Lincoln Is Considering an All-New Luxury Pickup, Source Says

Lincoln Is Considering an All-New Luxury Pickup, Source Says
2006 Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept Shown in Pictures

Could the third time be the charm for Lincoln? Ford execs have already stated their plans to revitalize the company’s neglected luxury brand with seven all-new or significantly revised vehicles in the next four years. One of them could be a new luxury pickup, according to a source.

Ford previously made two attempts at selling a high-end hauler to luxury buyers looking for something different from an executive sedan like a BMW, Lexus or Mercedes. The controversially styled and functionally limited 2002 Lincoln Blackwood lasted just a single model year while the 2005-2008 Lincoln Mark LT was a bit too close in looks and comfort to the Ford F-150 to find success on its own in the U.S and Canada.

A unique version of the Mark LT still lives on south of the border, where the Lincoln brand has an exclusive image that Ford wants it to have elsewhere. Mexican buyers are prepared to pay more for a Lincoln-badged vehicle than they would for a similar one with a Ford blue oval.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept

With the current 2009-2011 Ford F-150 lineup topped by the pricey Platinum model, there still doesn’t appear to be room for a luxurious Lincoln half-ton, which is why Lincoln’s product planners are said to be looking further up the food chain to create a Lincoln version of the Ford F-Series Super Duty.

Today, Ford’s Super Duty lineup peaks just below Platinum with the Texas-influenced King Ranch model. That ceiling is said to have created an opportunity for Lincoln.

A Lincoln-badged Super Duty would likely be the most luxurious and expensive pickup in Ford’s truck lineup. The idea is said to be based on the three-quarter-ton F-250 with exterior sheet metal that would be significantly different from the current Super Duty. The interior would also be unique, highlighted by a stretched cab similar to the Ram 3500 Mega Cab configuration. Only a single-rear-wheel version of the truck would be available.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept

If the idea of this potential Lincoln pickup sounds familiar, that’s because its description bears a striking resemblance to the Ford F-250 Super Chief concept truck that was shown at the 2006 Detroit auto show – just after the sales peak of U.S. pickup sales in 2005.

The Super Chief stretched luxury as much as it stretched its wheelbase for maximum passenger comfort. The interior was covered in rich burled walnut, leather and aluminum. The second row featured two huge LCD televisions that dropped from the ceiling to provide entertainment to backseat passengers lounging in Hollywood-mogul-style club chairs and a pleasure dome ceiling. A slide-out minibar was stowed in the center console.

At the time, Ed Golden, the Super Chief’s design director, said, "We especially wanted to explore the ceiling for high-end interiors in a truck. Even with today’s luxury interiors in our trucks (like the King Ranch), there’s still a pent-up demand from our buyers for even more luxury. Tough luxury. And this truck points to where we might go."

Asked for comment Monday night after an all day meeting with Lincoln dealers at Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Lincoln spokesman Christian Bokich denied a luxury pickup is in the works.

What do you think? Could an ultra-high-end heavy-duty luxury pickup truck succeed where the last two light-duty Lincoln pickups failed?

Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept


nice truck build it FORD let it roll out into delaers showrooms

I traded my LT on a King Ranch. King is a beautiful truck with lots of bells/whistles, but I wish I still had the LT.

I wish lincoln could design A truck with in lincoln and not use ford base line truck's! Maybe I am old school but I alway's put lincoln completely separate from ford!! Starting with design of engines,luxury,and power options. Put the badging back in and so much grill !!!!!.

There will be a few that this will appeal to. However smart money would definetly be in making the ranger more attratively designed even based off this super chief concept. Then throw in a small diesel and life is good for ford. Or invest a ton of money to sell 100 or so $80K trucks.

WOW finally a great lux truck. This is the best ive seen in a pickup. Why does everybody hate it??? Some people need to get with the change

OH yah, and why woulding someone want to drive and ride in this??????

that was supposed to be "wouldnt"

In the past I owned three Rangers and was happier by far with a Dodge mid sized pickup.

Ford needs to get Bush 2 to run the company.

Then the CEO could run the Chinese Communist aerospace industry, that would make the Chinese Communist car makers and military happy.

The new Boss Mustang sure beats the Volt.

this truck looks really good to me

Are you going to have trucks for year 2014 ?

I love my lincoln truck
I love the luxury of a trucks and car. The interior is awesome, the drive is smooth and quiet.its a ladys kind of truck. Love it

This is best looking truck since the raptor SVT! I think it will sale just fine the people who can afford it and the people who don't want a western look of the king ranch will have something other than the Cadillac truck to look towards. I love this design and I have a Lexus SUV I can't wait for this truck to hit the open market Lincoln has 1 sale right here I'm ready to buy this and work hard and look super fantastic while doing so! Super Chief here I come its time to tear up the open road and prove to the world that your the best truck out there! P.S. Mad Max would approve of this luxury tank

The Super Chief is simply awsome.I love it. I want it!.

Am looking for a low mileage flame red Lt with 5.4 engine.

Come on Lincoln, take the Navigator, as Cadillac has done with the Escalade and build a luxury truck based on that vehicle.
A Lincoln truck with full independent suspension and AWD, not four wheel drive that you have to engage.
Then don't stuff around, take the coyote V8, supercharge it and give is a performance orientated luxury truck.
Then get your mindset in place and give us a Lincoln Sedan that can compete with Mercedes, Audi and BMW
You have the Jaguar platform, although you sold Jaguar, use that and make us all proud of Lincoln again.
Then get a 3.5 ecoboost into the MKZ and allow Lincoln owners to keep up

I would like to get a price and more features on this truck

I believe in Lincoln as I have owned many I recently bought an elite model on 8 November a 2015 Navigator. I have always believed that Lincoln should have a pick up as I liked the truck as I am lost for the name of it . But the one in 2001 black something but then they came out wit the mark LT. We need a mid size SUV not aviaitor but something to go after Lexeus and the infinity. We have to push the bla k label more also but don't keep saying you are going to build a vehicle and then scap at a couple months before you say you will start to build. I also have an MKS Elite and was looking forward to seeing a new version and more room and length. I am a Lincoln man and I ask that we stop the lollygagging and build we need at least 7-9 vehicles in the Lincoln line
With love and sincerety
John K Thompson

Lincoln pickups -- Mark LTs and Blackwoods -- are the most beautiful pickups ever made. Sorry guys, looks sell.

Watch a clean Blackwood go through a hi-end auction... sky high.

Lets see what Lincoln can come up with for 2017, it's time. I'm still driving my 2006 Mark LT, and it still turns more heads than your brand new western King Ranches and pretty Platinums.

@Greg - If you are still alive 5 yrs later - it's Déjà vu and it means literally "Already Seen". Your abortion (de-ja-vous) would mean "Of-Me-You" or similar - nonsense. It irks me when an English-speaker can't get Your-You're -There-Their-THey're.... and almost as much when they use an expression from another language with no clue whatsoever of what they're writing, it's origin, or what it might actually mean. Ranks right up there with "Wah-La" (voilà).

This one is "Sharp" too, I LOVE IT! However, I'm an OWNER of a 2006 Lincoln Mark LT. She's a "BEAUTY" and she always will be. A LUXURIOUS RIDE, I MUST SAY! And knowing that FORD send the make of future Mark LT'S to their factory in Mexico, It makes me think it will be an AWESOME improvement on the style of the new ones.
I do own also a KING RANCH F-150 2002 and Yes, the saddle leather SEATS are "Beautiful". That's my favorite part of the King Ranch. And that is #Topnotch too. Luv it!

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