SEMA 2010 Preview: Ford to Showcase Custom F-Series Pickups

Ford always delivers great custom versions of its pickups at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas. This year is no different. The company plans to show off at least seven different F-150 and Super Duty trucks tweaked by some of the best aftermarket houses in the business.

Here are the details, directly from Ford.

2011 Ford F-150 by A.R.E. Accessories


"This Ford F-150 by A.R.E. Accessories promotes the mission of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to educate, honor and preserve the history of professional football. Featuring hall of fame styling, the truck is painted with a stadium silhouette and features pigskin leather and materials reminiscent of the gold hall of fame jackets inside. The bed will display notable hall of fame memorabilia, while a wrap on the interior of the bed will simulate the hall of fame enshrinement gallery."

2011 Ford F-150 by Godfather Customs


"Godfather Customs is demonstrating that going green can still mean style with its Ford F-150 with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. Modifications include a 2.5-inch cowl induction hood, bumper cover and roll pan and handle relocator. A tonneau bed cover and liner and halo taillamps round out the customizations."

2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty by Cars by Kris and Airhead Kustoms

Kris Airhead Kustoms

"Cars by Kris and Airhead Kustoms delivers the Pit Boss, the ultimate tow and support vehicle built off a Ford F-350 Super Duty platform. Built to haul a race car to the track and serve as a mobile pit, the truck offers a bed-mounted tire cage and custom swing-case toolboxes. The interior features custom headliner and leather upholstery, along with sound-deadening material and an in-dash computer system."

2011 Ford F-150 by Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson F150

"The Mickey Thompson Project TTC F-150 is the perfect off-road vehicle, with the new 35-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC Radical tires, Fabtech 6-inch suspension, PIAA auxiliary lighting and Warn Industries winch recovery gear. The interior comes with Katzkin leather and aftermarket audio, video and navigation enhancements. For additional utility, the truck features a BedSlide cargo management system and AMP Research power steps."

2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty by Rize Industries

Rize Industries F350

"This Ford F-350 is a motocross concept that uses top-quality products with the highest standards in craftsmanship. The truck features a Rize Industries 8-inch quad-link suspension that offers additional ground clearance. The bed comes complete with a built-in loading ramp, power washer, air compressor, built-in motorcycle stand and storage space for riding gear."

2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty by Skyjacker Suspensions

Skyjacker Suspensions

"Skyjacker Suspensions’ Ford F-350 Super Duty is made to appeal to the active lifestyle of the Super Duty owner. A Skyjacker-developed 8.5-inch suspension offers a bold lift for work and play, and will let the owner go deeper into the field. Heavy-duty front and rear Fab Fours bumpers are added along with a Warn Industries winch and lights to round out the tough look."

Last, but not least, is the Custom Shop's 2011 Ford F-150 FX2 EcoBoost V-6.

We'll bring you the full story on all of these trucks and much more when we head to SEMA, Oct. 31 to Nov. 4.

[Source: Ford]


Although I don't like slammed trucks that much, that Pit Boss looks awesome!

Did anyone else notice the Mickey F150 has a solid front axle in the rendering?

Ohh god there all hideous!! Except for the Sky Jacker "Play Dirty" truck, like that one. But the rest ehhhh.. I like a clean sharp looking truck though, not a truck that looks like it came out of a cereal box.

That "Pit Boss" is one tough-looking truck...

But is it really a F-350? With the 10-lug front wheels (can't see the rears) it looks like it has the front hubs from a F-450...

(When my Flareside Ranger grows up, it wants to be a SuperDuty Dually)

Hey Mike Levine the next time you talk to someone from Ford will you please ask them why the back seats on the 2011 Superduty Lariat crewcab are now vinyl instead of leather...have to get the KR to get leather now...pretty ridiculous for a truck around 60K..Ford is careful not to mention it in their advertising in hopes no one will notice I guess.

The rear seats are leather and vinyl and it has been this way for a long time. That is why Ford says leather seating surfaces. Ram and Chevy also say leather "trimmed", not all leather. Only on the King Ranch will the seats be entirely surfaced with actual cowhide. Anyway, it feels great, very leather like, and is very durable as well.

They should take the tinted headlights of the Pit Boss and put them in the 2012 Super Duty. The painted grille needs to make it to the Super Duty as well.

Spec sheets on the 2010 Super Duty lists leather trimmed seats as well. So no change from the switchover to the F-150 seats in 2011. Same for Dodge and Chevy - leather trimmed, vinyl and leather. Most manufacturers only use leather for the actual seating surfaces anymore.

This post here at the dodge forum confirms it:
"The only good thing about the "leather" is that its ventilated. Other than that I'm not impressed since its not real leather" - 2009 Fiat Laramie Quad Cab 4x4

"I had premium cloth in my 2009 and the leatherette (leather/vinyl) in my 2010. I perfer the leather, the black cloth was harder to maintain and keep clean."

@Chuck Z

Check out the specs for the Denali.

GM Denali

"Seat trim, Leather-appointed"

This means that GM is using leather in only the appointed areas it would like. Meaning that the Denali leather interior is probably leather seating surfaces. Although you should probably check because some manufacturers are moving towards leather inserts only. Matching vinyl is used on the sides and backs of these seats. You will notice that most the manufacturers use terms like "leather appointed", "leather trimmed", and "leather seating areas". These terms are used so that people cant say "I thought it was 100% leather.". There are only a few manufacturers in the world today that use 100% leather seats. Most of these are high end cars, but it doesnt mean that all the high end cars have 100% leather for either. Lexus is one of the lower end manufacturers that uses something close to 100% leather. Infiniti might also, I am not sure. Acura definitely does not. Even the Acura "Supercar", the NSX has vinyl backs. Anyways... theres some info on why they use the term "leather appointed".

What a bunch of ugly trucks !!!

Lowered trucks are UGLY !!

Trucks too high are UGLY !!

Trucks with stickers are UGLY !!!

What a total waste of time and money,rolling pieces of crap !!

Fanboys,I have a Ford truck !! So dont bother ,you know I am right !

JJ...I know about the leather seating surfaces on the part u sit on only....but what I am saying is there is no leather at all in the new Lariat back seats....and Ford is careful to only mention leather on their front can tell the difference in the feel , texture and smell...they are not leather even on the sitting surface...

Also just go down to a dealer and look at Lariat back seats carefully and then compare it to a King Ranch...if they are going to go all vinyl in the back seats (from the 70's or 80's) they might as well just make them cloth..would be more comfortable in all kinds of weather..


The Pit Boss will have a 10-lug conversion from American Force Wheels. The wheel design and ride height of the truck has changed since that rendering. The wheel is a bit more chiseled and the height is about 2-3" higher since we want the truck to still be practical.

Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure, but we like it.

Kris Horton
Cars by Kris


Also note they say Chaparral leather-trimmed FRONT seats for King Ranch, too. Nothing about the back seats. I think the issue is you are comparing the look, feel and smell of the King Ranch non coated leather to the coated Lariat leather. Here's what Mike had to say about the Lariat leather in the 2011:
"One other point to mention about the interior of this Lariat-trimmed truck: We liked the new leather seats that feature traditional leather around the border and bolstering and a new distressed-looking leather in the seat and back cushions. It gives the Lariat a richer feel if you're not looking to move all the way up to the King Ranch model."

Job 2 of the Super Duty is getting monotone seats without the different colored inserts throughout. Check back once you seat a job 2 truck.

To bad Ford has to go to after maket businesss to make their trucks look good. If they would do in house and then produce them would be great. Like a Rubicon type F150 like the Jeep Wrangler, a mild lift, disconnect sway bars, bigger tires and fender flares, along with a wench, who cars about something so slammed you could not get it into a driveway or jacked up so high it is impratical to most anyone. One off's seem not to make everybody go out and by a normal truck.

@Dafish - what? Have you ever heard of the Raptor?

I like the Pit Boss.
I'm not usually into slammed trucks but it does look cool.

The SkyJacker truck looks functional.
Most big lifts are a waste of cash. Extreme driveline angles, scary changes in CG, tires that are way too big for the axles. Great for the boulevard or back alley puddles.


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