota would certainly do it.They have the money,the people,"Toyota City" in Japan...and no US government overseeing loans to them.Seeing as how Toyota hasnt brought back a diesel pickup to the US is telling.Afterall,didnt they,and Isuzu both have diesels,and where did they go? If you want a diesel that bad that you think the Mahindra is good looking,maybe a CD of some diesel engines knocking and clattering should be in your truck's stereo system.

Thats to bad I guess I'll buy a 2011 4 cyl 5 speed Mazda B instead. to bad but at least Ill great MPG.

Its beacuase the EPA is trying destroy diesels. Go vote for a congressman that will fight fight the special intrest drive the diesel market into the grave and write him or her.

Stick a fork in it already! I doubt it will ever go on sale here in the U.S., and even if it did I figure most of the would-be customers are scared off by the continuing drama.

Mike levine-

you should really just stop posting news about Mahindra its a waste of time

honestly, the company is probably never going to come to the US market.

What have you heard of the new Ram's for 2012??

Fords brand is coming out with many great products

Wheres gm and mopar?

Any new engines, or technologies?

The compact market is dying because none of the big manufactures are showing it any attention or doing what the customers want. Customers want a small, tough, basic four door with a 6 foot bed compact. The Ranger, which by all accounts is a great compact truck but it hasn't been updated since I was in high school... I'm now almost 30. The Chevrolet Colorado, which has 4 doors, has a bad reputation as a "cheap" truck and I'm not talking about price. The Dakota is a nice truck but its not that compact compared to the Ranger or the Colorado.

The bottom line is ALL manufactures are responsible for killing the small truck market including Toyota. They want to drive people to their more profitable full size trucks, plain and simple. Why design and sell a less profitable truck and cannibalize the sales of the full size truck? Doesn't make good business sense does it? The big 3 seem fine to let Toyota have the compact market (along with Nissan) because they know that the Tundra will NEVER be a threat and it gives them more time and money to invest in the full size trucks to make them more fuel efficient and the like.

Can't wait to buy.

@ Ron we wont be alive when or if this thing is ever sold in the US!

I was so excited for this thing when it was announced what seems to be years ago which is sad because if they ever do make it here they now have a TARNISHED name that no one really has ever heard of

Let's just rebel against the big three


Well make our own trucks lol


MAHINDRA IS COMING in SPRING 2011 and it will blow away F150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The clowns at Mahindra played they're cards. Their only hope was to quickly wrap their arms around GV and get it done. Unfortunately, third world thinking held them back just like their current product styling, safety, and reliability. Stick a fork in it, they're done. They never were ready for prime time.

Mike L,

Thanks for covering the Mahindra Truck like you have. There are a lot of people like myself that are getting bored with the same old thing that our current manufacturers produce. A small diesel pickup is just what we need to add some zing and pep to our auto market. It will get here someday.

Well..If you look closely you can see the rust already starting on those bed rail hooks...Reminds me of a remake the old rusty Datsun and Mazda mini trucks of the 70's and early 80's. The idea of a small diesel truck is a excellant idea but...we need this to come from GM or Ford ...somebody who puts quality in there trucks. I would not touch this Mahindra POS.

@ Tom GM and quality go together like Mahindra and ``for sale in US``

Shocked & appalled.

Um, no. This thing has been vaporware for too long.

But, come $5 per gallon gas in the States, some smart company will bring us compact trucks with diesels and not just bloated V8 toys for Sam Suburban to take to Home Depot for his bags of mulch.

MANNNNNNNN this sucks... thanks alot EPA. killing diesels one by one.. ughhhhhhh.. Finally when we get the solution to our problem it gets canned. Why can't we get a reliable, inexpensive, fuel-efficient, diesel pickup. It's apparently too smart for America. Its a sad day in America.

@Jordan L - very astute observation. LOL.

Not sure I'm ready to panic yet. The company's MD has said that they're still interested in the US, but not in engaging in a verbal war with GV. That's understandable. Plus, Mahindra wants to be taken seriously as a global automotive brand. So how could it ignore the US?


You got it right. Mahindra will definitely come to US market once this GV lawsuit is sorted out. They cannot ignore US market if they want to be a global brand. GV agreement was signed in 2006. Mahindra in 2010 is not the same in terms of technology or ambitions. They were bit apprehensive about entering US market & therefore signed on GV to do the legwork. They are lot more confident now. Mahindra is #1 tractor manufacturer. They have made many acquisitions in recent years,

Engines engineering
Kinetic motors

They are making a strategic decision by trying to get out of alliance with Global Vehicles. Initially they were just looking at bringing in pickup trucks. Now they have ssanyong & reva vehicles lined up next. It just does not make sense to have next 15 yrs(as was in agreement) tied up with GV and paying them a cut when they can keep the savings or pass on to customers. Next 15 yrs will tell if mahindra will become a global brand or not. It does not make sense to have GV control that to some extent. Consider that they have broken off agreement with renault in india. GV was to be rope to cross the river. Now they just want to swim through.

Hey Mahindra, can we at least SEE some of these trucks at the dealers? Maybe touch one to see if they are real? Sit behind the wheel and go "vroom, VROOOOOOM??!!" Come on. GIVE US SOMETHING! ANYTHING! A keychain possibly?

I can just see the speed at which a safety recall will be rolled out. Safety recall coming in make that 6 months....if we can figure out what is wrong.

I have been following this for 3+ years and am REALLY getting fed up. The truck will be due for redesign if it ever gets here.

I was hoping to trade in the Jetta TDI on one of these and eventually buy the Scorpio to replace the kid hauler. I was ready to buy a year one, but not now. I am not out on buying one totally; I will have to see some of these trucks with 100k on them with satisfied drivers before I will budge.

You are off to a rough start and all I can say Mahindra, these things had better knock the socks off people if this is to make it here in the US.

@ Justin - it is always safe to stay away from "year one' of any product, even the domestics. Statistics and anecdotal evidence show that one should let other people do the real word testing. that rule applies to well established entities.

When it comes to Mahindra or any so called "third world" player - I'd stretch that rule out to 4-5 years.
The vehicles need to prove themselves, but more importantly - a support network needs to prove itself.
Currently - neither exist in North America.
I'd be more concerned about the support network than the vehicle itself.

Americans, buy your vehicles in any part of this planet ,include India. But his love for buy gasoline only don't see forward

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