Toyota Adds Free Maintenance for New Tacoma and Tundra Buyers

Toyota Adds Free Maintenance for New Tacoma and Tundra Buyers
By Colin Bird

New Toyota Tacoma and Tundra pickup trucks will come with two years or 25,000 miles free maintenance starting today, according to Toyota.

The maintenance plans include coverage on all normal factory-recommend services, including oil and filter changes, tire rotations, lubrication of key chassis parts/components and a 19-point inspection. The plans also include 24-hour roadside assistance.

Toyota decided to offer the service after receiving positive responses from car buyers who received free maintenance as an incentive during its summer sales events.

Toyota is the first full-line brand to offer free maintenance across its whole lineup. Toyota and Scion join Volkswagen, Volvo, BMW, Jaguar, Mini, Saab, Land Rover, Lincoln and Cadillac in offering free maintenance.

[Source: Toyota]


Good job Toyota!

Now we have more incentive to buy a new Toyota sedan. Icing on the cake.

This does not make the quailty or # of recalls go away...

Now if they would only add free gas for two years or 25,000 miles, that would be awesome!!!

Free maintenance - the Toyota haters are going to have a field day with that one!

It's a win/win situation - the consumer does not have to pay for maintenance and Toyota knows that the vehicle will get proper service.

It's a good marketing scam. Now that consumers are more aware of Toyota's quality issues, they're hoping to lure buyers with gimmicks. Most people won't go for it, but some will.


What you get is basically tow to four oil changes for free, and a couple of tire rotations. Not worth buying from one truck over another. Toyota must be really hungry to make this desperate deal.


@ Henry -
1. why is it a scam?
2. what makes you think Toyota is desperate?

The whole unintended accelleration thing is proving to be a farce.
The industry average for complaints for UA is around 6 per 100,000.
Toyota and Volvo are around 12 per 100,000.
Those are complaints not proven cases.
Ford and Dodge recalled gas pedals made by CTS. Why weren't Denso pedals recalled?
My 2010 F150 has carpet anchor hooks similar to Toyota. Does that mean Ford saw a potential problem with floor mats?


The topic is Tundra and Tacoma. Who said anything about floor mats and pedals? How about rusty frames? Collapsing tailgates. Bed bounce. Mysterious dents, etc. Tundra has terrible build quality. Tacoma is overpriced. Over a 25k time period you're basically looking at 2 oil changes and a couple of tire rotations that would cost $150 retail value TOPS. Yeah, Toyota is scamming for suckers.

This is one way to get people to come in so they can take care of all the daily Technical Service Bulletins they get. The customer is not informed about the TSB or the work that was done to fix the problem as result of the TSB, all the customer knows is that he is getting free maintenance. It common for Toyota and its dealers to do this because if the customer was informed about a TSB every time he went in for maintenance, then the truth would come out that the quailty sucks! The dealer won't tell you so you don't know and the customer thinks he has a quality product above all others, but in reality he just got the shaft. TOYOTA=DECEITFUL

It's more like lemon icing on a lemon cake!

x2 on Henry's comments.

x3 on Henry's comment.

It is kind of a scam when you think of what you're really getting: a couple tire rotations and an oil change.

What wait Toyota's require maintenance ? I sure hope Toyota bases the next Tacoma on the far superior world Hilux maybe then I will buy one .

x4 on Henry's comment

This applies to all models.

You guys say Oxi is paranoid. Sheesh.


I am far from a toyota fan. I feel they are inferior quality and ugly, but this IS a great idea. We may not be dumb enough to choose a one vehicle over another b/c of a deal like this, but many people WILL fall for this. And if your going to buy a toyota anyway this is a nice lil feature. Hopefully Dodge will follow. O and btw oxi may piss me off but hes only VERY VERY loyal to toyota just like many other people are to their favorite so some people should just lay off lol.

@ Henry - bed bounce has been mitigated with new cab mounts.
Rusty frames - who built them? It's being remediated.
Collapsing tailgates - verdict is still out on that one.

None of the manufacturers have load ratings for tailgates nor do they have "tear out" ratings for bed stake pockets or anchor points.

We conveniently forget the big recalls of our own favorite brands and then jump all over Toyota.

Toyota has been hammered hard lately.
Toyota deserves most of it but not to the severity that it has been metted out.
If you talk about build quality, then you cannot exclude floormats or brake pedals.
Mining data for one's own point of view does not wash with me.

Toyota is switching over to oil with a 10000 mile interval. With this program, the customer will only get two free oil changes. They will get 5 tire rotations, one every 5000 miles.

In doing some research, all Toyotas now come with iridium plugs with a 120000 mile change, 100000 mile coolant, and timing chains which never need maintenance. Air filter gets changed at 30k. They also have several transmissions which are sealed and never need maintenance either.

So if you take a hard look at this program, they aren't giving you much at only 25k miles.

Is the unintended acceleration "news" from the same Toyota who had to admit that their black boxes may not record accurate event data? And the same Toyota whose electrical systems have been shown not to generate an error code when interfered with?

I'll wait for the official word from NHTSA, not more spouting from the one the complaints are about.

"maybe if we send out a news release once a month saying we're innocent, then maybe the public will eventually believe it"?

@ Luke - what are the recommended extreme service intervals for these vehicles?
I believe "severe duty" is 5,000 miles.

Ford extended their F150 interval to 7,500 miles but my Ford dealer told me that if you live in a cold climate, or use your truck for heavy work or frequent offroading, or idling for long periods - they recommend a 5,000 mile interval.
I was told that I'd have to follow an 5,000 mile interval to keep my warranty.
My wife has a Toyota Sienna, her recommended interval is 5,000 miles as well. If we do not follow that interval the warranty is void as well.
We get long, crappy winters - that falls under the definition of "severe duty".

So Toyota gets free maintenance but Lexus doesn't? Weird. I agree with x007. I know a few people who work for Toyota dealers and they won't own or drive Toyotas because of all the issues that get fixed without the customer knowing about it. I wouldn't have believed myself had I not heard it from a person that works at a dealer. I am also curious to know if Toyota uses the computer to determine when an oil change is due like some other manufacturers. I've seen some stupid long service intervals because of this feature.

unemployment is 10.1% but he we've got this great socialist health care plan now right guys? and a price increase to go along with free tire rotations when you buy a new Toyota! happy days are here again.

@GM - aprapos name if you are talking about socialism.
GMC and to a lesser extent - Chrysler sound socialistic to me.
The US government can spend trillions sending the military to barren wastelands like Afganistan, but can't spare money for healthcare for millions of Americans without any way to care for themselves.

@JordonL and x007

Your blind hatred is getting old and tiring, when will you guys grow up and face the facts that Toyota is still a sound company and in fact you guys are just jealous of their industry leadership!

Stock price still way above $70, where is your precious socialist GM valued at? Heck even Ford is still a cheap company in value.

Hey I agree this program will not be worth much to the customer because my old 85 Toyota pickup had a 10,000 mile oil change interval with the legendary 22R!

I never belived this bullcrap of 3,000 mile oil changes. I change mine when I feel like it depending on races I competed in with the X-Runner and off-roading now with my new Tacoma.

For those of you who bash Oxi- back off. Point blank at least he doesn't fob off personal hate towards other brands. He just supports his. I might not agree with him a lot of the time but he doesn't bash ford just because I like them!

Haha Gabe Logan thats awesome Siphon

@oxi-Just like Jodan L, I got my information from toyota techs and mechanics that work at different toyota dealers and it is a conserning and highly common practice. I have not heard of any other brand dealer not informing the customer of TSB. I travel alot so I the same thing everywhere I go. The stock price of a company doesn't mean its better than the others just because its stock price is higher. TOYOTA=COOKED BOOKS

Well they don't give huge rebates like the big three so maintenace isn't that much.

@ Fordguy1988- I hate that video game! lol

Well Toyota has to give there customers something when they come in for all these recalls. "severe duty and Toyota" in the same sentance? Come on, Toyotas cant do anything severe duty. Frames are an issue there where built to according to Toyotas standards and if they where on top of things this would not have happened. But that is a issue for antother topic.


In 20 years of owning Toyota pickups one of which I raced down in Baja and another I raced on road courses and I just came back from an off-roading trip with my 2010 Tacoma, I have yet to notice anything wrong with Toyota frames!

I do take care of my pickups and do not ask for handouts like the rest of society and I live in Wisconsin so winters get rough up here, yet no issues, hmmmm...


If you want to talk about cooked books, look no further than the federal government that cannot even balance a budget yet you guys will blindly believe everything they spoon feed you without even asking a question...

I questioned everything they fabricated earlier this year and guess what? NHTSA quietly says the huge majority of issues were DRIVER ERROR!

But to expect criminals like Ray LaHood to come out and speak to that, well no way because he is under orders from some entity that seeks to derail Toyota to benefit the government owned GM.

If you cannot see that connection, you need to grow up and understand how a corrupt government that cannot even balance a budget operates...

@oxi- Toyota derailed themselves. Toyota wanted to be #1 and be bigger than detriot, well they also got detroit prolems, thats the connection I see. Ray LaHood a criminal? What crime? You need to grow up and realize that big compaines operate just like the government, they rob peter to pay paul, lie, they have just as many sercets, cover things up, tell you one thing and do another, and they can really care less about you and your family. So if you want to defened a company like Toyota with the brand loyal passion you show every time someone says something bad about them, you might as well show the same passion for our government!!!! If you work for Toyota I can understand why you take up for Toyota, but if you don't, I don't understand why anyone would take up for a company that was not directly involved with day to day operations. Taking up for a product is one thing, but a big company.........I don't think so!!!!!

@x007 - you have a valid point about big companies and big government but you need to extend your rant to cover the domestcs.
I was reading about Ford C4 tannies.
They had flaws in everyone but Ronny Raygun did not want to kill Ford by recalling all of them and make his Reagonomics look bad. The NHTSA was neutered by government.

Guys are attacking Toyota for weak frames - do you guys own one?
I know several people who work the crap out of their Toyota Tundras.
One couple routinely pull a camper trailer that is at the limits of the Tundra's ratings. They have no complaints and love the truck. He drives 18 wheelers for a living.
I know another guy that is a bridge construction supervisor.He keeps his trucks 2 years and averages 80,000 miles. He had 2 Ram HD diesels that were a maintenance nightmare.
He was so pissed off that he bought a Tundra even though he needs a 3/4 ton.
2 years later with 80,000 miles and packing 3/4 ton loads. Zero problems. just oil changes and tires.
Yeah, I know I only gave 2 examples but it is in keeping with the proportion of brand market share.

As far as TSB's being done without customer notification - if that is being done, I'd say that is poor practice.
I doubt that occurs at every dealer. We had one TSB on our van and they let us know they were going to check it out during a flat repair.

@ Lou- "you need to extend your rant to cover the domestcs."

What rant? Big foreign or domestics companies all pull the same crap!................ " big compaines operate just like the government".

They will just take the amount the maintanance costs and add it to the bottom dollar they will take. As far as 10,000 mile oil changes, while that will work for some, alot others it won't. I fully agree the standard 3 month 3,000 mile oil change is a waste for most, but 10,000 is at the other end. (If that is what they are in fact doing) So, if you pull heavy trailers, live in either cold or hot extremes, drive alot of dusty roads, idle more, 10,000 may not be for you.

@x007 - I assumed your post was aimed at Toyota exclusively. "Rant" was an inappropriate word to use. My opologies. I have exactly the same opinion of big business or big Government.

@Tom - I know Ford and Toyota recommend 5,000 mile intervals for those who live in cold climates or for extreme service.


I understand that they are offering free maintenance, however, do you think they raised the cost on the vehicle itself to cover the maintenance?

What do you think?


GM is in a whole other category, they are big and owned by the federal government...

And what has come out of the government lately? Attacks against Toyota the current #1 to protect their bailout investement, do you now see the big picture of why some people like myself are concerned about the integrity of the DOT and NHTSA?

I see it do you?

@ Frank - profit margins are high enough to cover a few 100 dollars extra cost. They are not offering the program out of the goodness of their small corporate hearts.

@ oxi Blind hatred. Pretty strong words. I have never posted that I hate Toyotas. Toyotas are fine however they are not for me. Speaking of blind emotions, have you read your posts before? Anytime someone offers critisism of Toyota you jump down their throat. What is your problem? I have made my opinions of Toyota based on my own personal experiences and knowledge. What I know and what you know are two different things, maybe thats why we have different opinions. So you have owned a few Toyotas, big deal. Just because you haven't had problems doesn't mean that every one had the same experience.
@ Lou Why are you defending oxi? He is just as bad as Bob, better grammer skils, but just as bad. Brand loyal, absolute 110%. Any negative comment must be met with insults. Reread his posts, every one who disagrees needs to "grow up" or is "just jealous". Yeah, thats how a mature adult acts.

@ oxi- The DOT and NHTSA are the last ones I would be worried about. Ray LaHood is trying to ban all cell phone use in vehicles, but it won't pass. In some cases big corporations have influence on government. Government Motors had a big stake in toyota in the 70's and helped them grow, their stake decrease during 80's. GM had the joint venture with toyota (New United Motor Manufacturing Plant) and set toyota up in the US. When GM was in trouble, Toyota did not help GM in any way. Japanese companies will not invest in american companies reguardless of profits! Big coporations will take care of thmselves. Big corprations and the government run the show. We have to take upon ourselves to do our own reseach and make the best informed deicison about what best for us. That's what I see!

@Jordan L - I don't think Oxi is as bad as Bob, or bobby or any of those guys.
The Bobsie boys never post any personal experiences, or try to explain why they think their brand is best.
I do not agree with everything Oxi says but at least I have to give him credit for trying to expain himself.
He does make sense with some of his comments.
Yes, his brand loyalty is severe but I've had disagreements with Oxi and we've left on civil terms.
I have posted to Oxi to ramp down the rhetoric. He does on occasion mellow out. He has said positive things about competitor's vehicles.
I cannot say the same for any of the bobsie boys.
He doesn't rub me the wrong way like the bobsie boys.

Here we are, setting the benchmark for our Domestic vehicles quality against Toyota, yet we sent our own instructor ( Dr. Demming, read about quality control in the earlier 20th century) over to Japan in the WWII era to teach the Japanese how to build "quality" into their products. It took this long for the Domestics to finally catch on to quality, yet they have lost alot of fan base.

All three Domestics have been saved by the govt, including.....yep Ford. Ford had bad trasnmissions and the Govt new it (reagan's era), but would not FORCE Ford to complete a recall (like they did with Toyota with the UA mess, seems they did the same thing with Audi in the 80's as well, smells of conspiracy) because they new it would cause problems, potentially bankrupting Ford. SO they turned the other cheek, that is the reason I don't use the bailout of GM or Chrysler against them, because in a round about way, Ford had their butt saved by the govt just like the other 2. Fords just to gat damn arrogant to mention that, and did advertising in our area as "not taking bailout money" yada yada yada.

I seem to remember a certian group of people all standing in front of congress from 3 automakers....Yep, all 3. Ford backed out when the terms weren't favorable for them. They could do this because they actually had to get loans from the govt and investors BEFORE the FINANCIAL CRISIS (earlier in the decade, becuase they actually just happen to have trouble before GM and Chrysler). That is the reason GM and Chrylser got bailed out (which I disagree with bailouts, but whatever), they didn't have a choice like Ford because ford had restructured already and secured money BEFORE credit markets seized up. So the bailout ad hominem is getting old fast.

The Tundra is a fine automobile just like the Domestics, this just comes down to choice and jealousy of a little competion. Why no one screeches and screams about Titans? They are a good auto as well.


Personal experiance?

What Toyota pickups have you owned lately?

When is the last time you visited a Toyota stealership?

Have you ever toured a Toyota plant?

If you do not answer to yes to either one, you have blind hatred...and I will question the manner if you say you owned one because you may be horrible at maintenance, if it was used the pervious owner was or you simply do not know how to drive properly.


Please do not compare large corporations like Toyota and GM in the same manner as being corrupt and do not care...

GM should be treated differently because they are BANKRUPT!

That means their leadership is a bunch of crooks to their shareholders and we the taxpayers unfortunatly had to send them a WELFARE check.

GM is a mis-managed auto giant with a great name. It is not my fault they suck at changing to consumer needs or not attracting enough buyers to where they FAIL. Let me repeat their products are not bad or in question, their freaken loser leadership is and I will not buy one of their products to support those losers that will run the company down the drain again to get their hand out from all of us again!

GM should have failed period. I do not care about this "too big to fail" bullcrap, that is their fault and their shareholders fault they got into that position. Are we a capatalist or a socialist/communist nation?

GM is a corrupt and crooked organization, that is why they filed for BANKRUPTCY. So do not place a company like Toyota in the same category. Toyota is still making profits and are fiscal sound and their share value is still strong. And you can argue about Toyota taking a loan out from the Japanese government, big deal I would take a low interest one if I could in that manner. The key differance is Toyota is sound and not mis-managed to the point they are BANKRUPT like loser GM.

I do not support dumb companies like GM, sorry! They will never learn their mistakes because their owners will bail them out again. So no incentive to get off WELFARE for GM.

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