1955 Chevy E-Rod is a Custom Pickup from the Past We Want Today

1955 Chevy E-Rod is a Custom Pickup from the Past We Want Today

GM Performance Parts' 1955 Chevy E-Rod combines vintage design with a new 315 horsepower E-ROD 5.3-liter V-8 crate engine.

The E-Rod was created with help from Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Its classic body is an officially licensed product from GM Restoration Parts and Dynacorn. The chassis is a donor from a TrailBlazer SS and the 17-inch wheels are the standard rolling stock from a Chevy Silverado.

“This truck is perfect for cruising in style and it doesn’t sacrifice any of the great driveability traits people are used to in modern vehicles. It also has the emissions efficiency of a modern vehicle,” said Dave Ross, the designer responsible for the E-Rod.


According to GM, the Dynacorn body comes with a unique vehicle identification number, qualifying it to be considered a “special-construction” vehicle, depending upon state and local requirements for registration.

All E-Rod engines ship with emissions hardware that includes catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and a mass airflow sensor.

The E-Rod 5.3-liter V-8 is the most affordable GM crate engine, priced around $6,000 through the select GM dealers. In the E-Rod, it's paired with GMPP’s 4L65-E four-speed automatic transmission.

The TrailBlazer chassis includes four-wheel disc brakes and power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering. Lowering springs that reduce ride height by approximately 6-inches from a stock TrailBlazer were added to give the truck a sportier stance.

Ken Lingenfelter, owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, said that truck enthusiasts could duplicate the E-Rod pickup for approximately $50,000 to $80,000, if they were starting from scratch.



Sweet Truck!!

Sweet ride.

Beauty is only skin deep. This is weak. A 5.3L? Factory steel wheels? THIS IS SEMA. I want to see the supercharged engine from the ZR1, a 6 spd (manual or automatic), big shiny rims. If a customer wants one like this thats fine but the one to show at SEMA should be over the top. Its better than stickers though :)

I love it, right down to the base model GMT900 wheels. Looks great in basic clothing without all of the blingy crap. Very tasteful. This might just be my favorite vehicle at SEMA so far this year.

disgusting color. did government motors run out of good paint and original design ideas. they should go back to isuzu for some more design input...just like they did with the duramax.

Look under that hood. I can see the motor just like in the old days. Lets get back to this instead of all the fancy plastic covers and crap.

Love it...no bling crap...nice job

As a Ford guy I gotta say I like this truck, Its not bling'd out. Its very basic looking which is the way ALL classics deserve to look. Being basic looking is not a bad thing.

I also agree with the comment, ( I can see the engine just like the old days) It really is a shame that most modern engines are covered by these cheap plastic covers.

Is this truck two wheel drive?

Telling this to someone the other day, bring back a tastefully done 55/56 Chevy Nomad. It's time.

Very tastefully done. Big wheels would be a waste, and I even like the color though I'm not a green color kind of guy.

I'm almost sure I like the engine choice too. Trucks aren't naturally racetrack screamers. This is indeed a perfect looking cruising vehicle, with an engine that is not going to need constant maintenance or set off the local old ladies and the noise standards.

Part of the reason it looks so clean and simple is that it doesn't appear to have brakes (no master cylinder anyway) or turn signals. These are items I would include if I attempted to reproduce it. It is very nostalgic for me, a friend of my dad have a very similar '56, and dad had a '70 Chevy Custom Deluxe C-10 in that paint scheme (White steel wheels with white hubcaps with black centers and blue bowties...also whitewall tires!) I think the green was selected to celebrate the "green" emissions compliant powertrain.

Yes, it is two wheel drive

This is a great looking truck. Even though it dosnet have all the fancy smacy crap on it. Ppl need to stop hatin on someone elses hard work. (Posted by: Jordan L. | Nov 2, 2010 8:31:06 PM) So whatt if u would do something different. Its not your truck so stfu.

I would love to buy a truck like this the one on this page. I would also like to buy a 1955 like this one and fix it up like the one on this page.

Love the truck.
Jordon L. too bad your glass is half empty

on this 55 chevy.What is that grill off of, or did you have it special made for the e-rod

I own this truck! I planned to drive it every day but changed my mind because it has a GM history and a one of kind truck. You can checkout all the details on the internet. The truck has 467 miles and I won't allow it to go to 500 miles, I'll sell it before I do that. Let me know if you are interested. you can contact me by e-mail. rrzlee@yahoo.com

Very nice truck, just what I would love too pull my 15 foot 1955 aloha vintage trailer. I own a 2013 GMC Sierra with the 5.3 and 6 speed auto. Get 21 on the high way. Knot a for by.

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