Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Z71 Goes on Display at SEMA

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Z71 Goes on Display at SEMA

Chevy has brought two mildly customized 2011 heavy-duty pickups to this year's SEMA Show. The first is the three-quarter-ton Silverado 2500 HD Z71 4x4.

The Silverado 2500 HD Z71's low-gloss Switchblade Silver painted exterior is customized with large Z71 off-road graphics and Chevy Accessory 20-inch wheels painted Corvette Competition Gray. There's also a body-colored grille, folding tonneau cover, hitch-mounted winch and 6-inch oval side steps.

The interior sports Dark Titanium leather, Chevy Accessory interior trim plate kit with custom show paint, dual DVD screens in the headrests with wireless headphones and navigation radio that can display directions from OnStar. There's also Autonet Mobile Wi-Fi for internet access on the go.

There are no powertrain modifications to the Chevy HD's 6.6-liter LML Duramax diesel that's rated at 397 horsepower and 765 pounds-feet of torque.



Check your torque rating.


yeah TQ #'s are off. Don't much care for the over kill on the graphics. Color is nice. That is what i have in my car.

@Brian: Thanks! Fixed. Moving a bit too fast this afternoon. Sorry about that.

Come on GM, you could have at least put a leveling kit on this truck and loss the wrap. Other than that it looks good. Z71 should mean something in terms of off road, not just another expensive option.

The graphics kill the looks of the truck.

Oh, c'mon... that's a sweet looking Chevy!

the graphics are the only thing going for it.

Maybe that big sticker wil help ward off the dreaded GM rust bug.I see the cab corner is well covered by it.

I agree with Dave

Like the color but those graphics are the worst graphics I have ever seen on any silverado

I just love Chevy(sorry) Chevorlet Buzzuka tailpipe. What were they thinking. Stupidist thing ever on any truck.It sticks out 3ft from the rear bumper. I know it is to cool the exhaust gases but that takes the cake on weird.

Do you remember back in 1988 the new Chevrolet truck had 4 X 4 on the side of the truck like this one.
Same person must be still working at GM.

The problem with these kind of graphics is that they are very directional. The right side looks okay but the left one looks very bad.

A Z71 package should not come with 20" wheels and low profile tires... Just sayin'...

ugly, yes. hideous, yes.

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