Chevrolet Introduces Max and Al Advertising Campaign for Silverado Heavy Duty

Chevrolet Launches Max and Al Online Campaign for Silverado Heavy Duty

Say goodbye to Howie Long and hello to Max and Al. Duramax diesel and Allison transmission, that is.

Chevrolet is launching an all-new online and television advertising campaign for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty pickup that turns its diesel powertrain into two smack-talking, manly characters, played by Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld), as Max, and Craig Robinson (Darryl from The Office), as Al.

When they're not pulling giant tree stumps out of the ground, Max and Al can be found relaxing with a pet bull in their log cabin at The site also features videos and promotes the upcoming Max & Al's "Truck Smack" iPhone app and a Facebook game. Of course, Max and Al also have a Twitter account, where you can follow their exploits 140 characters at a time.

As you'd expect, Max and Al are very competitive. They take special aim at Ford's all-new Power Stroke diesel, portrayed as a baby in a jumping swing in one video. They also sing the Power Stroke a lullaby in an online greeting card that Chevy fans can e-mail to their Ford-driving friends.

Max and Al is one of the last original advertising campaigns created by Chevrolet's longtime media partners at Campbell-Ewald. It was conceived before the new "Chevy Runs Deep" campaign, which recently began airing on television and was created by Chevrolet's new marketing agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

"Max and Al is a fully integrated, targeted campaign that speaks directly to truck enthusiasts," said Bill Ludwig, CEO of Campbell-Ewald. "This campaign is a complete departure from traditional heavy-duty truck creative, driven by humor, to bring to light the insight of how the target relates to one another and to their truck."

Our Take? We think it's well done. We dare you not to laugh. Look for the first television spots to appear this weekend during NASCAR.


That looks cute. I might enjoy those commercials during football. Like I enjoy those Budweiser commercials...while I drink a Sam Adams

I like both of those actors in their weekly televison shows, but they look awkward in their clothes and in this role. Not credible at all. I think the newer GM campaign will be better.

Damn I like Patrick Warburton, Its to bad GM got ahold of him and made him their newst smack talk monkey. Oh well, I'll still like him for his role' as Puddy, and The Tic.

But honestly, these advertisments sound kind of stupid. Singing the Powerstroke a luliby in a jumper? What the hell is up with that? Anyway we all know GM's smack talk doesn't mean anything, And the sale's chart recently posted up on this site prove's it...Yes GMC and Chevy COMBIND do NOT outsell the Ford F-series.

I like these commercials myself. Funny stuff... Even for this Mopar man. I wish Ram would do some spoof stuff like that.. Problem for GM is, Ford could counter these and really put a hurting on Chevy. They could easily come up with a couple of characters and a scenario to poke fun of GM's low slung frame. Have it get caught up while driving over a big curb to a construction site. Poke fun at the extremely low ground clearance it offers. How about that Urea tank placement for the 'Max'? Ford could have a field day with that awful piece of engineering afterthought. Where's the SFA GM?? Ford could have a field day with that as well in different scenario's.

The funniest thing in the world to see would for Ford to do a spoof on Chevy's old Like A Rock campaign. The could drop a load of wood into the back of the bed and have the bed crumple and fold up at the jobsite. Does GM Really want Ford to point out how thin their 'HD' sheetmetal and bumpers are?? They sure aren't Heavy Duty in any sense of the word. GM should fix their deficiencies before the run ads like this. I've read through GM truck owners comments on this and they ain't pretty..

What a waste of money. I drive a dmax and that didin't begin to make me crack a smile. Must be intended for the inebriated.

i'm a Chevy guy and i want this to go away...far far away. that's some of the lamest stuff i've seen in a long time.

Nice commercials. We all know GM has a nice engine and transmission here, but where's the Truck? What good does a great drivetrain do ya when the truck it hauls around is a chintzy built pile of junk? What doesn't GM get about this? Everything for Chevy is somehow about horsepower or racing 1/4 mile times or something. What about the rest of the package? Durable interiors, durable bodies, tucked up frames, a real front axle. THESE are the things that need to be addressed. Chevy built one of the best 4x4 trucks on the road in the 60's and 70's.. The old guys retired and the new guys took over who were clueless on how to build a real working mans truck. The fact that they yanked out the front axle in the late 80's is where their downhill slide accelerated.

Another big waste of tax payers money!! One guy is the motor and the other guy is the transmission (the motor is the front and the transmission is in the back and the trans mission has an input shaft) and put them together and it sounds gay to me!!! Just show the truck in action and leave all the talk at the water cooler!!!

Great commercials, better then the same ole same ole GM is used to.

That's the guy from Seinfeld. The second video comes off as promoting homosexuality, and not about the truck itself. Another fail like the Dude Perfect commericals. I hate to say this but the Howie Long commercials were actually better.

Great ads, by far the most original ads for pickups to come out in a long time. What a way to let everyone to know how reliable and capable the Duramax and Allison combo has been since launching a decade ago. After being a diesel powerhouse back in the day with Detroit Diesel, they sold them off to penske who eventually sold it to Daimler Benz. Bean counters. GM and their subsidiary Isuzu designed a world beater in the Duramax. Isuzu was owned for many decades by GM just as ford owned maxda.
And to all you haters who cannot see past your nose because of your ford blinders, get over it. When a brand or company comes out with something unique or good give them their props. These videos are the bomb.

The first one was kind of funny... but the second just sucked and was borderline gay. Not good!

The one with them drinking oil from an oil can sure makes them seem dated. When's the last time you saw an oil can? It would have been better if they cracked the seal on a bottle of oil and made it sound like a beer (or soda) before they chugged it.

I think I died a little inside after watching this... quite possibly the dumbest, most irrelevant thing I have ever seen...

Umm how about actually showing the trucks you know actually hauling stuff and driving on rough roads , these commercials are lame .

what became of "H.Long"i thought he was pretty good

Hey maybe max and al will take a look at this link and realize something that ford has realized for the past 33 years HAHAHA

It made me laugh even though I'm a ford guy. Ford could come back at them like Ron said but it really wouldn't help ford's image. I think it's kind of cool. I really don't like the image it gives for chevy though. You're never going to win over customers by trash talking other brands and showing that anyone that drives a dodge or ford is a little sissy girl. All it does is deny reality and put anyone that drives a different brand on the offensive. That was one of the biggest problems with the Howie ads. This does not make me interested in gm at all. I've been impressed with some of the ford commercials. They don't really trash talk other brands so much. They acknowledge that other brands make good vehicles, then they show what specific features makes ford even better than the competition. What GM is doing encourages their customers to stay and be loyal but it does not win over new customers. But I guess that's what they need. They need to stop the bleeding. They keep losing customers to ford.

Oh my goodness Ron. That is unbelievable. I thought it was some kind of joke at first. Ford could have some real fun with that.

@x007 LOL! The first one was kinda cute, especially with the little baby girl being the Powerstroke. All is missing is her sidekick TorqShift. The second one was not that great.

These adds will be funny...I will not buy a Chevy because these two tell me too. Horse power may sell cars but torque wins races... Mike Row sells Fords and these two B rate comics hope to help Chevy... Sorry...

isn't allison a girl name? ford could have some fun with that too.


THe first video is pretty good and will probably make it on air. The second one being so long is obviously intended to be a Youtube viral video and will never make it to television.

You can bet one thing, you will see these two guys in a Superbowl add or two this year.

Wow, those are awful. Whatever they were going for, they missed it by a mile.

hey beebe can you copy and paste some of what your link is referring too? its asking to register and when you click register it doesnt let you do anything!

Even being a Dodge fan this is some of the dumbest stuff I have EVER seen on TV! At lest Howie commercials were worth while and had relevance and credibility. This reminds me of those old local commercials where the company was on its last leg trying to get even the homeless to by something just to stay alive! Big thumbs down GM BAD BAD move!!!!!!

@ dean. Its a forum for chevy truck owners and they're talking about how ridiculously thin and weak the metal is on the hood, top of the cab, and inside the bed. These are all about the current model chevy and gmc heavy duty trucks. Here are quotes.

"a stone from the neighbors lawn mower put a dent in my front fender clean down the metal. The sheet metal is so thin im afraid to even lean on the truck a little bit at all. It sucks..."

"Unbelievable.... My truck was parked close to a oak which is dropping acorns. Never had problems before but its like a rock fell from the sky. Seems like the sheet metal is much thinner than my 2001 Silverado. Left a nickel size ding in the center of the hood."

"they dont make em' like they used to...."

"I miss my 82 C10 and 82 K10
But, with all the shortfalls, my gmt900 is still the best truck for *me* and I still love 'er"
"The first thing that clued me in that the sheet metal was so thin was driving home and watching my hood sheet metal vibrate. And no, they don't make them like they use to."
"I hated from the first time I hand washed my truck that the roof of the cab flexed and sounded like sheetmetal in the wind when I pressed lightly on it. Scary."

"It gets worse. Wait until you find "fingerprints" dented into the front of the hood from closing it. re>Is that even possible!!?? re>Want pictures of the GMT-900 in my driveway with finger print dents from shutting the hood? re>About shutting the hood: The best way is to lower it about foot and a half over the grill, then basically dropping it. It works quite well this way. I never touch the top of my hood with my fingers."
"The GMT-900 interior materials are so cheap, the bumpers and sheet metal so thin it's not funny. I had a small rock hit the front bumper of my GMT-900 and it put a dent in it. The front "bumper" is more like sheet metal now.

"I had so many problems with the GMT-900 that unless GM makes SIGNIFICANT changes to the next generation, I'd probably buy an F150 next time around."
"How can one make the case for fully boxed frames which only adds to strength and rigidity and then claim the bed that mounts to the top of that frame is supposed to crumple? I've seen so many of these new GM's around town that are just dinged, dented and smashed up everywhere. I'm rather disappointed. And how is it that the F-series has no problem with crash test ratings when it has a little thicker and more durable sheetmetal and bumpers? These new GMT900 bumpers are really really thin. You see them smashed up all over town. The Chevy looks the worst because those front chrome pieces get smahed in like tinfoil between the plastic bumper covers on the front. We loaded a stove and refrigerator for a customer about a month ago into a guys new Chevy truck and were careful as possible in doing so. The bed still got dented in several spots and now the guy is wanting US to buy a new bed for his truck. It's like were walking on egg shells.. Our company is considering a a no loading policy for these new trucks period as we can't afford this. "

I know, this is silly, but GM should really get their act together and use
sheet metal of appropriate thickness where it counts.

Al & Max remind me of the Ambigulousy Gay Duo from SNL. Al and Max. They are fighting Ford in an ambiguous way. They are ambigulously gay. They are extremously close in an ambiguous way. They are ambiguously gay. The Ambiguously Gay Duo!

The Ambiguously Gay Duo

I'll have to reserve comment until I get home as my office PC locks out YouTube.
It does look and sound gay. (Not that there is anything wrong with being gay. They are after all, a wealthy demographic with a large amount of disposable income - perhaps the target audience GM was trying to reach?)


It's should be Maxine and Ally......

Note to GM: I wouldn't dog FORD on their new PS because you might just have to eat your words, oh wait, GM always eat their words.

Ford = Mature

GM = Immature

Ford Loayalists= Immature

GM Loyalists= Mature

hmmm, must be the marketing, or were just more humble.

just like someone on here used to say. just cuz mcdonalds sells the most burgers, doesnt mean theyre the best

Justin - the Rotten Ronny's analogy surfaces all the time. They sell more because they are fast and cheep.
That sounds more like GM trucks - fast and cheep.
With one major exception - the NUMBER One spot.

Lol I'll stick with Mike Rowe.

Glad I don't drive a Duramax

"perhaps the target audience GM was trying to reach?" - Big Lou

That is their Demo Target.

1st video did give me a chuckle....but the second one was lame


While funny these adds do bring more discredit to GM then say Ford or Dodge. You watch Ford adds and they Talk about how the f-trucks work and their strong points (not saying that they don't gloss things over...) Then you have Dodge and their very serious and hard work approach. Now here is GM again bad mouthing things and yes it is funny, but They aren't really explaining things except for some vague mentions of power or history of the engine and tranny combo. Now does that really make me want a GM product, no it made me laugh for a second and then go back to looking at Dodges and Fords. I think GM is really missing the mark on these and the Dude perfect (or whatever they were called) adds. They were going in the right direct with the series of adds that was computer generated and they would show you the underlying systems. Those talked about the truck and its strengths. The comedians they are using don't really respond to truck people like Mike Rowe does (The whole hard working spokesman of dirty jobs... etc.) Again I do think it is a funny line, but does not do the GM heavy duties any justice.

wow some ford people,cant take joke,,for years ford have the most garbage diesel engine on the market,and now they have a new diesel,some media hover tack about this give time to the engine to prove himself..this is like a wine it take years to get better like the dmax//

@all: It's always welcome to hear your opinions about the trucks, ads, etc. but cut the homosexual and gay jokes now. They aren't funny and won't be tolerated.

Let's talk about how FORD DOMINATES TRUCKS SALES. It's better this is horrid, waste of taxpayers money commercial.

Watch from 18 seconds on where he is rubbing the steer with his hand and he lets out a few moans and says torsionally stiffer as they zoom in on his hand stroking the bull. Then he says it the frame is sexy and so smooth, so very smooth as they zoom in on his face. What is with these guys? If that is not indicating something I don't know what is.

In reading through these comments I am shocked at the innuendo that people are taking out of these videos. It's an engine and a transmission. They work together. They are poking fun at their new rookie friend. It's over the top, funny, and takes truck marketing to a different place...and I would rather see different than more of the same any day.

I tried watching one, and it was the most boring ad I have ever seen. The "Max & Al" concept is clever, but the execution sucks.

Funny how GM and Ford are always saying how great they are and bashing the competition, yet I hardly ever see Dodge ads and in this area at least, Dodges outsell GMs and fall just short of Fords. Not really saying anything, just a thought.

Not bad the first one gave me a little chuckle but yeah i think GM is trying a little to hard i think they should just let the truck do the talking

Rom, Beebe,
Two can play at that game.

From various Super Duty Forums (6.4L and 6.7L engines):

Yesterday we were returning from a trip (with the trailer) and when slowing for a stop light on a slight down hill road and in tow/haul, the truck jerked twice like someone hit us from behind.

It is normal for the five speed TorqShift to have a harsh downshift in tow/haul once in a while.

Anyway, he was asking me if anybody was suing Ford as it seems the early engines had a number of cooling issues and engine failures.

fuel mileage is crap (like 12 to 14 mpg)

I have the flash too - and still notice it shifts rough. It's definately better than before the flash....but when going really slow shifting between 1 - 3 gears is really jumpy. It surges and then I'll get dead pedal for a bit. If I step on it a bit harder it seems to shift better. But that's hard when trying to putz through town and security gates at work.

Just picke up my truck after being in dealer 25 outta 28 days. Went to turn to start on entrance ramp. Went 1st gear 2 gear. Then lost all throttle response. Engine was at idle. Got coasted off side of ramp. Were truck sat idling in gear mash on throttle up and down, engine rpm didn't change a bit.

Welcome to my world... 2 dealers and 11 service visits and no joy. Dont worry, it will only happen every once in awhile. But think twice before you pull out in traffic with your new $60,000 truck... but remember, it has 400hp 800lb torque so hold your head high while you are pumping the throttle and retarting it in the middle of an intersection... that is what I do...

So don't go around thinking Ford's are perfect....

Is that the worst you could find? Every individual truck can have its problems, but the crappy sheet metal and bumpers on GM trucks seems to be a pretty major design flaw. I didn't bring that up to bash on chevy I was just amazed to hear about it. That is a problem on EVERY new gm truck and something that might strongly discourage a lot of buyers! I haven't heard of anything out of the ordinary like that with the new ram or super duty. Not saying it won't happen though. I'm not biased. I honestly like Chevy trucks but I like the latest Ford and Ram trucks more and I really don't like a lot of the latest chevy ads.

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