Driver Says Ford F-150 Saved His Life

Driver Says Ford F-150 Saved His Life
By Robby DeGraff

Andy Callahan says he wouldn’t be alive right now if Ford hadn’t built such a quality and safely designed Ford F-150.

Callahan, 29, a division supervisor for Wright Tree Service, began feeling ill with a stomach bug after a day’s work in Gainesville, Fla., on Sept. 24. While driving his 2010 Ford F-150 on a two-lane state highway, he blacked out at the wheel. Seconds later, Andy collided head-on with an oncoming semi that was hauling limestone.

Paramedics arrived, and Callahan was flown by helicopter to nearby Shands Hospital. He spent six days there, undergoing two surgeries to repair a broken hip and femur, which had shattered into 20 pieces.

Callahan is on his way to a full recovery and continues to thank Ford’s engineers for building a truck that saved his life.

"It has been one month since the accident, and my doctors tell me I will make a full recovery, and I hope to be walking by Christmas, and I only have Ford to thank for that!" Callahan told in an e-mail. The driver of the semi was not seriously hurt, Callahan said.


After looking at pictures from one of the worst accidents I’ve seen, it’s remarkable that Callahan suffered injuries only to his hip and femur, along with a few cuts to his face and stomach. Sure, commercials have made us familiar with the phrase “Subaru Saved My Life,” and most consumers still believe Volvo makes the safest cars, but what about Ford?  With six standard airbags, including a set of side airbags and a unique hydroformed high-strength steel safety cage, Ford’s F-150 may be the safest pickup truck on the road today.



You would be able to survive a crash like this in any truck besides Tundra...

Not to mention GOD, God is the reason you are still alive not Ford.

Wow, thank the good Lord for the good Ford. Angel was watching over him.

I guess he wont be sending any thanks to Micky's Taco Express and Sushi Truck.


Lol is this a joke?

I am pretty sure the big threes trucks are equal in safety, although if you were in a ram the front end wouldve taken da most hit. As the front on the rams are longer and the fords are shorter and closer to the cabin.

Either way great the guy made it but seriously my grandpa survived rolling over a small hill in his gmc Sierra, and I don't remember him praising gm. He was grateful that the trucks were required to be safer by law.

Chock one up for seatbelts. I can see why his femur was mush.
One should always think twice about driving when one feels ill.
We are all guilty of doing the same thing.

Come on Ford, he gave you good publicity, how about sending him a brand new F-150 Platinum? :)

Three Half-Ton Pickups Rated Poor or Marginal in Crash Tests
(and Ford wasn't one of them)

"The three newly tested trucks were the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500, 2009 Nissan Titan and 2009 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500. Though all rated Good in front impacts, they all earned either Poor or Marginal ratings in side-impact tests conducted at 31 mph."

I'm sure He would have servived in a lot of differant vehicles.

But would you bet your life on it Joe?

So when someone dies in a wreck in a Ford, should we say Ford killed them?

@ John - good point.
Why not blame Ford!
Everyone blames Toyota.

Where is this "safety cage" ford advertises?

What is this, a joke? That truck is mangled beyond belief, you cant engineer safety to that extent, this is just blind luck. I credit the semi driver, who probably attempted to avoid the crash and did not hit completely head on with the 150.

You'll notice they tore the truck apart to get to the driver.

Ford is tops in safey. No joke.

IIHS ratings:

Ford received the highest rating of good across the board, good front, good side and good rear.

Chevy received a good front, acceptable side, and good rear.

Dodge was good in front, marginal in side, and good rear.

Also, who was the Top safety pick of the big 3? Only Ford holds that title.

It is also noteworthy that Toyota and Honda Ridgeline have better crash ratings than Chevy or Dodge. Chevy and Dodge need to step up their game.

If you look more closely at the pictures you can see where the "jaws of life" were used to cut away the sheet metal. The "A" pillar was removed all the way down to the floor board. The whole driver's door has been removed.

sorry is not your truck save you ...luck...and god...

imagine if that would have been a chevy. All we would see was a giant hunk of metal in the form of a turd. But I agree that god helped him


We would hear that a man got killed going head on with a Semi in a 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500.

Not a good point Lou.

Toyota was fined for knowingly hiding a defective pedal, and let's say someone dies in a crash because of that defect.

In another case, a F150 driver blacks out while driving, crashes and dies.

Don't see how the two are even remotely comparable. One is fault of the automaker. The other is through fault of his own.


We all know the Guy in the F150 was at fault.

@Francis - my point is that most of society blames everyone else for their own problems. Prime example is that most of the "unintended accelleration" Toyota problems were the driver's fault.

I agree with All American and Alex. The main reason that guy lived was because of the Good Lord. It just wasn't his time to go yet. God wanted him to stay on this earth a little longer...Ford should give this guy a new truck, at least a new Lariat for the good publicity.

Saw a passenger door of a 2006 Chev extended cab sitting against the drivers right leg from a T-bone impact with a semi at highway speed, and all he had was one very wicked deep bruise to his leg......this story got nothing too do with what you drive it's all about fate and seatbelts

No need for brand loyalty here boys glad to see he survived such a hit, may jackasses walk away safely during drunk driving accidents or driving like an ahole glad to see this guy who had a real reason to crash is ok

Ford gets some "acceptable" ratings in frontal impact compared to others "good " ratings...still they turned it around the most cause in 2001 they were the worst Look it up, IIHS


Sorry but in my world there is no god. So it was in fact the truck that saved his life.


Same here. I still dont think the truck saved him tho, just got lucky. I dont care what your driving if you go head on with a semi at speed, 90% of the time your just gonna die.


You your actually right, 90% of head on's are result in death, doesn't matter what kind of truck your in.

at least it goes to show, sometimes good (or good enough based on the situation) things can come to decent, good people.

Man, that's one of the worse crashes I've seen where the driver survives.

What a moron !!!

He caused the crash !!

If he was so sick..why did he drive ?

Lucky he hit a semi,not a family in a car !!! IDIOT !!!

Well,my grandparents in 1973 were driving their 1967 Chrysler 300 coupe,a loaded logging semi went head on at 55+ mph...they both suffered less injuries than that fool in the Ford !!Broken leg,ribs,bruises...3 days in hospital...Yes,the logging truck swerved to avoid...yes a Ford driver !! A Comet cut off the truck,truck swerved all over the road nailed by grandparents..remember no airbags..but for some reason they wore their belts,nobody did back then...My grandpa had the newspaper article that reported the crash,he said he was very pissed because the new cars had lower compression/power than the beasts of the 60's !! plus the looks started to go downhill in the mid 70's !! It took him 2 months to find another same color/model of 300 !!


Well there is nothing wrong if you do believe in God !!

All I can say,its better to be safe than sorry !!


"Ford gets some "acceptable" ratings in frontal impact compared to others "good " ratings...still they turned it around the most cause in 2001 they were the worst Look it up, IIHS
Posted by: tomtrx4"

Wrong. Ford has gotten all good ratings since 2004 compared to the other "marginal" ratings. Toyota is also the only other truck with good ratings all around. YOU look it up.

Ford - good front, good side.

Dodge - good front, still marginal side.

Chevy - good front, still marginal side.

Tundra - good front, good side.

@Toyota; maybe you should have clicked on where it says 2009-& up Ford, and you would have seen the yellow ACCEPTABLES for foot left & right. Sometimes you need to look a little further. But thanks for pointing it out that Ford went from all goods from 2004 (or so) to 2008, then NOW they have ACCEPTABLE, instead of good, in the floorboards! Heck, I was comparing 2001 to 2009! So much for them moving forward, huh? And maybe if you click on and look at ALL the data, you would see the Ram is better in Frontal then your Toyota, (unless you are ok with the steering wheel movement...) which is still very good, and Toyota, got about the best side. And yeah, I admitt that. But I'll take a truck that handles a head on better than a side impact anyday! Bet theres alot more head-ons than side impacts? And they are all safer then 1o years ago! And yes, Dodge needs to get busy on the Torso airbag...least I don't drive a weak (test rating) Nissan!

I agree. God saved his life. But the F150 was part of that process.

In that case Ford AND Toyota are still better overall than all the others.

Ford and Toyota have a POSSIBLE foot problem but so does Chevy. The problems with the other trucks from Dodge and Chevy are more severe and LIKELY internal organ injuries and head injuries.

Dodge: POOR torso AND ACCEPTABLE rear head. Driver — Measures taken from the dummy indicate that rib fractures and/or internal organ injuries would be likely in a crash of this severity.

Chevy acceptable foot, acceptable torso, structure ACCEPTABLE, safety cage acceptable, rear passenger MARGINAL. Driver — Measures taken from the dummy indicate that rib fractures would be possible in a crash of this severity. Measures taken from the dummy indicate that rib fractures and/or internal organ injuries would be possible in a crash of this severity

So yes, you are right, sometimes it pays to look a little further. Thanks for the tip.

Maybe DEANO should look and see how great that RIDGELINE does in a head-on!

Ford: possible foot
Toyota: possible foot

Chevy: foot, likely ribs, likely internal organs, head, safety cage, structure

Dodge: likely torso, likely ribs, likely internal organs, rear head

Toyota: possible foot
Ford: possible foot

Dodge: likely torso, likely ribs, likely internal organs, rear head

Chevy: foot, torso, ribs, internal organs, structure, safety cage

It is only possible for a foot injury in a Ridgeline. That's much better overall than the injuries in a Ram and Chevy.

One thing you need to consider beyond direct body impact is the speed of deaccelleration of the human body and the organs inside.
How quick or abrupt is the "event horizon"?
A massive crash with absolutely no direct physical contact with the occupant can still kill the occupant.
Massive deaccelleration can easily kill someone.
Coup/conta-coup head injuries, the brainstem or spinal cord seperated from the brain, tears to the aortic arch, or tears to the liver all can happen with no direct blunt force impact to the body.
Vehicles are designed to crumple in such a manner to reduce direct body impact but just as importantly to control the deaccelleration of the human occupant.

Sure, yes, If he would drive in a Chevy or Dodge, he'd be daed - no point of luck here (irony)! Perfect hidden ad... Blame me as much You want, but I see no need for this article! Here You have a guy, that went out of his Chevy with only a few scratches when the car itself is in 2 pieces:,camaro,totalled,03,artykul,39625,0,jpg.html

Amazing story. I have to agree the Lord blessed him majorly with his life spaired but the Lord also Blessed him with that Ford F150. Its all the Lord but I know the Lord used that f150 to protect him. & yes Ford should give him a new f150 for it is the right thing to do and its good publicity for them.

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