2010 Pickup Truck Christmas Gift Guide

2010 Pickup Truck Christmas Gift Guide
By Larry Edsall for PickupTrucks.com

The ho-ho holidays are fast approaching, so here’s our gift guide for the special pickup truck owner on your shopping list.

Wait a minute! We probably should rephrase that first paragraph because we think all pickup truck owners are special (and if you’re reading this, you no doubt agree), and therefore deserving of more than one of the following gifts:

’55 Chevy E-Rod


So you want a classic pickup truck but you also want to be environmentally responsible when you drive it? Well, you can do what GM Performance Parts did and build a '55 Chevy E-Rod pickup. Well, actually GM Performance Parts had GM designer Dave Ross work up the details and then had Ken Lingenfelter Performance do the construction.

You start with a 1955 Chevy 3100 Series pickup reproduction body from Dynacorn, a California company that stamps old-style vehicle bodies out of new steel. The body mounts on the chassis from a Chevy Trailblazer SS, though Eibach springs lower the stance and they also bolted on four-wheel disc brakes. Wheels and tires are from a Chevy Silverado.

Now, inserted a GM Performance Parts 5.3-liter E-Rod crate engine that comes with 315 horsepower, 335 pound-feet of torque, but also with catalytic converters and other modern technology to make it clean and green as well as fast and mean.

GM used a 4L65E automatic transmission with SuperMatic controller system (the E-Rod crate engine also is available for manual transmission use) with a 9.5-inch, 4.10-ratio rear axle with Eaton limited slip, BeCool radiator and Painless wiring.

GM added a wood-floor in the pickup bed, a custom grill, hidden fuel filler and various restoration parts from Classic Industries. Inside, you can get as customized as you want. GM used an Ididit steering column and Vintage Air system.

For more information, visit http://www.gmperformanceparts.com.


Make your Ram a Runner


Maybe it’s because of all those years working with Jeep guys who prefer to modify their vehicles for special use applications – from rock crawling to mud bogging, but while Ford provides its Raptor ready from the factory, Ram and Mopar think you’d prefer to do the work yourself to turn your Ram pickup into a desert-ready Ram Runner.

Although all the parts you’ll need aren’t available yet – though a bunch more are coming early in the new year – right now you can get the Phase 1 suspension kit that includes the upper control arms and shocks that will keep your truck comfortable on pavement while allowing you to assault swales at up to 40 miles per hour without a crash landing.

Coming next is the full Stage 2 suspension kit that includes ball joints, unique bypass shocks, and other hardware needed to provide 14-inches of wheel travel.

Also in the pipeline are flared fenders, an off-road front bumper and a spare tire mount for the pickup bed.

For more information, visit http://www.mopar.com.


Cool Tool Storage


Tulsa-based Swivel Storage Solutions has introduced a line of tool cabinets that disdain the traditional pull-out drawer system for drawers that swivel open.

What’s the advantage? According to Swivel, drawers open more easily; dirt, dust and debris don’t get affect operation; there’s fewer moving parts, the drawers can support more weight when opened; and they open fully around a hidden steel pivot pole so you don’t have to go reaching back into some narrow and dark area to find your tools.

Boxes are designed for all sorts of applications, from a corner to a cube arrangement, on rollers or mounted in a vehicle.

For more information, visit http://www.swivel.pro.


TrailCan Utility Box


Rampage Products of Corona, California specializes in products for Jeeps, but its newest output “can” benefit pickup drivers as well. It’s the TrailCan Utility Box.

It looks like your standard locking Gerry Can for carrying extra fuel, but it’s actually a locking storage container with locking drawers and a removable tray, and all made from powder-coated steel.

It fits in a standard gas can mount in your pickup bed or up on the roof. The suggested retail price is $159.95.

For more information, visit http://www.rampageproducts.com.


Reach E-Z Extendable Reacher


Du-Ha of Fergus Falls, Minnesota makes storage solutions for pickup truck owners, and now it’s devised an implement to help you reach things at the far end of your pickup bed. The Reach E-Z Extendable Reacher expands from 5-feet to 7-feet in length so you can reach or move to rearrange stuff without having to climb up into the bed or even remove a tonneau cover.

It also has a brush attachment and transforms it into a snow-removal tool or even a shop broom. Du-Ha says that the Extendable Reacher also can be used for retrieving duck decoys and lines or for hanging holiday lights on your house or trees.

There’s also a clip that attaches the Reacher to the inside of your truck bed, an ice scraper attachment and a flashlight attachment so you can see what’s way back there under a tonneau.

The price is $34.95.

For more information, visit http://www.reache-z.com.




Show your wife pages 8-9 and 10-11 from this catalog and she’ll get excited thinking you’re ready to redo the floors in your house. Arrayed across the pages are photographic samples of wood finishes ranging from ash to red oak, flamed birch to curly maple, Honduras mahogany to South African paduak, Brazilian cherry to Peruvian walnut.

Now try telling her that you’re going to do the floor of her kitchen but the bed of your pickup truck, because the catalog in hand comes from BedWood and Parts, which provides 40 exotic and domestic show-quality wood finishes for pickup truck beds, and can fit Ford, Chevy and Dodge pickups from 1917 to those now rolling off Big Three assembly lines, and there are applications for the Toyota Tundra and El Caminos.

Jeff Major, who founded the company based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, notes that BedWood kits also can be used in hot rods, and that the BedWood RetroLiner is an "easy-to-install" wood floor for late model pickups and utility vehicles – and fits without any drilling or cutting.

For more information, visit http://www.bedwoodandparts.com.




Struggle to lift, say, a quad or an engine block or anything else of heft into the bed of your pickup? One solution can be an Ezy-Lift.

Produced by Ezy-Lift of Houston, an Ezy-Lift mounts inside your pickup bed, pivots back under a push-button control unit so that heavy object can be attached, and then power pivots back toward the front of the bed so the object can be placed and secured.

Prices range from $4,750 for a unit that lifts 1,000 pounds to $6,150 for one that lifts a ton to $12,950 for the Grizzly that can deal with a 3,000-pound lift.

There also are trailer-mounted units, and Ezy-Lifts for quad-style tractors and carts.

For more information, visit http://www.ezylift.com.




There are times when you need to carry ladders, a couple of canoes or other objects that are too large to fit inside a truck bed, but there also are times when you don’t want a commercial-looking rack sticking up into the air above your bed.

Now there’s Invis-A-Rack, a rack that folds out of sight when not in use.

The systems producers, based in Sparta, North Carolina, say their rack system can be installed in about 10 minutes via theft-resistant bolts that clamp (no drilling) the black power-coated aluminum racks to the underside of pickup bed rails. The system comprises four housings that pivot upward and then attach to each other to create one goalpost-like elevated bar at each end of the bed. The system can hold up to 500 pounds.

An Invis-A-Rack for a 6-foot bed costs $779 and an 8-foot model is $799.

For more information, visit http://www.invisarack.com.


Rhino-Rack Foxwing awning


Rhino-Rack is an Australian company that produces roof racks, roof boxes, and roof-top carriers for skis, snowboards, kayaks and small boats. But what caught our eye was the company’s Foxwing awning system. The awning attaches to vehicle’s roof racks and provides up to 270 degrees of shade as it unfolds like a bat’s wing. The awning material is UV-resistant, rip-stop polycotton canvas and is held above head height by telescopic poles and guy ropes.

There are units designed for the driver’s or passenger’s side, and each covers the side and back of the vehicle, in the case of a pickup truck, shading the bed.

The price is $599. The awnings and other Rhino-Rack products are available from dealers listed on the company’s website.

For more information, visit http://www.rhinorack.com.


Cornhusker Neon Signs


For more than two decades, Cornhusker Sign & Mfg. Corp of Gretna, Nebraska, has been producing neon signs and clocks. While not pickup specific, the powder-coated steel and neon garage signs are oh-so-cool, and the company can customize a sign proclaiming the garage as your own.

The signs are 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide, or slightly taller and two feet longer with a working clock included. Prices ranged from $600 - $1,300, and you can get a sign personalized with your favorite pickup truck owner’s name for another $100 - $300.

Signs have pull-chain on/off switches and have UL-listed transformers with protection circuitry.

For more information, visit http://www.cornhuskersign.com.


Chevy Pickup Tailgate Shelf


The Sunbelt Marketing Group of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina has been in business since 1993, producing and selling officially licensed Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Disney products, from signs to key chains to paper towel dispensers. More recently, it has added automotive-themed products, including display shelves that look like a vehicle’s nose or tailgate has broken through your wall.

For example, there’s a 20 x 6 ¾ x 15 ¼-inch shelf unit that looks like a back end of a 1976 Chevy pickup truck, with the tailgate pivoting down to provide a display area.

There’s also a full line of 1948 Ford F-1 stuff, from a table lamp to book ends to a nightlight (the truck’s headlamps light up) to a key rack. There’s also a scale-version of a truck’s front-clip that’s been turned into a wall display area with a tempered glass shelf that spans the hood.

Prices range from $10 to $50.

For more information, visit http://www.sunbeltgifts.com.


How to Make Your Car (or Truck) Last Forever


Ignore the "Car" in the title of this book. Everything in this wonderfully illustrated, 176-page, $24.99 volume applies to your pickup truck as well.

Written by Tom Torbjornsen, for four decades an auto mechanic and since 1991 host of America’s Car Show on the radio, consider How to Make Your Car Last Forever as the real owner’s manual for your truck.

In words and detailed photography, the book shows and tells you how and when to do the maintenance needed to keep your truck on the road if not forever, then for at least a couple hundred thousand miles.

Torbjornsen also guides you through the jungle of extended warranties, tells you when its time to retire and replace your truck, and even includes a chapter on “How to Kill a Car” or a truck.

How to Make Your Car Last Forever is part of Motorbooks' Workshop series.

For more information, visit http://www.motorbooks.com.


Maybe Santa should buy Bobby a "Reach E-Z Extendable Reacher" since he won't admit the man step is a good idea.

No need for political correctness...

Just say "CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE" I had my holiday in July !!

If you are so worried about being p.c ,this should not be a truck site but a bicycle site !!

w0rd! You got sumfin ta fix cracks? Lots o' Toyota Tundra owners could use dat kind o' gift. Merry Christmas.

That would be a "Christmas shopping guide" Mike. Get it. None of this PC stuff. Its dead. Got it. Dead. This from a 53 y/o Next Gener. Dead. It is what it is and my generation is sick to death of your PC stuff....so if you want this site to stay popular with Red Blooded American individuals that love pickups and what they stand for then get rid of the PC stuff. NOW. You are "Offending" 90% of those who use this site so that you can placate 3% of intolerant idiots. If you wish to celebrate other beliefs' holidays label them accordingly...couldn't agree more.
Thank you. Next time I log on I hope to see this changed.

These vehicles are good. Christmas gift? maybe not

Bought myself the ultimate Christmas gift two days ago and it'll be here in 6-8 weeks. A Chev HD 3500 crew cab long bed srw Z71 4x4 LT with every option. One hell of a Christmas gift, came with a price tag too unfortunately.

Seriously, you guys are complaining about Mike's choice of words? Who cares if it's called a Holiday Gift Guide or a Christmas Gift Guide? When it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter, does it? Christmas is a holiday.

I'm as patriotic as the next guy, but I'm not going to get offended over something that's as trivial as whether or not I should say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays." It's the thought that counts right? When considering all the issues this country faces today, political correctness (or lack thereof) is really kinda low on the list, isn't it? So instead of raising your blood pressure, how about just letting it go?

Couldn't agree more with the "Christmas" guide comments. I hate hearing "holiday". Which holiday you referring to? Oh, the one where we celebrate Jesus being born? That one? Yep! That one.
Really like the E-rod. Would be WAY cooler if they dropped the 6.0 from the SS (395 HP anyone?) in it since they are already building it on the chassis of the Trailblazer SS.

Guys, What if Mike doesn't celebrate Christmas? Still think it should be "Christmas" Gift Guide? Think before you speak and type.


Here's a great gift idea that will sure come in handy for Tundra owners.

$4.59 at Walmart.

For more information, visit: https://www.chooserenewables.com/xcart/images/D/Great-Stuff-500.jpg

@ Don

you might want that can for your truck. that will fill the gaps in your truck between the doors and fenders. the toyota is has the TIGHTEST gap tolerance of all of them. Oh, i'm sure you mean cracked tailgate right? i've sold over 200 Tundra's NOT ONE SINGLE ONE COMPLAINED OF A CRACKED TAILGATE.

Perhaps you need that to fill the gap between your ears, its fairly vast. insert that nozzle in left ear and spray until some comes out of your right ear, that should fix your problem. :)

Beware of salesmen claiming to be the best and having never heard of any complaints. Wait a minute, I think that's almost every Toyota dealership. Weren't they just fined $16.2 million for hiding defects. Any way, most knowledgeable buyers know more than salesmen who are out just to make the most money. As for gap tolerance, it is just the opposite of what Toyo salesman said. Toyota themselves said on Edmund's carspace that the Tundra had largest gap tolerances to make it "look" more like a truck. No surprise that a Tundra salesman doesn't know this. But you can see some of that gap tolerance performs here at 1:19, courtesy of Mike Levine:

And the tailgates aren't the only issue I was referring to. It is the entire truck.

I've gone through a Tundra and to me it is thin as far as materials go, doesn't surprise me sheet metal is buckling. Go on Youtube for one and see the bed shake like Oprah's flabby arms. No joke. Sorry man, Tundra is not a good purchase, they don't know trucks, plain and simple.

Go and sell it to some new to trucks dweebs. Not once have I ever seen a Ford owner complain of buckling and cracking. I still laugh at all the idiots back in 2007 who thought Toyota would be on top by now.

A few posts from the Tundra forums:
I own a 07 tundra which developed dents on the bed halfway between the wheel well and cab and about 6 in down from the rail. I discussed them with the dealership and an auto body shop neither had an explanation. I have also seen them on another promo tundra. Has anyone else seen these?


Yes - my bed has a few dents but it's from hauling. Nothing I consider major although the construction does appear somewhat flimsier than I would have liked.


mine are about 3 inches around now they're not major just irritating. They started much smaller and have grown over the past year.


yep i had them as well but got them fixed recently. i also have creases in my doors from the showroom floor!!! i was to excited to say anything when i got it. now they say its my bad and im screwed

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ, it is not His real birthday. It is not a Biblical holiday (holy day). So it is not a sacred holiday in that sense.

If 90% of people celebrate Christmas and retailers want to benefit from the event called Christmas (since one of it’s tenets is gift giving), they should stop trying to act like the reason they are advertising ISN’T Christmas.

That is all anyone wanted.

If they are trying to sell products based on Hanukkah or even the made up communist Kwaanza celebration (barf), then they should mention those reasons, also.

By the way, I am Jewish and hate when I see Holiday 2010. Just say Christmas.

Just say Christmas or whatever the holiday is.

@ don

apparently you like ford propaganda, i shouldve figured. you cant stand the fact that the tundra is a better truck than the f150. They make this tool, i'm sure you may never have heard of, its called a caliper. take this device to your local ford store, measure the "gap" tolerance between each door and then go measure a Tundra. i know the answer to this, the gap on the tundra is smaller. its also uniform, which is something you wont see on an f150. but you know everything right? I build cars sir, i also do happen to sell them. This is why when i "go through" a truck like you claim that i can SEE the difference between them, i dont need Mike Rowe to tell me in a ford advertisement why their truck on their course looks the best. Really? how naive are you? oh that thin material you speak of makes the tundra heavier than an f150, so i suppose the "material" on the f150 is thinner still? LOL i suppose you would know that though, i guess not. maybe you enjoy your airbag firing out at any random point, or your truck just catching on fire for no reason other than the cruise control module? (these are the cheap comments like what you make about the tundra) maybe you should think about the plastic resin material the caliper piston is made from on your f150. the tundra is stainless steel, oh and there is TWICE as many of those brake pistons as your f150. the tundra has 2 fluid to fluid heat exchangers, one on the oil and one on the trans, your f150..... ZERO. the tundra has a power steering cooler, your f150......ZERO. the tundra has a 2 piston floating caliper on the REAR like your f150 has on the front. the hitch on the rear of the tundra is a class 5!! the f150 a class 3 unless you get the "heavy tow package" then you get a class 4. that class 5 on the tundra is on EVERY one with a tow package, thats about 80% or better of ALL of them. i can do this ALL DAY LONG, but i bet you cant tell me ONE valid thing the f150 has over the tundra that you can site a true fact on.

Oh, and FINALLY. I have seen SEVERAL f150's with a bed that doesnt quite match up to the cab... you know why? simple because a box frame that gets overloaded KINKS and never returns. this is why a Super Duty has a frame structure like the Tundra, after being overloaded it will return to its original shape. oh, and that frame cost toyota 40% MORE to make than the f150 frame. thats 1.4 times as much, just in case 40% doesnt register when you read it. put simply Don, I'm not tryin to sell you. I'm tryin to "educate" you because up till now you have been blind. remember YOU slang the mud first. have a nice day

hemi lol,
What is your basis for your argument that a boxed frame kinks while a C-channel frame returns to it's orginal shape?

Just call it Christmas, thats what it is.

@ HEMI LOL - don't you find memory a highly selective thing?
The term "turning a blind eye" is apropos.

I've seen the same comments that Don posted elsewhere.

The internet could be used for the productive exchange of ideas and information (its creators initial intention), but it has turned into a vast wasteland of mis/disinformation.

None of the manufactures have load ratings for tailgates or tear out ratings for stake pockets.

Back on topic - the replica Chevy e-rod is cool, and so is the Ford in the bedwood photo.


Christmas is a Holy Day in every sense of the term.

It's up to 93% now. I just heard on Fox News that 93% celebrate Christmas.

If people want to have a separate holiday guide for Hanukkah or New Year’s, that’s fine with me. But to change a CHRISTmas gift guide into a guide for ALL the holidays is just flat-out WRONG!


Kickingtires.com, a amember of the cars.com family, has no problem saying CHRISTMAS.


I'm back from vacation. Just updated the pic and title. Thanks for the feedback and comments.

Merry Hanukwanzamas or whatever holiday you celebrate this season.

Guys - there are Christians who do not celebrate Christmas December 25.
There are those who believe Jesus Christ was born in July(if my memory serves me correctly).
Others feel that the early Christians chose December 25 because it coincided with the Roman celebration of "Saturna". Better to fit in with the Romans than face hungry lions in the Coliseum.
I celebrate Christmas Dec.25 and I do not believe in all of this political correctness crap.
Freedom of speech works both ways - One can chose to say Happy Hollidays or Merry Christmas.

let's join our hands together to stop this kind of wrong doings. It may risk lives in the future if we just let them continue.

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