Volkswagen Amarok Regular Cab Pickup Truck Concept Revealed

Volkswagen Amarok Regular Cab Pickup Revealed

We've already seen and driven the all-new Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck, but that was the four-door crew-cab version. Last week, Volkswagen unveiled a two-door regular cab Amarok at the IAA Commercial Vehicles expo in Hanover, Germany. The company calls it a design study, though it's expected to be very similar in looks and capability to the production version that will go on sale in 2011.

The Amarok regular cab concept boasts a 26-inch (65 cm) longer cargo box than the crew version, for a total length of 7.2 feet (2.2 meters). But that's not necessarily its strongest feature. It can return up to 34.1 mpg (6.9 liters per 100 km) equipped with the standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel that makes 122 horsepower and 250 pounds-feet of torque.

There are still no plans to bring it here.


[Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles]


Perfect truck for me.

looks pretty sweet .

Come on Fiat rebadge this pretty little workhorse and call it Dakota!!

If Volkswagen sold it at a competitve price, I would buy it. No question about it. That is exactly what we need in the US pickup truck market.

Are Pickup trucks imported as a Cab & Cassis Still subject to the 25% Tariff?

Yes, that truck would fall under the "Chicken Tax".

It's a lot better than the ol' rabbit truck of the 80's and a lot better than the Mahindra.

This actually looks like a pretty cool little truck. Personally I prefer 1/2 tons but, With Ford axing the Ranger if I were in the market for a new small truck I would defiantly be checking this one out.

That thing is beautiful. I would by it for sure.

Let's give a big round of applause to Toyota that has made this concept possible!

After all without Toyota helping VW, they would not have this pickup.

I was in Europe and saw countless re-badged Toyota HiLux pickups with the VW emblem on them. Toyota helping those in need once again...

If it came to the U.S. and in this base form, priced out at a bit above 20k, Im sooo in. 34 mpg in a truck, 7 ft bed, great looking and slips easily around traffic and into a parking spot...what's not to like...except its not coming here...ugggh!

34 mpg is only if it is sold overseas, is this correct?

If it was brought to the US they would have to change the engine by putting all of that emissions junk on it in order to sell it and the mpg would go down, right???

It looks like I can finally trade in my 1981 Rabbit Caddy diesel for this. That would be a big jump up from the 51 HP. I wonder how receptive the new 2.0 will be to running on grease. I'm sure we'll never see it in America, sort of like the Smart Diesel and the new gen Rabbit Diesels.

Much better than the 4 door version. This I could live with.

Mark: The Euro V emissions standards are quite strict. They're just stricter about different things than the EPA standards. So they'd have to put different "emissions junk" on it.

BTW, having been around a few vehicles without catalytic converters recently, that "emissions junk" eliminates a lot of the stink that I remember coming out of tailpipes when I was a kid. I quite appreciate it, even without having to drag "green" issues into it.

They're not bringing that sweet diesel over because they can not afford all the US regulations for diesel engines.


As Mike said in the other Amarok article on this site, it will come in a gas version for US. "Our guess would be that the Amarok arrives someday with both six-cylinder and four-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engines, similar to Ford's upcoming 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine for the F-150."

No diesel. Diesels are not cost effective in the USA.

wow that is a 100 times less hideous in regular cab I actually really like it


@M. Smith
"Come on Fiat rebadge this pretty little workhorse and call it Dakota!!"

My sentiment exactly!

This would be a hit if it came here

Considering that VW wants to eventually become #1 in the US, they should bring this truck here. No it probably won't be a diesel, but if they use direct injection gas engines, the mileage should be almost as close as the 34 mpg for the diesel that's mentioned. I think it's a nice looking truck and would look at it too, even though I'm a "Ford guy".

Joe: "No diesel. Diesels are not cost effective in the USA."

Cost isn't the only reason to drive a diesel. The flat torque curve of a modern turbodiesel makes them very pleasant to drive. Also, being able to burn homemade biodiesel is a big draw for some folks.

I really enjoyed driving my VW Jetta TDI. The only problem was that the transmission sucked and was expensive to replace. Also, it was a sedan which limited its utility greatly.

Still, it was a hoot to drive it far in excess of the speed limit through long stretches of highway through the Appalachian mountains. Even though the engine only turned out 90-something horsepower, it could climb mountains in top gear like they weren't there while I watched all of the high-HP gas vehicles slow down. I'll pay extra for that kind of torque. An engine with those characteristics would have done far more for the drivability of my Ranger than anything else.

Repeal the chicken tax for compacts and this market would take off again.
Nice little truck.

You can buy a Toyota HiLux 4x4, Ford Ranger 4x4, both with common rail TD in the UK. And you can buy Amarok in Mexico (gasp!), but not yet in the US. Emission problems are solved, and for a modest price (look at US market TDI vehicles from VW!). I would pay near 30k for a 4Motion single turbo with some amenities. With over 250 ft lb of torque at 1800rpm and delivering over 30mpg, I will stand in line for one of these Amaroks. I all ready own a TDI wagon. Drive one of the TDIs, and you'll see why this Amarok makes REAL sense for America.

VW Amarok it's a great truck! Regular or crew cab, very fuel efficient and capable.

If VW wants to seel it here, I'm sure they're going to have a lot of unsed space at the Chattanooga plant.They need the Amorok more than the NMS to make an impression in the US.

Good looking truck but it does seem to resemble a Toyota. I don't know if the 34 m.p.g. figure is 2 or 4 wheel dr. If it is for 2wd it is disappointingly low considering that Jap trucks in the early 80's could get the same with gasoline engines.
They should bring it. VW may have discovered the secret to selling cars and trucks in America, good styling!

Repeal the turkey tax and Mahindra will corner the market to all the jive talking turkeys.

Instead of building a new mid size sedan (NMS) at their new plant in Tennessee, VW should be building this truck. There is more of a market for this truck in North America, with Ford dropping the ranger and dodge and GM still uncertain what they will be building next to replace their small trucks. A NMS will have difficulty competing against Honda, Toyota and the Korean brands. Who wouldn’t want a small, capable fuel efficient truck?
That’s what a hate most about these car companies, they really don’t listen to their consumer, no matter how much they preach they do.

Nice looking truck. I'd go up to 30K to have one, and I sure trust VW more than Mahindra.

We loved our 02 Jetta TDI's engine, but the electrical system was not so great.

Let's hope VW brings this truck to the US. It's just what I'd need, and recent ratings for VWs show they've improved reliability for the electrical systems (very over-engineered) in their vehicles.

From a styling standpoint, this is where the Chevrolet S10 could have evolved to. This is a nice - clean design.

Wow- I thought I was the only one who could clearly see the need for a small diesel pickup for the US market. Seems to me to be the biggest no brainer out there- Truck folks don't all require full size heavy duty trucks, but do want versatility and mileage with the ability to park it in a garage. My Dakota gets 14 mpg. Truck guys "get" diesels. So why are the manufacturers sitting around not sending this here NOW???

Govt and auto industry wants money, and both are in bed with big oil is most likely the reason. More oil= paybacks to congress from lobbyists. Phasing out smaller trucks like the ranger= more money on Fords part since they know most consumers are ignorant enough to upgrade to more truck than they need ie F150 from a Ford Ranger.

Ford really disappointed me with this, I am a proud Ford Truck owner and was looking to down grade from my F150 to a crew cab ranger, not sure about the future though, may have to go with Nissan or Toyota.

Like most small/mid size trucks it would be too expensive and too loaded in content to distance itself from the half tons. Other than looking pickup.

Not bad, and the efficient diesel under the hood makes it something unique to the market, but I'd rather see it (and be more likely to buy it) in a more distinctive form. Perhaps a cab-over-engine version, to get a full-sized bed in a compact chassis like the old Jeep FCs, not to mention the pickup version of the classic VW bus.

Good looking little truck. Looks like a modern day Jeep Comanche from the side profile.

I'd buy one, tomorrow. Still no one in the American marketplace offering me the new pickup I want.

Ruff Boy - my 16-year-old Dodge is still rolling along; but, since I retired I don't need a truck that big.

I may have to pay to insure an extra vehicle. Keep my old truck and buy something like a VW Jetta diesel for the bulk of my driving.

Sell it for a competitive price and I would buy one too.

I have out grown and beat down my Subaru Baja trying to put it through the work load that a truck like this would laugh at. Additionally, Every Subaru dealership I talked to (prior to the discontinuation of the Baja) said that every time a Baja showed up, they couldn't keep them on the lot.

Who are these car manufacturers getting thier information from, and why aren't the words like those I see in this blog more previlent in reviews and publicity venues. Those of us that care little about what status a vehicle gives us, just that it does the job well and doesn't ask for more than it's just desserts.
Do I really have to sacrifice so much, almost no more manual trans in 4WD/AWD, and now very little that I can parallel park either. Please VW hear our cries, ignore the nay sayers and make this happen for the American market; I will do my best to ignore a higher price tag, if it makes economical sense in the long run.

I would love to have one of these, if it came with TDI, manual transmission, & 4wd. We owned a 99 Jetta TDI and loved it. But the electronics went haywire and we got rid of it. Please bring the Amarok to the U.S. @ an affordable price!

Pricinig for a Volkswagen Amarok Pickup 4 door diessel 2010
Urgently. thanks

Don't bring it to the USA, MAKE IT in the USA!

I'd buy one.


We are looking for the following; please send me your best price with full specifications and pictures.

- Volkswagen pick up regular cab (4*2); 2014
- Volkswagen pick up double cab (4*2); 2014


Will this be in the uk

Volkswagen does make some cool pickup's like the Brazilian Saveiro, but we never see any of them in Canada. I could use one and would buy one, if only available. No large truck for me, I simply don't need or want one.

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