Chevrolet Introduces Max and Al Advertising Campaign for Silverado Heavy Duty

Chevrolet Launches Max and Al Online Campaign for Silverado Heavy Duty

Say goodbye to Howie Long and hello to Max and Al. Duramax diesel and Allison transmission, that is.

Chevrolet is launching an all-new online and television advertising campaign for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty pickup that turns its diesel powertrain into two smack-talking, manly characters, played by Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld), as Max, and Craig Robinson (Darryl from The Office), as Al.

When they're not pulling giant tree stumps out of the ground, Max and Al can be found relaxing with a pet bull in their log cabin at The site also features videos and promotes the upcoming Max & Al's "Truck Smack" iPhone app and a Facebook game. Of course, Max and Al also have a Twitter account, where you can follow their exploits 140 characters at a time.

As you'd expect, Max and Al are very competitive. They take special aim at Ford's all-new Power Stroke diesel, portrayed as a baby in a jumping swing in one video. They also sing the Power Stroke a lullaby in an online greeting card that Chevy fans can e-mail to their Ford-driving friends.

Max and Al is one of the last original advertising campaigns created by Chevrolet's longtime media partners at Campbell-Ewald. It was conceived before the new "Chevy Runs Deep" campaign, which recently began airing on television and was created by Chevrolet's new marketing agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

"Max and Al is a fully integrated, targeted campaign that speaks directly to truck enthusiasts," said Bill Ludwig, CEO of Campbell-Ewald. "This campaign is a complete departure from traditional heavy-duty truck creative, driven by humor, to bring to light the insight of how the target relates to one another and to their truck."

Our Take? We think it's well done. We dare you not to laugh. Look for the first television spots to appear this weekend during NASCAR.


I can't even imagine how much money they spent for this. No wonder they went bankrupt. So sad.

@ beebe ...thanks!
@ john ...beebe's post was from my request as the link didnt work for me, time to chill out!

My Chevy has over 215,000 miles and the only thing replaced besides a water pump after 120,000 miles was a tuneup after 100,000. Last time i looked we don't carry our loads on the fender, roof, and hoods but in the bed. We also don't care if the bumper is thinner because we don't use it as a battering ram. GM at this moment has the better frame and better drive train.PERIOD!!

Dodge does not, has never, will never out sell Chevy in trucks, check your history. Ford sell a lot of trucks but they also count f450 and f550 in their total even though they are consider medium duty trucks. GM has for a long time(decades) out sold ford in truck sales with Chevy/GMC sales combined.

Bottom line is all of the big 3 make some of the best trucks in the free world. Buy what you want and try not force your opinions on every one else.

All you guy's who "went there" and bashed the ads as being gay are really homophobic. And you know what they say about people who are homophobic must themselves have those tendencies. ENOUGH WITH THE HATE!! We have sons and daughters in harms way around the world doing their duty by protecting our way of life and freedom of speech.
I've fought next to and served with great folks from all walks of life who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for you.

God Bless !!

for the past 33 years ford has had something that gm never will!!!!!!!!!!, besides what about ford's 400,800 knock out combo?! if i remember it was able to pull a 60+ton front end loader conventionally compared to a little stump for al and max!!!!!!

now who's the babies


I guess the pull off result's just doesn't do it for you, even though you were able to see it on video. Any one can claim to have the highest tow rating's but you got to prove it. No one is regulating these claimed tow stats but that is about to change just like the SAE hp test's make sure who ever goes by the guide lines can get that certified as such. GM has alway's conservatively rated their tow and payload ratings. Any one who thinks a 1/2 ton has any business towing over 11,000 lb. on regular basis is crazy, that's into 1 ton area.

The Duramax/Allison combo has been proven to able to put out a whole lot more power and torque reliably, but GM already is about to release their rumored next gen duramax in the not so distant future even though the present d-max is still very viable.

@ beebe ``finger prints dented into the hood`` That has got to be the funniest damn thing I have ever read. Thanks for that it made my day.
Every time I read a story about GM there is always a reference to how they are going after Ford. If they don`t broaden there focus they will find themselves behind the other guys to, not just Ford. I doubt Ford is in the position that they are in by focusing only on GM.

@ rlhmarines - I get sick and tired of saying this over and over again - but here we go again:
Ford counts up to and including F450 in their light truck F series sales. NOTHING HIGHER.
Dodge Ram counts up to and including 4500 in their Ram sales.
GM/Chev count only up to 3500 as they don't make anything bigger.

JD Power posted sales figures where they broke down sales by class.
Guess what?
Ford sales absolutely dominated the HD ranks.
Ram HD sold almost as many trucks as Chev Silverado HD.
The only place that the Gm/Chev faithful could argue a win was in the 1/2 ton ranks.
Sierra and Silverado sales COMBINED was higher than F150 alone.

Have you ever wondered why GM corp. does not lump Sierra and Silverado sales together to try to claim the #1 spot?

@ Jordan L - excellent point.
The focus of any company should be to make the best possible truck. You do that and everything else should fall into place.
JD Power stats showed that Ram HD sells almost as many HD's as Silverado.
I personally see way more Ram HD's than Chev/GM HD's.

Forget "actors/celebrities"!!! No credibility, no matter who it is... Spend the DANG money on the diesel engine, 3.5 litre, 500#/ft torque, 30mpg in a Sierra 1500, 4dr, 2wd...! Now FOCUS!!! Rediculous...

Im a huge Ford fan and I really liked those commericals. I think they are the best GMs done so far

So does this mean we have to add oil to the motor and tranny after a hard days work, just wondering

So the only thing I gathered from this thread is how 99% of the people commented about how bad GM's commercials are and how 100% liked the new F150 commercials... No wonder Ford is handing GM its ass on a plate.

I can't believe our tax dollars are being used to hire an actor from the movie zack and miri make a porno to promote trucks. These are terrible and if Ford wanted to stoop to this level they could talk about GM=government motors, or the fact that the Powerstroke has been around much longer, or the fact that Ford has sold more trucks than gm for 33 yrs in a row. And last time I checked allison was a girls name! I heard today that gm is going to sell their new stock after going BK and China plans to buy most of the IPO. So let me understand, gm build a poor product, files BK, takes billions in bailout and now china who we already owe money to will own a majority of gm. Great strategy! This is garbage and it only makes it more clear why Ford is and always will be #1

What a waste of taxpayers money!!! Come on GM get it together! GM dont talk to loud ....Ford made their owned diesel...Making the Duramax didnt yall have help GM ??? I drive a silverado but my next truck is going to be a FORD!!

Get your facts right Allison is a last name. James Allison also one of the founders of the Indy 500
Allison Transmission is the best automatic transmission on the market, I don't care what engine is in front of it.
GM sold Allison in 2007 and only retains the rights to use the name.
June 2007—GM announced that it was selling Allison Transmission to private equity firms The Carlyle Group and Onex Corporation, in a deal valued at $5.6 billion.[14] The transaction closed on August 7, 2007.

GMC makes one slight slip with their new ad. With the truck plowing throught the snow, and the Christams music playing, they end up with the words " Nutcracker". It should end .............."Nutcracker................Suuuuite!

I havent watched these ads but I have recently seen Patrick Warburton hocking hondas! We have owned a 2010 ford f150 truck. We usually own Gm vehicles but thought we would try it. FORD SUCKS. Their cars are junk. It stayed in the shop more than we drove it with transmission problems. Ill NEVEr stray from GM again. Keep your crap ford f150.. Ill pass you as you sit on the side of the road... I have learned men that buy ford trucks.. THEY JUST ARENT REAL MEN!!! REAL MEN DRIVE BOW TIES!!! I would rather walk then drive or own a ford. I have 2 GM products that do better than any POS ford!

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