Bigfoot Silverado Show Truck Can Be Yours for Just $199,995

A Bigfoot Silverado Can Be Yours for Just $199,995
By Robby DeGraff

Looking to buy a big pickup — a really, really, big pickup? The most expensive truck on eBay right now is the Chevrolet Silverado Bigfoot show stopper that debuted at the 2008 SEMA show, with a Buy It Now price of $199,995 and zero bids.

Just about everything mechanically on this truck has been changed. With a 30-inch lift kit sitting on 51-inch 500/70/R24 Firestone DuraForce AT-R tires, this street-legal monster truck will be the tallest thing on the road. The original axles have been swapped for the front and rear ones found on the GMC 4500 TopKick series trucks. Four-link coil-over Sway-A-Way shocks and Eibach springs help with this beast’s suspension. There’s four-wheel steering, an upgraded and rebuilt transmission from North American Diesel Performance, and a GM transfer case, too.

The tweaked 500-horsepower Duramax engine, now tuned to run on biodiesel, is backed by a Fass Fuel System and Jaz fuel cell. Accompanying Bigfoot’s matte-finished red and black paint job are Fiberglass fenders and bumpers from TrailReady products that just scream, “Move outta my way!” Inside the color-matched interior, swathed in leather, you’ll find an upgraded Sony audio/visual system.

In August 2008, Bigfoot 4x4 Inc., widely known for building the famous Ford F-250 Bigfoot monster truck, bought a stock Silverado HD 2500 and began extensive work on building this custom rig. After the 15-week build process, the Silverado Bigfoot debuted at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, winning the Mothers Choice Award for excellence in design and the 2008 SEMA design award for best GM truck.

Interested in buying this award-winning monster truck? You’ve got less than five days to place a bid.

[Source: eBay]


ha ha...200K for this? what a joke. I can see a short guy buying it.

Did they fix the suspension from the failed jump last year at SEMA? I know there is a Youtube vid out there...

Found the YouTube clip:

Isn't this the truck that broke in half or something going over a jump that a stock truck could do without breaking ?

@Taylor: Yep. It's the same truck. Caveat emptor!

2008 SEMA design award for best GM truck. - kinda funny that it took a Ford crew to get that award for GM.

The suspension and sub frame looks different from the truck that broke last year.

I wouldnt give you $2 for it. What an eye sore...

The entire right side suspension failed on that little jump??? Hillarious!

This is street legal but a Ram runner isn`t? Rrrrriiigggghhhttt
Just be careful if you have any speed bumps or pot holes where you live or this baby will fold in half going over one. If cash for clunkers comes back they could use this truck to crush the clunkers that get traded in for GMs.

Aftermarket suspension failed, so what? it's fixed now. It's the best looking 4X4 on the PLANET

and it all held together with premium grade 1, 7mm bolts

That truck is not street legal.

buy a Raptor
buy 157,000$ stock in FORD
and jump alot higher without breaking

Explain what's "award winning" about this pickup?

@Lou- clarification to what you mean about "kinda funny that it took a Ford crew to get that award for GM."

The new ground-breaking frame is for the F-150? Maybe. Maybe Not.

@Dave: Stay tuned ;-)

It took a ford crew (Bigfoot) to screw up a chevy truck. GM should have used the USA-1 crew instead for that build, the results would have been much different.

That is a classic example of a huge waste of money. I don't see a purpose for anything like this other than to say hey everybody look at me!!!

Its a nice looking truck, but for $200K and absolutely no purpose other than to say "look at me!! Im a jack-azz" this is a complete waste of money...Also because its a one off custom no warranty, good luck when the suspension collapses at the local mall because you hit the speed-bump to fast lol.


What Lou meant was this truck was built by the Bigfoot Monster Truck crew. A team that run's only Ford's and has done' so for the past 35 years. Hence it took a Ford team built a good looking Chevy.

Lets see a Dodge or Ford fan buy it,and then publicly destroy it.Bet it wouldnt take much.
Like a rock! Yea,right.

It's a 100% show truck, that no one other would build than Americans and maybe it's just useless but it's like a favorite toy from childhood in 1:1 scale and yes, it's just cool, dreaming to make a ride in this crazy truck, but never saw a person getting in or out of these crazy lifted trucks...even in a movie! :)

this thing sucks! haha

@@HD883 - GM hasn't been getting too many awards lately. Look at 2010 SEMA - Ford was dominant. Look at the Texas State Fair (Texas - biggest USA truck market). Virtually ZERO from GM. They had a longer story about the belt buckle that the President of Ram was wearing.

It took a Ford crew (Midwest Four Wheel Drives AKA BIGFOOT) to get a 2008 SEMA best truck award for GM.
That is why I thought it was funny. Perhaps "ironic" would of been a better word.

I think that the Bigfoot crew has been building Chevies for 2 reasons:
1. they want to expand their market
2. give Ford the middle finger for cancelling sponsorship of BigFoot.

@HD883 - I need to comment on your web name. Why would you want to ride such a small motorcycle?
All of my buddies on Hogs would refer to the 883 as a girlie bike.


That's not nice. Maybe he drives a HD Truck with a 883ci motor, wait what 883ci.

I have a simple question for all of the Ford fans. The new Eco-Boost engine, Ford has splattered all over creation, is quite an achievement. Twin turbos, and direct injection,....yada, yada. They claim that it is the new way of things to come in chosen power-plants for all pick-ups. Tell me this then, why won't they have a straight-up "Tow / Pull-Off" with GM? Pick-up had to move forward independently without Ford's voluntary participation and have a "COMPLETELY FAIR" challenge of their own. All you Ford fans have oral diarrhea when you think you have something. Why don't all of you read the "Rumble in the Rockies" article and then post your thoughts on the webpage. Thanks.

@RLS - Ford has not released the EB 3.5 engine for sale yet. The media will get one around the time it is officially released.
When that happens sites like this and magazines will be able to organize a formal 3rd party test.
Ford declined GM's "Rockies" challenge as well as the "tug-o-war" challenge.
See the story on this site stating that Ford HD's have 50 % (one half) of HD sales.
Ford has nothing to prove in the HD ranks as consumers are voting with their dollars as to who is number one in the HD ranks.
When it comes to 1/2 tons, the F150 has won virtually every independant 3rd party shootout/test in the last few years. They accomplished that feat with an engine that most rivals would say was underpowered. (5.4 V8)
Ford has 2 new engines that have more muscle than the competition's premier engines.
Ford already won the "worktruck" shootout with it's new 3.7 L V6.
Ford's new 5.0 has more power than GM's 5.3.
Ford's 6.2 has more HP and torque than GM's 6.2.
Ford's new EB 3.5 has more torque than GM's 6.2.
Ford's HP/Torque numbers are on regular gas. Gm on premium.
GM 6.2 = 403 hp, 417 lb/ft
Ford 6.2 = 411 hp, 434 lb/ft
Ford EB 3.5 = 365 hp, 420 lb/ft

Ford won the HD shootout with the 6.2.

Since you are into simple questions -

Why do you think GM will win in the 1/2 ton ranks?????

Lou, I really don't care about the 3.5 litre Eco-Boost engine. That was not what my question was. If you are trying to get a rise out of me it simply won't work. Apparently you can't admit that Ford lost in the Rockies with their "Best Diesel Engine" that makes more horsepower and torque than the Duramax. Quit sidestepping the issue and SIMPLY put credit where is due. All you Ford guys always b.s. your way around it when Ford loses. Put your crayons down it is nap time.

@RLS - I did read "Rumble in the Rockies" and I did say Kudos to the GM engineers.

You want an answer to your question in relation to HD trucks?
I'll repost for you -
Ford declined GM's "Rockies" challenge as well as the "tug-o-war" challenge.
See the story on this site stating that Ford HD's have 50 % (one half) of HD sales.
Ford has nothing to prove in the HD ranks as consumers are voting with their dollars as to who is number one in the HD ranks.
I am not in the market for a HD truck.
I do care about tests because it gives me data to help make an informed decision.
Do I care who wins?
Not really.
I mentioned 1/2 tons because you commented on the EB 3.5.
I assumed you were commenting on 1/2 tons as well.
If I were in the market for a HD I would consider a GM Sierra only if we taxpayers get our money back from GM.
If it makes you happy - I would not consider a Ford HD diesel as they have a new unproven design. Give it a few years in the real world and I would consider it.

I stand a better chance of seeing Ford coming up with a reliable diesel than of seeing taxpayers get their money back.

Actually Ford didn't refuse the Rocky Mtn Test. They gave Mike a Super Duty for their first Ricky Mtn Test. It wasn't until GM saw the results from that test that GM wanted to do the same test again!

Sorry, GM, homey don't play that. We already did it. You want to do it again so you can make some kind of big deal out of it, you have to buy the truck from Ford at full MSRP.

@ Dave - good point.



If you paid attention GM has repaid their loan in full and ahead of schedule, so that does not matter. I agree that GM should have perused different avenues when looking for financial assistance. Anyway it will be interesting to see the fuel mileage ratings of both the Eco-boost and the 6.7 Diesel. Not to mention the maintenance costs. This would be important for consumers who plan on owning the pick-ups for the long haul.
I guess we will see.

@RLS - do some legitimate homework.
GM tecnically paid off their loan by transfering money from a government funded line of credit to the portion of their bailout that was called a loan.
Tax payers are still on the hook for 50 billion dollars.
You could argue that it is not a loan as the USA government, and CAnadian governments bought GM stock. I believe 60% for US government and 12% for Canadian government.

Creditors are on the hook for 200 billion dollars. The amount that GMC defaulted upon when they conveniently became the 'new' GMC.

Where do you get your information or the time to look it up? Geez, what is wrong with you? I guess we will have to agree to disagree,...every manufacturer has had its greatest achievements and its most disgusting vehicles that should not have made it past the the drafting table. Regardless of everything stated, you won't find any vehicle in my garage where the VIN starts with anything but a "1"

@RLS - nothing is wrong with me, I am fortunate to have a job that gives me plenty of free time. Finding information is relatively easy and does not take much time if you know how to look, where to look, and the right questions to ask.
I do not have a problem with GMC vehicles.
The problem I have is with the fact that the biggest auto company in the world was mismanaged to death.
I'll consider one of their products when taxpayers get paid back.
I'm not too impressed with politicians asleep at the helm whom let this whole financial mess occur in the first place.

I would love a truck like that but would not and could not pay that much. Love the paint job. Im a Ford girl. I have a question. I have several lifted trucks. The last truck is not lifted as much as yours. I can't get licence for it. Do you know something i dont. I would love to drive it. I don't want to lower it. "Please tell me how"?

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