USA Today Reviews the 2011 Ford F-150

USA Today Reviews the 2011 Ford F-150

USA Today has Jim Healey's first drive review of the 2011 Ford F-150 and its revamped engine lineup, with special attention paid to the powerful and efficient new six-cylinder engines.

What did Jim think? Here are a few quotes:

3.7-liter V-6
"We'll note that the base V-6 Ford two-wheel-drive truck was a honey at the lights. Rasping to full fury quickly, the new six-speed automatic snapped off solid shifts to keep the engine boiling along."

3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6
"Pulling a 6,500-pound trailer with an EcoBoost V-6 was eye-opening. It felt more V-8-like than the V-8 rivals that Ford had hitched up for comparison."

5.0-liter V-8 and 6.2-liter V-8
"In tests at Ford's Romeo, Mich., proving grounds, the new 5-liter V-8 and the carryover 6.2-liter V-8 went about the business of moving heavy trucks with fair aplomb."

We're big fans of the 2011 F-150's new powertrain lineup, too.

Check out Jim's full review with his thoughts on the new electric power steering system, interior revisions and more. And look for the results of's and USA Today's V-6 Work Truck Shootout coming November 10.

[Source: USA Today]


Can't wait to see the fuel economy rating on the new EcoBoost. Last I heard Ford was getting up to 26.9 mpg.

Good to see that Ford is running 6 speed transmissions and EPAS across the board from V6 to EB. Select shift too! Plus even more interior improvements.

This is great news for Ford guys and truck guys. Terrible news for competing fanboys.

I noticed Jim mentioned he got 22.7mpg with the 3.7 but 16.8 with the 3.5 eco, does not sound like the V6 with V6 gas mileage and V8 power that Ford has been thumpiing thier chest with. Maybe Jim got a bad one.

I would expect around 23 highway from the EcoBoost, Anything better than my 15 highway from my 5.4 would be awesome!

I heard the 3.5 should be getting a rating of 19 city 28 highway. Let's hope.

I wish they would put the 3.5 Eco in the Expy. That's where it belongs. An economical yet powerful people mover that can tow a boat or small camper.

Ford dreamers...the ECOBOOST will average 13-16 mpg !!

Why cant you get it in your heads ?

Look at the Ford Flex ECOBOOST 15/16 mpg average..its lighter than a F-150 !!!

The lighter than Flex,Taurus gets 17-19 average mpg !!

The F-150 will be just like a V-8,not a Ford V-8 those were the hardest on fuel..The Dodge Hemi's and GM's 5.3 are the best V-8's on fuel those trucks get up to 27 mpg hwy...

My truck gets 25.5 hwy !! Big V-8 ect...3.92 axle,combined 18 average..

I dont know anyone who buys a truck and are conncerned about gas mileage !! If you need it for work and cant afford the gas..get a new job,cause if you didnt factor in the fuel costs you must not be capable of driving a full size truck !! Buy a Smart car or Prius if your main concern is gas mileage...My V-8 gets 16-18 average mpg...and it is extrememly cheap and affordable for me to drive !! Even at $4.00 a gallon !!!

How many of you complain about gas mileage,but drink/get drunk/high every night,eat out every day,buy expensive coffee several times a day ect....If you complain about gas mileage,ride a bike..plain and simple !!!

A couple mugs can make a big difference in operating costs, no u don't buy a truck to be a fuel miser but u want it to be efficient as possible if u want need a truck. More money for my Ira.


Having driven both the GMC 6.2 preferrably in the denali, and haven driven both the Ford 6.2 and the ecoboost, whats gonna be faster? Does the GMC Denali 1500 not make mid 6 second 0-60 times?

Well I now see the 2011 F150 is now live on the website and you can even build and price... but they don't have the EcoBoost option yet. I would assume this will be added sometime after the first of the year since they are not planning on having it out until Feb. or so.

As far as the fuel mileage goes I don't think it will be as bad as some suspect. I believe I have read in a few places that in the front wheel drive cars and crossovers that the engine is handicapped while on a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle such as a truck it excels. I don't think it will get mid 20's but even if it breaks 21+ its a start in the right direction with Ford since they have the worst FE.

@DEITY As much as I see people being overly optimistic about the future mileage ratings, gotta thing you are as well! See I have a Ram with the same gears, although mileage is pretty good for almost 5500 pounds, sure can't see 25.5 mpg! Ram needs the 6th gear! I don't worry cause my driving is more at 55-60 mph,not 70 or 75. so it suits me! Maybe those suggesting 26.9 mpg are getting that reading with a 3.15 geared truck, 4x2, club cab, smallest low rolling resistance tires, driving at the lowest speed that it can stay in 6th gear on a flat stretch non windy day with the ac off, nobody but a 150 pound driver, oh, and of course the MPG displays are usually showing way better mileage than hand calculated. BUT, are you suggesting they shouldn't care at all? Not try to improve? The ecoboost wil save gas at the stoplight, but it'll burn just as much as the v-8s under heavy load! And of course we have those reminding us that it not the same engine as the Flex-yeah, it magically makes more torque with no loss to the more mass its no cost in if you believe that....

@tomtrx4 Who said this was a different engine? It's the same one in the Flex, Taurus, etc... Who ever thinks this motor is going to break 25+mpg is smoking some good stuff but at least give Ford credit for trying something that has not been done before, well in a pickup anyways. I agree with the Ram needing that 6th gear. Soon they will have 8 to play with...

Just to clarify what I meant was that Ford continuously makes upgrade to their motors. They are planning or making upgrades to the EcoBoost at some point but I don't know if it will be with the release of the 2011 F150. But I read an article (I believe its on this site) that Ford is already underway learning what worked best from the first gen EB engines and are making plans for a 2nd gen as we speak that will be even more fuel efficient. Who's to say they might be making some of those upgrades to the F150 version? Think about it, if they already have the motor in the cars so we know its ready to go for the truck but they are delaying it for a reason and I bet that they are making some last minute changes to the motor to help it get better fuel efficiency. Still I don't think it will get what others on this site are claiming it will get. But its a start none the less.

I'm setting myself up for a nice 2012 F150 with the 3.5L Ecoboost. I pull a 7500lbs 5th wheel all summer long... should be sweet. My current 2v 5.4L @ 260hp did the job well. Time to move on!

@Mike - Do you recall if the F150's exhaust tone was good? I imagine a nice rumble from the 5.0 and the 6.2 but how about the 3.7 and the 3.5 Eco?

Some are saying it's not the same engine, well, the power ratings are what 70 FT LBS more of torque in the F-150 than the Flex?? What they change to get that, I don't know, but it's all from a 3.5 L, right? They are so insistant it will get that great big mileage number, but when you compare it to the lighter Flex, with less wind resistantance and smaller tires, they swear "it's not the same engine" hey we will see. Those specs for the Ram 8 speed aren't the best, it really could make due with an honest 6 speed, atleast for a 1/2 ton, more weight and cost in the eight speed, maybe that would be a better 3/4 ton trans. what dodge can do as well is continue moving the power to a lower rpm, the 09 and up hemi was a big step, but maybe a longer stroke, smaller bore might work. I guess the v-6 shootout will be with the old 3.7 Dodge, wish it coulda been done with the new 3.6, no telling how long it might take, ford will sure take that contest.

@Jack: The exhaust tones for both sixes are nice. They're flat relative to a V-8 but solid. The 3.7 screams like a Mustang when you hammer it.

Truck EB has a all new bottom end thats beefier...

watch videos



ecoboost pulled hard then both v8 and also at highway speed two.
even if it gets the same mpg its still king.

the only one they did not test was the ford 6.2l but you will be lucky to get 20MPG with 2wd bec you can use the raptor as a comparison and the f-250

so when you finally see a ecoboost you will be looking at tail lights when you are sitting in you noise V8

also the ecoboost goes 80MPH towing 6,500 and hold about 2,000 RPM
my truck would be at almost 3,000rpm at 80mph and that's not even towing
i think the ecoboost will get better MPG then a v8
and most of the torque starts at 1,700RPM to 5,000

The 3.5L EB in the F150 is quite a bit different than the one in the FWD sedans/CUVs. The biggest difference is that it has TiVCT while the FWD version only has VVT on the intake side.

EB in F150 has to be less fuel economy than the Taurus EB given a more stout drivetrain, weight, aerodynamics, etc.

Strange that Ford is so slow to release EB mpg #s. Hopefully they aren't discovering issues.

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