September 2010 Year-to-Date Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in September 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +30.6% September 2010 47,433 Coming soon
385,879 September 2009 33,877

2 Chevrolet Silverado +16.7% September 2010 32,185 Coming soon
267,715 September 2009 19,401

3 Ram Trucks -1.6% September 2010 16,887 Coming soon
140,889 September 2009 13,452

4 GMC Sierra +13.6% September 2010 11,077 Coming soon
90,235 September 2009 7,244

5 Toyota Tacoma -9.2% September 2010 8,874 Coming soon
77,584 September 2009 7,513

6 Toyota Tundra +21.8% September 2010 6,923 Coming soon
68,645 September 2009 6,308

7 Ford Ranger -2.4% September 2010 3,815 Coming soon
42,844 September 2009 2,052

8 Nissan Frontier +42.2% September 2010 3,901 Coming soon
30,035 September 2009 2,164

9 Chevrolet Colorado -33.2% September 2010 2,723 Coming soon
18,426 September 2009 2,094

10 Nissan Titan +27.4% September 2010 2,063 Coming soon
17,463 September 2009 1,900




Y-O-Y percentage increases:

Tundra 9%
Ram 25%
GMC 52%
Chevrolet 65%
Ford 40%

Whats up with the midsize p/u sales decrease?

August 2010 to September 2010:

Toyota -4%
Ram -12%
GMC -5%
Chevrolet -6%
Ford -.005%

nobody wants mid size anymore

@Phil Overall year to date in comparison to last years total all are down on the respective percentages.

The midsize market doesn't appear to be gaining any strength.

Ford is still bringing in more buyers than GM/Chevy combined. Badge engineering has failed once again for Government Motors! lol.

True..but tell my why the frontier is having so much success?

uh oh , what are the GM fan boys gonna say now?

The "but chev and gm combined" argument wont work anymore. And don't even bring up fleet GM is filling every fleet they can so their sales numbers look good. Look at the lot next time you rent a car all GM crap.


40% of 30,000 trucks is a lot less than 30% of 380,000 trucks. I wouldn't worry to much about little fluctuations like that for the Frontier.

MMP - Numbers wide last month the Frontier finihsed only behind the Tacoma. IE, gaining ground in midesized slaes.

I guess the majority of sales are going to fullsize. Bring back the chevy Luv.. lol

@ Matt - you are forgetting that Ford combines their sales numbers.
That is unfare to GM as they do not make a heavy duty product.

Every news story I read about compact/midsize trucks available outside North America, there is a long list of posts where people bemoan the death of the compact truck.
Look at the sales numbers - stop moaning and start buying.
Auto makers are not going to spend billions of dollars developing a new product to sell a few thousand a month.
The yearly total for all of the compacts on the list is 168,889.
Ford sold over double that amount in full sized F series trucks alone.

If we want the small truck market to come back in the U.S., than the chicken tax has to be repealed for that segment. It hasn't saved domestic manufacturing jobs and it hurts consumer choice when a model is no longer offered. If the chicken tax went away, I bet we'd see several small diesel pickups come in.

@ Mike - well said.

Show us a breakdown between 1/2 ton and 3/4-1 ton!

@woopud - none of the manufacturers break it down any further than what is posted.
JD Power, RL Polk does break it down but I'm not sure how readily available those statistics are.
I've looked on occasion and haven't consistently found any worthwhile data.
Here are a few links from this site:

I'm curious what the ytd sales are on the Avalanche...haven't been able to find any statistics online. I know they're technically suvs, but I see them everywhere in this area.

Ford sales all F series: F150/250/350/450/550 and F650.
Chevy have more truck sales!

Got any proof DieselPower? I don't see many F650s driving around to make up that difference. But that's a new one. That's digging just as much as a Ford fan not wanting a high altitude test.

Doesn't matter what you see.
Ford says its F seriese,not F150 - F350.Thats means add F550 and F650.
Chevy says only Silverado,there is no Kodiak.

Imagine the numbers Ford will put up once the full engine line-up hits the street. Not sure how many sales they will snipe from the competition, but a lot of Ford guys will be standing in line with checks in their hands and smiles on their mugs.

Diesel, You are wrong.

F650 and up are Medium Duty trucks and is not included in these totals.

F550 is included because they are the same as a F350/F450 and they only sell a few hundred of them if that. Your point is? That's right. You have no point.

1998 was the last redesign for the only compact truck still being sold and it still managed sales of over 42K for the year to date. Ranger outsold the Colorado, Frontier and Titan and it was last redesigned nearly THIRTEEN years ago.
Ford has done very, very well on it's investment.

Redesign the Ranger and keep it a COMPACT truck.
F series truck is a great product, keep up the good work Ford; however, it's too darn BIG for the actual needs of many buyers and once gasoline prices increase to $3.50 and $4.00 plus a gallon their will be a market for 100K plus compact trucks again. And it won't be that long before prices increase, probably by end of 2012.

So Ford not include the F650/750 in their sales?
Well,I didn't know.
Thanks guys!

There were only 498 Heavy Trucks sold in September. That is the F650 and F750. Even if the Heavy Trucks were included in the F-Series totals, which they are NOT, you can take off 498 from Ford's totals and Ford still blows away Chevy/GM combined and anything GM has that even resembles a truck.

@Fact Check


@nathan,@Mike Levine:
If the government doesn't want to repeal the chicken tax then why don't they (Ford)just do a redesign of the North American Ranger utilizing the current Ranger frame? Maybe add an inch or two to the width of the truck but keep the length the same. Build it where its currently beng built and they may save all those folks from being laid off at the Ranger plant. Maybe save a few bucks as well. There would be some retooling costs but if they put some actual effort into a Ranger redesign I think it would sell. I'm of the opinion that the small truck segment is shrinking because most of the product coming out of Detroit is junk in this class..or just way past its prime. The boys in Tokyo will dominate this market if Ford bails and if Mahindra ever gets its act together they may as well. Ford may never regain its market share if they leave the segment altogether..I don't buy the arguement that building a small truck just isn't profitable enough. It seemed to work well enough for the japenese as they have pretty much handed our a**es to us in the small truck segment. If fuel prices go sky high then what? What product in the truck segment will Ford (or any American manufacturer)have to meet this challenge? Drive a transit connect? What a joke! I guess everyone drive an Ecoboost expensive F-150?

you dont see midsize sales going up b/c you cant get a dakota in a r.c the ranger although very nice is ancient the canyon/colorado is garbage the tacoma is nearly the size of a tundra and I guess people dont like a frontier. Why would people buy midsize crap thats why people are crying for more. Lets see a revised version of the last s10's, an actually updated ranger, a work truck option back for the dakota and a hemi r/t dakota do all those ideas and i promise people will buy midsize/compact again. I still see people buying up used s10's,rangers and 3rd gen dakots/ r/t's

GM/Chevy don't have any other trucks to combine is their sales is there fault because they dropped out of that arena because they couldn't build anything reliable to compete with Ford. Their sales were mice nuts.

the whole impersonating Lou thing is pretty homo..u must have a deprived life..n while im ranting, i love fords im a bronco man myself, but the whole gov't motors thing is pretty stale..thought we were truck guys but some ur actions arent truck guy like more lk u should be n a geo metro circa '89 with those cheesy spinning hubcaps...

It is nice to see the top 4 vehicles sold are American made. That should put a smile on every red blooded Americans face!

Whether you buy a Ford, GM, or Dodge, you are taking care of your own.

I am glad that the quality of the big 3 is at least 10 fold better than those trucks from 15 years ago. May all 3 continue to dominate!

Although I'm a Ford man I agree with Top Dog 100% It don't matter what you drive just keep it American. Before some idiot says something you know what I mean so don't go there!


Buy American.

Ford diesel made in Mexico.

Dodge Ram HD made in Mexico.

Dodge Ram 1500 regular cab made in Mexico.

GMC soon to be General Motors China.

Dodge Ram also Italian owned. Keep it American?

Most of the Powerstroke parts made in the USA, only assembled in Mexico! ;-) Guys I know the argument is getting old but you do have a point I'm afraid to say... But I'd rather see the Italians with Dodge then the Commies in China with GM.

And yes who ever is impersonating Lou.. its getting old fast.

@Top Dog,

I will stick with my U.S. built Tacoma!

Made in U.S.A. on my data plate on the driver's side door and damn proud of it!

Lou: GM doesn't make a HD truck so its not fair? That can't be the same HD that took FIRST PLACE in the shootout??

@oxi And where do you think the engine, transmission, and most of the electronics for your Tacoma came from? No different than ford having engines assembled in Mexico but the trucks built in America. At least the profits for Ford stay in America. Nice try though

@sandman 4x4 - thanks for being the only guy to catch my sarcasm.
I was parroting the Chevy guys who state that Ford combines all of their sames right up to F850's (which they don't).

Not much to argue about since Ford has a clear sales lead over GM/Chev/China. (Couldn’t resist)

We could debate the whole "American made" thing for the millionth time?

If you guys truly believed in "buy American" - then you'd all have to buy a GM product. It doesn't get more American than ownership by the USA government.

From my perspective - all I care about is owning a quality product built by a stable company.

Seems to me that Toyota and Ford are the only ones that meet those criteria. (Well, Honda too, but they don't make a product I currently own)

@ Matt - the old "the profits leave the country argument".
Why don't you look at the cost of building a plant, workers wages (albiet not very high in Mexico), shipping, component manufacture etc.
Ford F150 used to be the perennial domestic leader for "American content". They didn't rate very high this year.
The only reason borders mean anything when it comes to commerce is because of laws passed by government.

Garbage Manufacturer sales still see no bump even with the release of their new HD, lol just lol.

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