Lincoln Is Considering an All-New Luxury Pickup, Source Says

Lincoln Is Considering an All-New Luxury Pickup, Source Says
2006 Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept Shown in Pictures

Could the third time be the charm for Lincoln? Ford execs have already stated their plans to revitalize the company’s neglected luxury brand with seven all-new or significantly revised vehicles in the next four years. One of them could be a new luxury pickup, according to a source.

Ford previously made two attempts at selling a high-end hauler to luxury buyers looking for something different from an executive sedan like a BMW, Lexus or Mercedes. The controversially styled and functionally limited 2002 Lincoln Blackwood lasted just a single model year while the 2005-2008 Lincoln Mark LT was a bit too close in looks and comfort to the Ford F-150 to find success on its own in the U.S and Canada.

A unique version of the Mark LT still lives on south of the border, where the Lincoln brand has an exclusive image that Ford wants it to have elsewhere. Mexican buyers are prepared to pay more for a Lincoln-badged vehicle than they would for a similar one with a Ford blue oval.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept

With the current 2009-2011 Ford F-150 lineup topped by the pricey Platinum model, there still doesn’t appear to be room for a luxurious Lincoln half-ton, which is why Lincoln’s product planners are said to be looking further up the food chain to create a Lincoln version of the Ford F-Series Super Duty.

Today, Ford’s Super Duty lineup peaks just below Platinum with the Texas-influenced King Ranch model. That ceiling is said to have created an opportunity for Lincoln.

A Lincoln-badged Super Duty would likely be the most luxurious and expensive pickup in Ford’s truck lineup. The idea is said to be based on the three-quarter-ton F-250 with exterior sheet metal that would be significantly different from the current Super Duty. The interior would also be unique, highlighted by a stretched cab similar to the Ram 3500 Mega Cab configuration. Only a single-rear-wheel version of the truck would be available.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept

If the idea of this potential Lincoln pickup sounds familiar, that’s because its description bears a striking resemblance to the Ford F-250 Super Chief concept truck that was shown at the 2006 Detroit auto show – just after the sales peak of U.S. pickup sales in 2005.

The Super Chief stretched luxury as much as it stretched its wheelbase for maximum passenger comfort. The interior was covered in rich burled walnut, leather and aluminum. The second row featured two huge LCD televisions that dropped from the ceiling to provide entertainment to backseat passengers lounging in Hollywood-mogul-style club chairs and a pleasure dome ceiling. A slide-out minibar was stowed in the center console.

At the time, Ed Golden, the Super Chief’s design director, said, "We especially wanted to explore the ceiling for high-end interiors in a truck. Even with today’s luxury interiors in our trucks (like the King Ranch), there’s still a pent-up demand from our buyers for even more luxury. Tough luxury. And this truck points to where we might go."

Asked for comment Monday night after an all day meeting with Lincoln dealers at Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Lincoln spokesman Christian Bokich denied a luxury pickup is in the works.

What do you think? Could an ultra-high-end heavy-duty luxury pickup truck succeed where the last two light-duty Lincoln pickups failed?

Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept


I really wish that I would stop getting teased like this. I loved the Mark LT and they took it away and now they're saying they want to do this. Unbelievable. I think a Lincoln badged Super Duty is a great idea but it will make jalopnik readers heads explode.

Seen this movie before and it doesn't end well.
Forget it!
More money could be made on a bare bones sub-$20,000 truck that gets 30 mpg.

For crying out loud make a new dam compact truck you Ford morons this sh1t is getting so old . Lincoln should be making a luxury fullsize rear drive cars not trucks .

Hmmmm... think i just had 'de-ja-vous'!

Not really liking it. Ford for trucks no need to rebadge something thats awesome enough by itself!

I think the PU luxery market is fairly saturated by Ford already a Lincoln would not really add much to the segment.

Ive never seen the inside of the SuperChief before. Kind of looks like the car of the future everyone thought we would be driving back in 1970. I dig the old school 80's speedometer though.

If Ford retreated from the Excursion based on the cries from the "greenies" the Lincoln Super Duty won't last long either.

Build a Ford Excursion
Build a Lincoln Mark LT (F150 based)
Build a Lincoln Mark SD
Build a real full size RWD (AWD optional) Lincoln Sedan

AND STOP pandering to the (insert asian subcompact car name here) driving greenies, they are not the market for any of the above vehicles!

I driving my 2nd Lincoln Mark LT and hoping that they bring it back to production! I'll be first in line to buy one. Haters are haters because they're jealous. ;)

Lincoln needs to agressively depart from the design asthetics that sells only to retirees.
GM was smart with Cadillac's transformation. That is the direction Ford needs to go.
High end luxury performance is the niche that they need to fill.
Luxo-barges do not sell.
Rebadged Fords with ugly grills do not sell.

I guess Cadillac will have to come out with a Duramax 3/4 ton to compete? LOL

I say Lincoln (Ford) should see how many buyers are willing to buy the GMC Sierra HD Denali. If Denali attracts a substantial amount of buyers, then good luck to Lincoln...otherwise, if the Blackwood and Mark LT half-tons didn't succeed then I shouldn't expect this thing to succeed either. And the RWD/4WD BOF Navigator SUV is taking a back seat to the FWD/AWD unibody MKS and MKZ sedans and MKT and MKX crossovers, which means this "One Ford" thing is taking effect and no more Nav, and forget about a Lincoln pickup altogether!

I wouldn't buy the junk or any large pickup because I'm protesting for the return of a new compact/midsize Ranger!

Hope it comes with a steam making machine! This way, it can double as a sauna.

i) I think a SD Platinum would sell better than a Lincoln.

ii) Ford would be better off spending that development $$$ on a reskined Superduty. One with "flow" and a rear half that didn't look so 1998.

iii) Add a few inches to the existing Crew. Don't go to 4 cabs like Goat.

iv) Add liquid filled body mounts, and the industrys first factory air ride equiped 3/4 & 1 Ton that would be hunker down while empty highway cruising and be able to ride up when the trail gets rough. Better MPG and capability.

Wait, what?

Luxury truck based off a F250. Good grief, the SUPER CHIEF is astounding. Just build it, LINCOLN SUPER CHIEF and call it a day.

I would like a regular cab, short bed, with the ecoboost 3.5L and that bad-a$$ interior. That would be cool, hot-rod Lincoln.

Lincoln NEEDS to quit the truck market and focus on beautiful rear wheel drive vehicles.
Lincoln needs a HALO car for the Ford Motor Company....a big beautiful, techno filled BMW7/Audi/MercedesS/Lexus/Cadillac DTS fighter.
They could also use a very cool sports car. Something special with a retractible hard top/high horsepower/good gas milage.
The are talking about the Concept C/D? This is one ugly car!
If I want a small car, I would buy a Ford.
Keep the Navigator but clean it up. Make it more powerful to compete- needs an updated design that delivers Lincoln class.


Its bad enough there are Mark LT's running around now....

For shame Ford...for shame..

Who needs a Lincoln when A fully loaded Super Duty King Ranch model has an interior just as nice as a Mercedes-Benz or BMW!!

Build it and lose money Ford.

Any Lincoln model should have considerably more power than any stock model. Think Mustang GT vs Shelby Mustang. Give the Lincoln 100 or more HP over stock. Give the Lincoln race bred suspension and brakes. Same if they build a Super Duty Lincoln pickup. Give it 500 HP and 900-1000 lb.ft. of torque. Adjustable air-ride suspension would be a cool idea.
How about a Raptor inspired Lincoln HD ?
Make it different,make it special, make it more powerful - don't rebadge.

Hey Lincoln! I have a great idea. Build your truck but make it around compact/midsize. Then call it the Ranger.

lincon dont need to make pickups the on trucks they need to make are suvs and make a half truck half suv to compete with honda or chevy/cadilac EVT, thats the only truck rich people want to buy, the king ranch is luxgery enough for me and little people will want to spend thier money on a super luxgery truck thats just rebaged, the only truck they should make for lincoln is somtin to compet with the EVT, Ford could youse thier money on rebuilding a ranger or other small compact truck

"Ford could youse thier money on rebuilding a ranger or other small compact truck" Tyler

Not enough profit to build it. 'Nuff said, get over it already.

"Ford could youse thier money on rebuilding a ranger or other small compact truck" Tyler

Not enough profit to build it. 'Nuff said, get over it already.

Hey Mike Levine, Question Buddy, Can u get the EPS on a 4x4 or only on 4x2?? I know you can't get it with 6.2, but the other engines you can.. Thanks Mike.. Also what engine is the chevy replacing on the 5.3...

Considering a fully loaded KR with a 6.7 P-Stroke is damn near $60,000....I would bet this truck is closer to $70,000. That is ridiculous.

I wonder how many of you people on here could afford this type of truck, since you brag it up so high? And I don't mean with creative financing (fincancing the damn thing for many years, that tells you it cost too much)

You guys want the price of trucks to be 100K or what? Look how many people already pay premiums for F150's and comparable vehicles (no trucks these days are worth the money, take away financing for 72-84 months and see how many sales disappear).

What a joke, a truck is for work and to get you from point a to b, yet many middle class Americans go and finance them for 6-7 years for "luxury". Ha! While the rest of the world laughs at us.

What a BACKWARDS thinking country this is when it comes to transportation, while the rest of the world moves FORWARD with their trucks (capable diesel engines with excellent fuel economy), we move backwards with luxury and high HP engine warslike little school kids. Most people have to BORROW money to buy a truck, yet they support high dollar trucks that cost damn near as much as a house. That makes great sense. But then again, trucks have to be full sized here for "full sized" asses that americans have. many would have trouble fitting into the smaller quarters of a midsize truck.

No one intentionally walking into a Lincoln showroom will tolerate the ride of a Super Duty. The existing luxury trucks (King Ranch/Platinum, Denali, and the new Laramie Longhorn) are all trim levels over a basic truck of the same name if you don't need as much decadence. There will be no base or mid-level Lincoln truck to step down to if this new truck is "too much".

The 20-inchers Ford currently offers on Super Duty SRWs (LT275/65R20E) are $200+ each from the *discount* places - you know a Lincoln Super Duty rig would have this as the *base* tire. They'll want to use top of the line leather (which will get dirty), they'll need extra sound insulation, and Ford can't get away with just a new front clip - no one will spent mega money on something that still uses the same doors and windows as a 1999 F-250.

Also keep in mind that, with the demise of Mercury, almost all Lincolns will be sold at Ford/Lincoln dealers - Lincoln does not have the traffic/sales to support standalone dealers. So you'll be trying to sell this rig right alongside a King Ranch.

Just an all around marketing mistake.

Ford, stupid, stupid idea. Even the thought of it is stupid. Have you seen the new Volkswagen pickup? Bring a new Ranger. That would be called a smart idea.

Red 4x4, the rest of the world has to pay as much as we do here for a for a fully loaded full size, for an empty-loaded mid-size. They will still spend a fortune for it, but they won't get half the truck. Stop whinging!

I don't think Red_4x4 was "whining". It seems a realistic point to make that if you had to finance it for 6 or 7 years it was out of your price range.


Lincoln says luxury pickup rumors false. Get over it.

Look Ford, consumers do not want a Lincoln pickup. How many times are you going to try this? The hole's been dug for Mercury, push Lincoln in there too. They won't be missed.

This time next year I will buy a 1 ton KR 4x4, but if Lincoln was to do a ton version I would choose the Lincoln over the KR. I do work my trucks and I get dirty doing it. I use seat covers when working and take them off when I go somwhere nice, and I clean them once a week. The Lincoln 1/2 tons were night and day compared to any f150 and after useing one, its hard to go back to my FX4. I guess I'll have to wait and see?

This is a great idea. They need more upper level trims in the Super Duty like they have in the F-150 - Platinum, Raptor, Harley, Lariat Ltd, etc. The best you can get in a Super Duty right now is a King Ranch and not everyone likes the western theme. In addition to the new Lincoln, they also need to redo the Super Duty from the ground up hopefully no later than on the 2014 model.

At the time, Ed Golden, the Super Chief’s design director, said, "We especially wanted to explore the ceiling for high-end interiors in a truck. Even with today’s luxury interiors in our trucks (like the King Ranch), there’s still a pent-up demand from our buyers for even more luxury. Tough luxury. And this truck points to where we might go."


Where they might go with the all new 2014 Super Duty.

This doesn't seem like a good idea. IMO Ford has been doing all the right things lately. (I'm very skeptical of the Ecoboost being used in trucks) But hey! Thats what the 5.0L and 6.2L are for. The only two mistakes I can clearly see Ford making right now though is killing off the Ranger, And considering a Lincoln truck. Lincoln trucks have never been successful, granted the Mark LT was a step up from what the ridiculous Blackwood was. It still did not sell, it did not make FoMoCo and extra money.

And for the life of me I can't understand what Ford is thinking when the kill off the Ranger. I know the Ranger's sells have been slipping lately. But maybe that's because the Ranger's has had a complete redesign since 1992?!? Even though I'm planning on buying a 2011 F-150, I know there is alot of people out there who just don't want a truck that big, And that seems to be Fords logic in killing the Ranger. People would rather have a F-150 that gets close to the same mileage as a Ranger, Than a Ranger. Well two things about this...The current Ranger is waaaayyyy old school. Its 4.0L V6 makes 210hp. A modern day 4.0L should be making 310 or more hp. And would get noticeably better fuel economy than the old 4.0L.

If Ford redesigned the Ranger. Gave it a stiff new chassis, and lets say...4 new engines, a 2.0L I4 Ecoboost with maybe 200hp or so? The Mustang 3.7L 305hp V6, And a 3.5L Ecoboost 355hp V6, And maybe a 2.5L or 3.0L Diesel with 230 or so hp but like 40mpg! If Ford built a Ranger like that with up to date power-trains and 6-speed auto and manual transmissions. I have no doubt the would roll of the lots pretty damn fast.

Attention Ranger Mafia:

You're off topic. This isn't a Ranger post.

well said Dave!

@ Frank you need to quit parroting Ford marketing BS , get over it !

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
I have no doubt that a more luxurious SD would sell but Lincoln and Ford are two completly different demographics. how many people go to the Ford\Lincoln dealer and honestly cross shop between the clones?

Ford are nore murder to RWD vehicles , SUV and pickup. I think Ford Motor Company are real bad joke about Lincoln Conitental and Lincoln pickup trucks are false tell to media. we are currently dont know Ford CEO Alan Malully made false comment to media. if it will real bad for Ford Market can more breakdown to business.


Give me a new Ranger or give me death!

They take away the Ranger and they want to bring this market......we got some real intelligent people in Dearborn running the show.

@RLM: EPS is standard for both 4WD and 2WD F-150 models with the 3.7, 5.0 and 3.5.

@Red_4x4: How is it backward thinking when the fuel economy of each new engine keeps improving along with power? Sounds to me like some pretty smart engineers, especially considering all the extra safety equipment and extras that are added to today's trucks, increasing weight.

I don't have any issue with Ford looking at the luxury market. There are those willing and able to pay 80,000 or more for a luxury truck or SUV.
In tough economic times the wealthy are for the most part still wealthy.
The profit margins are huge. Even if Ford sold 2,000 of these units a month, they would make at least double maybe triple the profit that they currently make with 4,000 unit a month Ranger sales.
Vehicles in this segment are not totally out of my price range but I personally would not want one.
Companies make decisions based on profits.

@Rangerman - Is your world going to end in 2013?

I own a Mark LT and love it, but it still just a dressed-up ford!!! let Lincoln have this truck EXCLUSIVELY and like Lincoln use to be it may get a true following and become its own Brand again!! not another Expedition/Navigator, F-150/Mark LT, Fusion/MKZ .. etc... Lincoln was the premier US brand from its inception till the 1970s, what happened??

The reason the Mark LT did not do well is simple, it was not special enough .. a re-bagged never excites the masses!!

I would buy this luxury Lincoln Pickup in a heart beat, remember I already bought the LT so please Ford wake-up and stay away from the Super Chief.... I want a exclusive Lincoln!!!

A diesel engine would be nice to!

@ Shawn - I agree.
Rebadging with some bling does not sell.
Make it way more powerful than a stocker.
Give it better suspension and brakes than a stocker.
Make sure it does not resemble a stocker.
Ditch the 1940's inspired grill.
That grill would be hideous on a pickup. (Unless you went with a 1940's style pickup body)

Certainly would be awesome but I am tired of being teased. Make a ranger (or an f100 with the ranger trim like the old days) with an optional flareside/stepside and and offroad package and also make a Lincoln ranger compact pickup that is relatively the same size!

Great job Toyota!

Ford learned from the Lexus how to make luxury trucks....


Lexus doesn't even make a truck you dumbass. And no the Tundra doesn't count.

Selfish on Ford's part! ...Rather than put the money into bringing on a high-mileage, 500 lb-foot torque, 1/2-ton "small" diesel, Ford builds another "fluffy Lincoln".
Once again, Ford, you failed to look past the "quarterly mentality"!! I happy to own my '08 Sierra 4door!!!

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