You're Never Too Old to Ride in a Radio Flyer Wagon

Custom-made Radio Flyer Car
Written by Robby DeGraff

They say you’re never too old to have fun. Jody Foster and Fred Keller prove it by riding around in any young kid’s dream vehicle: a gigantic Radio Flyer wagon.

Head to Anchorage, Alaska, and you’re likely pass this familiar object on the road. How fast does this big wagon go? “As fast as you can pull us!” Foster said in an interview with KTUU television station.

What started as a retirement project turned into an incredible undertaking. The original donor for this project was a 1976 Mazda B-Series pickup truck, which was passed down to the couple by Foster’s dad. Over 11 months Foster and Keller transformed the small Japanese pickup into an American icon that’s four times bigger than the real thing.

This street-legal Radio Flyer wagon uses the Mazda pickup truck’s frame and transmission. The body of the wagon, including the 8-foot-long pulling handle, is all custom work. The rims are made from hubcaps and detergent bottles, but the steering wheel is a wheel from a Radio Flyer wagon.

Foster and Keller bring along a thick blanket to keep them warm while driving. If you head to Anchorage, Foster and Keller might ask you – just like the famous song – “Won’t you ride in my little red wagon?”

Source: KTUU-TV Alaska via Autoblog and Jalopnik


Can it tow?


I remember hauling my RadioFlyer around when I was kid. The good 'ole days.

That is way too cool.

I'm planning in building a go-kart out of a normal sized one someday. Can you say "wheelie machine" ?


There is enough room back there to haul a GM anchor.

LOL, slow truck news day Mike?

Well, I guess if they're not building a Ranger replacement... I'll get me one of these?

that is nothing short of bad ass

Can I get one on the new Chevy HD platform with a Duramax?

@ Alex - at least the body and interiot will be better. LOL.



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