Report: Mahindra Diesel Pickup Launch in U.S. Indefinitely Delayed

Report: Mahindra Diesel Pickup Trucks Launch in U.S. Indefinitely Delayed

To those following the saga of Mahindra's diesel pickups, it probably comes as no surprise that the Indian-built small truck's December introduction in the U.S. isn't going to happen as planned.

Anand Mahindra, Mahindra's managing director, said last week the company now has "no date" for its U.S. launch, according to a report by The Associated Press.

"We're still interested in getting into the U.S.," Mahindra said. But Mahindra wouldn't comment on when its vehicles would come here because of pending litigation and arbitration with its U.S. distributor, Global Vehicles USA.

"We don't want to turn this into a war of words," Mahindra said.

John Perez, CEO of GV USA, says Mahindra delayed government certification to improperly terminate its distribution contract.

"The bottom line here is Mahindra now believes this is a huge project. They want us out of the way so they can go direct and save the money we were going to make," Perez said Friday.

Repeated delays have become the norm for Mahindra and GV. Originally, the trucks were scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2009. That date was later pushed back to December 2009. Then, in August of last year, Goenka promised the trucks would be on sale by February 2010 before pushing the date to the spring and later to December.

[Source: The Asssociated Press]


I don't trust Indians, period. Imagine what you'll have to go through if you bought one and you need servicing. you'll be waiting for parts indefitely and you can't trust their work.

Lou, you are correct. Service after the sale. I work for a CAT dealer and while the product has its problems (I work in warranty) it is the service and support after the sale that keeps customers loyal.

ALL makes and EVERY model of any type of vehicle has problems, especially the new models. Mahindra will be no different. The engine could fall out of this truck and it would not matter to me. It is what the dealer will do to make it right. They repair it beyond expectation in a timely manner; I am telling my friends, relatives, coworkers, and the guy I do not know at the feed store. The same people will hear the negative experience.

I will have to hear how good this truck is from an owner, and it either needs to be a problem free 100k and still going strong or how the dealer and Mahindra stood behind the product before I buy.

At the very least Mahindra my finally spur the domestics to build their version of the compact diesel. I would rather have a domestic anyway.

I would have been one of the early Mahindra Buyers. I really wanted a light duty diesel truck with a quad cab. After following both sides of the story for the last year, I'm done. I don't trust Mahindra.

I'm dreaming, but I hope a domestic US auto maker brings me a light duty diesel truck that can tow, haul, and get great fuel economy.

So long Mahindra...

if it is anything like the small diesels they run in their tractors it should get 70 mpg. i drove 450 miles in a huge flatbed with a 4.5 liter diesel it was a mahindra motor and spent $40 in diesel. these trucks would be good for small businesses.

I am sick of hearing "no market exists for a small 30 mpg pickup". Wake up US auto execs. Do a simple market survey.
Thousands of us are ready with cash in hand! Build a small diesel pickup already!!

Nothing ever changes! Mahindra promised to get this truck to us by a certain date and has failed to do so due to legal interuptions.
I would bet that if they succeded in getting that cute little diesel truck to our home towns tomorrow half, if not more of the guys, that are POO- POOing it here in their comments, would be driving one the next day.
The same thing happened with the Generation II Toyota Peius that came out in 2004.
I placed an order for one on Jan.30, 2004 and had to wait until Nov 9th, 2004 to finally end up with a 2005. But, in the long run it was well worth the wait!
Our 2005 got 47 MPG and had no problems during the 5 years and 90,000 miles that we drove it. We now have a 2010 Prius that gets over 50 MPG. But I would love to drive a Mahindra truck too and plan to if it gets here in time for me to (I was 76 years old on 30 SEP, 2010)
Good luck to each of you who are interested in the Mahindra, and can have just a little more patience. Obviously, most of you can afford to wait a lots longer than I can! Best of luck Mahindra!

I'm disappointed. It's not so much that it's a compact pickup.....It's the fact that it's a DIESEL compact pickup. That's the only reason I was even interested in it. Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan....etc, none of these manufacturers make a compact Diesel pickup. Toyota used to have a compact diesel truck and I bought one. Regretfully, my 1985 Toyota 4x4 diesel is now dead. Mahindra's retardedness will cost them.

whats amazing is that U S auto makers do not understand that there is a market for a smaller diesel that isn't a 8000 dollar option and will tow 5000 lbs with an afforable price . I have been watching this truck for years. Watch what happens when it comes to market, the entire world can buy a small deisel truck except the richest country in the world. amazing

are u kidding me the whole world has diesels except america 3

Someone tell me the real reasons the U.S. can not have an efficient small diesel pickup. Right now the Isuzu diesel pickup is for sale in Great Britain and it has a rated MPG in highway driving of almost 45 mpg. The best mileage for a small pickup in the U.S. is 27 or 28 mpg. I had an Isuzu back in 1986 and it would get 35 mpg and a friend had an S10 that would get about that. We are being taken advantage of by the auto makers and the oil companies. There is a Skoda available in Europe, small car about the size of the Civic and it has a small diesel engine and no hybrid and it gets 65 mpg. Why can't we get these autos? Don't tell me the air standards are that much worse in Europe than here I just don't believe it.

UK mileage is based on Imperial gallons. 45 mpg is closer to 37 and probably obtained driving at 50 to 55 mph, still pretty good though. Farmers, companies and retires that pull campers buy most of the big diesel pickups. Most won't be interested in small diesel pickups because of the added cost of the vehicle and fuel. Jeep barely sold a small diesel engine (2.8L) Liberty for the same reasons. I have one but the higher purchase price and higher cost of fuel means I barely break even if I do the math. Most people don't want to bother with math. It's just too hard man!

The real reason the big three will not touch a small diesel truck is all about the money. It would kill the mega profits they are making on the 3/4 and 1 tons. It is all about the ole mighty dollar. For me I am going to make my own small diesel truck. That is the only way any U S citizen will ever drive on state side. Give it a thought the rest of you other hard working guys looking for a mid size diesel truck. Will update when I get started this summer 11. Till then good luck.

I wish Ford or gmc or dodge would get there heads in the game because Ibecause I don't have the funds or the needs for a giant diesel. Plus with me pulling a trailer lots of days at work I could really use the extra torque to get better gas mileage. I'm only gettin freakin 13 to 15 mules to the gallon in my gas 6cyl gmc sonoma and is rather be getting over 20 like I would with a diesel. All I'm sayin is greater torque and better mpg. It would be a huge market for small business owners and construction workers and mine workers. Put the facts together and you would have a really great truck.


Ford has already answered your request. It is called the F-150 with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost. You will not find a diesel for a better price than the EcoBoost. If you are lucky, G.M. and/or Ram will have a diesel option, some day, that might equal the Ford EcoBoost in power and torque but will not have any better fuel economy, but I can almost promise you that it will cost at least $4,000.00 more than the EcoBoost.

Go get yourself a Ford F-150 with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost and appreciate the fact that you only paid $750.00 (above the 5.0L V8) AND do not have the extra maintenance costs, not to mention higher cost for diesel fuel, associated with the new clean diesels.

Would be nice to have a small diesel in the US. Look forward to my next pickup or SUV to be a diesel. Presently have a Ram 2500 with a Cummings diesel and the wife has a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a diesel both excellent vehicles.

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