Toyota Tacoma X-Runner RTR Zero-to-60 MPH Time

Toyota Tacoma X-Runner RTR Zero to 60 MPH Time

On Tuesday, Toyota unveiled the 504-horsepower, supercharged 5.7-liter V-8 Tacoma X-Runner RTR pickup that's headed to this year's SEMA show. We've got the first zero-to-60 mph times for the in-house project truck.

How fast was the RTR's acceleration? According to our VBOX data recorder, which was riding shotgun next to Top Fuel dragster and RTR driver Antron Brown, the Tacoma pounded out zero-to-60 mph times of 3.95 seconds, 3.85 seconds and 3.76 seconds during its first three runs.

The third run was also the fastest of the day, according to the timing gear at Pomona Raceway — 12.01 seconds at 116.57 mph in the quarter-mile. That's remarkable for what Toyota says is an uncalibrated drag truck that just came out of TRD's garage.

Toyota and Brown expect the RTR to break into the 11-second range very soon.

Toyota Tacoma X-Runner RTR



Great times, with slicks. I don't doubt it is fast at all, sub 4sec 0-60 is a bit inflated.

@ Tim,
"sub 4sec 0-60 is a bit inflated."

Inflated!!?? Get over it!

Wow, look at the chassis flex, esp between the rear door and the bed, you can tell by the body lines in the 1st picture when its launching. Well engineered ? Dont think so, scary!!!!!! Esp with Toyotas reputation for crappy frames.

How can a number be inflated when it was an actual recorded figure? Estimates can be inflated, raw data can't.

@ Dave - have you ever seen a drag racer with slicks.
They flex.
I've seen big rigs flex as they pull away with a load from a dead stop.
Do they have bad frames too?

I don't think that's flex. In the other article, the shots of this Taco sitting idle has the same so-called frame flex. Maybe it's from extra weight in the bed for traction?


Look at it sitting idle. That is the design of the factory skirting. I know this because I used to own one!


Your blind media fed hatred for Toyota is getting old...

Toyota frames are solid, I have driven Toyota pickups the last 20 years and have NEVER had a problem with their frames. One I raced down in Baja and the X-Runner I raced at Road America.

Look at the top photo there is some flex. The body crease that runs through the lower part of the 95 is off slightly.
It lines up fine on the second photo.
A certain amount of flex in a frame is normal and perfectly fine.
Why do you think a body on frame pickup has a separate box and cab?
The body skirt makes it look worse than it actually is.

Look at where the white and red paint meet at that same area Lou. In both pictures, the paint job matches perfectly from cab to box. There's no flex there.

Oh, and Lou, you say the body crease lines up fine in the second photo. Well, that's the shot where it's under power, so if there was flex, you'd see it there, not in the top photo where he's crawling up to the light to stage.

There is slight frame flex in the first picture. The first picture is under power the second looks like a photo of them stopping just after the tire warm up from the burn out. There is no way the first photo is him "crawling" up to the staging light. In that photo you can see the rear tire starting to crinkle up from the traction of the take off and the front end is slightly higher than the front end of the second photo where it looks level if not also having a little bit of nose dive from what I mentioned earlier. There is nothing wrong with frame flex (excessive flex yes, but this is not excessive) , if you watch top fuel dragsters they all flex and a lot more than this Tacoma is.

Watch the flex on the Toyota:

Bunch of cry babies on this site

My point is that a certain amount of frame flex is okay. Frames are designed to have some flex.
That is why body on frame trucks have separate boxes and cabs.
You put a 500+ HP engine in the front, drag slicks in the back, and a stock chassis in the middle = some frame flex.
I'm impressed by the fact that there isn't more flex.

The Tacaoma does not have a weak frame and every one I know with one has never had a problem.

I know many people with Tundra's who've never had an issue either, and some of them tow 10,000 lb trailers or use them for work. (I hope I'm not opening a huge can of worms with that comment)


I have owned Toyota pickups the last 20 years, NEVER had a frame issue or problem.

Some people just have a blind hatred for Toyota while others are sheep and believe everything they are spoon fed from the corporate media and crooks like Ray LaHood.

On one end most do not trust the government (like myself since they cannot balance a freaken budget) yet they will blindly believe what LaHood will say without proper investigation, nor facts, just sound bites for the media to run off with so the UAW, GM types can have their way with big brother backing them!

people this truck is 504 HP!!! are you serious???? it HAS TO FLEX! "RIGIDITY DOES NOT EQUAL DURABILITY" all the people floatin down the river on the box frame boat will find out why in 15 years when the frame is cracked and broken, and all the bolts have rattled out of their "boxed frame trucks" LOL LOL.

this TRUCK JUST RAN A FRICKIN 12.01 and all you people can do is talk sh**! that track slip EMBARRASSES the Viper powered dodge SRT-10. Heck thats FASTER THAN A NEW VETTE! whats wrong with this picture?? if this truck (which is more american than the detroit 3) wore one of their badges on the hood you haters would say it was the best thing since sliced bread! just give credit where credit is due already.

IS that SRT-10 force INDUCTED an HAVE SLICKS an TUNED FOR RACING ? like the RTR ? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it was ?

well tell them to DO IT. the difference is this supercharged engine is COVERED UNDER FACTORY WARRANTY, if you force feed a viper engine its NOT. that is the point. like i said on the other post go look it up on youtube, the supercharged 5.7 in the TUNDRA beats the srt-10 let alone the tacoma. these numbers here on the tacoma are CRAZY. these numbers are like my grand national in a dang pickup.

Face it cory, your just a hater

The truck engine and tranny is basically stock with the exception of the factory blower.
quote"The 5.7-liter V-8 and six-speed automatic transmission have been installed in the Tacoma without a single calibration change, , Williams said. The engine still thinks it's working in a full-size pickup, not a 3,920-pound dragster."

That is impressive.


The SRT-10 is too tall in the air and would loose control much easier!

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